Parishes of Galbally (Co. Limerick) and Aherlow (Co. Tipperary)
Surname First Date Father & Residence Mother Sponsor Sponsor Parish
Marten Jno Mar 1810 Benjamin, farmer, Catheria? Mary Canly? Joseph Connors Mary Connors Gal B.
Mahoney Mary Apr 1810 Patrick, farmer, H/Kieley? Ellen Scanlan Thoms Hayes Cath Hayes Gal B.
Connor Thos Jul 1810 Patk, farmer, Hornbally? Betty Martin? Thos Shiels Mary Brown?
Connors Elizabeth Jul 1810 E?, laborer, Anglesborough Elizabeth Quinn Dav'd Barry margt Donnell Gal B.
Connor Honora Jan 7, 1811 Phelan Bridget B..? Michl Leary Cathy Connor
Connor July Mar 1811 Pat, Knockoran..? Patty Walsh Jno Connor Betty Creary Gal B.
Harnane/Hannane Mary Jul 18, 1811 Martin, farmer, Ballnamona Ellen Fea? Da'l Connors Mary Bradly Gal B.
Connor ?oger Oct 27, 1811 Da'l, Kilfinniar? Judy Kiely Thos Heneboy Mary Magrath
Croneen? B/Pal? Oct 29, 1811 Joseph Croneen?, farmer, Stone Park Margt Brien Tim'y Connor Nelly Donovan
Feerson? Mic'l Jan 9, 1812 John, labr, Lizzard Cathy Cleary Martin Connor
Ryan Tim? Feb/Mar? 1812 Jos'h, f?, Garrynalyna Cathy Connors Em'd Connors Margt
Connor Cathy Mar 1812 Wil'm, farmer, Newforest Mary/Marg? Molony John Hayes Honora Nail?
Nunan Mary Mar 28, 1812 ??, taylor, Lisvarrinane Brigt Brien Cathy Connors Jas Reardon
Connor Bridgt Mar 30, 1812 Tim, farmer, Killinane Mary Hill Jno Grogan Mary Carthy
Mahony Thos Apr 1812 Thos, farmer, Ardrahin Mary Connor Cathy Ryan
Connor Mary Apr 1812 Jno, taylor, Galbally Mary Mullin Thos Brennan Cathy Cowly
Connor Judy Apr 1812 Pat?, labr, Anglesborough Mary Wallis Thos? Marrone Margt Maly?
Stopped Jan 1813 and jumped to 1815 to 1819
Connors Mary Jan 13, 1815 Patk Sally B? ?? F?? Mary F??
Connors Mary Apr 1815 Patk Mary Fisher? Nelly Connor?
Reirdon Patk Apr 1815? Patk Cathy Connor Jno Higlen Judy ??
Mullen Thos May 1815 James?, Hannah Wil'm Cashen Cathy Connors
Ryan? John May 21, 1815 John Cathy Connors Wil'am Smith Cathy Henessy
Henessy July July 1815 John July ?? Michl Connors Ellen Connors
Connor Margaret 1815 Wil'm Margt Molony ?? Vail/Nail? Cathy Hayes
Connors Mic'l Oct 8, 1815 Patk Mary Brien Pat Casey July Kuggan?
Connors Cath? Jan 1816 Tim'y Margt Walsh ?? Allen Cathy Fitz?
Ceary Cathy Jan 1816 Michl Honora B..? Jno Connors Judy Connors
Henessy Judy Feb 6, 1816 James? Bridgt Mulally Timothy Henessy Ally Connors
Connor Jno Mar 1816 James Cathy Walsh Hugh Cumminghan Ally Cealy?
Connor L/Togan? Dec 14, 1816 F? al. Connor, farmer Cathy Hayes Jno & Mary ??
Connor Cathy Jun 27, 1817 Michl, lab'r, Newtown Betty Nunan Mary White
Connor Tim Oct 18, 1817 Pat, Knockanan? Cathy Walsh J/as Connor Ellen
Connor Cathy Oct 21, 1818 Jno, taylor Mary Mullin Will'am Quin Cathy Hill?
Connors Patk Mar 15, 1819 Patk Cathy Cagry? Patk Quinilan Ellen Quinilan
Magrath Patk Mar 15, 1819 Denis Honora D..? Edmd Fittz? Mary Connors
Whealan Jon Jun 17, 1819 Pierce, lab., Gal. Mary Connors Dav'd Quain Cathy Quain
Conner John Jul 4, 1819 Thos, farmer, Corderry (Clonbeg) Catty Lyan Patk Keely Ellen Kilmett?
Keely Darby Nov 22, 1819 Darby, lab'r, Stonepark Margt Connor Richard Ryan Anna Meagher
end at Jan 1820