Fertiana Civil Parish
 Eliogarty Barony

Cashel & Thurles Poor Law Unions

Surname Index by Surname

G=each occurrence in the Griffith's Valuation, 1850
T=only an occurrence in Tithe Applotment Book (not counted), 1825

Surname GV Tithes
Abbott G
Austin G
Boyle G
Bray T
Brennan G2 T
Brereton G
Burns G
Butler G7 T
Byrne T
Cahill G2 T
Callaghan G
Cantwell T
Carden T
Carney G
Carroll G T
Cass T
Ceasar G2 T
Cleary T
Cody T
Coleman G
Comerford G T
Connell G
Considine G
Conway G T
Cormack G7 T
Corrigan T
Crotty G
Cullen T
Cullinan T
Darmody G
Deane G
Delahunty G T
Donnelly G T
Doran G T
Dwyer G2 T
Dwyer G2 T
Egan T
Fannin G2 T
Feehan T
Flanagan G6 T
Fogarty G4 T
Glasgow G
Geeson G2 T
Gorman G2 T
Grady T
Green G
Hackett  G2
Hall T
Hayes G2
Healy G
Heffernan T
Hennessy G
Heoven G
Heyde G
Hogan T
Hoolahan G T
Hughes G
Hurley T
Kearney T
Kenna G2 T
Keogh G
Kerrigan G
Kerwan T
Knaggs T
Lahy G T
Lanigan T
Lawler G
Leahy G2
Lidwel T
Long G T
Lowry G2 T
Lyons G3 T
Maher G3 T
Mara T
Meehan G T
Minihan G
Moclair G T
Monaghan G
Moore G
Morrissy G
Mulcahy G T
Murray G T
Myers G
Nagle G
Neale T
Nugent G
Parker G
Pennefather G T
Plunkett T
Power G T
Purcell T
Quinlan G2 T
Rahill G3 T
Roach T
Russell G T
Ryan G2 T
Shanahan G4 T
Shea G
Spillane G2 T
Stokes G2 T
Tobin G2 T
Toohy T
Wallace T
Walsh G T
Whelan G
Wilson T
Woodlock T


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