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Some baptisms for names beginning with 'B'

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Surname First Father Mother Date of Birth Sponsors
BANNAN Barnaby Patrick Mary Ryan 15 Dec 1845 Barnaby Bannon and Judy Ray
BANNAN Bernard Denis Mary McGrath 20 Oct 1859 John Ryan and Mary Bourke
BANNAN Bridget James Bridget Doyle 24 Mar 1843 Lizzie Bourke and Michael Ryan
BANNAN Bridget Cornelius Ellen Boyle 12 No 1843 Michael Boyle and Ally Keogh
BANNAN Denis Denis Mary McGrath 10 Dec 1854 James McGrath and Joh Harney
BANNAN James Denis Mary McGrath 20 Jul 1848 John McGrath and Ally McGrath
BANNAN James James Bridget Doyle 7 Apr 1850 Edmund Cormack and Judy Cormack
BANNAN Johanna Denis Mary McGrath 18 Aug 1850 Robert Phelan and Mary Peters
BANNAN John Denis Mary McGrath 4 Jun 1846 Patrick Bannon and Ally Dunne
BANNAN Judith John Judith Maher 8 Dec 1844 Lanty Ryan and Anne Ryan
BANNAN John James Margaret Carroll 1 Jan 1853 John Carey and Mary Hayden
BANNAN Julian Patrick Mary Ryan 30 Mar 1856 John Ryan and Margaret Purcell
BANNAN Margaret James Margaret Carroll 5 Mar 1857 Thoma Tierney and Mary Tierney
BANNAN Mary Denis Mary McGrath 9 Oct 1852 Edmund Purcell and Catherine Dunne
BANNAN Mary Patrick Mary Ryan 20 Feb 1843 John Cormack and Mary Cormack
BANNAN Patrick Denis Mary McGrath 7 Jun 1857 Philip McGrath and Peggy Maher
BANNAN Thomas Patrick Mary Ryan 2 May 1849 Michael Ryan and Mary Breen
BANNAN Thomas James Margaret Carroll 18 Jun 1859 Patrick Headen and Mary Tierney
BANNAN Philip John Judy Maher 9 Jun 1850 John Sweeney and Margaret Ryan
BANNAN William William Margaret Gleeson 26 Feb 1844 Michael Bannon and Mary Harris
BOYLE Catherine John Mary Ryan 22 Aug 1883 Wltr Strappe and Sarah Strappe
BOYLE Eugene John Mary Ryan 27 Sep 1884 Michael Boyle and Mary A Boyle
BOYLE Patrick John Mary Ryan 27 Mar 1888 John Lalor and Eliza Boyle
BOYSON John Thomas Mary Dwyer 15 Apr 1841 Mary Bourke
BRADSHAW John William Catherine Carty 5 Dec 1841 Judy Ryan
BREEN Bridget Thomas Catherine Finn 19 Sep 1847 James Breen and Joh Finn
BREEN Catherine Thomas Catherine Finn 1 Mar 1843 Patrick Finn and Catherine Finn
BREEN Judy Thomas Catherine Finn 8 Apr 1844 Thomas Breen and Sally Breen
BREEN Margaret Thomas Catherine Finn 1 Mar 1843 John Breen and Margaret Breen
BREEN Mary Thomas Catherine Finn 8 Apr 1844 Michael Breen and Mary Breen
BREEN Johanna Thomas Catherine Finn 15 Jun 1851 Michael Breen and Catherine McGrath
BREEN Mary Thomas Catherine Finn 12 Sep 1849 Patrick Breen and Mary Breen
BREEN Michael John Ellen Carroll 2 Dec 1838 Patrick Carroll and Mary Russell
BREEN Michael James Bridget Nowlan 17 Jan 1847 William Casey
BREEN Michael Thomas Catherine McGrath 28 Jan 1851 Thomas Breen and Catherine Breen
BREEN Onny Cornelius Mary Carroll 20 Sep 1833 John Ryan and Judy Boyle
BREEN Philip Thomas Catherine McGrath 25 Mar 1854 Patrick Breen and Catherine Breen
BREEN Winifred James Catherine McGrath 15 Apr 1849 John Breen and Margaret Breen
BRIEN Biddy Thomas Nelly Dunne 19 Jan 1828 Thomas Gleeson and Margaret Maher
BRIEN Bridget Patrick Ann Cushin 1 Jun 1842 Thomas Ryan and Mary Ryan
BRIEN Catherine Michael Mary Stapleton 1 Jun 1842 Margaret Doyle
BRIEN Daniel William Mary Power 10 Oct 1831 Dinny Kearns and Bridget Brien
BRIEN Daniel John Ellen Carroll 24 Jun 1842 Jon Connors and Bridget Russell
BRIEN Darby John Mary Tuohy 5 Jun 1822 John Kinsella and Honora Cormack
BRIEN Darby Cornelius Ellen Doyle 27 Apr 1828 Michael Kirby and Winifred Ryan
BRIEN Ellen William Margaret Spillane 1 Apr 1832 Thomas Purcell and Mary Costello
BRIEN Ellen Rody Anne McGrath 29 Aug 1832 Edmund Sparrow and Nanno Bryan
BRIEN Ellen William Peggy Spillane 8 May 1835 John Brien and Peggy Gleeson
BRIEN Honoria Rody Honora McGrath 28 Apr 1828 Patrick Brien and Judy McGrath
BRIEN Joanna Paddy Ellen Kennedy 4 Jan 1836 Mick Brien and Judy Brien
BRIEN John Conner Ellen Doyle 4 May 1826 John Doyle and Ellen Butler
BRIEN John Patrick Judy McGrath 14 Jan 1828 Thomas Bryan and Judy Carroll
BRIEN John John Mary Tuohy 23 Jun 1828 John Tuohy and Catherine Lanigan
BRIEN John John (Unk surname) Ellen Carroll 2 Jun 1837 Michael Brien and Mary Carroll
BRIEN John Michael Mary Stapleton 27 Apr 1845 Thomas Stapleton and Ellen Brien
BRIEN Judy William Peggy Spillane 20 Mary 1826 James Costello and Judy Fogarty
BRIEN Margaret William Mary Bowen 9 Aug 1829 Andrew Moloney and Ellen Bowen
BRIEN Margaret Michael Ellen McDonnell 28 Mar 1844 John Dwyer and Margaret Carroll
BRIEN Mary John Mary Tuohy 25 Sep 1825 Michael Keefe and Biddy Stapleton
BRIEN Mary Patrick (Unk surname) Mary Brien 10 May 1827 Michael Shinners and Mary Sweeny
BRIEN Mary William Mary Brien 3 Oct 1827 James Ryan and Margaret Ryan
BRIEN Mary Patrick Judy McGrath 12 Jan 1834 Jerry Cahill and Mary Dwyer
BRIEN Mary Michael Ellen McDonnell 24 Nov 1842 John McDonnell and Ann McDonnell
BRIEN Michael Cornelius Ellen Doyle 17 Apr 1829 Martin Doyle and Margaret Costello
BRIEN Michael William Mary Bohan 16 May 1834 Paddy Carroll and Nelly Carroll
BRIEN Nelly Rody Honora McGrath 10 Nov 1825 Tom Brien and Peggy Dalton
BRIEN Patrick Patrick ? Purcell 6 May 1822 Patrick Brien and Mary Brien
BRIEN Patrick Patrick Nelly Carey 19 Jun 1824 Ned Phelan and Ally Butler
BRIEN Patrick Conner Nelly Doyle 9 Dec 1824 Darby Doyle and Catherine Bryan
BRIEN Patrick William Mary Bohan 19 Mar 1836 Mick Brien and Ellen Bohan
BRIEN Patrick Patrick Judy McGrath 16 Jun 1836 Mat Cahill and Judy Maher
BRIEN Patrick Denis Mary Glascoe 6 Jan 1838 Michael Rogers and Ellen Glascoe
BRIEN Patrick Michael  Mary Stapleton 28 Jan 1844 Michael Keho and Catherine Kehoe
BRIEN Thomas John Bridget Shanahan 16 Aug 1844 Anne Kelly
BRIEN Timothy Patrick Ellen Kennedy 9 Jun 1839 Michael Murphy and Biddy Brien
BRIEN William Patrick Judy McGrath 26 Apr 1830 Patrick Stapleton and Margaret Brien
BRIEN William John Ellen Carroll 8 Jul 1840 William Stapleton and Maryy Carroll




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