Tithe Applotments

  Ballysheehan Civil Parish 1827


  Cashel Poor Law Union
     Middlethird Barony

Ballytarsna Rothclogh North

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Research Notes:  The Ballysheehan CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the FHL film #0256574 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.


Surname First Townland
Adams James Raheen
Adams James Raheen
Anthony William Gurrane
Barry J.H.S. Ballinree
Beaghan James Aughnacommane
Bergin Thomas Ballinree
Bergin, jun Thomas Ballyherberry
Bergin, sen Thomas Ballyherberry
Berrane William Dually
Bourke Edward Rathclogh
Bourke John Peake
Bourke Thomas Aughnacommane
Bourke Michael Ballinree
Bourke widow Ballinree
Bourke widow Ballinree
Bourke Edmond Ballinree
Breen Denis Kilballyherberry
Breen Denis Ballytarsnahacket
Breen Denis Ballinree
Breen James Ballinree
Brennan Patrick Peake
Brien James Gurrane
Brien Patrick Rathclogh
Brien widow Ballysheenan
Brophy Nich? Ballinree
buckley William Farnavorra
Bulfin Patrick Gurrane
Butler John Ballyherberry
Butler Patrick Aughnacommane
Butler James Ballinree
Butler Rich'd Ballysheenan
Butler (Castle) John Gurrane
Butler (Pashean?) John Gurrane
Byrne Lawrence Aughnacommane
Cahill James Ballytarsnahacket
Carew Thomas Gurrane
Carew Patrick Gurrane
Carew Darby Minchins Ballyherberry
Carew Thomas Ballinree
Carrol William Gurrane
Carrol Thos Ballyherberry
Carrol Mick Ballyherberry
Cleary Michael Newpark
Cleary John Aughnacommane
Cleary Darby Aughnacommane
Cody Richard Dually
Coffey Michael Ballyherberry
Coffey Edmond Farnavorra
Coleman Patrick Gurrane
Connell Philip Kilballyherberry
Connell William Ballinree
Connors Patrick Farnavorra
Connors John Farnavorra
Connors Michael Farnavorra
Connors Thomas Aughnacommane
Connors widow Aughnacommane
Connors Thomas Ballytarsnahacket
Connors widow Ballinree
Corbett widow Farnavorra
Cormack Mick Rathclogh
Cormack Nicholas Peake
Cormack James Peake
Cormick Thomas Ballinree
Croagh Edmond Dually
Crowe Richard Newpark
Crowley John Peake
Crowley Mick Peake
Cullen Walter Aughnacommane
Cullen John Ballinree
Cullen Patrick Ballinree
Cunningham Patrick Gurrane
Cunningham Daniel Gurrane
Cunningham William Kilballyherberry
Dalton William Farnavorra
Daniel Michael Gurrane
Daniel John Gurrane
Daniel Daniel Dually
Daniel Edmond Aughnacommane
Daniel Michael Aughnacommane
Daniel widow Ballytarsnahacket
Dolan Bernard Peake
Donnelly Richard Aughnacommane
Donnelly James Aughnacommane
Donohue Michael Dually
Doran Michael Peake
Doran Lawrence Peake
Duane John Aughnacommane
Duggan James Aughnacommane
Duggan Denis Aughnacommane
Duggan Patrick Aughnacommane
Duggan James Ballinree
Dunn Patrick Kilballyherberry
Dunn William Kilballyherberry
Dunn John's widow Ballytarsnahacket
Dunn William Ballinree
Dunn Andrew Ballysheenan
Dwyer Patrick Rathclogh
Dwyer Patrick Rathclogh
Dwyer William Rathclogh
Dwyer Michael Farnavorra
Dwyer William Aughnacommane
Dwyer John & bro Ballytarsnahacket
Dwyer James Ballytarsnahacket
Dwyer Martin Ballytarsnahacket
Dwyer Edmond Ballytarsnahacket
Dwyer Daniel Ballinree
Dwyer John Ballinree
Dwyer (lame) Thomas Ballytarsnahacket
Farrel Patrick Ballytarsnahacket
Feehan John Ballyherberry
Feehan John Ballyherberry
Fennessy Edmond Ballytarsnahacket
Fitzpatrick Honora Kilballyherberry
Flanagan Thomas Farnavorra
Flanagan Lawrence Farnavorra
Flanagan Michael Farnavorra
Flanagan Timothy Peake
Flanagan Lawrence Ballysheenan
Flanagan, Revd Wm/Mr? Peake
Flanigan no first name Aughnacommane
Flannagan Michael Ballinree
Flannery Mathew Rathclogh
Flannigan John Minchins Ballyherberry
Gavan Patrick Kilballyherberry
Gilbert James Ballysheenan
Gleeson Mathew Ballytarsnahacket
Goloney Thomas Aughnacommane
Gough Hugh Synone
Gough, Sir Hugh Peake
Grace Pierce Aughnacommane
Grace Oliver Aughnacommane
Grace Richard Aughnacommane
Grace Michael Ballytarsnahacket
Grace William Ballytarsnahacket
Grace Pierce Ballytarsnahacket
Hackett Thomas Gurrane
Hackett Thomas Ballyherberry
Hackett Patrick Ballyherberry
Hackett John Ballyherberry
Hally Patrick Kilballyherberry
Hartigan Michael Farnavorra
Hasset no first name Aughnacommane
Hayde  James Ballinree
Hayden Thomas Gurrane
Hayden Thomas Gurrane
Hayden Thomas Gurrane
Hayden Patrick Kilballyherberry
Hayden Thomas Kilballyherberry
Hays Thomas Raheen
Heffernan Mick Rathclogh
Heffernan Patrick Rathclogh
Heffernan Thomas Farnavorra
Heffernan Denis Farnavorra
Heffernan John Ballinree
Heney William Farnavorra
Heney John Farnavorra
Heney James Farnavorra
Hill John Kilballyherberry
Hill Joseph Kilballyherberry
Hill Samual Newpark
Hinds John Ballytarsnahacket
Hogan Thomas Kilballyherberry
Howragan Daniel Peake
Jordan Avory Carhew
Kearney Michael Peake
Kearney Michael Ballysheenan
Keating widow Kilballyherberry
Keevane Thomas Gurrane
Keevane John Gurrane
Keevane Michael Kilballyherberry
Kelly John Ballyherberry
Kelly Cornelius Newpark
Kennedy John Kilballyherberry
Kennedy Nicholas Rathclogh
Kennedy Thomas Newpark
Kennedy James Ballinree
Kennedy Andrew Ballysheenan
Kennedy Thos Ballysheenan
Kennedy Thomas Ballysheenan
Kerivans Joseph Aughnacommane
Kerivans Wm  Aughnacommane
Kerwick John Gurrane
Kerwick Andrew Raheen
Kerwick James Aughnacommane
Kerwick Patrick Aughnacommane
Kerwick Thomas Aughnacommane
Kerwick James Aughnacommane
Kerwick Thos Ballytarsnahacket
Kerwick Edmond Ballytarsnahacket
Kerwick widow Ballytarsnahacket
Kerwick James Ballytarsnahacket
Kickam Thomas Ballysheenan
Kleyne? Thomas Peake
Lahey John Aughnacommane
Lahy Micheal Kilballyherberry
Large Thomas Ballinree
Larry? Michael Ballinree
Latham, Esq Oliver Kilballyherberry
Latham, Esq Oliver Dually
Leacy John Peake
Leahy William Peake
Loney widow Aughnacommane
Long Patrick Aughnacommane
Looby no first name Aughnacommane
Looby Michael Ballytarsnahacket
Looby John Ballytarsnahacket
Loughlin John Gurrane
Loughlin Michael Ballysheenan
Loughnane Andrew Kilballyherberry
Lowry Thomas Ballytarsnahacket
Magrath Patrick Farnavorra
Magrath Michael Peake
Magrath Lawrence Ballytarsnahacket
Magrath William Ballysheenan
Maguire Lawrence Aughnacommane
Maher widow Gurrane
Maher James Kilballyherberry
Maher Darby Peake
Maher Daniel Peake
Maher James Ballytarsnahacket
Maher James Ballytarsnahacket
Maher William Ballytarsnahacket
Maher John Ballytarsnahacket
Maher Denis Ballytarsnahacket
Maher Thomas Ballytarsnahacket
Maher Michael Ballinree
Maher Denis Ballinree
Maher James Ballinree
Maher (Grace) Denis Ballytarsnahacket
Maher (Hill) Thomas Ballytarsnahacket
Maher (Magrath) James Ballytarsnahacket
Mansergh Mrs? Peake
Mansergh Mrs Ballysheenan
Mara Patrick Gurrane
Mara Thomas Gurrane
Mara Thomas Gurrane
Mara Patrick Gurrane
Mara John Rathclogh
Mara John Newpark
Mara Mary Farnavorra
Marnel James Ballinree
Max, Esq John Ballytarsnahacket
McEvoy John Kilballyherberry
Millet, Esq James Kilballyherberry
Mills John Peake
Mills John Ballinree
Mills Joseph Ballysheenan
Minchin Mrs Minchins Ballyherberry
Moleemby John Ballysheenan
Molloy John Aughnacommane
Morrissey Michael Castle quarter
Morrissey Michael Aughnacommane
Morrissey Edmond Aughnacommane
Morrissey no first name Aughnacommane
Mulcahy John Farnavorra
Murray Patrick Ballytarsnahacket
Myres Patrick Peake
Naughten Patrick Ballytarsnahacket
Pendergast Edmond Kilballyherberry
Pennefather Richd Ballyowen
Pennefather, Esq Richard Newpark
Pennefather, Esq William Carhew
Power Patrick Ballinree
Price, Esq Thomas Ballinree
Prices, Esq Thos Ballyherberry
Quinlan William Newpark
Quinlan John Ballysheenan
Quirk Patrick Kilballyherberry
Quishion Patrick Rathclogh
Quishion Philip Ballytarsnahacket
Quishion  Patrick Rathclogh
Ronayne, Esq Dominic Ballyheens
Ryall George Raheen
Ryall Henry Ballysheenan
Ryan Patrick Kilballyherberry
Ryan Michael Kilballyherberry
Ryan John Ballyherberry
Ryan William Ballyherberry
Ryan Thomas Ballyherberry
Ryan Rody Farnavorra
Ryan Timothy Farnavorra
Ryan widow Peake
Ryan Darby Peake
Ryan Denis Peake
Ryan Denis Ballytarsnahacket
Ryan widow Ballinree
Ryan Wm & widow Ballinree
Scanlan Patrick Aughnacommane
Scanlan William Aughnacommane
Scanlan Thomas Aughnacommane
Scanlon John Farnavorra
Scanlon Lawrence Farnavorra
Scully, Esq William Dually
Scully, Esq William Newpark
Sexton Robert Kilballyherberry
Sexton James Kilballyherberry
Sexton James Ballyherberry
Sharky John Dually
Shaw John Aughnacommane
Shaw (George) John Aughnacommane
Shaw (Thomas) John Aughnacommane
Shea John Peake
Skehen James Rathclogh
Slattery, Revd Mr? Farnavorra
Slattery, Revd widow Farnavorra
Slattery, Revd Mr/Wm? Peake
Snigs? Joseph Peake
Stack William Peake
Sullivan Timothy Ballyherberry
Sweeney John Ballyherberry
Thornhill Philip Ballyheens
Thornton Philip Ballytarsnahacket
Tobin James Gurrane
Tobin James Kilballyherberry
Turney Michael Farnavorra
Wall Andrew Ballinree
Walls Charles Wm Gurrane
Walsh Thomas Gurrane
Walsh Thomas Gurrane
Walsh Thomas Gurrane
Walsh William Gurrane
Walsh William Gurrane
Walsh Thomas Gurrane
Walsh James Dually
Walsh Laurence Dually


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