Clogher Civil Parish
 Kilnamagh Lower Barony

Cashel Poor Law Union

Surname Index by Surname

G=each occurrence in the Griffith's Valuation, 1850
T=only an occurrence in Tithe Applotment Book (not counted), 1826

Surname GV Tithes
Armstrong G T
Barry G
Benson T
Blake G
Blanch G T
Boland T
Bourke G10 T
Boyle G
Breen G3
Brien G T
Britt G3
Bryan G2
Byrne G3 T
Cahill G
Carew T
Carey G4  
Carr G T
Carroll G2
Casey G T
Cashen G T
Cleary G
Cody G2 T
Collins T
Coman T
Commins G3
Commons G4 T
Condon G2 T
Connell G2
Connelly T
Connors T
Corbett G
Corcoran G5 T
Corbett G
Corcoran G5 T
Cormack G5
Costelloe G
Croagh G8 T
Crowne T
Cullagh G3 T
Cullen G2
Cummins G2
Davern G2
Devin G
Dillon G
Donnelly G
Donovan T
Doran G
Downey G
Duan G3 T
Dwyer G37 T
Egan G T
English G T
Fahey G T
Fahy G5 T
Farrell G
Feehan G
Ferincumb G
Flannery G
Flood G T
Fogarty G2
Fox G
Gauld G
Gilmartin T
Glasheen T
Gleeson G6 T
Gold T
Gooley G3
Gorman G
Griffin G3 T
Hallaran T
Hanly G
Harney G4 T
Hayes G3 T
Healy G
Hennessy G T
Hickey G4 T
Hill G T
Hogan G5 T
Jones G2 T
Keane G6
Kearney G2
Keeffe G3 T
Kelly G3 T
Kendy T
Kennall G
Kennedy G17 T
Kennelly G
Keogh G T
Lacy T
Lahy T
Lanty G
Long G2
Lyons G
McDonnell T
Magrath T
Maher G9
Mahony G
Malone G
Mara T
Martin G2
Meagher G3 T
Molloy G3
Moroney G T
Mullowney G
Mulloy T
Mulmichael G
Murnane G
Murry G T
Murphy G3 T
Neill G T
Noonan G
Norris G
Nugent G
Palmer G
Pennefather G3 T
Perkisn G
Purcell G2 T
Quin T
Quinlan G2 T
Quirk G2 T
Reilly G2 T
Riordan G
Ryall G2
Ryan G82 T
Shanahan G2 T
Sheehy G2 T
Short G
Somers G2 T
Stakelum G
Stapleton G4 T
Taylor G
Tyril T
Wade G3 T
Wallace G3
Walsh G2 T


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