Ballysheehan Civil Parish
 Middlethird Barony

Cashel Poor Law Union

Surname Index by Surname

G=each occurrence in the Griffith's Valuation, 1850
T=only an occurrence in Tithe Applotment Book (not counted), 1827

Surname GV Tithes
Adams G2 T
Allen T
Anthony T
Barry G T
Barton G
Behan G T
Berane G T
Berigan G T
Bevane G
Bourke G T
Breen G5 T
Brennan T
Brien T
Brinly G
Brophy T
Bryan G2 T
Buckley T
Bulfin T
Burke G3 T
Burns G3
Butler G7 T
Byrne T
Cahill G T
Caldwell G
Callaghan G
Carey G
Carew T
Carney G
Carroll G2 T
Casey G
Charter G
Cleary G T
Cody T
Coffey T
Coleman G
Commons G
Connell G3 T
Connor G5 T
Corbett T
Cormack T
Croagh G2 T
Cross G2
Crowe T
Crowley T
Cullen G3 T
Cunningham G5 T
Curwin G
Cusheen G
Cushen G
Dalton T
Daniel T
Deehy G
Delany G
Dolan T
Donnell G5
Donnelly G12 T
Donohue T
Doogan G4 T
Doran G T
Downes G
Duane T
Duggan T
Dunne G6 T
Dunphy G
Dwyer G19 T
English G
Fahey G
Fannin G
Farrell G2 T
Feehan G T
Fennessy G T
Fitzgerald G3
Fitzpatrick T
Flanagan G7 T
Flannery T
Flood G2
Gatchell G
Gavin T
Gilbert G T
Gilmartin G
Glasheen G
Gleeson G6 T
Gooney G3 T
Gorman G3
Gough T
Grace G3 T
Grady G2 T
Griffiths G
Guinan G
Hackett G7 T
Hally T
Hannigan T
Harrington G
Hartigan T
Hasset G2 T
Hayde G T
Hayden T
Hayes G4 T
Heany G T
Heffernan G3 T
Hill G T
Hindy G
Hogan G2 T
Hourigan G
Hynes T
Inig G
Jacob G
Jordan T
Kearney T
Keating T
Keeffe G
Keevan G2 T
Kelly G2 T
Kennedy G6 T
Keogh G
Kerrick G
Kerwick G5 T
Kickam T
Kirwan G6 T
Lahey G T
Lane G
Large T
Larry T
Latham T
Lawler G
Leasy G
Lodge G
Lonergan G4
Long T
Looby T
Looley G2
Loney T
Loughlin G3 T
Loughnane G T
Lowry G T
Lundrigan G
Luby G
Lyons G
M'Evoy G T
M'Grath G3 T
Maguire T
Maher G13 T
Mahony G2
Mansergh T
Mara G T
Marnel T
Martin G3
Max G T
Millet T
Mills T
Minchin G2 T
Mockler G2
Moleemby T
Molloy T
Moloughna G
Morrissey G3 T
Moyers G
Mulcahy T
Mulrooney G
Murray T
Myres T
Naughten T
O'Connor G
Penefather G T
Prendergast G T
Price G2 T
Pround G
Quinlan G4 T
Quirke G2 T
Quishion T
Ronayne T
Russell G2
Ryall G3 T
Ryan G17 T
Scanlan G4 T
Scally G
Scully T
Sexton G3 T
Sharky T
Shaw G T
Shea G T
Sheppard G
Shortall G
Skeahan G T
Slattery T
Snigs T
Stack G2 T
Sullivan G4 T
Sweeny G T
Tierney T
Tinnen G
Thornill T
Thornton G8 T
Tobin G4 T
Turner G
Tyne G
Wall G T
Walsh G5 T
Whittaker G


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