Kilfeakle Civil Parish
 Clanwilliam Barony

Clanwilliam Poor Law Union

Surname Index by Surname

G=each occurrence in the Griffith's Valuation, 1851
T=only an occurrence in Tithe Applotmment Book (not counted), 1824

Surname GV Tithes
Ahern G
Barry G
Benane T
Bergin T
Bishop G3 T
Brien G
Britt G3 T
Bronoge G
Browne G2 T
Buckley G
Burke G3 T
Burns G2
Butler G2 T
Byrne G
Cahill T
Carew G6
Carroll G2 T
Chabot G2
Clarke G T
Cleary G4 T
Commons G2
Connor G T
Connors G T
Cooney G
Corbett T
Croagh G T
Cronin T
Cross G
Crowley G
Cushion T
Daily T
Dalton G3 T
Daniel G
Darcy G
Davern G2 T
Devereux G
Doherty G5 T
Duggan T
Dwyer G15 T
Edmonds G4 T
Farrell G2 T
Fenane G
Fennessy T
Finn T
Fleming T
Flinn G2 T
Fogarty G7 T
Gavin G T
Gleeson G2
Green G T
Greene G T
Gregg G
Guilford T
Guiry G
Hally G T
Hanagan G
Hanly G
Harris G2
Hayden T
Hayes G3 T
Heffernan G
Hickey G3 T
Hogan G T
Hourigan G2
Keane T
Kearney G
Keating G T
Keeffe G T
Kelly G
Kennedy G2
Keough G
Kerwick T
Kilfoyle G
Kirby G3
Landaff T
Leamy G
Leary T
Lloyd G
Lonergan G6 T
Luby G4 T
M'Carthy T
M'Grath G
Magrath G T
Maher T
Mahon T
Malaney G T
Massy G2
Mathew G
Meade T
Meehan T
Molony G3
Morony G
Morrissy G T
Moyers G3
Mullalley G T
Mulally G2 T
Mulcahy G3 T
Murphy G
Myers T
Neill G3 T
Nugent G
O'Brien G2 T
O'Donnell G2 T
Power G
Quigley G
Quinn G
Quirk G T
Rankin G T
Rankins G2 T
Regan T
Renwick T
Riordan G2 T
Roche G3 T
Rourke G
Ryall G
Ryan G12 T
Scanlan G
Scully G T
Shanahan G
Smithwick T
Stritch T
Sweeny G
Taylor G
Thompson G2 T
Tierney G
Tobin G
Tobridge T
Tribey T
Trihy T
Tubardy G2
Twohey T
Wall G T
Walsh G2
Woods G


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