Tithe Applotment

Kilmore Civil Parish 1823


County Tipperary
Nenagh Poor Law Union
    Upper Ormond Barony

Research Notes:  The Kilmore CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256650 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  Ned and Wid looked the same, so if you come across either one, keep this in mind. This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.

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Surname First Townland
??land M'l Lower Curraghar
Armstrong Wm Ballagown
Barber John Ballagown
Benan/Denan Mich'l Cranahart, Ballinoe Castle
Benan? Dan'l Garryard West
Benan? Dan'l Garthnadus, Garrymore
Bendran? M'l Bawn
Bennan? Jam's Garthnadus, Garrymore
Brennan John Ballyphillip
Brennan Owen Ballyphillip
Brennan Patt Ballyphillip
Brennan Th's Ballyphillip
Brennan Jam's Cooleen
Brian John Ballyphillip
Brian Dan'l Capparoo
Brian Matt Erinagh
Brian Patt Erinagh
Brian Tim Erinagh
Brian Widow Erinagh
Brian Wm Erinagh
Brian Patrick Garthnadus, Garrymore
Brian Dan'l Karhue
Brien Patt Karhue
Brien Wm Karhue
Brindly John Lower Curraghar
Brown John Ballagown
Brown Peter Clonenaugh
Butler Th's Curragharneen
Callanan Wm Baravie
Carr Th's Cooleen
Carr? George Cooleen
Carroll Wm Baravie
Carroll John Capparoo
Carroll Den's Curragharneen
Carroll Wm Karhue
Cashell rowan Ballagown
Cashell rowan Cooleen
Cashell W. Garryard East
Cashell W. Garryard West
Cashell Rowan Gurthshamoo & Garymore
Cavanagh Patrick Bawn
Cleary Th's Cranahart, Ballinoe Castle
Cleary Th's Garryard East
Cleary Patrick Lisbrian
Collins Th's Ballagown
Collins Jam's Cooleen
Collins Mathew Curryquin
Collins John Lisleamy
Collins Patt Lisleamy
Conners Dennis Clonenaugh
Conners Den's Garryard East
Connery Morgan Upper Boulteeny
Connory Morgan Ballyanrahan
Cooney Tim Garryard West
Coonly wid. Cranahart, Ballinoe Castle
Coonly Wm Cranahart, Ballinoe Castle
Coony Tim Gurthshamoo & Garymore
Corcoran Mich'l Boulteeny
Cuddy Patt Cranahart, Ballinoe Castle
Cusack Tim Bawn
Dagg John Lisbrian
Dagg Th's Lisbrian
Dagghlass? Rich'd Ballyphillip
Dealy Patt Cooleen
Dealy Mich'l Lower Curraghar
Deegan Jam's Capparoo
Delany John Ballagown
Delany M'l Baravie
Delany Mary Capparoo
Delany Pat Erinagh
Delany Wm Gurthshamoo & Garymore
Den's Galoin Karhue
Donnally Lord Karhue
Donovan John Cooleen
Doughlass Jam's Cooleen
Dugan Th's Karhue
Dunn Patt Lisleamy
Dwyre Phil Lisheenclounta
Eagan Den's Lower Curraghar
Fahey John Clonenaugh
Fahey John Garryard East
Fahy John Garthnadus, Garrymore
Farrell Wm Ballagown
Flanigan Gurthnaile
Flanigan Philip Kiltirone
Fletcher Wm Karhue
Fogarty Jam's Baravie
Fogarty D'l Lisbrian
Fogarty Tim Lisbrian
Freeze John Kilmore
Gardiner Hanley Clonenaugh
Gleeson Mon Ballagown
Gleeson Pat Ballagown
Gleeson Patrick Ballagown
Gleeson John Ballyanrahan
Gleeson Brid? Ballyphillip
Gleeson Martin Ballyphillip
Gleeson Patrick Ballyphillip
Gleeson Th's Ballyphillip
Gleeson Wm Ballyphillip
Gleeson Martin Baravie
Gleeson Mich'l Bawn
Gleeson Mich'l Bawn
Gleeson Patrick Bawn
Gleeson John Boulteeny
Gleeson Dan'l Capparoo
Gleeson Jam's Capparoo
Gleeson John Clonenaugh
Gleeson Patrick Clonenaugh
Gleeson Patt Clonenaugh
Gleeson Mat Cooleen
Gleeson Patrick Cooleen
Gleeson Patt Cooleen
Gleeson John Cranahart, Ballinoe Castle
Gleeson John Cranahart, Ballinoe Castle
Gleeson Th's Cranahart, Ballinoe Castle
Gleeson widow Cranahart, Ballinoe Castle
Gleeson Wm Cranahart, Ballinoe Castle
Gleeson John Erinagh
Gleeson M'l Erinagh
Gleeson widow Erinagh
Gleeson John Garryard East
Gleeson John Garryard West
Gleeson Morty Garryard West
Gleeson Patt Garryard West
Gleeson Jam's Garthnadus, Garrymore
Gleeson Patrick Garthnadus, Garrymore
Gleeson Wm Garthnadus, Garrymore
Gleeson Th's Gurthnaile
Gleeson wid Gurthnaile
Gleeson Tim Gurthshamoo & Garymore
Gleeson Conn Karhue
Gleeson Conner Karhue
Gleeson Dan'l Karhue
Gleeson Den's Karhue
Gleeson Jam's Karhue
Gleeson Jam's Karhue
Gleeson M? Karhue
Gleeson Mich'l Karhue
Gleeson John Kiltirone
Gleeson Marty Kiltirone
Gleeson Pat Kiltirone
Gleeson Mich'l Lisheenclounta
Gleeson Wm Lisheenclounta
Gorman Hanly Ballagown
Grace John Karhue
Gran Godfrey Gurthshamoo & Garymore
Graph? Mich'l Ballyanrahan
Guinane James Gurthnaile
Hallinan Patt Erinagh
Hallinan Patt Gurthnaile
Hamilton Tho's Ballagown
Hamilton Th's Garryard East
Hanily Mich'l Upper Boulteeny
Hanly Mich'l Ballagown
Hanly Dan'l Clonenaugh
Hanly Dennis Cooleen
Hanly widow Cooleen
Hanly John Cranahart, Ballinoe Castle
Hanly Mich'l Erinagh
Hanly Dan'l Garryard East



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