Killardy Civil Parish
 Clanwilliam Barony

Tipperary Poor Law Union

Surname Index by Surname

G=each occurrence in the Griffith's Valuation, 1851
T=only an occurrence in Tithe Applotmment Book (not counted), 1834

Surname GV Tithes
Ahern T
Arthur T
Baker T
Barron T
Barry G T
Berrane T
Bohan G2 T
Boland G T
Bowles G
Brennan G
Brien T
Britt G8 T
Broonock G2 T
Bryan G T
Buckley G T
Bullins G3 T
Burke G4 T
Butler G T
Butter G T
Byron G4 T
Cahill T
Callaghan G T
Canty T
Carew T
Carmody G T
Carroll G2 T
Cavanagh G2 T
Cleary G T
Condon G T
Connery G T
Connors G T
Corbet T
Corcoran G T
Costigan G T
Cummins G3 T
Cunningham T
Dalton G2 T
Daniel T
Darcy G T
Dawson T
Dawton T
Doherty G2 T
Donnell T
Doyle G
Duggan G5 T
Fennessy T
Fitzgerald G T
Fitzpatrick T
Fleming G T
Fling G T
Fogarty G T
Gallavan G T
Glasheen G
Guerin G2 T
Hally T
Halpenny T
Hanrahan G T
Harney G
Harrigan T
Hayes G T
Hayre T
Healy T
Heany T
Heffernan T
Hennessy G2 T
Hickey G
Holly T
Holway G
Hone T
Hore G
Horne G T
Houlihan G T
Irwin G T
Kavanagh T
Kearney G4 T
Keating G5 T
Keeffe G2 T
Kenna T
Kennedy G2
Kenrick T
Kiely T
Kinnolly T
Kirby G2 T
Kirwan T
Lonergan G3 T
Loughnane T
Lourod (?) T
Luddy T
Lynch G3 T
M'Grath G4 T
M'Namara T
Maguire  (?) T
Mahony G
Martin G3 T
Maddy T
Maurnane G4 T
Meagher G2 T
Moroney G2 T
Morony G2 T
Morrissey G T
Mullany T
Murphy T
Murray T
Nagle G T
Navin G
Neil T
Nugent G3 T
O'Brien G5
O'Donnell G7 T
Omeagher T
O'Neill G
Peters G T
Pine G T
Power G
Prendergast T
Pursse T
Quinlan G
Roche G T
Rourke T
Ryan G3 T
Scanlan G6 T
Shea G2 T
Sheehy G2 T
Slattery T
Strumbull T
Sullivan T
Tierney G2 T
Tyler G
White G T


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