Emly Civil Parish
 Clanwilliam Barony

Tipperary Poor Law Union

Surname Index by Surname

G=each occurrence in the Griffith's Valuation, 1851
T=only an occurrence in Tithe Applotmment Book (not counted), 1833

Surname GV Tithes
Adams G3 T
Ahern T
Archer G
Armstrong G T
Baker G2 T
Barrett G T
Barron G
Barry G2 T
Bartly G
Barton G
Batters G
Beary G
Beary G
Berlin G
Bohan G
Boran G2 T
Bourke G T
Bowen G
Bradshaw G T
Breen G3 T
Brien G T
Brown G2 T
Buckley G2 T
Buckly G2 T
Burke G13
Brns G5 T
Bryan T
Bryon G
Cahill G
Callaghan G8 T
Carey T
Carmody G2
Carroll G7 T
Casey G3 T
Chamberlain G
Clanchy G3 T
Cleary G2 T
Cloghesy G
Commins G
Condon G3 T
Connell G4
Connelly G T
Connolly G3 T
Connors G4 T
Conway G2 T
Cooke G
Corbett G
Cosgrife G
Croagh G4
Cronin G T
Crow G T
Cushin G T
Dalton G
Daly G12 T
Darcy G2 T
Davern G
Day G3
Dempsey G2 T
Dillon G
Dineen T
Donohoe G
Donovan G5 T
Dooly G T
Downey G
Dwyer G2
English G4 T
Fahy G2 T
Fitzgerald G8 T
Fleming G T
Flinn G
Fogarty T
Foley G
Fraher G
Frawley G3 T
Freeman G
Fullerton G
Gaven T
Glasheen G6 T
Glewly G
Gorman G2 T
Grace G T
Grady G T
Green G2
Griffin G
Gubbins G4 T
Gueran G T
Guerin G T
Hackett G3 T
Hageny T
Hanley G T
Hanly G7 T
Hannon G2 T
Harrington G
Hart G
Hartigan G T
Harty G T
Hayes G4 T
Healy G T
Heany G2 T
Heffernan G8 T
Hennessy G5 T
Hewston G T
Hickey G T
Higgins G4 T
Hines G
Hogan G2 T
Holmes G
Hoolahan G T
Houlihan G2 T
Howly T
Hurley G3 T
Hynan T
Irwin G
Joseph G
Kean G2 T
Keating G
Kelly G T
Kenefeke G
Kenna G5 T
Kennedy G2
Kiely G
Kirby G
Kush G2
Ladrigan G
Laffan T
Lalor G
Landers G T
Lane G T
Leamy G T
Leary G2 T
Leddin G
Lee G T
Litton G
Lonergan G2
Loughlin G
Loughnane G2 T
M'Carthy G4 T
M'Eniry G4 T
M'Grath G10 T
M'Namara G2
Mackassy G T
Mackey G
Madden T
Magner G
Maher G3 T
Mohony G
Mallay T
Mann G T
Manning G T
Mara G5 T
Meany G
Mitchell G4 T
Mohony G
Molloy G T
Molony G6 T
Mooney G
Morony T
Mournane G3 T
Mulcahy G5 T
Mullaly T
Mulvey T
Mulvin G
Murphy G12 T
Murry G
Neale T
Norris G
Nugent G T
O'Brien G25 T
O'Donnell G3 T
O'Neill G6 T
Phayre G2
Power G2
Purcell G5 T
Quane G T
Quinlan G3 T
Quinn G8 T
Quish T
Raleigh G T
Rea G3 T
Regan G T
Rice G
Riordan G5 T
Roche G
Ryan G41 T
Seymour T
Shanahan T
Shea G6 T
Sheehan T
Sheehy G
Slattery G8 T
Smyth G
Smythwick T
Sullivan G3 T
Sweeny G2
Taylor G2 T
Tobin G
Torpy T
Tracy G T
Wallace G
Wally G
Walsh G5 T
Whealan T
Whitty G


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