Holycross Civil Parish
 Eliogarty Barony**

Cashel & Thurles Poor Law Unions
**remainer of Holycross Civil Parish in Middlethird Barony


Surname Index by Surname

G=each occurrence in the Griffith's Valuation, 1850
T=only an occurrence in Tithe Applotment Book (not counted), 1834

Surname GV Tithe
Allen G2 T
Armstrong G2 T
Blake T
Boyle G
Brozill G
Brennan G
Brien G
Brohan G
Browne G
Bryan G2
Burke G8 T
Butler G4
Cahill G
Calback G
Cantwell G2 T
Carey G
Carroll G8
Cass G
Cleary G
Coleman G2
Collins G3
Comerford G
Commons G3
Conidine G
Connell G3 T
Considine G
Conway G
Corcoran G
Cormack G4 T
Creagh G T
Cronin T
Crough G
Cuddehy G
Curran G
Darmody G T
Davy T
Delahunty G7
Dempsey G3 T
Doherty T
Donovan G T
Doran G T
Doyle G5 T
Dunne G3
Dwyer G15 T
Famning G
Fanning G
Farrell G2
Fells G
Firncomb G
Flanagan G2
Flynn G
Fogarty G3 T
Garrett G2
Gleeson G6
Gorman G
Griskin G
Guinan G
Halloran G
Harney G
Hayes G2 T
Healy G
Heffernan G
Hennessey G3 T
Hickey G4
Hill G
Hoey G
Hogan G4
Houlahan G
Hunt G
Hurston G
Jones G4
Kearney G6 T
Keeffe G2
Keely G
Kelly G
Kennedy G2
Keogh G2
Kirwan G
Laffan G T
Lahy G12 T
Lanton G
Leahy T
Leamy G
Liston T
Long G14
McBride G
McGrath G3
McNamara G
Maher G8 T
Mara G2
Martin G
Meara G
Miller G
Minchin T
Mocland G
Molloy G
Molony T
Mooney G
Morony G2 T
Mulcahy G
Mullany G
Mulvany G
Murphy G
Myres G t
Nealls G
Noble G
Nolan G3
O'Brien G
Parks G
Peacock G T
Phelan T
Prior G
Quinlan G2
Quinn G2
Reilly G3 T
Riordan G2
Ryan G48 T
Sheany G
Shortall G
Simples G
Slattery G
Stapleton G
Storman G
Sweeny G
Taylor G
Thompson G
Tobin G2
Toppins G
Twohy G2 T
Tracy G
Wade G
Wall G3
Walsh G2
Wedriff G
Whelan G
Wilson G T
Wright G


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