Cordangan Civil Parish
 Clanwilliam Barony

Tipperary Poor Law Union

Surname Index by Surname

G=each occurrence in the Griffith's Valuation, 1851
T=only an occurrence in Tithe Applotmment Book (not counted), 1830

Surname GV Tithes
Ahearn G
Ahearne G
Ahern G
Allen G
Ambrose G
Anderson G
Barron G4
Barry G7 T
Beaucanan T
Birrane G T
Bolton G
Bowes T
Green G T
Brohan G2
Browne G
Brutan G
Buckley G2
Burke G15 T
Burns G2
Butler G5 T
Byron G6 T
Caffrey G
Cahill G5
Callaghan G
Carey G2
Carey G2
Carigan T
Carroll G3
Casey G6 T
Cassidy G
Cleary G T
Clifford G T
Coffey G6
Coghlan G T
Collins G2
Condon G2
Connell G4
Connor G3 T
Connors G11 T
Conroy G
Cooke G3 T
Corbett G2
Corboy G
Corcoran G
Corrigan G2
Costelloe T
Croagh G2 T
Cronin G4 T
Cross G T
Cummins G2 T
Cush G
Daly G T
Darmody G
Davis G
Deady G
Devereaux G T
Devereux G2 T
Devitt G
Dillon G
Dineen G
Dobbyn G
Doherty G9 T
Donohoe G
Donovan G2 T
Doran G
Downer G
Downey T
Duggan G2
Dulap G
Dwyer G18 T
Edge G
Egan T
Ellard G
English G2
Fahy G
Fanning G2 T
Farrell G
Finnane G T
Finnane G
Finnegan G
Fitzgerald G4 T
Flaherty G
Flinn G
Foley G
Franklin G2 T
Friggs T
Gilhody G T
Gill G
Glasheen G2 T
Gleeson G2
Godfrey G
Gorman G2
Grady G2
Grant G
Guinan G T
Halloran G3 T
Hammersley G T
Hanley G2
Hanlon G
Hanly G
Hannon G3
Hanrahan G
Hanson T
Harrington T
Hawthorn G
Hayes G4
Healy G T
Heber G
Heffernan G11 T
Henerty G
Hennessy G2 T
Hereen G2 T
Heuston T
Hickey G T
Hoare G
Hogan G8
Hoolahan G2
Hourigan G2
Hunt G
Jones G
Kane G
Keane G
Keating G T
Keefe G T
Kelly G2 T
Kenane G3 T
Kenna G
Kennedy G4 T
Kennelly G2
Kiely G
Kilfoyle G
Lawler G
Lawlor G2
Leary G2 T
Lee G2
Londers G
Lonergan G3
Long G
Loughlan G
Loughman G
Loughnane G2 T
Lowry G11 T
Lyons G4
Lysaght G3 T
M'Carthy G T
M'Clure G2
M'Donald G
M'Evoy G
M'Grath G3 T
M'Mullen G
M'Namara G
Magrath G2 T
Maher G2
Mahony G3
Manahan G
Mandeville G
Mansergh G2
Mars G2
Mason T
Mauleverer G
Maunsell G
Mead G
Meenick G
Molloy G
Moloney G2 T
Mooney T
Moore G
Moroney G3 T
Morony G3 T
Morrissy G2 T
Mulally G T
Mulcahy G T
Mullally G
Murnane G2
Murphy G3
Naughton G2
Neill G2 T
Nevin G
Noonan G10 T
Noughten G
O'Brien G5
O'Connor G2
O'Donnell G T
O'Neill G5
O'Shea G
Peters G2 T
Phelan G
Pillion G
Power G3
Quane G
Quillinan G
Quilty G
Quinlan G T
Quinn G
Quirk G5 T
Rafferty G
Raftery G
Rahilly G T
Rea G2
Reardon G T
Reedy G
Regan G
Reilly G
Riordan G T
Robinson G
Roche G2 T
Ryan G26 T
Sadlier G5 T
Sampson G2 T
Scanlan T
Shannahan G T
Shanrahan G
Shea G T
Sheedy G2 T
Sheehy G
Slattery T
Smith G
Spellane T
Strumble G
Sullivan G3 T
Sweeny G2
Synnott G
Taylor G
Tobin G2
Toomey G
Tracy G2
Triggs T
Wall G
Walsh G4 T
Whelan G
White G3 T




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