Tithe Applotments

   Killenaule Civil Parish 1828


    Cashel Poor Law Union
      Slievardagh Barony

Ballinunty Town Killenaule Town

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Research Notes:  The  Killenaule CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the Family History Library film #0256639 by Pat Connors.  At times the film and handwriting were hard to read and there may be some mistakes in the interpretation.  Therefore, one must not use this transcription as a source document.  One should check the film first, plus there is more information on the film having to do with the land and crops that were grown.
TRANSCRIPTION NOTES:  The filming of these tithes was faulty, in that the tithes were very light and hard to read.  Therefore, some errors may have been made.  If you find someone in your family or don't find someone who you expected to find, please check out the film before using this transcription as a source document.


Surname First Townland
Adair James Lanspark
Baker Thos L Monslath
Bennett Theophilus Cooldine
Bermingham John Lanspark
Blake John Knocavardow
Bryan Michael Monslath
Burges Wm Killenaule
Burke John Rathroe
Burke Michl Monslath
Burke Richard Monslath
Burke Richard Rathroe
Cahill Philip Chapel Garden
Cahill Richard Killenaule
Callaghan John Rathroe
Canly/Cawly? widow & John Knockinglass
Cantwell John Cooldine
Cantwell Michael Killeens
Cantwell widow Chapel Garden
Carew Darby Knocavardow
Carew Michl Chapel Garden
Carew Philip Chapel Garden
Carigan Timothy Killeens
Carragan Paul Puddleforth
Carroll James Knocavardow
Carroll John Monslath
Carroll Thomas Knocavardow
Carroll William Knocavardow
Carty John Chapel Garden
Carty John Rathroe
Carty Richd Killenaule
Clancy Thos Puddleforth
Close, Revd Mr no first name Monslath
Coalman Nicholas Killenaule
Commons Edmond Graigue
Commons James Killeens
Commons Michael Graigue
Commons Patt Rathroe
Commory Denis Lanspark
Commory Patk Lanspark
Connell David Petagarden?
Connell Patrick Callaginstown
Connell Patt Knockinglass
Cooke Thos Chapel Garden
Corcoran Dan  Graigue
Corcoran James   Lanspark
Corcoran Patrick Chapel Garden
Corcoran Pierce Graigue
Corcoran Richard Graigue
Corcoran Richd Graigue
Corcoran Thos Graigue
Corcoran Thos Graigue
Cormick Con Callaginstown
Cormick Edmd Callaginstown
Cormick Richd Puddleforth
Cormick Thos Puddleforth
Costello Edmd Chapel Garden
Coughlin Patrick Killeens
Croak Edmond Gurrawn
Croak James Killeens
Croak Laurence Cooldine
Cronin Richard Rathroe
Dannell James Chapel Garden
Dannell James Gurrawn
Dannell John Knockinglass
Dannell John Petagarden?
Dannell Laurence Knockinglass
Dannell Richard Chapel Garden
Danning Wm & son Graigue
Daragan Michl Callaginstown
Douglas Doctor Monslath
Duggan James Chapel Garden
Dunning William Killenaule
Dwyer John Cooldine
Dwyer Patrick Gurrawn
Eagan Michael Killeens
Eagan Richd Killeens
Eagan widow Chapel Garden
Eagan widow of James Puddleforth
Fair John Gurrawn
Fair Widow Gurrawn
Farrell John Chapel Garden
Feehin Mathew Chapel Garden
Feehin Patrick Springhill
Fitzgerald John Killenaule
Fitzgerald Thos Chapel Garden
Fitzpatrick Mathew Killeens
Fitzpatrick, Doctor no first name Chapel Garden
Flanagan Thos Killenaule
Flannagan Thomas Gurrawn
Fogarty Darby Gurrawn
Fogarty Marks Killenaule
Fogarty Tim'y Petagarden?
Fogarty widow Knockinglass
Fogarty widow Puddleforth
Fowly Michael Killenaule
Fowly Michael Killenaule
Frayer Mr Callaginstown
Ganey/Garrey Patrick Monslath
Gleeson Michl Killeens
Going, Mr no first name Lanspark
Gorman Edmd Monslath
Gorman John Monslath
Gorman Tim'y Rathroe
Graney Danl Chapel Garden
Grant Jas Cooldine
Grant Jno Cooldine
Green Richd Chapel Garden
Grimes Arthur Puddleforth
Grimes Richd Puddleforth
Guiton Matt/Walt? Petagarden?
Hackett A. Rathroe
Hackett Andrew Callaginstown
Hackett Edmd Killenaule
Hackett James Petagarden?
Hackett Patrick Killeens
Hackett Thos Killeens
Hall Edmd Rathroe
Hall James Graigue
Hall John Graigue
Hall Michl Chapel Garden
Hall (mason) Michl Killenaule
Hamer widow & son Puddleforth
Hamiton (sic) widow Killenaule
Hanrahan William Lanspark
Hany Thos Chapel Garden
Headd John Killenaule
Headd John Killenaule
Headen John Callaginstown
Headen Patrick Graigue
Heffernan Michael Monslath
Hemphill, Doctor no first name Springhill
Hennessey widow & Bryan Gurrawn
Hennessy Danl Gurrawn
Hennessy Hugh Chapel Garden
Hennessy Widow Gurrawn
Hickey Jeremiah Killenaule
Hickey, Mrs no first name Chapel Garden
Hinds James Killenaule
Hinds Philip Killenaule
Hinds widow Killenaule
Hogan James Killeens
Hogan Timothy Killenaule
Johnson Edmond Monslath
Johnson Jas Monslath
Johnson John Monslath
Karney Mathew Knockinglass
Kealy John Chapel Garden
Kealy Thos Monslath
Kealy widow Rathroe
Keevan Edmd Knockinglass
Kelly John Lanspark
Kennedy Danl Rathroe
Kennedy Edmd Petagarden?
Kennedy Edmond Killenaule
Kennedy Thomas Killeens
Kennedy Thos Chapel Garden
Kennedy Thos Monslath
Kennedy William Callaginstown
Kennedy Wm Callaginstown
King James Chapel Garden
King James Gurrawn
Kinnane John Puddleforth
Lahart Philip Rathroe
Lahy Jas Rathroe
Lahy Michl Rathroe
Lane John Puddleforth
Langley thos Knocavardow
Langley  Francis Lanspark
Langley, Mrs no first name Puddleforth
Langton/Laugton? Con Rathroe
Latham Wm Graigue
Maher Denis Knockinglass
Maher Jno Callaginstown
Maher John Monslath
Maher John Monslath
Maher Patrick Collive
Maher Patrick Killeens
Maher Richard Puddleforth
Maher William Knocavardow
Maher (slator) John Lanspark
Mahoney Jas Rathroe
Mahoney John Monslath
Mahoney Lau'e Gurrawn
Mahoney Lau'e Monslath
Mahoney Lau'e Monslath
Mahoney Richard Gurrawn
Mahoney Richd Knocavardow
Mahoney Thos Rathroe
Mansells widow Collive
McAuliff Malic Chapel Garden
McChane John Chapel Garden
McChane John Monslath
McCreath Michael Killenaule
Mihan, Revd Mr no first name Monslath
Millett John Rathroe
Minchin James Killeens
Moore James Killeens
Moran Thos Chapel Garden
Morriss Edmd Graigue
Morriss James Graigue
Morrissey James Knocavardow
Morrissey Patt Knocavardow
Morrissy Stephen Chapel Garden
Mulloy Frank Moglass
Mulloy John Moglass
Mulloy Richard Moglass
Murphy Philip Puddleforth
Murphy widow Graigue
Murphy widow Moglass
Murphy widow & Jas Graigue
Murphy Wm Puddleforth
Murry John Callaginstown
Neil James Killenaule
Nix? John Chapel Garden
Nowlan James Monslath
Parker George Monslath
Perry John Callaginstown
Perry Mathew Graigue
Phelan Patrick Killeens
Power John Callaginstown
Power John Knocavardow
Power John Monslath
Power Patrick Monslath
Purst Sam'l Killenaule
Quiddihey Patrick Callaginstown
Quigly James Rathroe
Quinlan J. Monslath
Quinlan Michl Monslath
Quinlan Robert Killenaule
Quinn John Chapel Garden
Quinn John Chapel Garden
Quinn John Gurrawn
Quirke James Cooldine
Quirke James Cooldine
Quirke John Cooldine
Quiton Pierce Rathroe
Rawly widow Gurrawn
Reily John Rathroe
Richardson Thomas Knocavardow
Rochford James Rathroe
Rochford John Killenaule
Rochford Matt  Rathroe
Rochford Matt  Rathroe
Rochford Nelly Rathroe
Rochford widow Rathroe
Russell James Chapel Garden
Russell James Killenaule
russell Nathaniel Chapel Garden
Ryall James H Knockinglass
Ryall James H Knockinglass
Ryall James H Moglass
Ryall John Moglass
Ryan James Killenaule
Ryan James H Knockinglass
Ryan Matt  Knockinglass
Ryan Philip Killeens
Ryan Philip Killeens
Ryan, Mrs no first name Chapel Garden
Scofield John Chapel Garden
Shanahan Edmond Killeens
Shanahan John Killeens
Shaw James Petagarden?
Shaw Robert Killeens
Shea James Graigue
Shea Lau'e Killenaule
Shea Thomas Rathroe
Shea William Gurrawn
Shearman James Chapel Garden
Shepherd George Puddleforth
Spencer William Killeens
Spencer, Jr James Killeens
Spencer, Jr Thos Killeens
Spencer, Sr James Killeens
Spencer, Sr Thos Killeens
St John Patrick Knocavardow
St John Wm Cooldine
Stapleton Redmond Collive
Stapleton Richd Graigue
Stoke Patt Killenaule
Sullivan James H Callaginstown
Sullivan Jno Callaginstown
Teahin Andy Puddleforth
Teahin Simon Puddleforth
Thornton Thos Killenaule
Tobin Michael Collive
Toppin Thomas Knockinglass
Toppin Thomas Knockinglass
Tully Thos Monslath
Tully Thos Rathroe
Tully Wm Monslath
Wallace Jno Knockinglass
Walpole John Knocavardow
Walsh John Chapel Garden
Walsh Thomas Gurrawn
Waters Thos Knocavardow





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