Clonbeg Civil Parish

Clanwilliam Barony
 Tipperary Poor Law Union

House Books

An often overlooked record, but one which really links researchers with the home of their ancestors, is the House Books. These House Books together with the Field Books and Tenure Books were the original notebooks recorded by the surveyors when compiling the Valuation of Ireland. They were accomplished between the Tithe Applotments and the Griffith's Valuation and recorded over a period of time.  In the House Books you will find the exact measurements of the house in question. The records, below, were transcribed from microfilms held at the National Archives of Ireland, Bishop Street, Dublin.  Like other handwritten records, such as the Tithe Applotments, these were hard to read at times, and one should not count my transcriptions as source documents but as a resource to search further because I may have made mistakes interpreting the name.  The books were kept over time and you will see in the comments that some names were crossed out at the recorded date.  This means, the person once rented the house and/or land, but was no long there.  Some notes indicate the head of household was replaced by the widow, which is good genealogical information.

Research Notes:  My main focus was in the area round Tipperary Town.  While I didn't have the time to transcribe all the surrounding civil parishes, this is a good representation of the area.  Also, I have transcribed only an index.  There is much more information on the original record, such as the size of the property, condition of the house, etc.

Film:  MFGS 46/07, #1419
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Incomplete, didn't have time to get all the townlands

Surname First Townland  Comments
Barlow James Moanour
Barry Thomas Corderry
Barry Patt Kilross Kate crossed out
Bergin Nicholas Moanour
Bergin Nicholas Moanour
Berigan James Corderry
Berigan Nicholas Moanour
Blackborne John Ballycrana
Blackborne Mathew Ballycrana
Blackborne Thomas Ballycrana crossed out
Blackburn Edmond Moorabbey
Blackburn Sarah Moorabbey Thomas crossed out
Breen Michael Ballycrana
Breen Johanna Kilross crossed out
Breen Denis Moorabbey crossed out
Brenan Thomas Ballycrehane
Brennan William Ballycrehane
Brien Daniel Ballynacourty
Broderick William Corderry
Browne Robert Lisvarrinane
Burke Thos Ballycrana
Burke William Ballycrana
Burke Patrick Ballynacourty
Burke Mary/James Knockballymaloogh
Burns James Kilross
Byron William Moorabbey crossed out
Callaghan Denis Ballycrehane
Cantwell John Ballycrehane
Cantwell Michael Lisvarrinane
Carey Elenor Kilross Thomas crossed out
Carey James Kilross
Carey John Kilross
Carey Michael Kilross
Carrol Julia Moorabbey
Carroll Michael Ballywire
Carroll James Kilross
Carroll David Knockballymaloogh crossed out
Carthy Thomas Knockballymaloogh
Carty John Moorabbey crossed out
Casey Timothy Kilross John crossed out
Casey John Moanour
Cleary Thomas Lisvarrinane
Clifford Catherine Corderry crossed out
Coffey Thomas Kilross
Coleman Daniel Lisvarrinane
Coleman Patrick Lisvarrinane
Colman Thomas Corderry crossed out
Condin Patrick Corderry
Condon James Corderry
Condon John Knockballymaloogh Kate crossed out
Condon Edward Lisvarrinane
Condon James Lisvarrinane
Conners James Corderry
Conners Patrick Corderry crossed out
Connery Daniel Ballywire
Connery Elizabeth Ballywire Michl crossed out
Connery John Ballywire
Connors John Corderry
Conway Margaret Lisvarrinane
Conway Thomas Lisvarrinane
Cooke Johanna Corderry
Corboy James Kilross
Crawford James Moorabbey
Creed Patrick Knockballymaloogh crossed out
Cunningham Ellen Ballycrana Thomas crossed out
Cunningham Thomas Ballycrana crossed out
Cunningham George Ballycrehane
Cunningham George Lisvarrinane
Cunningham James Moorabbey
Cushen Mary Ballycrana widow of William
Cushin William Ballycrehane
Cussen Edward Kilross crossed out
Cussen John Kilross
Dalton John Ballycrana
Dalton Thomas Corderry
Dalton William Lisvarrinane
Daly Cornelius Corderry
Daly James Corderry crossed out
Daly Edmond Knockballymaloogh
Darcy James Lisvarrinane
Darcy James Lisvarrinane
Darcy John Lisvarrinane
Darcy Mary Lisvarrinane
Darmody James Kilross
Darmody Thomas Kilross
Dawson, Revd John Massy Lisvarrinane
Devereaux Patrick Kilross
Doherty John Ballywire crossed out
Donohoe Michael Corderry
Donohoe Patrick Corderry
Donovan Patrick Lisvarrinane
Donovan Patrick Moorabbey
Donovan William Moorabbey
Dowling William Corderry
Downey Timothy/Anne Knockballymaloogh crossed out
Duggan Nicholas Kilross
Dwyer Edmond Corderry crossed out
Dwyer James Corderry crossed out
Dwyer Michael Kilross
Dwyer James Knockballymaloogh
Dwyer Michael Lisvarrinane
Dwyer Patrick Moanour crossed out
Earngey Richard Ballycrana
Enright Michael Corderry crossed out
Fahy Michael Ballycrana
Fahy Denis Corderry crossed out
Fahy Thomas Corderry
Fahy Denis Lisvarrinane
Fahy Michael Lisvarrinane
Fannin Mary Kilross orignally Kearney crossed out
Finnan Thomas Lisvarrinane
Finnell John Lisvarrinane
Fogarty Thomas Ballynacourty
Fogarty Timothy Corderry
Freory? Laurence Corderry
Fruin John Ballycrehane
Galway, Revd John Ballynacourty
Gibbons Thomas Ballynacourty
Gorman Nancy Ballywire
Gorman Mary Corderry
Gorman Michael Moorabbey
Grady Patrick Ballycrehane
Halloway Edmond Ballycrana crossed out
Hanlon Phillip Lisvarrinane
Hanrahan Edward Ballywire
Hanrahan William Knockballymaloogh crossed out
Harney D Corderry Thomas crossed out
Harney Daniel Corderry crossed out
Harney Edmond Corderry
Harney Michael Corderry
Harney William Corderry crossed out
Harney William Corderry
Harty Timothy Moorabbey
Hayes John Knockballymaloogh
Hayes Denis Lisvarrinane
Hayes Malachy Lisvarrinane
Hayes Johanna Moorabbey crossed out
Hayes John Moorabbey crossed out
Healy David Lisvarrinane
Heelan Robert Ballycrana
Heffernan Michael Corderry
Henessy Arthur Lisvarrinane
Henessy Laurence Lisvarrinane
Henessy Patrick Lisvarrinane
Henessy Timothy Lisvarrinane
Hill Edmond Kilross
Hill William Kilross
Hill/Hile Bartholomew Kilross
Hill/Hile William Kilross
Hogan Timothy Kilross
Holloway John Ballycrehane
Hore Maurice Corderry
Hurley Eleanor Ballynacourty
Hurley William Kilross crossed out
Hurley Hanora Moanour
Hyde Timothy Corderry
Hyde William Corderry
Ivory Laurence Lisvarrinane
Ivory Margaret Lisvarrinane
Ivory Philip Lisvarrinane
Ivory William Lisvarrinane
Kean James Lisvarrinane
Kearney Michael Kilross
Kearney Patrick Kilross
Kelly William Kilross
Kenna Edward Kilross
Kennane Daniel Ballycrana
Kennedy Michael Ballycrehane
Kerby Thomas Ballycrana
Kielly Jeremiah Corderry crossed out
Kiely Elizabeth Corderry crossed out
Kiely Patrick Corderry
Kiely Patrick Moorabbey
Kilmartin Eleanor Corderry crossed out
Kilmartin Timothy Corderry crossed out
Kilmartin Bridget Lisvarrinane
Kilmartin Bridget Lisvarrinane
Kinnane Patrick Moorabbey
Kirby Thomas Moanour crossed out
Kirby  Michael Moanour
Larkins Richard Corderry
Launders James Knockballymaloogh
Launders Thomas Knockballymaloogh
Leary Eleanor Ballynacourty
Leonard Henry Ballynacourty
Luby Peter Lisvarrinane
Lynch John Lisvarrinane
Lyons John Ballynacourty
Mahony Bernard Knockballymaloogh
Mara Cornelius Ballywire
Maroney Edmond Lisvarrinane
Massy, Esq John Bolton Ballywire
Maurnane Patrick Lisvarrinane
Maurnane Patrick Lisvarrinane
McCarthy Charles Kilross
McCarthy David Kilross
McCarthy Honoria Kilross crossed out
McCarthy Landy Lisvarrinane
McGlin William Kilross crossed out
McGrath Daniel Ballycrana
McGrath John Ballynacourty
McGrath Bridget Kilross Patrick crossed out
McGrath John Kilross
McGrath John Knockballymaloogh
McGrath Roger Knockballymaloogh
Moloney Barbara Knockballymaloogh
Moloney Timothy Knockballymaloogh
Molony Barbara Knockballymaloogh
Moroney Catherine Corderry James crossed out
Moroney Mary Corderry crossed out
Moroney Michael Corderry
Moroney Michael Corderry
Moroney Mathew Kilross
Moroney? Patrick Corderry crossed out
Muller John Lisvarrinane
Mullins Bridget Ballycrana
Mullins Edward Ballycrana
Mullins James Ballycrana
Mullins Margaret Ballycrana
Mullins Thomas Ballycrana
Murphy Bridget Ballycrana crossed out
Murphy Mary Ballycrana
Murray Thomaa Kilross crossed
Nagle Francis Lisvarrinane
Noonan Bridget Kilross Mathew crossed out
Noonan Denis Kilross
OBrien William Ballycrana
OBrien Matthew Ballycrehane
OBrien Catheirne Ballynacourty
OBrien James Ballywire
OBrien James Lisvarrinane
ODonnell Edmond Kilross
ONeill David Ballycrehane
ONeill John Kilross
ONeill Thomas Moorabbey
ORourke John Ballynacourty
Poore William Ballycrehane
Quain Michael Corderry
Quain William Moorabbey
Quillinan William Ballywire Patrick crossed out
Quinlan Patrick Ballywire
Quinn Ellen Kilross
Quirk Michl Moorabbey John crossed out
Quirk Patrick Moorabbey
Quirk William Moorabbey
Rahelly? David Corderry crossed out
Riggs Wm Moorabbey crossed out
Riordan Catherine Kilross John crossed out
Riordan Daniel Knockballymaloogh
Russell Ellen Kilross
Russell Thomas Kilross
Ryan Michael Ballycrehane
Ryan William Ballycrehane
Ryan Charles Ballynacourty
Ryan Denis Ballywire
Ryan John Ballywire
Ryan Patrick Ballywire
Ryan Emma Kilross
Ryan William Kilross crossed out
Ryan Andrew Lisvarrinane
Ryan Owen Lisvarrinane
Ryan Edmond Moorabbey crossed out
Ryan Michael Moorabbey crossed out
Ryan (Larry) Patrick Kilross
Ryan (Mat) Patrick Kilross
Sheehy Edmond Kilross
Sheehy Roger Kilross
Shiel Patrick Kilross
Slattery Mary Corderry James crossed out
Slattery Edward Kilross
Slattery John Kilross
Slattery Mary Kilross William crossed out
Slattery Edmond Moorabbey crossed out
Slattery (Thos) Mary Kilross
Staunton James Knockballymaloogh
Staunton James Moorabbey crossed out
Sullivan John Ballycrana
Sullivan Margaret Lisvarrinane
Sullivan Maurice Lisvarrinane
Sullivan Patrick Lisvarrinane
Tichner? Ths Corderry crossed out
Wallace David Corderry crossed out
Walsh Robert Kilross
Walsh Robert Kilross Crossed out
Walsh Thomas Kilross crossed out
Watson William Ballycrehane
Whelan James Ballycrana
Whelan John Ballycrana
Whelan Patrick Ballycrana crossed out
Wilkinson William Moanour
Wise Denis Lisvarrinane
Woods Margaret Kilross


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