Tithe Applotments

  Inishlounaght Civil Parish 1826
(note:  some of this parish is located in Co. Waterford)


  Clonmel Poor Law Union
(except for Coole, Deerpark & Mongsgrange in Clogheen PLU)
     Iffa and Offa East Barony

Abbey Town ca 1840 Loughtally ca 1840

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Research Notes:  The Inishlounaght CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256619 by Phil Buckley. 
Phil's Notes:  Inishlounaght must be one of those parishes which spans the border of Counties Tipperary and Waterford because the TA contains both Tipperary and Waterford townlands. I have included and noted the townlands which are in Co. Waterford.

There were quite a few strange spellings of surnames and given names. In such cases, I transcribed the names exactly as recorded and then added alongside the usual spelling of the name in parentheses, e.g., "Soulivan (Sullivan)", "Kenedy (Kennedy)", "Mawrace (Maurice)".

There is one surname that caused me some difficulty as how to handle it correctly and the name was recorded as "Dannill" or "Dannell" and there is no such Irish surname. According to references, there are Daniell and Donnell, either of which could be the intended surname. So, in this particular case, I added both names, e.g., "Dannill (Daniell)" and "Dannell" (Donnell)".


Surname Given Name Number Townland County
Achison William 6 Garryshane Tipperary
Ahern Thomas 13 Garryshane Tipperary
Ahern Widow 222 Kilmacomma Waterford
Allen Darby (Jeremiah) 399 Glenary Waterford
Allen William 398 Glenary Waterford
Bagwell Colonel 321 Kilmacomma Waterford
Bagwell Rt. Hon. Colonel 78 C???land Tipperary
Bagwell Rt. Hon. Colonel 277 Kilmacomma Waterford
Bagwell Rt. Hon. Colonel 314 Kilmacomma Waterford
Bagwell Rt. Hon. Colonel 315 Kilmacomma Waterford
Bagwell Rt. Hon. Colonel 76 Marlfield Tipperary
Bagwell  Rt. Hon. Colonel 187 Loughtally Tipperary
Barrigan James  2 Garryshane Tipperary
Barry Widow 362 Kilmacomma Waterford
Barry Widow 363 Kilmacomma Waterford
Beeby Mathew 302 Kilmacomma Waterford
Bogan Jeremiah 335 Kilmacomma Waterford
Bourk (Burke) Alexander 372 Caherbaun Waterford
Bourk (Burke) Alexander Jr. 377 Caherbaun Waterford
Bourk (Burke) James 43 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Bourk (Burke) Patrick 371 Caherbaun Waterford
Bourk (Burke) Patrick (Long) 5 Garryshane Tipperary
Bourne Cornelius 81 C???land Tipperary
Bourne Thomas 50 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Bradshaw Esq. William 87 Gortmore Tipperary
Brennan John 58 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Brien James 205 Kilmacomma Waterford
Brien James 337 Kilmacomma Waterford
Brienney (Brienny) Thomas 11 Garryshane Tipperary
Britt James 151 Carrickconeen Tipperary
Britt Michael 301 Kilmacomma Waterford
Britt Michael 333 Kilmacomma Waterford
Britt Patrick 376 Caherbaun Waterford
Britt Patrick 412 Glenary Waterford
Britt Patrick 279 Kilmacomma Waterford
Britt Thomas 268 Kilmacomma Waterford
Britt Thomas 299 Kilmacomma Waterford
Britt Thomas 304 Kilmacomma Waterford
Bruton Patrick 249 Kilmacomma Waterford
Burne John 94 Gortmore Tipperary
Burne John 95 Gortmore Tipperary
Burne Thomas 99 Gortmore Tipperary
Burns William 96 Gortmore Tipperary
Butler David 107 Gortmore Tipperary
Butler Edward or Edmond 119 Decoy Tipperary
Butler James 349 Kilmacomma Waterford
Butler John 318 Kilmacomma Waterford
Butler John 176 Monksgrange Tipperary
Butler John & Tenants 64 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Button James 319 Kilmacomma Waterford
Byrne Cornelius 88 Gortmore Tipperary
Cahil (Cahill) James 248 Kilmacomma Waterford
Cahil (Cahill) Widow 286 Kilmacomma Waterford
Callahan Patrick 213 Kilmacomma Waterford
Campion Ned (Edmond) 226 Kilmacomma Waterford
Cane John 18 Garryshane Tipperary
Cantwell Mr. 4 Garryshane Tipperary
Cantwell Mr. 5 Garryshane Tipperary
Cantwell Mr. Thomas 10 Garryshane Tipperary
Cantwell Mr. Thos 2 Garryshane Tipperary
Carey Esq. Richard 389 Glenary Waterford
Carney William 2 Garryshane Tipperary
Carre John 18 Garryshane Tipperary
Carroll James 258 Kilmacomma Waterford
Carroll Mr. 21 Garryshane Tipperary
Carthy James 313 Kilmacomma Waterford
Carty James 38 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Carty James 39 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Carty James 54 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Carty Widow 141 Kilmolash Lower Tipperary
Casey Michael 134 Moorstown Tipperary
Casey Patrick 133 Moorstown Tipperary
Caughlan John 361 Kilmacomma Waterford
Cearney (Kearney) Patrick 53 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Cleary John 213 Kilmacomma Waterford
Colcoohoon (Colquhoun) Colonel 26 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Collins James 261 Kilmacomma Waterford
Collins John 213 Kilmacomma Waterford
Collins John 261 Kilmacomma Waterford
Collins Thomas 402 Glenary Waterford
Common Denis 156 Carrickconeen Tipperary
Condern James 136 Moorstown Tipperary
Condern John 136 Moorstown Tipperary
Connery Thomas 379 Caherbaun Waterford
Connors Daniel 158 Carrickconeen Tipperary
Connors Edward or Edmond 155 Carrickconeen Tipperary
Connors James 383 Caherbaun Waterford
Connors James 384 Caherbaun Waterford
Connors John 159 Carrickconeen Tipperary
Connors John 178 Monksgrange Tipperary
Connors Mawrace (Maurice) 385 Caherbaun Waterford
Connors Michael 370 Caherbaun Waterford
Connors Michael 338 Kilmacomma Waterford
Connors Michael 188 Loughtally Tipperary
Connors Thomas 266 Kilmacomma Waterford
Connors Widow 421 Glenary Waterford
Connors Widow 280 Kilmacomma Waterford
Connors Widow 306 Kilmacomma Waterford
Connors Widow Bridget 408 Glenary Waterford
Connors Widow Bridget & Tenants 196 Kilmacomma Waterford
Connors William 239 Kilmacomma Waterford
Connors William 287 Kilmacomma Waterford
Connors William 293 Kilmacomma Waterford
Connors  William 298 Kilmacomma Waterford
Coonan John 164 Monksgrange Tipperary
Cooney Edward or Edmond 90 Gortmore Tipperary
Cooney Edward or Edmond 224 Kilmacomma Waterford
Cooney Edward or Edmond 227 Kilmacomma Waterford
Cooney James 317 Kilmacomma Waterford
Cooney James 348 Kilmacomma Waterford
Cooney Owen 347 Kilmacomma Waterford
Cooney Richard 216 Kilmacomma Waterford
Cooney Thomas 10 Garryshane Tipperary
Cooney Thomas 225 Kilmacomma Waterford
Cooney Thomas 365 Kilmacomma Waterford
Cooney Tom or Tim 216 Kilmacomma Waterford
Cooney Tom or Tim 217 Kilmacomma Waterford
Cooney Tom or Tim 218 Kilmacomma Waterford
Cooney William 22 Garryshane Tipperary
Cooney William 352 Kilmacomma Waterford
Cooney William 366 Kilmacomma Waterford
Cooney William 193 Loughtally Tipperary
Coony (Cooney) Thomas 255 Kilmacomma Waterford
Cooreen Thomas 334 Kilmacomma Waterford
Corbit (Corbett) James 100 Gortmore Tipperary
Corbit (Corbett) Thomas 267 Kilmacomma Waterford
Corrun (Corran) Daniel 343 Kilmacomma Waterford
Coughlan Patrick 353 Kilmacomma Waterford
Crane Mr. 414 Glenary Waterford
Croneen John 354 Kilmacomma Waterford
Croneen Michael 368 Kilmacomma Waterford
Croneen William 355 Kilmacomma Waterford
Crottey (Crotty) John 45 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Cummins Mawrace (Maurice) 209 Kilmacomma Waterford
Cunningham John 11 Garryshane Tipperary
Cunningham Paddy 122 Clonmore Tipperary
Dannell (Donnell) Allen 144 Kilmolash Lower Tipperary
Dannell (Donnell) Edward or Edmond 150 Carrickconeen Tipperary
Dannell (Donnell) John 51 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Dannell (Donnell) Maurice 5 Garryshane Tipperary
Dannell (Donnell) Thomas 245 Kilmacomma Waterford
Dannell (Donnell) William 117 Shanballyard Tipperary
Dannell (Donnell) William & Mother 406 Glenary Waterford
Dannill (Daniell) Allen 144 Kilmolash Lower Tipperary
Dannill (Daniell) Edward or Edmond 150 Carrickconeen Tipperary
Dannill (Daniell) John 51 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Dannill (Daniell) Maurice 5 Garryshane Tipperary
Dannill (Daniell) Michael 181 Monksgrange Tipperary
Dannill (Daniell) Thomas 245 Kilmacomma Waterford
Dannill (Daniell) William 117 Shanballyard Tipperary
Dannill (Daniell) William & Mother 406 Glenary Waterford
Darrigan John 121 Clonmore Tipperary
Davin Widow 124 Knockwoodira Tipperary
Dempsey Mawrace (Maurice) 425 Glenary Waterford
Dils (Dill) Michael 5 Garryshane Tipperary
Donnell Widow 21 Garryshane Tipperary
Donnelly (Not recorded) 6 Garryshane Tipperary
Donoughmore Earl of 320 Kilmacomma Waterford
Donoughmore Earl of 186 Loughtally Tipperary
Donoughmore Earl of 179 Monksgrange Tipperary
Donovan Daniel 2 Garryshane Tipperary
Doogan Andy 204 Kilmacomma Waterford
Doogan John 11 Garryshane Tipperary
Doogan John 123 Knockwoodira Tipperary
Doughaney (Dougheny) John 292 Kilmacomma Waterford
Doughaney (Dougheny) John 297 Kilmacomma Waterford
Doughany (Dougheny) Denis 165 Monksgrange Tipperary
Doughany (Dougheny) John 270 Kilmacomma Waterford
Drischoll (Driscoll) John 273 Kilmacomma Waterford
Drischoll (Driscoll) John 288 Kilmacomma Waterford
Drischoll (Driscoll) William 273 Kilmacomma Waterford
Drischoll (Driscoll) William 288 Kilmacomma Waterford
Dunn James & Tenants 62 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Dunney James 21 Garryshane Tipperary
Dwan John 234 Kilmacomma Waterford
Dwan Thomas 13 Garryshane Tipperary
Dwyer William 6 Garryshane Tipperary
Dwyer William 131 Moorstown Tipperary
Edmonds Ned 203 Kilmacomma Waterford
English Joseph 120 Clonmore Tipperary
Farrell John 157 Carrickconeen Tipperary
Farrell Patrick 5 Garryshane Tipperary
Farrell Patrick 213 Kilmacomma Waterford
Farrell Tom 112 Monkstown Tipperary
Farrell Widow 75 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Farrell Widow & Tenants 92 Gortmore Tipperary
Farrnan (Farnan) John 125 Knockwoodira Tipperary
Fennessy David 10 Garryshane Tipperary
Fennessy Edward or Edmond 91 Gortmore Tipperary
Fennessy Richard 1 Garryshane Tipperary
Fennessy Widow 112 Monkstown Tipperary
Fill  Richard 5 Garryshane Tipperary
Finn Widow 115 Shanballyard Tipperary
Finney Daniel 14 Garryshane Tipperary
Fitzgerald John 359 Kilmacomma Waterford
Fitzgerald Michael 221 Kilmacomma Waterford
Fitzgerald Thomas 86 Abbey Tipperary
Fitzgerald William 367 Kilmacomma Waterford
Fitzpatrick Mawrace (Maurice) 2 Garryshane Tipperary
Flaherty William 252 Kilmacomma Waterford
Flinn John 160 Carrickconeen Tipperary
Flinn Thomas & Tenants 55 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Flynn William 42 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Fogarty James 358 Kilmacomma Waterford
Gavin James 409 Glenary Waterford
Gavin John 409 Glenary Waterford
Gibbons John 278 Kilmacomma Waterford
Gibbons Michael 269 Kilmacomma Waterford
Gibbons Michael 283 Kilmacomma Waterford
Gibbons Michael 284 Kilmacomma Waterford
Gibbons Michael 285 Kilmacomma Waterford
Gibbons Paddy Jr. 294 Kilmacomma Waterford
Gibbons Patrick 282 Kilmacomma Waterford
Gibbons Patrick & Tenants 291 Kilmacomma Waterford
Gibbons Thomas 381 Caherbaun Waterford
Gibbons Thomas 290 Kilmacomma Waterford
Gibbons Widow & Son 172 Monksgrange Tipperary
Gibbons  James 369 Caherbaun Waterford
Gogan Widow 316 Kilmacomma Waterford
Gordon (Not recorded) 38 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Gorman Widow 213 Kilmacomma Waterford
Gough John 380 Caherbaun Waterford
Gough John 382 Caherbaun Waterford
Gough John 295 Kilmacomma Waterford
Gough Michael 281 Kilmacomma Waterford
Gough Michael 295 Kilmacomma Waterford
Goughs (Gough) Michael 274 Kilmacomma Waterford
Green Colonel 388 Caherbaun Waterford
Green Colonel 405 Glenary Waterford
Green Colonel 322 Kilmacomma Waterford
Green John 208 Kilmacomma Waterford
Green John 208 Kilmacomma Waterford
Griffin John 201 Kilmacomma Waterford
Griffin Mawrace (Maurice) 356 Kilmacomma Waterford
Griffin Michael 344 Kilmacomma Waterford
Griffin Michael 345 Kilmacomma Waterford
Grubb Mr Joseph 8 Garryshane Tipperary
Grubb Mr. Joseph 422 Glenary Waterford
Grubb Mr. Thomas 415 Glenary Waterford
Grubb Mr. Thomas 424 Glenary Waterford
Grun Colonel 388 Caherbaun Waterford
Grun Colonel 405 Glenary Waterford
Grun Colonel 322 Kilmacomma Waterford
Guran Patrick 323 Kilmacomma Waterford
Hackett Denis 373 Caherbaun Waterford
Hackett John 190 Loughtally Tipperary
Hackett Michael 374 Caherbaun Waterford
Hackett Thomas 189 Loughtally Tipperary
Hahessy Edward or Edmond 339 Kilmacomma Waterford
Hahessy William 336 Kilmacomma Waterford
Halfpenny Garrett 256 Kilmacomma Waterford
Halfpenny James      79 C???land Tipperary
Halfpenny John 289 Kilmacomma Waterford
Halfpenny John 307 Kilmacomma Waterford
Halfpenny John 364 Kilmacomma Waterford
Halfpenny Martin 296 Kilmacomma Waterford
Halfpenny Michael 215 Kilmacomma Waterford
Halfpenny Patrick 296 Kilmacomma Waterford
Halfpenny Thomas 110 Monkstown Tipperary
Halfpenny Widow 289 Kilmacomma Waterford
Halfpenny William 109 Monkstown Tipperary
Halley Daniel 163 Monksgrange Tipperary
Halley Patrick 163 Monksgrange Tipperary
Hanley Mr. & Partners 420 Glenary Waterford
Hannaly (Hannally) Joseph 77 Marlfield Tipperary
Hanrahan Patrick 191  Loughtally Tipperary
Harding Patrick 2 Garryshane Tipperary
Hayden Mr. Thomas 7 Garryshane Tipperary
Haydon  Mr. Thomas 85 Abbey Tipperary
Hayse (Hayes) Simon 2 Garryshane Tipperary
Hayse (Hayes) William 10 Garryshane Tipperary
Heffernan Edward or Edmond 129 Moorstown Tipperary
Heffernan Joseph 2 Garryshane Tipperary
Heffernan Murty 128 Moorstown Tipperary
Hennessy Charles 11 Garryshane Tipperary
Hennessy John 2 Garryshane Tipperary
Hickey Philip 46 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Higgins Mr. Joseph 413 Glenary Waterford
Hill  Richard 5 Garryshane Tipperary
Hogan Edward or Edmond 102 Gortmore Tipperary
Hogan Widow 316 Kilmacomma Waterford
Hogan William 257 Kilmacomma Waterford
Hoolahan John 14 Garryshane Tipperary
Huff Owen 48 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Jackson Mr. C. 20 Garryshane Tipperary
Keany Col. 39 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Keating James 330 Kilmacomma Waterford
Keating John 80 C???land Tipperary
Keating John 37 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Keating John 332 Kilmacomma Waterford
Keating Michael 103 Gortmore Tipperary
Keating Mr. John 127 Currenstown Tipperary
Keating Patrick 167 Monksgrange Tipperary
Keating Thomas 177 Monksgrange Tipperary
Keating Widow 57 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Keating William 104 Gortmore Tipperary
Keating William 105 Gortmore Tipperary
Keating  Richard 331 Kilmacomma Waterford
Keeffe Thomas 168 Monksgrange Tipperary
Keelahan Michael 326 Kilmacomma Waterford
Keerivan John 401 Glenary Waterford
Keerivan Michael 416 Glenary Waterford
Keiley Denis 350 Kilmacomma Waterford
Keiley John 400 Glenary Waterford
Keiley John 411 Glenary Waterford
Keiley Thomas 264 Kilmacomma Waterford
Keiley William 264 Kilmacomma Waterford
Keily Jerry 310 Kilmacomma Waterford
Keily Michael 69 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Keily Thomas 308 Kilmacomma Waterford
Keily William 309 Kilmacomma Waterford
Kelley Daniel 111 Monkstown Tipperary
Kelley Joseph 30 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Kelly Andy 259 Kilmacomma Waterford
Kelly Patrick 417 Glenary Waterford
Kenedy (Kennedy) Michael 3 Garryshane Tipperary
Kenedy (Kennedy) Widow 407 Glenary Waterford
Kenedy (Kennedy) William 32 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Kenne (Kennea) Colonel 328 Kilmacomma Waterford
Keogh John 54 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Kieley Maurice 140 Kilmolash Upper Tipperary
Kieley Mr. 140 Kilmolash Upper Tipperary
Kieley Widow 212 Kilmacomma Waterford
Kiely Michael 70 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Killegan? Patrick 375 Caherbaun Waterford
Kinna Michael 93 Gortmore Tipperary
Kinna Michael 101 Gortmore Tipperary
Kinna William 113 Monkstown Tipperary
Kinnahan Michael 54 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Kinne (Kennea) Daniel 325 Kilmacomma Waterford
Kinnealy William & Tenants 63 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Kitt Roger 2 Garryshane Tipperary
Kuff Thomas 168 Monksgrange Tipperary
Lamb James Jr. 184 Garrantemple Tipperary
Lamb James Sr. 182 Garrantemple Tipperary
Lamb Michael 183 Garrantemple Tipperary
Lawler John 21 Garryshane Tipperary
Leary Cornelius 129 Moorstown Tipperary
Litton James 275 Kilmacomma Waterford
Litton James 276 Kilmacomma Waterford
Lonergan Daniel 403 Glenary Waterford
Lonergan Daniel 404 Glenary Waterford
Lonergan Denis 340 Kilmacomma Waterford
Lonergan James 403 Glenary Waterford
Lonergan James 404 Glenary Waterford
Lonergan John 346 Kilmacomma Waterford
Lonergan John 351 Kilmacomma Waterford
Lonergan Mary 403 Glenary Waterford
Lonergan Mary 404 Glenary Waterford
Lonergan Thomas 346 Kilmacomma Waterford
Lonergan Widow 161 Monksgrange Tipperary
Loughnane John 152 Carrickconeen Tipperary
Luby John 61 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Luby John 67 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Lundrigan James 116 Shanballyard Tipperary
Lundrigan John 97 Gortmore Tipperary
Lundrigan John 171 Monksgrange Tipperary
Lundrigan Tom 130 Moorstown Tipperary
Lunnergan (Lundrigan) Patrick 247 Kilmacomma Waterford
Luther John 342 Kilmacomma Waterford
Lynch Mawrace (Maurice) 341 Kilmacomma Waterford
Mackin Michael 170 Monksgrange Tipperary
Mackin William 137 Moorstown Tipperary
MacNamara James 5 Garryshane Tipperary
Magrath Daniel 265 Kilmacomma Waterford
Magrath James 262  Kilmacomma Waterford
Magrath James (out) 246 Kilmacomma Waterford
Magrath Thomas 214 Kilmacomma Waterford
Magrath Thomas 271 Kilmacomma Waterford
Magrath Thomas Sr. 263 Kilmacomma Waterford
Mahoney James 19 Garryshane Tipperary
Mahoney James 208 Kilmacomma Waterford
Mallay (Malley) John 17 Garryshane Tipperary
Malowny (Malony) William 84 Abbey Tipperary
Mannaux Widow 260 Kilmacomma Waterford
Mansfield Lawrence 378 Caherbaun Waterford
Marowin (Maron) John 169 Monksgrange Tipperary
Maunsel (Mansell) Rev'd Richard 25 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Mawnssey (Manessee) John 357 Kilmacomma Waterford
Mawnssey (Manessee) Nolby 176 Monksgrange Tipperary
McQueen Mr. 68 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Meagher John 162 Monksgrange Tipperary
Meagher Paddy 54 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Meara Darby (Jeremiah) 219 Kilmacomma Waterford
Meara Darby (Jeremiah) 240 Kilmacomma Waterford
Meara Darby (Jeremiah) 241 Kilmacomma Waterford
Meara James 2 Garryshane Tipperary
Meara John 198 Kilmacomma Waterford
Meara Paddy 233 Kilmacomma Waterford
Meara Patrick 229 Kilmacomma Waterford
Meara Peter 28 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Meehan James 9 Garryshane Tipperary
Meehan Widow 204 Kilmacomma Waterford
Meehan Widow 207 Kilmacomma Waterford
Miles Rev'd George 29 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Miskil Leonard 44 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Monday Lawrence 360 Kilmacomma Waterford
Moore Esq. Stephen 108 Barn Tipperary
Moore Esq. William 82 Lo????? Tipperary
Moroney Thomas 327 Kilmacomma Waterford
Mulcahey Francis 223 Kilmacomma Waterford
Mulcahey Widow 83 Abbey Tipperary
Mulcahey Widow 33 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Mulcahey Widow 72 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Murphey John 148 Kilmolash Lower Tipperary
Murphey William 194 Loughtally Tipperary
Murphy James 6 Garryshane Tipperary
Murphy John 10 Garryshane Tipperary
Murray James 59 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Murray John 394 Glenary Waterford
Murray John 395 Glenary Waterford
Murray Patrick 396 Glenary Waterford
Murray Patrick 397 Glenary Waterford
Neagh John 419 Glenary Waterford
Neagh John 202 Kilmacomma Waterford
Neagle John 419 Glenary Waterford
Neal James 144 Kilmolash Lower Tipperary
Neal John & Sons 311 Kilmacomma Waterford
Neil John 21 Garryshane Tipperary
Niel (Neill) John 2 Garryshane Tipperary
Nocton James 36 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Nocton Thomas 34 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Noonan James 235 Kilmacomma Waterford
Noonan James 242 Kilmacomma Waterford
Noonan John 235 Kilmacomma Waterford
Noonan Widow 243 Kilmacomma Waterford
Norriss  Thomas 379 Caherbaun Waterford
Nugent Patrick & Tenants 60 Inishlounaght Tipperary
O'Dannell (O'Donnell) William 199 Kilmacomma Waterford
O'Dannill (O'Daniell) William 199 Kilmacomma Waterford
O'Donnell William 5 Garryshane Tipperary
Parry Esq. Samuel 138 Blackcastle Tipperary
Parry Esq. Samuel 139 Woodrooff Tipperary
Pendergast Lawrence 11 Garryshane Tipperary
Pendergast Mr. 414 Glenary Waterford
Pendergast Mr. Thomas 410 Glenary Waterford
Pickett John 14 Garryshane Tipperary
Poor Pierce 300 Kilmacomma Waterford
Poor  Thomas 5 Garryshane Tipperary
Power Edward or Edmond 24 Garryshane Tipperary
Power Michael 329 Kilmacomma Waterford
Quirk James 197 Kilmacomma Waterford
Quirk James 206 Kilmacomma Waterford
Quirk John 208 Kilmacomma Waterford
Quirk Patrick 208 Kilmacomma Waterford
Quirk William 132 Moorstown Tipperary
Reardon Thomas 2 Garryshane Tipperary
Rinnahan Michael 54 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Riordon Widow 118 Shanballyard Tipperary
Robberts (Roberts) Patrick 418 Glenary Waterford
Ryan (not recorded) 312 Kilmacomma Waterford
Ryan Daniel 173 Monksgrange Tipperary
Ryan James 47 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Ryan James 303 Kilmacomma Waterford
Ryan Michael 40 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Ryan Patrick 392 Glenary Waterford
Ryan Patrick 393 Glenary Waterford
Ryan Patrick 141 Kilmolash Lower Tipperary
Ryan Patrick 143 Kilmolash Lower Tipperary
Ryan Stephen? 2 Garryshane Tipperary
Ryan Thomas 174 Monksgrange Tipperary
Ryan Tim 390 Glenary Waterford
Ryan Tim 391 Glenary Waterford
Ryan Tim or Tom 324 Kilmacomma Waterford
Ryan Tom 41 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Ryan Tom 142 Kilmolash Lower Tipperary
Scully Jerry or Terry 220 Kilmacomma Waterford
Scully John 244 Kilmacomma Waterford
Scully William 254 Kilmacomma Waterford
Scully Esq. James 114 Shanballyard Tipperary
Sexton William 192 Loughtally Tipperary
Shannahan Denis 65 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Shannahan James 71 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Shea Michael 146 Kilmolash Lower Tipperary
Shea Patrick 145 Kilmolash Lower Tipperary
Shea Philip 145 Kilmolash Lower Tipperary
Shea Philip 149 Kilmolash Lower Tipperary
Shea Robert 49 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Shea William 147 Kilmolash Lower Tipperary
Sheehan Tim 211 Kilmacomma Waterford
Sheehan Tim 253 Kilmacomma Waterford
Shon Esq. Andrew 195 Loughtally Tipperary
Skehan Thos 2 Garryshane Tipperary
Slattery Daniel 154 Carrickconeen Tipperary
Slattery Edward or Edmond 153 Carrickconeen Tipperary
Slattery John 154 Carrickconeen Tipperary
Slattery Robert 130 Moorstown Tipperary
Slattery Thomas 185 Garrantemple Tipperary
Slattery William 129 Moorstown Tipperary
Soulivan (Sullivan) Bartholomew 16 Garryshane Tipperary
Soulivan (Sullivan) Charles 52 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Soulivan (Sullivan) Daniel 15 Garryshane Tipperary
Soulivan (Sullivan) Thomas 386 Caherbaun Waterford
Soulivan (Sullivan) Thomas 387 Caherbaun Waterford
Soulivan (Sullivan) Widow  23 Garryshane Tipperary
Spellane Cornelius 31 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Spellane William 31 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Stun Esq. Andrew 56 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Stun Esq. Andrew 69 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Stun Esq. Andrew 73 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Stun Esq. Andrew 74 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Synahan (Synan) Edward or Edmond 5 Garryshane Tipperary
Talbot George 200 Kilmacomma Waterford
Talbott George 210 Kilmacomma Waterford
Taylor Mr. Thomas 27 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Tierney Michael 135 Moorstown Tipperary
Tobin David 97 Gortmore Tipperary
Tobin John 98 Gortmore Tipperary
Tobin Thomas 175 Monksgrange Tipperary
Toomey Patrick 126 Knockwoodira Tipperary
Vowel Mr. 180 Monksgrange Tipperary
Wall  Patrick 166 Monksgrange Tipperary
Wallace Paddy 35 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Walsh John 213 Kilmacomma Waterford
Walsh John 213 Kilmacomma Waterford
Walsh Widow 177 Monksgrange Tipperary
Weston John 66 Inishlounaght Tipperary
Whelan (not recorded) 312 Kilmacomma Waterford
Whelan James 24 Garryshane Tipperary
Whelan James 89 Gortmore Tipperary
Whelan James 237 Kilmacomma Waterford
Whelan Jeramia (Jeremiah) 231 Kilmacomma Waterford
Whelan John 305 Kilmacomma Waterford
Whelan Martin 238 Kilmacomma Waterford
Whelan Mawrace (Maurice) 251 Kilmacomma Waterford
Whelan Michael 230 Kilmacomma Waterford
Whelan Michael 232 Kilmacomma Waterford
Whelan Ned 228 Kilmacomma Waterford
Whelan Ned (Edmond) 423 Glenary Waterford
Whelan Ned (Edmond) 232 Kilmacomma Waterford
Whelan Ned (Edmond) 236 Kilmacomma Waterford
Whelan Patrick 272 Kilmacomma Waterford
Whelan Patt 2 Garryshane Tipperary
Whelan Widow 250 Kilmacomma Waterford
White Patrick 106 Gortmore Tipperary
White William  12 Garryshane Tipperary
Woods James 11 Garryshane Tipperary
Woods Widow 14 Garryshane Tipperary


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