Mary's Parish
Clonmel, County Tipperary

Assorted  Baptism Records
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Surname First Fath First Moth Last Moth First Place Sponsor Sponsor Date Bapt Date born
? Bridget ? Connors ? 5/11/1843
? William ? Connors ? James Ryan 5/14/1843
Anglum? Francis Edmund Connors Johanna Maurice Connors Catherine Daily 3/9/1844
Anglum? William Edmund Connors Johanna Michael Powers Johanna Connors 2/15/1846
Brennan Catherine James Connors Mary Patrick Lancey? Ellen Hayes 5/10/1852
Britt Patrick James Campbell Mary ? Shea 3/17/1849
Burke Bridget Edmund Connors Margaret Richard Britt Catherine Connors 10/4/1855
Burke John Edmund Connors Mary John Keating Honora ? 1/27/1859
Burke Patrick Edmund Connors Mary Michael Lyons Bridget Norton 3/30/1860
Burke Ann Thomas Flynn Catherine Phillip Doolan Mary Ryan Jun 1852
Burns Patrick Timothy Connors Judy? Timothy Flanagan Margaret Sheehy 8/13/1853
Bus? John James Connors Margaret Michael Connors Ellen ? 6/21/1857
Callaghan Catherine William Flanagan Sarah New St Patrick Callaghan Mary Lonergan 10/8/1866 10/5/1866
Callaghan Mary William Flannagan Sarah Kerry Rd William Loughlan Judith O'Neil 8/13/1865 8/10/1865
Carew James Cornelius Connors Mary John Carew Ann Connors 8/15/1849
Carroll Ann John Flynn Mary Mary Ryan 9/7/1845
Casey Ellen Con Connors Mary ? Noonan Mary Murphy 1/22/1857
Casey Michael Cornelius? Connors Mary Timothy Murphy Judith Ryan 6/16/1859
Coffey Ann James Connors Catherine Michael Henneberry Honora Henneberry 11/22/1857
Connor Michael Daniel Kennedy Mary John Hally Bridget Kennedy 9/12/1845
Connors Ellen ?? Condon Ann Patrick Laffan Bridget Laffan 1/19/1845
Connors Francis Auoria? Connors Johanna Julius Dwan Mary Gleason 3/2/1844
Connors Thomas Daniel Munday Mary John Hally Ellen Munday 8/20/1843
Connors B? Daniel White Catherine Michael Daniel Ellen Lyons 12/20/1846
Connors James David/Daniel ?? Mary James Hickey Ellen ? 9/30/1844
Connors Mary David/Daniel Blake Mary Richard Fitzpatrick Mary Blake 7/15/1845
Connors Ellen David/Daniel Blake Mary James Horning? Margaret Egan 11/1/1847
Connors Catherine Denis White Catherine John Kelly Ellen Duggan 2/25/1840
Connors Margaret Denis White Catherine David/Daniel Casey Margaret Hogan 4/4/1844
Connors Mary Denis White Catherine John Pru??d Mary Brien 3/8/1851
Connors Catherine Edmond? Mulcahy ? Margaret Mullins P. Meaney 12/26/1846
Connors William Edmund Driscoll Mary Irishtown John Bushell Honorah Britton 4/9/1865 4/5/1865
Connors Henry? Edmund Moran Bridget James ? Lucy Kavanagh 4/2/1851
Connors Catherine Edmund Norris Catherine Tuberahuna? James Phelan Catherine Flaherty 10/13/1864 10/11/1864
Connors Mary Edmund Norris Kitty Thomas Norris Catherien Mara 5/19/1853
Connors John Edmund Norris Catherine John Neill Alice Connors 11/27/1859
Connors Mary Catherine James ?? Mary Patrick Daniels Ellen Ryan 7/16/1844
Connors Ann James Mulcahy Ann   Robert Power Elizabeth Shea 8/20/1840
Connors ?? James Mulcahy Ann ? Tobin Julia Meara 10/24/1846
Connors Laurence? Jeremiah Dwyer Mary Heynon Rd Laurence Barney? Margaret Ryoiron? 10/1/1865 9/30/1865
Connors Honora John ? Bridget William ? ? 7/26/1855
Connors Michael John Allen Margaret Kilmamoma? Patrick Farrell Catherine Higgins? 7/14/1864 7/14/1864
Connors James John Brist? Margaret Henry Barns Catherine Brist? 2/7/1848
Connors Michael John Butler Margaret Patrick Walsh? Bridget Butler 9/13/1850
Connors David/Daniel John C/Tullinan Hanora James Connors Margaret Gavan 8/9/1846
Connors Mary John Condon Mary John Brien Mary Condon Dec 1860
Connors Catherine John Green Mary Michael Green Catherine Connors 5/30/1846
Connors William John Hallahan ? John Connors Judith Hallahan 8/7/1859
Connors Lawrence John Hallihan Margaret James Farrell Mary Hallihan 5/7/1857
Connors Maurice John Halloran Margaret William Connors mary Neill 4/13/1856
Connors William John Lonergan Ellen John Phelan Bridget Lonergan 10/23/1859
Connors Bridget John Wall? Bridget William Cleary Bridge Meehan 12/26/1857
Connors Henry? John? Sullivan Honora ?? Gibbons Bridget Gavan 9/24/1849
Connors John L? Heelan Mary Michael Phelan Bridget Corbett 7/4/1850
Connors John Mathew Byrne Mary Irishtown Seamus Connel Catherine Halloran 6/10/1866 6/7/1866
Connors Bridget Mathew Byrne Mary Richard Corcoran Ellen Meskile 4/13/1856
Connors ?? Mathew Byrnes Mary ? Byrnes Ellen Kelty 4/25/1858
Connors Mary Mathew Byrnes Mary William Haskett Judith Morrissey 7/1/1860
Connors John Mathew Cle? Helen James Burke Honora Hayes 3/18/1849
Connors Mathew Mathew Fennessey Mary Patrick Fennessey Kate Daniel 6/10/1855
Connors Margaret Mathew Fennessey Helen Michael Connors Ellen Shelly Sep 1860
Connors Michael Mathew Fennessy Mary James Fennessy Mary Connors 7/11/1844
Connors Catherine Mathew Fennessy Margaret Michael Connors Catherine Connors 4/5/1846
Connors John Mathew Fennessy Mary David Fennessy Johanna Neil 5/17/1848
Connors Bridget Mathew Fennessy Mary John Fennessy Margaret Hasket 3/17/1850
Connors Mary Ann Matt Fennessy Mary James Connors Helen Connors 10/11/1852
Connors Mary Michael ?? Catherine? James Nolan Mary Maher 1/13/1856
Connors John Michael Duggan? Alice Margaret Shea 9/25/1850
Connors Hugh Michael Dunphy Margaret James Loughlin Ellen Toby 12/6/1857
Connors Thomas Michael Fahy Mary John Connors Ellen Gearn 2/9/1843
Connors Johanna Michael Mahony Mary Tuberahuna? Patrick Condon Ellen Fennessy 6/10/1866 6/5/1866
Connors Margaret Michael Murphy Alice Pat English Mary Connors 2/15/1854
Connors James Michael Shelly Joanne James Corbett Catherine Daniel 12/26/1845
Connors Michael Michael Shelly Johanna? Cornelius Birne Johanna Haskett? 8/15/1850
Connors John Michael Shelly Judith William Howe Winefred Shelly 10/1/1851
Connors Mary Ann Michael Shelly Judith Edmund Connors Margaret Conway 2/6/1854
Connors Margaret Patrick B? Bridget 12/22/1848
Connors Patrick Patrick Carty Honora William Torpy Thomas McCarty 3/9/1840
Connors Patrick Patrick Duggan Johanna Peter Connors Ellen Hanlon 1/13/1854
Connors Bridget Patrick Flynn Johanna Edmund Walsh Mary Dunn 1/7/1847
Connors Honora Patrick Flynn Johanna John Taylor Mary Flynn 11/11/1843
Connors Bridget Patrick Flynn Johanna Edmund Walsh Mary Dunn 1/7/1847
Connors Honora Patrick Flynn Johanna John Taylor Mary Flynn 11/11/1843
Connors Mary Patrick Hyland Bridget Parodon? Joanna Kearney 8/16/1846
Connors Johanna Patrick Keane Margaret Richard Finn Alice Daniel 3/4/1843
Connors Mary Patrick White Mary Daniel Connors Mary Loughlin 4/13/1845
Connors M? Patrick White Mary Thomas? Connors? Margaret Fennessy 10/17/1848
Connors Bartholomew Patrick White Mary John Morrissey Ellen Hackett 3/11/1853
Connors Michael Peter Hogan Margaret Patrick Butler Ellen Phelan 2/9/1840
Connors Pierce? Pierce? Brien Margaret Mary Hally 6/17/1855
Connors Mary Robert Power Mary Mary Connors 9/19/1855
Connors Margaret Robert Power Mary James Heffernan Margaret Halloran 4/3/1857
Connors David Tobin? Seamus Connors Mary Irishtown David/Daniel Connors Ellen Connors 12/28/1865 12/28/1865
Connors Johanna Thomas Bramley Mary Mary Power 11/8/1843
Connors Ellen Thomas Gibbons Ellen Patrick Kennedy Catherine Kiely 2/29/1840
Connors Michael Thomas Gibbons? Ellen Jeremiah Kielly Johanna Gibbons 8/7/1844
Connors William Thomas Kavanaugh Ann Francis Kavanaugh Mary Riordan 8/23/1857
Connors John Thomas Ryan Bridget Patrick Ryan Mary Lamb Dec 1860
Connors Honora Thomas Sullivan Honora John Connors Johanna Buckley 2/6/1844
Connors Patrick Timothy Hefferan Mary Lawrence P? Margaret Carroll 5/7/1846
Connors Patrick William Connors Margaret Alice Walsh 2/24/1844
Connors Catherine Ann William Daniel Mary James Mable Catherine Connors 1/23/1848
Connors Catherine William Fitzgerald Bridget Irishtown Edmund Connors Mary Driscoll 4/23/1865 4/22/1865
Connors William William Kiernan Catherine Price Lane Martin Kiernan Alice Burke 10/15/1865 10/9/1865
Connors Ellen William Kiernan Catherine Irishtown Jeremiah Duggan Mary Ryan 12/23/1866 12/20/1866
Connors Catherine William Munday Mary Michael Butler Margaret Phelan 3/3/1849
Connors Mary William Munday Mary Lawrence Munday Anastasia Munday 4/16/1843
Connors Bridget William Munday? Mary John English Mary Meara 1/18/1846
Connors Bridget William Phelan Margaret Kilmamoma? John Connors Catherine Phelan 1/29/1866 1/28/1866
Connors Maurice William Whelan Margaret Jeremiah Whelan Margaret Connors 1/10/1864 1/9/1864
Connors David/Daniel William? Blake Mary Henry Hall Helen Carroll 3/8/1843
Connors Catherine William? Dumphy Alice Patrick White Honora Donohue 2/26/1860
Connors Mary Connors Johanna Catherine Keefe 1/9/1851
Connors Thomas Connors Margaret Honora Connors 4/14/1852
Connors Catherine Connors Margaret Honora Daniel 3/22/1860
Conors Bridget Thomas Gibbons Ellen William White Ellen Neely 3/18/1849
Conway Thomas Cornelius Connors Catherine James Connors ?? Mar 1851
Coughlan Bridget John Flynn Margaret Patrick Ryan Margaret Moore 1/20/1845
Dorcey James Edward Connors Ellen Laurence Dorcey Catherine Dorcey 1/16/1847
Dowly Margaret John Connors Mary Bartholomew Connors Johanna Fitzpatrick 10/5/1843
English Mary Thomas Connors Margaret Catherine Brien 2/24/1850
F? Richard Richard Flynn Mary Johanna Keating 12/25/1843
Fahey Daniel Michael Connors A? John Dwyer Johanna Connors 11/8/1843
Farrell Patrick James Connors Johanna Patrick Whelan Mary Hallahan 6/7/1855
Farrell Honora James Connors Johanna Thomas Nolan Margaret Hallahan 12/25/1859
Farrell Mary James Flynn Elizabeth Patrick Fitzgerald Mary Fitzgerald 5/29/1848
Farrell Johanna John Connors Johanna James Delancy Margaret Casey 10/28/1857
Fennessy Mary Daniel Connors Margaret Thomas ? Bridget Noonan 7/13/1857
Fitzgerald Bridget Michael Connors Bridget Johanna Connors Ellen ? 9/8/1844
Fitzgerald Ellen Michael Connors Bridget Thomas Conway? Catherine Connors 5/7/1846
Fitzgerald Michael Michael Connors Bridget Thomas Cooney Catherine Fahy 7/8/1843
Fitzgerald Honora Michael Connors Bridget William Connors Bridget Fitzgerald 2/19/1849
Fitzgerald Mary Patrick Flinn Mary John Fitzgerald Ann Brien 1/2/1853
Fitzgerald John Patrick Flynn Mary Timothy Connors Ellen B? 6/14/1844
Fitzgerald Mary Ann Patrick Flynn Mary Richard Daniel Mary Fitzgerald 3/12/1850
Flanagan Mary C? Tobin Ellen William Nolan Bridget ?? 7/27/1857
Flanagan Catherine Patrick Booth Mary James Moloney Catherine Cleery 8or9/20/1846  
Flanagan Ann Patrick Britt Honora Richard Lewis? Mary James 5/28/1843  
Flanagan Ann Patrick Tobin Elizabeth Francis M? Catherine Bl? 10/11/1855  
Flanagan Ellen Patrick Tobin Elizabeth Margaret Connors ?? 1/29/1860
Flanagan Mary Timothy Baren Catherine Martin Hogan Honora Hickey 8/20/1843
Flannagan Ann Patrick Tobin Elizabeth Irishtown Edmond O'Neil mary O'Neil 12/31/1866 1/1/1866
Flannigan Elizabeth Patrick Tobin Elizabeth Irishtown Edmund Cahill Bridget Mulcahy 10/23/1864 10/16/1864
Flinn Catherine John Flinn? Catherine William Mehan Margaret White 10/25/1847
Flinn G? L? Flinn Margaret James Ormond Anastasia Cunningham 12/8/1850
Flyn Bridget William Cusack Johanna James Ryan Catherine Lonergan 1/28/1844
Flynn Edmund Edmund Shine Catherine John Daniel Alice Cleary 8/16/1843
Flynn Mary Hugh Foley Ann ?? ?? 12/24/1855
Flynn Hugh Hugh Foley Ann ? Butler Ann Byrne 8/16/1857
Flynn Catherine Hugh Foley Ann Michael Haskett Johanna Daniel 5/8/1859
Flynn Thomas James ?? Margaret ?? ?? 6/26/1845
Flynn William James Cunningham Margaret Michael Cunningham Bridget Cunningham 8/21/1843
Flynn Ellen James Cunningham Margaret Daniel McCarthy Ann Cunningham 2/27/1853
Flynn Thomas James Keefe Johanna Irishtown Samuel Gorman Margaret Doran? 2/21/1866 12/30/1865
Flynn ?? John Burns Catherine Thomas Mahoney Catherine Joy 11/26/1845
Flynn Laurence John Cooney Catherine New St Denis O'Connor Margaret Connell 7/24/1864 7/23/1864
Flynn Bridget John Lonergan Alice Michael Lonergan Johanna Meara 4/29/1845
Flynn Mary John Power Catherine William Flanery Margaret Roche 2/1/1860
Flynn Patrick John Singeon? Ellen Nicolas O'Daniel Mary Fennessey 11/15/1840
Flynn Catherine Julian Hogan Margaret Michael Flynn Bridget Hartney 1/7/1852
Flynn Mary Ann Michael Carthy Bridget Denis Ryan Bridget Carthy 12/6/1843
Flynn Michael Michael Carty Bridget Edmond Ryan Mary Ryan Mar 1845
Flynn Patrick Michael Carty Bridget John Flynn Catherine Morrissey 6/14/1848
Flynn William Michael Flynn Ann James Keefe Margaret Kennedy 1/26/1840
Flynn Bryan Michael Flynn Bridget James Tynan Cathereine Ryan? 6/13/1853
Flynn Mary Michael H? Ann Luisa May 5/22/1844
Flynn Ann Michael Haring? Ann Edward Roe Emily Roe 6/5/1846
Flynn Mary Michael McCarthy Bridget Thomas Morrissey Judith Smythe 3/5/1851
Flynn Bridget Michael Slattery Mary Michael Morgan 2/3/1840
Flynn James Michael Slattery Margaret Patrick Prendergast Ellen Morgan 2/18/1841
Flynn Mary Michael Slattery Mary James Hally Mary Donnel 7/29/1844
Flynn James Thomas Bryan? Mary John Conway Bridget Munday 8/13/1846
Flynn Hanora Thomas Condon Margaret John Ryan Alice Dunn 4/1/1845
Flynn Patrick Thomas Mahoney Elizabeth Mary Bonan 11/19/1840
Flynn Bridget William Corbett Catherine Edmond Halpin Ellen Halpin 3/13/1856
Flynn Mary/Maurice William Corbett Catherine David Cooney Catherine Fitzgerald 11/4/1846
Flynn Catherine William Corbett Catherine Patrick Condon Johanna Mara 10/5/1843
Flynn Mary William Cusack Johanna John Flynn Johanna Markley 3/17/1840
Gleeson ?? Cornelius Connors Mary John Callanan Ellen Kil?gan 3/23/1846
Grant Henry Henry Flanagan Mary Bartholomew Kennedy Mary Hart 10/22/1858
Halfpenny Ellen James Flynn Mary Patrick Murray Margaret Morris 7/23/1843
Halfpenny Bridget John Flynn Mary James Flynn Catherine Lyons 4/10/1859
Hickey Catherine Patrick Connors Catherine Anastasia Kearney 3/15/1843
Hogan Margaret David/Daniel Connors Margaret William Cahill Ellen Tobin 4/6/1850
Hogan Paul? John Connors Mary John Maroney P. Meaney 1/27/1845
Keating Catherine John Connors Mary Edmond Burke Johanna Quin 7/1/1843
Kielly Elizabeth Marg Thomas Connors Catherine Patrick Connors Alice ? 9/23/1857
Lonergan Mary James Connors Mary Martfield? Edmond Shanahan Ellen Greene 5/5/1864 5/3/1864
Lyons Mary Denis Flynn Bridget Main St Patrick Crotty Bridget Crotty 6/23/1864 6/22/1864
Mara Maurice Thomas Connors Ellen Patrick Cooney Johanna Brennan 3/26/1844
McCarthy Michael John Connors Johanna? Edward Geoghegan Mary Carty 8/31/1854
McEmory Ann ? Flynn Margaret James Powers Anastasia Flynn 1/8/1851
McEnery Margaret Denis Flynn Margaret William ? ? 9/19/1855
McLoughlin Thomas Denis Flynn Margaret Michael Beary Ellen Beary 6/27/1859
McNamara Mary John Connors Bridget John Keef Ellen Falvy/Fahy 5/28/1840
McNamara Mary John Connors Bridget John Morris Bridget Conley 4/3/1845
Meara? John John Connors Bridget Michael Bray Mary Burns 1/26/1843
Moore Catherine Thomas Connors Bridget James Dunlaney Judy Connors 2/14/1856
Morris Margaret William Connors Bridget Thomas Barron Mary Connors 5/8/1840
Mullins Terence? Michael Flynn Honora Denis Ryan Helen Madden 10/21/1843
Noonan Julian Jeremiah Connors Ann James Neile Mary Connors 12/31/1854
O'Connor Henry Edward Hasket Judith John? Manning Ann Antory? 10/15/1843
O'Connor Catherine Richard O'Connor Honora John Kennedy Sarah Kennedy 8/20/1847
O'Connor Richard Richard O'Connor Honora Michael Kenneally Maria Noonan 1/30/1853
O'Connor Mary Thomas Maher Mary Ann Brian Kavanagh Mary Baron 4/3/1851
O'Connor Stephen William ? Honora Edmund Cooney Margaret Cooney 2/20/1850
O'Connor John William K? Catherine John O'Connor Ellen Lonergan 11/12/1860
O'Connor James William Kiernan Catherine Thomas Kiernan Johanna Dwyer 1/10/1864 1/9/1864
Pendergast Mary Lawrence Flynn Catherine Patrick Geary Johanna Henckey? 10/8/1845
Pendergast Mary Lawrence Flynn Catherine John Whelan Mary Archer 9/18/1850
Phelan James James Connors Ellen James Neil Catherine Keiley 11/9/1843
Quirk Michael Michael Flynn Judith Maria Burke 1/28/1850
Quirk Mary Thomas Connors Mary Honora Flinn May 1858
Roche Joseph/John Francis Connors Mary Thomas Copely ? Condon 2/3/1854
Ryan Robert John Connors Mary John Bestan? Mary Connel 8/16/1840
Ryan Mary Patrick Connors Ellen Canaroonan? Michael Ryan Catherine Connors 7/16/1866 6/12/1866
Shanahan John Edmond Flynn Mary Patrick Shanahan Johanna Shanahan 9/29/1840
Shanahan Peter Edmund Flynn Mary John Hally Bridget Burke 9/14/1845
Shanahan James Edmund Flynn Mary   John Lonergan Mary Rowen 7/7/1851
Shea Ann Michael Connors Margaret John Hally Catherine Connors 6/6/1844
Shea Robert Michael Connors Mary John Flynn Margaret Haskel? 1/12/1846
Shea Maurice Michael Connors Johanna Andrew Daniel Margaret Ryan 4/18/1848
Shea Denis William Connors Margaret Denis Shanahan Ellen Keogh Aug/Sep 1853
Sheedy James William Connors Margaret Emy? Talbert Bridget Burke 10/17/1847
Sheedy Patrick William Connors Margaret Ellen Connors 5/5/1850
Skehan Jeremiah Jeremiah Connors Ann Bridget Clancy 2/4/1851
Sullivan Mary Eugene Connors Bridget Michael Connors Mary Sullivan 3/3/1840
Sullivan Bridget Eugene Connors Bridget William Sullivan Mary Beaty? 4/5/1846
Sullivan Johanna Eugene Connors ? Johanna Bates 4/7/1843
Terry Honora Edward Connors Catherine Timothy Terry Mary Robinson 8/15/1858
Tierney Mary ?? Connors ?? Jeremiah Lewis Bridget Eagan 8or9/27/1846
Tierney John John Connors Ellen Ellen Purcell H? Lewis 3/8/1848
Tobin John David/Daniel Connors Margaret Julian Lonergan Ann Shaunessy 4/7/1844
Tobin Mary Ann David/Daniel Connors Margaret Bridget Fennessy 9/12/1854
Walsh Catherine David/Daniel Connors Margaret Jeremiah Ryan Ellen Lonergan 5/23/1846
Williamson K? Robert Flanagan Margaret George Egan Bridget Brien 10/21/1858



Above data was gathered October 2003 at the National Library of Ireland.  Film numbers Pos 2461 & Pos 2462  was used for St. Mary's Parish which covers Baptisms from 1790-1863 and Marriages 1790 to 1836.  However, I did not search all the years.  I searched 1840-1860 for Baptisms.  I wrote down all instances for the following surnames:  O'Connor/Connors, Flynn, Campbell, Flanagan.  It should be noted all first names were in Latin and at times hard to translate.  REMEMBER:  This data should be used as a reference or a clue in your family research.  Always, refer back to the document yourself when using as a source document.


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