Bruis Civil Parish

Clanwilliam Barony
 Tipperary Poor Law Union

House Books

An often overlooked record, but one which really links researchers with the home of their ancestors, is the House Books. These House Books together with the Field Books and Tenure Books were the original notebooks recorded by the surveyors when compiling the Valuation of Ireland. They were accomplished between the Tithe Applotments and the Griffith's Valuation and recorded over a period of time.  In the House Books you will find the exact measurements of the house in question. The records, below, were transcribed from microfilms held at the National Archives of Ireland, Bishop Street, Dublin.  Like other handwritten records, such as the Tithe Applotments, these were hard to read at times, and one should not count my transcriptions as source documents but as a resource to search further because I may have made mistakes interpreting the name.  The books were kept over time and you will see in the comments that some names were crossed out at the recorded date.  This means, the person once rented the house and/or land, but was no long there.  Some notes indicate the head of household was replaced by the widow, which is good genealogical information.

Research Notes:  My main focus was in the area round Tipperary Town.  While I didn't have the time to transcribe all the surrounding civil parishes, this is a good representation of the area.  Also, I have transcribed only an index.  There is much more information on the original record, such as the size of the property, condition of the house, etc.

Film:  MSGS 46/047, #1417
Date:  revised August - September 1850

Index to Parish of Bruis
Rathkea pg 13
Ballinahow pg 17
Shronell pg 18
Toor pg 19
Killea pg 20
Ballnamrosoge pg 29
Larrinacliffe pg 21
Ardavillane pg 22
Ballynagleragh pg 25
Bruis pg 26
Shrough pg 27
Surname First Townland Comments
Ahern Jno Toor
Barlow Patrick Rathkea crossed out
Barlow James Shrough Jno crossed out
Barlow John Shrough James crossed out
Barlow Patrick Shrough crossed out
Barlow Patrick Shrough
Barlow, Junr Jno Shrough crossed out
Barry Marg Rathkea widow
Batters Denis Farranacliff
Bourke Daniel Ballynamrosoge Mathew crossed out
Bourke Tom Bruis crossed out
Bourke Michael Rathkea crossed out
Bourke William Rathkea crossed out
Bourke William Toor crossed out
Bourke (Wm) Edmond Rathkea William crossed out
Bourke, Junr Wm Rathkea Michael crossed out
Bourke, senior William Rathkea
Bourke, Senr Edmond Rathkea
Bourke, Senr William Rathkea
Brannick Edmond Ballynamrosoge crossed out
Breen? Owen Farranacliff crossed out
Brien Jno Rathkea
Brien Jno Shrough
Buckly Jno Ballynamrosoge Crossed out
Burke David Ardavullane
Burke Miles Bruis crossed out
Butler Kate Ballynamrosoge
Butler Timothy Ballynamrosoge
Butler William Ballynamrosoge
Carroll Mary Rathkea Derby crossed out
Carroll Timothy Rathkea Daniel crossed out
Carthy Michael Ballynagleragh crossed out
Carthy Thos Shrough
Carthy (tailor) Jno Ballynagleragh
Cavanagh Michl Ballynamrosoge crossed out
Clancy Margt Rathkea
Cleary David? Ballynagleragh crossed out
Cleary Hanora Rathkea
Coleman Michael Shrough
Collins Patrick Killea crossed out
Collins Patt Killea
Condon Jno Ballynamrosoge crossed out
Condon Wm Ballynamrosoge
Connell William Rathkea
Conway Denis Ballynahow crossed out
Conway Denis Ballynahow
Conway Hugh Ballynahow
Corcoran James Rathkea
Cormack Wm Ardavullane
Cormack Patrick Ballynamrosoge crossed out
Cormack Henry Bruis crossed out
Cormack Thoms Bruis crossed out
Cormack Thomas Rathkea crossed out
Cormack Patrick Toor
Cosgrave James Rathkea crossed out
Croagh Bridget Ardavullane
Croagh Edmd Ardavullane
Croagh Jno Ardavullane
Croagh Daniel Killea
Croagh Mary Rathkea
Daly Batt/Ball Ballynagleragh crossed out
Danaher Edmond Ballynamrosoge
Danaher Jno Ballynamrosoge crossed out
Danaher John Ballynamrosoge James crossed out
Danaher Jude Farranacliff
Danaher Kate Farranacliff crossed out
Danaher Thomas Farranacliff crossed out
Danaher Timothy Farranacliff crossed out
Danaher William Farranacliff
Delany James Ballynahow
Doherty Catherine Bruis
Doherty Catherine/Wm Bruis crossed out
Donohoe Timothy Ardavullane
Donohoe Edward Rathkea
Donovan Kate Farranacliff
Dowdal Jno Ballynamrosoge crossed out
Dowdal Patrick Ballynamrosoge crossed out
Dowdal Patt Ballynamrosoge
Dwyer Jno Ballynahow
Dwyer James Ballynamrosoge crossed out
Dwyer Jno Ballynamrosoge crossed out
Dwyer Michael Ballynamrosoge
Dwyer Wm Ballynamrosoge crossed out
Dwyer Jeremiah Bruis crossed out
Dwyer Michael Bruis
Dwyer Thomas Bruis
Dwyer Timothy Farranacliff
Dwyer Timothy Farranacliff Edward crossed out
Dwyer Timothy Farranacliff
Dwyer Jeremiah Killea
Dwyer Jno Rathkea
Dwyer, Esqr Thomas Bruis
Dywer James Ballynamrosoge Jno crossed out
Fahy Jno Shrough
Fahy Thomas Shrough
Fannin John Bruis
Fenlon Michael Ballynahow
Fennan Jno Ardavullane
Fennan Michael Ardavullane
Fennan Patrick Farranacliff
Fitzgerald Patrick Toor
Flanagan Jno Rathkea crossed out
Flanagan Thomas Rathkea crossed out
Flemming Patrick Rathkea crossed out
Flinn Edward Rathkea
Flinn Jno Rathkea
Flinn Margt Rathkea Patrick crossed out
Furlong Thomas Shrough
Gallaher Thomas Ballynamrosoge crossed out
Gibbons Mall? Ballynamrosoge crossed out
Gleeson John Ballynamrosoge Marcus crossed out
Greene Patrick Killea
Greene William Killea
Hannon James Ballynahow
Hayes Andrew Killea crossed out
Hayes Thomas Rathkea crossed out
Heeran Jno Rathkea
Heffernan Thomas Ardavullane
Heffernan Kate Killea crossed off
Heffernan Jno Rathkea crossed out
Heffernan Philip Rathkea
Heffernan Owen Shrough Jno crossed out
Helannow? Daniel Rathkea crossed out
Hennessy David Ardavullane crossed out
Hennessy Kate Ballynamrosoge crossed out
Hennessy David Shrough
Hennessy, widow Catherine Ballynamrosoge crossed out
Hennessy, widow Catherine Ballynamrosoge
Heslan Margaret Rathkea crossed out
Hickey Daniel Ardavullane crossed out
Hickey Jno Ardavullane crossed out
Hickey Thomas Ardavullane crossed out
Hickey Ball Rathkea crossed out
Hogan Daniel Ardavullane
Hourigan William Farranacliff
Hourigan William Farranacliff
Kearing? Michael Ballynamrosoge crossed out
Kearns? James Bruis crossed out
Keily Jno Farranacliff
Kennane Dan Rathkea crossed out
Kenny James Bruis
Kenny Michl Bruis
Kenny Edward Rathkea
Kenny James Rathkea
Keough Denis Rathkea
Kiely Darby Killea Philip crossed out
Kiely Jno Killea
Kiely Patt Shrough
Lahy Edmond Rathkea crossed out
Lahy James Rathkea
Lahy (Thomas) Kate Rathkea crossed out
Lewis William Ballynahow
Looby Laurence Ardavullane
Lowe, Esqr Simon Ballynamrosoge
Luby Thomas Ardavullane crossed out
Luby James Shronell Jno crossed out
Luby William Shronell
Mahony Michael Ardavullane
McCarthy Thoms Ballynagleragh
McClure Edmond Shrough
McGrath Jno Ardavullane
Mirick Mary Bruis James? crossed out
Molony Michael Ballynahow
Morgan Kate Rathkea crossed out
Morgan Patrick Rathkea
Morony Patrick Ardavullane
Mulcahy Jno Killea
Mulcahy Thomas Rathkea
Mulcahy Daniel Shrough
Mulcahy Hugh Shrough
Mulcahy Thos Toor
Murnane Patt Toor crossed out
Murphy Jno Rathkea
Neill Thoms Ardavullane
Noonan Patrick Shrough
Nunan Michael Ardavullane
OBrien William Ballynamrosoge crossed out
OBrien William Bruis
ODonnell Jno Toor
ONeill Edmd Ballynamrosoge
ONiell Edmd Ardavullane crossed out
Power Edmond Ardavullane
Power Patrick Ardavullane
Power Jno Ballynamrosoge
Power Jno Ballynamrosoge William crossed out
Power Nick Ballynamrosoge crossed out
Power Richd Ballynamrosoge crossed out
Power Patrick Shrough crossed out
Power Patrick Shrough Mulcahy crossed out
Power Patrick Shrough
Powers Patrick Ardavullane
Quinlan Roger Ballynagleragh
Quinlan Thomas Ballynagleragh
Quirk Laurence Ballynamrosoge crossed out
Quirk Patrick Ballynamrosoge
Russell James Ballynagleragh crossed out
Russell Patrick Ballynagleragh crossed out
Russell Patt Ballynamrosoge William crossed out
Ryan Darby Ardavullane
Ryan Mary Farranacliff Michael crossed out
Ryan Jno Rathkea crossed out
Ryan Jno Rathkea
Ryan Pat Rathkea crossed out
Ryan Richard Rathkea crossed out
Ryan Thomas Rathkea crossed out
Ryan John Shrough James crossed out
Sadler, Esqr Clem Ballynagleragh
Sampson Thomas Toor
Sheedy Jno Rathkea crossed out
Slattery James Toor crossed out
Taylor Richard Ballynamrosoge
Tobin John Shrough James & David/Daniel crossed out
Treahy James Ballynamrosoge
Trigg/Frigg? William Ballynahow crossed out
Wall, Rev Garret Farranacliff
Walsh Jno Killea crossed off
Walsh Edmond Rathkea
Walsh John Rathkea Patrick crossed out
Walsh Jude Rathkea
Weyland William Shrough crossed out
Whelan James Rathkea
Woods Jno Rathkea crossed out


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