Tithe Applotments

Cordangan Civil Parish 1830


County Tipperary
Tipperary Law Union
    Clanwilliam Barony

Research Notes:  The Cordangan CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256653 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.

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Surname First Townland
Barry Mrs Fanagon
Barry widow Gurtnacare
Barry widow Lacken
Barry Esq J.H. Smith Gurtnacare
Barry Esq John Smith Lacken
Beardon James Gurtnacare
Beaucanan Mr? Longford
Biron? Thomas Lismagawl
Bourke John Lacken
Bourke John Lismagawl
Bourke John Lismagawl
Bourke John Longford
Bourke Martin Fanagon
Bourke Miles Knockinrawley
Bourke Richard Knockinrawley
Bower Maurice Gurtnacare
Brian Edmond Colledge
Brian John Colledge
Brian John Colledge
Brien John Cordangan
Brien junior Thomas Cordangan
Butler John Fanagon
Byan widow Colledge
Byan William Gurtnacare
Carigan Patrick Cordangan
Casey Michael Fanagon
Casey Patrick Knockinrawley
Casey William Fanagon
Cleary William Gurtnacare
Clifford Connor Lacken
Coclan? Patrick Fanagon
Connors James Fanagon
Connors John Fanagon
Connors Michael Fanagon
Connors Thomas Fanagon
Connors Thomas Fanagon
Cooke Esq Joseph Cordangan
Cooke Esq Joseph Fanagon
Costello Michael Lismagawl
Cronan James Lacken
Cronan Michael Lacken
Croneen Edmond Fanagon
Croneen Edmond Knockinrawley
Cross Michael Gurtnacare
Crough James Lacken
Crough Thomas Lacken
Cummins Daniel Gurtnacare
Daley widow Knockinrawley
Devereny Michael Knockinrawley
Doherty Joseph Gurtnacare
Doherty William Knockinrawley
Donovan Mathew Fanagon
Donovan Michael Lacken
Downey Peter Knockinrawley
Dwyer Denis Knockinrawley
Dwyer John Coolnahoreen
Dwyer William Cordangan
Dwyer William Drumnomark
Dwyer William Knockinrawley
Egan Thomas Fanagon
Fannin John Lacken
Finnane? Michael Lismagawl
Fitzgerald Pat'k Lacken
Franklin John Knockinrawley
Franklin John Lacken
Franklin Richard Knockinrawley
Gilhooley James Gurtnacare
Gilhuly James Cordangan
Glashan Michael Gurtnacare
Glashan Richard Gurtnacare
Glasheen Thomas Colledge
Haloran Michael Coolnahoreen
Haloran widow Coolnahoreen
Hanson Lewis Knockinrawley
Harrington Darby Knockinrawley
Haversley? Esq Daniel Gurtnacare
Healy Patrick Fanagon
Heffernan Body Knockinrawley
Heffernan Daniel Gurtnacare
Heffernan John Cordangan
Heffernan John Drumnomark
Heffernan John Lacken
Heffernan Michael Gurtnacare
Heffernan Mich'l Coolnahoreen
Heffernan Thomas Lismagawl
Henesey Edmond Longford
Henston John Knockinrawley
Hereen? Thomas Coolnahoreen
Hickey James Fanagon
Hickey Patrick Gurtnacare
Hinnans Daniel Gurtnacare
Keating Patrick Longford
Keefe John Knockinrawley
Kelly William Cordangan
Kennedy Denis Lacken
Kennedy John Cordangan
Kennedy widow Knockinrawley
Kinnane James Gurtnacare
Kinnane William Gurtnacare
Lampton Patrick Gurtnacare
Laughnane William Fanagon
Leary Michael Drumnomark
Lisit Pat'k Lacken
Lisit Thomas Lacken
Lisit widow Lacken
Lowry Michael Fanagon
Lowry Thomas Fanagon
Lowry Thomas Lacken
Lowry widow Fanagon
Lowry William Fanagon
Lowry William Knockinrawley
Ma?on Edmond Cordangan
McCarty Doctor Longford
McGrah Joseph Knockinrawley
McGrah widow Gurtnacare
Moloney James Lacken
Mooney John Lacken
Moroney Patrick Lismagawl
Morrisey Mathew Longford
Morrisey Mrs Patrick Longford
Morrisey William Cordangan
Mulcahey Daniel Knockinrawley
Mulcahy William Knockinrawley
Mullaley James Lismagawl
Neil Denis Colledge
Neil John Drumnomark
Neil William Drumnomark
Noonan Daniel Lismagawl
Noonan James Lismagawl
Noonan John Lismagawl
Noonan Mathew Lacken
O'Donnell widow Lacken
Peters? Hugh Lismagawl
Quinlan Henry Knockinrawley
Quirk John Lismagawl
Quirk  widow Cordangan
Quirk & son William Lacken
Rahilly Michael Lacken
Reardan James Knockinrawley
Roach Thomas Fanagon
Ryan Darby Cordangan
Ryan Edmond Gurtnacare
Ryan Henry Knockinrawley
Ryan John Lacken
Ryan John Lismagawl
Ryan Mathew Knockinrawley
Ryan Michael Fanagon
Ryan Timothy Fanagon
Ryan Timothy Lacken
Ryan widow Gurtnacare
Ryan William Longford
Sadlier James Garroughclough
Sadlier Richard Garroughclough
Sadlier Esq Richard Coolnahoreen
Scanlan James Coolnahoreen
Scanlan James Fanagon
Scanlan William Coolnahoreen
Shanahan Thomas Longford
Shea John Coolnahoreen
Shea Timothy Coolnahoreen
Sheedy Patrick Lacken
Slattery ?? Longford
Spillane Dan'l Coolnahoreen
Spillane John Coolnahoreen
Spillane Marty Coolnahoreen
Sullivan James Lismagawl
Teiggs? Edmond Gurtnacare
Walsh Daniel Lismagawl
Walsh James Lismagawl
White James Colledge
White James Drumnomark


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