Tithe Applotments

  Cloghprior Civil Parish 1825


  Borrisokane & Nenagh Poor Law Unions
     Lower Ormond Barony

Ordinance Survey Map #14
(Griffith's Valuation for Cloghprior)

Ordinance Survey Map #15
(Griffith's Valuation for Cloghprior)

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Research Notes:  The Clogherprior CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256585 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.


Surname First Townland
Atkinson Nancy Ashley Park
Atkinson  Thos Ashley Park
Atkinson, Esq George Ashley Park
Brien Thos Cloughprior
Brien Thos East Prospect
Burgess John Carney Woodlands
Burgess Manley Prior Park
Burns Geo  Carney Beg
Burns George Cloughprior
Burns James Carney Beg
Cain Michl Knockanacartan
Cain Michl Shananvollough
Carroll Michl East Prospect
Carty John West Prospect
Clark Thos Carney Beg
Clark Thos Carney Beg
Cleary James Carney Beg
Cleary James Carney Brack
Cleary James Carney Woodlands
Cleary John Carney Beg
Cleary John Carney Beg
Cleary John Carney Brack
Cleary Michl West Prospect
Cleary Patk Carney Beg
Cleary Patk Carney Beg
Cleary Willm Carney Woodlands
Cleberine? Esq Sam'l Springmount
Corboy John Carney Beg
Corboy Maur'ce Carney Beg
Costello John Carney Beg
Costello John Cloughprior
Costello M Carney Beg
Costello Michl Knockanacartan
Costello Patk Carney Beg
Coughlan Ed'd Knockanacartan
Dean widow Shananvollough
Delany widow West Prospect
Donavon John Knockanacartan
Donavon Michl Shananvollough
Donavon Patt Knockanacartan
Donavon Willm Shananvollough
Donohoe James Carney Brack
Dooley Thos Carney Beg
Dunne Ed'd Carney Beg
Dunne Michl West Prospect
Dwan Phill'p Prior Park
Dwyre John West Prospect
Falkins, Revd Richd East Prospect
Fitzgerald Michl West Prospect
Flannery John Ashley Park
Flannery Patt Ashley Park
Flannery Willm Ashley Park
French, Esq Arth'r Carney Beg
Frohen Willm East Prospect
Gaynon Ed'd Knockanacartan
Gleeson Danl Springmount
Gleeson John Carney Woodlands
Gleeson John Cloughprior
Gleeson Phill'p Ashley Park
Gobbins John Cloughprior
Hanahan Willm West Prospect
Hankshaw Willm Prior Park
Harty Willm Cloughprior
Haugh Darby Carney Beg
Haugh James West Prospect
Haugh Michl West Prospect
Haugh Morgan Prior Park
Haugh Patk Carney Woodlands
Haugh Tim Carney Woodlands
Heenan Den's Springmount
Hobbins Theady Knockanacartan
Hoctor Michl Carney Brack
Hogan Darby East Prospect
Hogan Den's Cloughprior
Hogan Den's Prior Park
Hogan James Prior Park
Hogan John Carney Beg
Hogan John Carney Woodlands
Hogan John Knockanacartan
Hogan Michl Ashley Park
Hogan Michl Shananvollough
Hogan Patk East Prospect
Hogan Patt Carney Woodlands
Hogan Patt Knockanacartan
Hogan Thos Knockanacartan
Hogan Thos Springmount
Horan Patk Cloughprior
Houlihan James Shananvollough
Houlihan Willm Knockanacartan
Hurr Stephen Cloughprior
Keef? Thos Cloughprior
Kelly Willm Ashley Park
Kenedy Willm East Prospect
Kenedy Willm West Prospect
Kenna Martin Ashley Park
Kennedy widow West Prospect
Lynch Char's West Prospect
Lynch Danl West Prospect
Mack Con. Prior Park
Mack P Carney Beg
Magahey Richd Carney Beg
McDaniels John Carney Beg
Meagher Den's Ashley Park
Meara J Carney Beg
Meara J Carney Beg
Meara John Cloughprior
Meara no name Prior Park
Meara Patk Springmount
Meara widow West Prospect
Murphy Patt Ashley Park
Murphy widow Ashley Park
Murphy Willm Ashley Park
Murray John Ashley Park
Nakely John Shananvollough
Palmer, Esq Thos Bunnadober
Phelan John Ashley Park
Quinlisk widow Springmount
Ralph widow Shananvollough
Ralph  John Cloughprior
Ralph? John Cloughprior
Reddon Patt Knockanacartan
Rothwill, Esq John Shananvollough
Ryal, Esq George Cloughprior
Scully Patk Prior Park
Scully Thos Knockanacartan
Smith Patk Cloughprior
Spain John Prior Park
Spain Willm West Prospect
Thompson John Carney Beg
Tierney Patk Prior Park
Trossey? John Springmount
Trossey? Michl Carney Beg
Trossey? Michl West Prospect
Trossey? Michl West Prospect
Waller, Esq George Prior Park
Walsh Den's Carney Beg
Walsh Den's Cloughprior
Walsh Martin Carney Beg
Walsh Willm Cloughprior
Whelan Ed'd Ashley Park
Whielanhan? Willm West Prospect
Whielanhan? Will'm West Prospect
Wild J Carney Beg
Wild James Cloughprior
Wild M Carney Beg
Wild Michl Cloughprior
Woodward, Esq Willm Cloughprior


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