Tithe Applotments

   Burgesbeg Civil Parish 1825


    Nenagh Poor Law Union
      Owney & Arra Barony



Ballyhisky Burges Bridge

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Research Notes:  The  Burgesbeg Civil Parish Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the Family History Library film #0256576 by Mike Stapleton.  At times the film and handwriting were hard to read and there may be some mistakes in the interpretation.  Therefore, one must not use this transcription as a source document.  One should check the film first, plus there is more information on the film having to do with the land and crops that were grown.
TRANSCRIPTION NOTES:  From Mike:  I back checked the name in the Burgessbeg Tithe Applotment for Ballyhogan listed as Nicholas Nevin (or KerinÉ) (was hard to read) with the rootsireland website and the name is Nicholas Kerin (wife Mary Fogarty).



Carrigatogher - Ryan
Michael Ryan
wid Dwyer
Tim Handly
Brien Toohey
Thomas Tobin, John Roughan & Mark Kenna
John Brunton
Thomas Quigley
Carrigatogher - Ryan (2nd Division)
Darby Ryan
Patt Ryan (widow)
Daniel Fogarty (Short)
Daniel Fogarty & John Hogan
Matt Hayes
John & Lawrence Ryan
Brien Toohey
John Lewis & Patt Kennedy
Daniel Fogarty
John Brien & partners
Mr. William Burr
Patt Kenna brothers & William Brien
John Hayes
John Hayes - Plantation
Malachy Quigley
Tim Magrath
George Finch - Esq.
Mr. Ryan & tenants
John Brien, Thomas Kennedy, William Hogan & Partners
William Brien, Mrs. Shanahan, John Lacy & Patt Carroll
John Hayes & John Malone
Nancy Brien
Patrick's Well (Patrickswell)
Michael Boyle
Patrick Kennedy
Tim Kennedy
Matt Kennedy
Denis Gleeson
James Hogan
Tim & Maurice Farrel
Michael Cuddy
James Kennedy
Michael Boyle
Michael Kennedy
Nicholas Nevin (Kerin?)
Thomas Hayes
James Kennedy & Michael Howard
Hugh Shearidan & Burke
William Malony
Patrick Dwyer & brothers
Mick Boyle
Michael Kennedy
Gurtmore (Gortmore)
Kennedy Brien
Patrick Mara
James Collins
widow Finn
Martin Brien
Mr. Meagher (land & bog)
Patt Clanchy
Jim & Wm Brien
John Hogan
Darby Mulcahy
Patt & Jo Collins
Patt Corcoran
Morty Gleeson
Mr. Meagher 
William Bonfield
John Bonfield
John Egan
William Bonfield
James Quinn
widow & James Guinane
Thomas Guinane
Bogh? Tumpane (Hugh?)
John Riordan
John Brien & Mrs. Kennedy
Daniel Meara
Patt Kennedy
John Hogan
Stephan Brien
Patrick Meagher
Bogh? Meagher
Maurice Molcroney & Ryan Grace
Matt Brien & partners
Conner & John Ryan
Darby Gleeson
Tim Brien (Smith)
Patt Brien (Denis)
James Brien (Smith)
wid Cusack
Thomas Boyle
Thomas Boyle - Jun
Patt Ryan (Tom)
Edm'd Ryan
Wm Molony
James Ryan
Michael Brien
wid Boyle
James Boyle
Darby Mulcahy
Patt Gleeson
wid Smith (Patt)
wid Brien (Terence)
John Ryan (Denis)
Thomas Ryan
Patt Grigan
Thomas Finn
John Hogan
Owen Guinane
Tim Donovan
Wm & Tady Brien
Connor Ryan
Mick Darcy
Mick Kennedy & brothers
Dan'l & Denis Hogan
Tady Woods
Dan'l & Jas Quin
Michael Cuddy
Tady Woods
Daniel Ryan
Patrick Brien
George Finch Esq.
George Wood
Joseph Neil
Dan'l Ryan
Dan'l Flynn 
Tim Brien
Michael Burke
James Ryan
Patt Ryan
Mount Sack (Mountsack)
Batt Ryan
Patt Ryan
Patt Purcell
Mick Purcell & partners
Mick Magrath
John Magrath
John Gleeson
Patt Ryan
John Ryan
Ballyhasky (Ballyhiskey)
James Molony & Michael Grace
Michael Grace
Matt Gleeson & (James) Stapleton
Morty Gleeson
Mrs? Kennedy
Thomas Neil
Patt Tracy
Michael Ryan
John Hurly
John Collins
Patt Sheedy
William Hogan
William Slattery
Garnett Grace
Denis Brien
Wm Bourke Esq.
Wm Finch Esq.
Patt Keiley
Phillip Quin
Mrs. Kennedy
Denis Brien, Tady Brien & Patt Brien (Hickey)
Thurfuine (Toorfune)
Michael Ryan
wid Hogan 
John Hogan
James Dwyer
Denis Cuddy, Daniel Fogarty & George Finch Esq.
Dan Fogarty
John Guinane & James Ward
James Brien
James Ward
Carrigatogher - Talbot Division
James Grace
John Hayes
John Comerford & brothers
John Comerford & brothers - lower farm
Thomas Brien
James Brodin (Broder?)
Denis Kennedy
Michael Kennedy
Peter Mason
Michael Howard & Brien
John & Tady Reidy
Thomas Scully
Martin Kennedy
Martin Hogan
Denis Handly
Patrick Hewitt
wid Hewitt
Tim Flynn
Rodger Gleeson
Matt Hayes
Patt Brien & partners
Con Brien
Con Brien - 2nd division
James Purcell
James Quin
Wm McLoughlin
Denis Hogan
Honora Grace
Christy Gleeson
Jerry Egan
Sam Talbot Esq.
Thompson Abbott Esq.
Denis Brien & sons & Mr. Abbott
Mr. John Brien, Martin Hogan, Michael Boyle, Denis Hogan, Michael Ryan & Mr. George Blair
Mr. John Brien
John Fogarty
Carrigatogher - Mr. Abbott Division
Michael Moilan
Michael Hogan
Michael Brien
James Brien
Matthew Brien
Patt Brien - Snr
John Brien
Con Brien
Patt Brien - Jun
Daniel Sheehy
Burgess (Burgesbeg)
Denis Gorman, Patt Hayes, Patt Boyle, Michael Gorman, Mick Ryan, Jas Cody, Thomas Magrath,
John Meara, Patt Meara, Bridget Molony & partners
John Guinane
Dynan & McNamara
Darby Darcy
Darby Ryan
Patt Broden (Broder?)
James Ryan
Michael Flannery
Martin Brien
Patt Flannery
Daniel Flannery
John Hogan
Patt Magrath
Patt Naughton
William Hogan
Daniel Hogan
Denis Brien
James Ward
William Hogan
Daniel Brien
George Powell
wid Henry Powell
Edmund Boyle
Jas & Owen Magrath
John Fenessy
Caleb Powell
Charles Brien
Patt Brien
William Hogan
Patrick Digan, Darby Ryan, Dan'l Mulcahy & Matthew Hayes
Burgess (Burgesbeg) - Garden Commonage
Daniel Hogan
Denis Brien
James Ward
Burgess (Burgesbeg) - Commonage, hill division
Denis Gorman & partners
Patt Dwan
Carrigatogher - Mr. Harding's Division
Mr. Philip Harding
John Harding
Natt Harding
Edmund Quigley
Denis Hogan - Sen
Peter Brien
wid Brien (Matt)
wid Redmond, Edmund Flinn, Brien Cooke & Stephen Swain
Denis Hogan - Sen
Matt Magrath
James Tobin
William Reidy
James Flannery
John Berkery
Natt Harding - 2nd Division
Dan'l Fogarty (Orchard)
Jas Brien & partners
Cornelius Whelan
Denis Quin
Michael Haley
John Roughan
Michael Kenna
Mr. Talbot & Morty Gleeson
wid Magrath
Anthony Dwyer
Patt Dwyer
William Dwyer
Larry Fitzpatrick
Mr. Patt Kennedy, Patt Brien, Mr. Abbott & partners
James Fogarty near Con Whelan
John Ryan
John Ryan - 2nd Division
Denis Spillane
Matthew Commons
Michael Berkery
Gurthkillane (Gortycullane)
James Ward
John Dwyer
Edmund Quigley
Stephen Hogan & son
Daniel Magrath
Patt Finn
Patt Murphy
Dan'l Molony
Daniel Fogarty
widow Cuddy
Dan'l Magrath

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