Tithe Applotments

  Killoskehan Civil Parish 1826, 1834-37


  Roscrea Poor Law Union
     Ikerrin Barony

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Griffith's Valuation Maps for Killoskehan

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Research Notes:  The Killoskehan CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the FHL film #0256631 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.
TRANSCRIPTION NOTES:  The tithes for this civil parish were found among the tithes for Kilfithmone Civil Parish tithes.  The first book was rough and hard to read (1826).  The second book was neater and listed for years 1834 through 1837.
ADDITIONAL NOTES:  Also found on film #0256642 was another tithe book for Killoskehan Civil Parish.  It was on a film arranged alphabetically by civil parish and was listed alone and in the proper alpha order.  They also were for 1826 and were very rough in handwriting and order.  The letters, J, T and F all looked alike.



Surname First Number Townland
Bergan Danl 76 Killoskehan
Boohan James 2 Killoskehan
Boohan Jas 91 Killoskehan
Boohan Jas 92 Killoskehan
Bourke Toby 74 Killoskehan
Bowen George 73 Killoskehan
Brien ?? 61 Killoskehan
Brien Wm 61 Killoskehan
Brien? Danl 76 Killoskehan
Chadwick Patk 38 Killoskehan
Commonage James 41 Killoskehan
Corbett Dennis 23 Killoskehan
Dunne James 39 Killoskehan
Dunne James 40 Killoskehan
Dwyer John 77 Killoskehan
Dwyer  Thos 50 Killoskehan
Dwyer? Martin 22 Killoskehan
Feehan James 49 Killoskehan
Fehan wid. 50 Killoskehan
Fogarty Martin 53 Killoskehan
Fogarty Martin 66 Killoskehan
Freahy, Jr Dan'l 5 Killoskehan
Freahy, Sr Dan'l & son 6 Killoskehan
Freahy, Sr Dan'l & son 7 Killoskehan
Goulding Joseph 1 Killoskehan
Hannon James 9 Killoskehan
Hannon Patk 45 Killoskehan
Hannon Wm & bro 10 Killoskehan
Harrington Michl 51 Killoskehan
Hennesy Michl 64 Killoskehan
Hennesy Rich'd 84 Killoskehan
Hennesy widow 4 Killoskehan
Hennesy widow 86 Killoskehan
Hennesy Wm & bro 3 Killoskehan
Howard John 14 Killoskehan
Howard Laurence 8 Killoskehan
Kennedy Danl 24 Killoskehan
Kennedy Danl 25 Killoskehan
Kennedy Michl 34 Killoskehan
Kennedy Michl 35 Killoskehan
Kenny widow 46 Killoskehan
Kinany Andrew 16 Killoskehan
Kinany Andrew 17 Killoskehan
Kinany Andrew 18 Killoskehan
Kinany Andrew 19 Killoskehan
Kinany? Michl? 20 Killoskehan
Leamy Jas 85 Killoskehan
Leamy Patk 85 Killoskehan
Long John 11 Killoskehan
Loughnan Darby 42 Killoskehan
Loughnan Darby 43 Killoskehan
Lynch Edwd 37 Killoskehan
Lynch Jas 83 Killoskehan
Lynch John 83 Killoskehan
Lynch Patk 31 Killoskehan
Lynch Patk 90 Killoskehan
Lynch Steph'n 83 Killoskehan
Maher Dennis 62 Killoskehan
Maher James & bros 47 Killoskehan
Maher James & bros 48 Killoskehan
Maher John 67 Killoskehan
Maher Wm 57 Killoskehan
Maher (Cooper) Patk 63 Killoskehan
McDonald John 75 Killoskehan
McDonald Thos 73 Killoskehan
Meagher Edmd 75 Killoskehan
Meagher Js? 76 Killoskehan
Meagher Patk 75 Killoskehan
Meara Michl 60 Killoskehan
Neil Timothy 32 Killoskehan
Neil Timothy & son 33 Killoskehan
Quinlan Michl 76 Killoskehan
Ryan C? 93 Killoskehan
Ryan C? 94 Killoskehan
Ryan Danl 81 Killoskehan
Ryan Darby 59 Killoskehan
ryan James 56 Killoskehan
Ryan Jas 78 Killoskehan
Ryan Jas 79 Killoskehan
Ryan Jas 80 Killoskehan
Ryan Jno 93 Killoskehan
Ryan Jno 94 Killoskehan
Ryan John 29 Killoskehan
Ryan John 58 Killoskehan
Ryan Michl 28 Killoskehan
Ryan Michl  27 Killoskehan
Ryan Thos 26 Killoskehan
Ryan Timothy 30 Killoskehan
Ryan widow 12 Killoskehan
Ryan widow 82 Killoskehan
Ryan Wm   13 Killoskehan
Shines? Mathew 21 Killoskehan
Small Hugh 36 Killoskehan
Stapleton Edmd 85 Killoskehan
Stapleton John 15 Killoskehan
Stapleton Leonard? 52 Killoskehan
Stapleton Patk 44 Killoskehan
Tracy F? 85 Killoskehan
Tracy Patk 78 Killoskehan
Tracy Patk 79 Killoskehan
Tracy Patk 80 Killoskehan
Willington Major 89 Killoskehan
Willington  Major 88 Killoskehan
Willington, Esq J 54 Killoskehan
Willington, Esq J 55 Killoskehan
Willington, Esq J 65 Killoskehan
Willington, Esq John 68 Killoskehan
Willington, Esq John 69 Killoskehan
Willington, Esq John 70 Killoskehan
Willington, Esq John 71 Killoskehan
Willington, Esq John 72 Killoskehan
Willington, Esq John 87 Killoskehan
Woodlock John 77 Killoskehan



Surname First Other Occupants on Same Property
Beregan Dl Danl Brien, Js Meagher, Michl Quinlan
Boohan James
Boohan Jas
Bourke Toby George Boweer/Bowen, Thos McDonald, John McDonald
Boweer/Bowen? George Thos McDonald, Toby Bourke, John McDonald
Brien Danl Js Meagher, Michl Quinlan, Dl Beregan
Brien Wm widow Brien
Brien  widow Wm Brien
Chadwick Patk
Commonage James
Corbett Dennis
Dunne James
Dunne Martin
Dwyer Thos Wid. Feehan
Dwyer John John Woodlock
F/Treacy Patk Js Ryan
Feehan James
Feehan Wid. Thos Dwyer
Fogarty Martin
Fogarty Martin
Freahy, Jr Danl
Freahy, Sr Danl & Son
Goulding Joseph
Hannon James
Hannon Wm  
Hannon Patk
Harrington Michl
Hennesy Wm & Brother
Hennesy Widow
Hennesy Richd
Hennesy widow
Hennesy Richd
Howard Lawrence
Howard John
Kennedy Michl
Kennedy Danl
Kennedy Danl
Kenny widow
Leamy Andrew
Leamy Andrew
Leamy Andrew
Leamy Andrew
Leamy Michl
Leamy Jas Patk Leamy
Leamy Patk Jas Leamy
Leamys no first name T Tracy, Nec Stapleton
Long John
Loughnane Darby
Lynch Edwd
Lynch Patk
Lynch Stephen Js & John Lynch
Lynch Js John & Stephen Lynch
Lynch John Js & Stephen Lynch
Lynch Patk
Maher James
Maher Wm James, John and Darby Ryan
Maher Dennis
Maher John
Maher, Cooper Patk
McDonald Thos George Boweer/Bowen, Toby Bourke, John McDonald
McDonald John George Boweer/Bowen, Thos McDonald, Toby Bourke
Meagher Patk & Edmd
Meagher Js Danl Brien, Michl Quinlan, Dl Bergan
Meara Michl
Neil Timothy
Neil Timothy & son
Quinlan Michl Danl Brien, Js Meagher, Dl Beregan
Ryan Widow
Ryan Wm
Ryan Thos
Ryan widow
Ryan John
Ryan Timothy
Ryan Js Patk F/Treacy?
Ryan Danl
Ryan widow
Ryan James Wm Maher, John Ryan, Darby Ryan
Ryan John Wm Maher, James Ryan, Darby Ryan
Ryan Darby James Ryan, Wm Maher, John Ryan
Ryan Jas
Shinners Mathew
Small Hugh
Stapleton John
Stapleton Patk
Stapleton Ned J/F? Treacy
Stapleton Ned Leamys, T Tracy
Tracy T Ned Stapleton, Leamys
Treacy  J/F? Ned Stapleton
Willington Major
Willington   Mr?
Willington Esq J
Willington Esq J
Willington Esq John
Woodlock John John Dwyer




Surname First Number Townland
Beremy Daniel 18 Killoskehan
Bohan John 2 Killoskehan
Bohan John 21 Killoskehan
Bourke Toby 16 Killoskehan
Bowers George 15 Killoskehan
Brien William 14 Killoskehan
Dunn James 7 Killoskehan
Frehy Thos & bros 3 Killoskehan
Goulding Joseph 1 Killoskehan
Harrington Michl 8 Killoskehan
Hennessy Alice 20 Killoskehan
Leamy John 4 Killoskehan
Leamy Michael 5 Killoskehan
Maher William 10 Killoskehan
McDaniel John 17 Killoskehan
Meara Michael 13 Killoskehan
Ryan James 9 Killoskehan
Ryan John 11 Killoskehan
Ryan Darby 12 Killoskehan
Ryan James 22 Killoskehan
Ryan Patt 22 Killoskehan
Shinners Matthew 6 Killoskehan
Woodlock John 19 Killoskehan




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