Clonbullogue Civil Parish
 Clanwilliam Barony

Tipperary Poor Law Union

Surname Index by Surname

G=each occurrence in the Griffith's Valuation, 1851
T=only an occurrence in Tithe Applotmment Book (not counted), 1824

Surname GV Tithes
Alworth G
Baker G2 T
Barry G T
Begley T
Black G T
Body G T
Bohan G
Boran G
Bourke T
Boyce G2 T
Britt G T
Browne G4
Burke G
Burns G
Butler G4 T
Callaghan G
Carew G T
Carey G
Carthy G2 T
Casey G
Cavanagh G
Clark T
Cleary G T
Coghlan G
Coghlin G
Colman G
Connell G3 T
Connors G3
Corcoran G
Cormack T
Corrigan T
Costello G
Creagh G T
Cronin G
Crowe G2
Dalton G3
Daniel G4 T
Danton T
Darcy G
Dawson T
Darcy G
Dawson T
Devereux G
Dixon G
Dorin G2 T
Doyle G T
Dunn G T
Dwyer G6 T
Egan G
Enright G2 T
Farrell G
Finnane G T
Fogerty G
Gahan T
Glasheen G T
Goold G
Green G2 T
Halloran G
Handrihan G
Hanley G
Hanly G
Hannon G T
Harding G T
Hanley T
Harrigan G3
Hayes T
Heney T
Hennessy G T
Hickey G4 T
Hoare G
Hogan G4 T
Irwin G
Joice G
Kavanagh T
Keating G5 T
Keaty G
Kennedy G
Kerby G
Kiely G
Kingalty G
Kirby T
Leister G2
Lloyd G
Londergan G T
Long G4 T
Luby G
M'Carthy T
M'Crate G
M'Gann G
M'Namara G
Magan T
Maher G T
Maher G T
Meagher G7 T
Meehan G T
Merrick G
Mohoyde G
Moloney G
Moore G
Morrissey G3 T
Mulcahy T
Mullany G
Murnane T
Murphy G6 T
Neagle G2 T
Nugent G
O'Brien G4
O'Donnell G5
O'Neill G4 T
Peters G6
Pigott G2 T
Power G5 T
Proket   T
Quinn T
Quirk G3 T
Ryan G15 T
Sadlier T
Sampson G
Scanlan G T
Scott G
Slattery T
Smithwick G T
Strumble G
Tierney G2 T
Tobin G2 T
Tracy G
Tuchy G
Vincent G
Wall G
Walsh T
Wayland G
Woodlock G


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