Clonbeg Civil Parish
 Clanwilliam Barony

Tipperary Poor Law Union

Surname Index by Surname

G=each occurrence in the Griffith's Valuation, 1851
T=only an occurrence in Tithe Applotmment Book (not counted), 1825


Surname GV Tithes
Aairy G
Acheson G
Allen G
Anglim T
Barlow G T
Barron G
Barry G3 T
Berigan G3 T
Blackburn G4 T
Blake G
Bowes G
Breen G
Brennan G3 T
Brien T
Brintain G
Broderick G
Brogan T
Brown T
Brunock G
Brutan G T
Buckley G T
Burke G12 T
Burns G
Butler G3 T
Cagney G4 T
Callaghan G2 T
Cantwell G T
Carey G4 T
Carroboy G
Carroll G3 T
Carter G
Carthy G T
Casey G2
Cashin G
Clarke G
Cleary G4
Cloghasey G T
Cloghasy G T
Coffey G
Coghlan T
Coleman G4 T
Condon G10 T
Connell G2
Connergy? G3
Connery G
Connors G3 T
Conway G8 T
Cooke G T
Cooney G2
Corcoran T
Cormack G T
Corrigan T
Coxoran G
Crawford G
Cronin G7 T
Cunningham G3 T
Currivan T
Cushin G T
Cussin G T
Dalton G2 T
Daly G8 T
Darcy G4 T
Darmody G2 T
Dawson T
Doherty G
Donohoe G5 T
Donovan G6 T
Dowling G T
Duggan G
Dwyer G6 T
Earngey G
English T
Fahy G4 T
Fannin G
Farrell G
Ferns T
Fitzgerald G5 T
Flaherty G
Flynn G2 T
Fogarty G3 T
Fogarty G3 T
Foley G
Fogarty G3 T
Fogarty G3 T
Foley G
Foorty T
Fox G T
Fraher G T
Frewen G2 T
Frewin G10 T
Galaher G
Galway G
Geenane G2 T
Ginevan G2 T
Ginivon G T
Givens G10 T
Gorman G6 T
Grady G2 T
Green T
Guiry G
Halpenny T
Halpin G
Handrihan G
Hanlon G
Hanning T
Hannon G T
Hanrahan G3 T
Harney G4 T
Harty G
Hayden G
Hayes G4 T
Heffernan G7 T
Helan G T
Hennebry G T
Hennessy G9 T
Hereen G
Hickey G T
Hill G9 T
Hogan G2
Holmes G T
Holway G5 T
Holway G5 T
Hore G
Hughes G4 T
Hurley G4 T
Hurly G T
Hyde G2
Ivory G5 T
Kaine G2
Keane G
Kearney G2 T
Keating T
Kelly G5 T
Kenna T
Kennane G
Kennedy G7 T
Kenny T
Kent G T
Kielly G T
Kiely G8 T
Kilmartin G8 T
Kingalty G2
Kingsley T
Kinnane G2 T
Kirby G2 T
Laffin G
Landers G2 T
Lane T
Larkin G
Leary G2 T
Leonard G
Luby G
Luddy T
Lynch G T
Lyons G
M'Can T
M'Carthy G2
M'Grath G13 T
M'Guire G
Magner G4 T
Magrath G
Maher G2 T
Mahony G2 T
Mara G2 T
Massey G2 T
Moher G T
Mohide T
Moloney G2 T
Moroney G5 T
Mulcahy G T
Mullane G
Mullins G5 T
Murnane G
Murphy G3 T
Naughton G T
Neagle G2 T
Neill G T
Noonan G11 T
O'Brien G31 T
O'Donnell G5 T
O'Neill G5
O'Neille G
O'Rourke G2
Phennin G2
Power G T
Quain G T
Quane G T
Quillinan G
Quinlan G T
Quinn G T
Quirke G3 T
Reddy G
Reeves T
Renahan G2 T
Riggs G
Riordan G3 T
Ross G
Russell G4 T
Ryan G15 T
Sadlier T
Shanahan G
Shea G T
Sheehy G3 T
Sheil G T
Shiel G3 T
Slattery G6 T
Staunton G
Sullivan G3 T
Sweeny T
Tobin G2 T
Torpy G T
Tracy G
Walsh G11 T
Whelan G5
Whyte G
Wilkinson G2 T
Woods G
Wyse G



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