Tithe Applotments

  Crohane Civil Parish 1830


  Callan & Urlingford Poor Law Unions
     Slievardagh Barony

Ordnance Survey 54 Ordnance Survey 55

OS maps from Griffith's Valuation for Crohane CP

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Research Notes:  The Crohane CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the FHL film #0256594 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are spelled as in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.

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Surname First Number Townland
Allison Edmund 107 Knockagopple
Barrett Wm 39 Crohane Lower
Biby Nicholas 89 Ferma & Garrysalla
Birmingham William 27 Crohane Lower
Blake James 139 Ballincurry
Blake John 134 Ballincurry
Blake Michael 140 Ballincurry
Blake Michael 128 Ballykerrin
Blake Thomas 141 Ballincurry
Blake, Jr Michael 142 Ballincurry
Boney Darby 163 Lickfin
Bourke John 96 Kylnahone
Bowles John 38 Crohane Lower
Bradshaw Edmund 102 Kylnahone
Brennan Mat  18 Crohane Lower
Brennan Rich'd 18 Crohane Lower
Brett William 44 Crohane Lower
Britt Daniel 157 Gurtanassy
Britt James 136 Ballincurry
Britt James 157 Gurtanassy
Britt John 133 Ballincurry
Britt Michael 146 Ballincurry
Britt Patrick 157 Gurtanassy
Britt Walter 93 Kylnahone
Britt widow 134 Ballincurry
Britt widow 146 Ballincurry
Britt William 135 Ballincurry
Brophy Edmund 148 Gurtanassy
Bryan Darby 77 Ballyphillip
Bryan John 173 Lickfin
Butler James 124 Ballykerrin
Butler James 129 Ballykerrin
Butler Michael 129 Ballykerrin
Butler widow 123 Ballykerrin
Butler William 122 Ballykerrin
Caesar Julius 36 Crohane Lower
Cantwell Edmund 106 Knockagopple
Cantwell John 105 Knockagopple
Cantwell Thomas 103 Knockagopple
Cantwell widow A 104 Knockagopple
Carly William 40 Crohane Lower
Carrew Daniel 190 Knockadube
Carrew Danl 74 Coolquil
Carrew Pat  74 Coolquil
Carroll John 153 Gurtanassy
Carroll Michael 149 Gurtanassy
Carroll widow & son 155 Gurtanassy
Carty widow 12 Crohane Lower
Carty William 13 Crohane Lower
Cleary Honor 80 Ballyphillip
Cleary John 84 Ballyphillip
Cleary Michael 83 Ballyphillip
Cleary Patrick 81 Ballyphillip
Connel Patrick 95 Kylnahone
Connors John 191 Knockadube
Connors Thomas 162 Lickfin
Connors widwo 192 Knockadube
Corcoran Th's 157 Gurtanassy
Cormick Jas 147 Ballincurry
Cormick John 76 Ballyphillip
Cormick Richard 75 Ballyphillip
Croak Edmun 7 Crohane Lower
Croak James 19 Crohane Lower
Cuningham Richard 23 Crohane Lower
Cunney Edmund 54 Crohane Upper
Cunney Edmund 55 Crohane Upper
Cunney Michael 56 Crohane Upper
Cunningham John 29 Crohane Lower
Curran Edward 25 Crohane Lower
Curran Patrick 26 Crohane Lower
Curry Patrick 144 Ballincurry
Curry William 137 Ballincurry
Delany Darby 113 Knockabritta
Delany John 112 Knockabritta
Delany no first name 102 Kylnahone
Delany Rody 109 Knockabritta
Drew Jas 39 Crohane Lower
Dulhunty Pat 147 Ballincurry
Dulhunty widow 165 Lickfin
Dunn Patrick 187 Knockadube
Dwyer Martin 47 Crohane Lower
Eagan widow 138 Ballincurry
Feehan Martin 72 Coolquil
Fennely Martin 71 Coolquil
Fitzgerald Thomas 183 Knockadube
Fitzgerald Thos 184 Knockadube
Fitzgerald William 102 Kylnahone
Fitzgerald Wm 184 Knockadube
Glasheen William 20 Crohane Lower
Gorman Patrick 102 Kylnahone
Goulsbury Thomas 43 Crohane Lower
Goulsbury widow 9 Crohane Lower
Graham John 92 Ferma & Garrysalla
Graham John 111 Knockabritta
Guyton Edmd 77 Ballyphillip
Guyton Pierce 82 Ballyphillip
Hanly John 145 Ballincurry
Hanly Patrick 145 Ballincurry
Hanly William 108 Knockabritta
Hanrahan Geoffry 154 Gurtanassy
Hare Patrick 45 Crohane Lower
Hassett James 99 Kylnahone
Head James 164 Lickfin
Head Michael 180 Knockadube
Hennessy Richard 41 Crohane Lower
Hickey John 61 Crohane Upper
Hickey Nicholas 62 Crohane Upper
Hughes Mathew 60 Crohane Upper
Jenkins Pierce 37 Crohane Lower
Keady James 182 Knockadube
Keating Patrick 50 Crohane Lower
Keating Thomas 52 Crohane Upper
Keating William 46 Crohane Lower
Kelly John 114 Knockabritta
Kelly Thomas 79 Ballyphillip
Kenaghan James 35 Crohane Lower
Kennedy Jno 5 Crohane Lower
Kennedy John 8 Crohane Lower
Kennedy Patrick 6 Crohane Lower
Kennedy Thomas 1 Crohane Lower
Kennedy Thomas 8 Crohane Lower
Kenny James 159 Lickfin
Kenny Michael 42 Crohane Lower
Kenny Pat 175 Knockadube
Kenny Patrick 150 Gurtanassy
Kenny William 174 Knockadube
Kenny William 175 Knockadube
Kickham Edmd 91 Ferma & Garrysalla
Lahy John 151 Gurtanassy
Lahy Valentine 90 Ferma & Garrysalla
Langley, Esq Fergus 171 Lickfin
Maher James 179 Knockadube
Maher James 98 Kylnahone
Maher John 86 Knockanatten
Maher Lau'ce 5 Crohane Lower
Maher Laurence 73 Coolquil
Maher Martin 87 Knockanatten
Maher Nicholas 51 Crohane Lower
Maher Patrick 28 Crohane Lower
Maher Patrick 49 Crohane Lower
Maher Patrick 179 Knockadube
Maher Thomas 176 Knockadube
Maher Thomas 178 Knockadube
Maher Thomas 86 Knockanatten
Mara John 24 Crohane Lower
Mara Mary 22 Crohane Lower
Morris Edward 188 Knockadube
Morris Edward 170 Lickfin
Morris James 34 Crohane Lower
Morris James 64 Crohane Upper
Morris John 156 Gurtanassy
Morris Patrick 68 Crohane Upper
Morris Thomas 67 Crohane Upper
Morrissy John 181 Knockadube
Morrissy Stephen 177 Knockadube
Morrissy Thomas 166 Lickfin
Nowlan James 189 Knockadube
Nowlan James 158 Lickfin
Nowlan John 85 Knockanatten
Nowlan Thomas 85 Knockanatten
Pallisen?, Col. K. 88 Knockanatten
Pollard John 132 Ballincurry
Pollard Richard 127 Ballykerrin
Pollard, Jr William 63 Crohane Upper
Pollard, Jr William 69 Crohane Upper
Pollard, Sr William 69 Crohane Upper
Ponsonby, Hon. Geo. 88 Knockanatten
Power Charles 160 Lickfin
Power John 21 Crohane Lower
Power Patrick 97 Kylnahone
Power Thomas 30 Crohane Lower
Power  Michael 17 Crohane Lower
Power, Captn James 70 Coolquil
Power, Mr Maurice 2 Crohane Lower
Power, Mr Maurice 3 Crohane Lower
Power, Mr Maurice 4 Crohane Lower
Power, Mr Maurice 33 Crohane Lower
Purdue Henry 11 Crohane Lower
Purdue John 31 Crohane Lower
Purdue Thomas 10 Crohane Lower
Purdue Thomas 16 Crohane Lower
Purdue Thomas 32 Crohane Lower
Purdue William 168 Lickfin
Purdue, Jr Henry 15 Crohane Lower
Purdue, Sr Henry 14 Crohane Lower
Quirk William 186 Knockadube
Ready Connor 185 Knockadube
Russell James 66 Crohane Upper
Russell Michl 157 Gurtanassy
Ryan Edmund 125 Ballykerrin
Ryan  John 126 Ballykerrin
Ryan, Jr John 121 Ballykerrin
Shaw, Esq robert 101 Kylnahone
Shaw, Esq Robt 157 Gurtanassy
Shea Patrick 53 Crohane Upper
Shea Patrick 59 Crohane Upper
Shea Richard 48 Crohane Lower
Shea Richard 57 Crohane Upper
Shea Richard 58 Crohane Upper
Sheppard Thomas 110 Knockabritta
Skehane Michael 65 Crohane Upper
Slattery John 131 Ballincurry
Slattery Robert 169 Lickfin
Somers John 143 Ballincurry
Somers Thomas 172 Lickfin
Somers widow 167 Lickfin
St John Patrick 161 Lickfin
Stapleton Michael 100 Kylnahone
Tighe, Esq W.F. 88 Knockanatten
Tobin Pat 130 Ballykerrin
Tobin widow 130 Ballykerrin
Tully William 94 Kylnahone
Tyne Dennis 152 Gurtanassy
Wilson William 78 Ballyphillip
Wixton no first name 102 Kylnahone


Townland Map for Crohane Civil Parish


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