Tithe Applotments

  Garrangibbon Civil Parish 1833


  Carrick on Suir & Clonmel Poor Law Unions
     Slievardagh & Iffa and Offa East Baronies

Tullohea Garryduff

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Research Notes:  The Garrangibbon CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the FHL film #0256613 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.
ADDED NOTE:  There was no page 17, so either it was missing from the film or page 18 was mislabeled.


Surname First Page Townland
Boulger Philip 14 Glanescough
Boulger Wm 14 Glanescough
Boulger widow 18? Glanescough
Bowles Laurence 2 Glanahannah
Bowles Joseph 2 Glanahannah
Brannagan John 9 Tullowhea
Brien Thomas 4 Ardbane Lower
Brien Michl 14 Glanescough
Brien Michale 16 Glanescough
Brittian widow 7 Garrymorris
Brittian James 8 Garryduff
Butler John 4 Ardbane Lower
Butler John 9 Tullowhea
Butler Thomas 12 Braner
Butler Wm 16 Glanescough
Cahile James 15 Glanescough
Cahill Patrick 5 Blenaleen Lower
Cantwell John 13 Bawnthonel
Clifford James 4 Ardbane Lower
Cody P? 8 Garryduff
Comerford William 11 Braner
Comerford Michl 11 Braner
Comerford Nichs 11 Braner
Comerford widow 18? Glanescough
Commons Hugh 6 Atty Lames/James?
Commons Thomas 6 Atty Lames/James?
Commons Thomas 7 Garrymorris
Commons Edmond 12 Braner
Cooney widow 4 Ardbane Lower
Cooney Bridget 4 Ardbane Lower
Cooney, jr Andrew 1 Rathroe
Cooney, jr Andrew 3 Heathview
Cooney, sr Andrew 1 Rathroe
Cooney, sr Andrew 3 Heathview
Corbett John 9 Tullowhea
Costello Thomas 14 Glanescough
Coughlan David 1 Grangebeg
Crawley Thomas 2 Glanahannah
Cummins John 15 Glanescough
Cummins William 15 Glanescough
Daniel John 6 Atty Lames/James?
Dee Patrick 2 Glanahannah
Dee Patrick 12 Braner
Donovan Patrick 9 Tullowhea
Donovan John 9 Tullowhea
Donovan Paul 9 Tullowhea
Downey Martin 4 Ardbane Lower
Downey Patt 8 Garryduff
Drum/Dunne? John 6 Atty Lames/James?
Dunn James 5 Cheesemount
Dunne Margt 12 Braner
Egan Michl 7 Garrymorris
Egan John 7 Garrymorris
Eyre, Esq Hodges 18? Glanescough
Fitzgerald Thos 15 Glanescough
Flinn Patrick 5 Blenaleen Lower
Flinn John 5 Blenaleen Lower
Fobin/Tobin Henry 16 Glanescough
Fobin/Tobin Ellen 16 Glanescough
Fobin/Tobin Wm 16 Glanescough
Fogarty James 14 Glanescough
Fox James 10 Tullowhea
Fox Richard 10 Tullowhea
Fox John 14 Glanescough
Fox, jr Thomas 16 Glanescough
Fox, Sr Thomas 14 Glanescough
Funcheon Thomas 16 Glanescough
Gibbons Edmond 16 Glanescough
Gorman James 15 Glanescough
Greene James 15 Glanescough
Hally Patrick 3 Heathview
Hanrahan Edmd 15 Glanescough
Hanrahan Edmond 16 Glanescough
Hanrahan Richard 16 Glanescough
Hanrahan Edmond 16 Glanescough
Hanrahan James 18? Glanescough
Hanrahan Edmond 18? Glanescough
Harty James 3 Ardbane Upper
Harty Thomas 3 Ardbane Upper
Heely John 16 Glanescough
Heely Benj 18? Glanescough
Heffernan James 15 Glanescough
Hogan Thomas 11 Braner
Hogan Danl 11 Braner
Howard Michl 9 Tullowhea
Howe Patk 10 Tullowhea
Hyland Patt 7 Garrymorris
Jackson, Esq Richard 1 Southlodge
Keely Thomas 3 Heathview
Kelly Edmond 14 Glanescough
Kennedy Thomas 2 Glanahannah
Kennedy Daniel 3 Ardbane Upper
Kennedy Daniel 4 Ardbane Lower
Keys Edmond 2 Glanahannah
King John 2 Glanahannah
Landy Patt 8 Garryduff
Laurence Michl 11 Braner
Leary John 2 Glanahannah
Lynch James 9 Tullowhea
Lynch David 9 Tullowhea
Lyons Pierce 13 Bawnthonel
Lyons James 13 Bawnthonel
Lyons widow 13 Bawnthonel
Magrath Thomas 15 Glanescough
Maher Richard 5 Blenaleen Upper
Maher Patrick 5 Blenaleen Upper
Maher Darby 8 Garryduff
Maher James 9 Tullowhea
Manhon Philip 15 Glanescough
Mara William 8 Garryduff
Meaglon Wm 14 Glanescough
Moloney Pierce 5 Blenaleen Lower
Moran John 16 Glanescough
Morris John 7 Garrymorris
Morris Thomas 14 Glanescough
Morris, jr John 15 Glanescough
Morris, jr William 15 Glanescough
Morris, sr John 14 Glanescough
Mulcahy John 2 Glanahannah
Mulcahy Daniel 3 Ardbane Upper
Murphy Michael 4 Ardbane Lower
Murphy Patrick 13 Bawnthonel
Neill John 3 Heathview
Neill Thomas 4 Ardbane Lower
Neill James 8 Garryduff
Neill Philip 8 Garryduff
Neill Thomas 13 Bawnthonel
Nowlan Michael 1 Old Castle
Power Patt 14 Glanescough
Power  David 14 Glanescough
Power, Esq John 13 Bawnthonel
Purcell Richd 12 Braner
Purcell Richard 12 Braner
Quinlan Thomas 9 Tullowhea
Quirke, jr Pierce 5 Cheesemount
Quirke, sr Pierce 5 Cheesemount
Reddy John 6 Atty Lames/James?
Scully John 14 Glanescough
Shea Mathew 2 Glanahannah
Shea Thomas 2 Glanahannah
Shea James 3 Ardbane Upper
Shea James 4 Ardbane Lower
Shea William 8 Garryduff
Shea widow 8 Garryduff
Shea Patrick 10 Tullowhea
Shea Michl 12 Braner
Sheeneny? jr Michl 12 Braner
Sheeneny? sr Michl 12 Braner
Shelly Patrick 4 Ardbane Lower
Sullivan Michael 4 Ardbane Lower
Sullivan Jas 4 Ardbane Lower
Sweehnan? Robert 8 Garryduff
Sweeney James 18? Glanescough
Tobin Lanon? 11 Braner
Tobin Terence 11 Braner
Tobin Richd 14 Glanescough
Tobin William 14 Glanescough
Tobin John 15 Glanescough
Tobin, jr Michl 14 Glanescough
Tobin, jr Henry 15 Glanescough
Tobin, sr Henry 15 Glanescough
Touhile Patrick 15 Glanescough
Wallace Richard 2 Glanahannah
Wallace John 3 Heathview
Walsh Johanna 16 Glanescough
Welshe James 7 Garrymorris
Welshe Matt 14 Glanescough
Whelan James 2 Glanahannah


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