Tithe Applotments

  Ballybacon Civil Parish 1827


  Clogheen Poor Law Union
     Iffa & Offa West Barony

Ardfinnan Town Kilmaneen

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Research Notes:  The Ballybacon CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256570 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.


Surname First Townland
Ahearne Mary Gurthacullien
Ahearne Edwd Kildonogue
Ahearne John Kildonogue
Ahearne David Kildonogue
Ahearne James Kildonogue
Ahearne (jr) John Kildonogue
Ahern Michal Garryduff
Allen William Grague
Allen John Grague
Armstrong, Revd Mr Knockballiniry
Auglem Michale Gormanstown
Auglem Ally (widow) Grague
Auglem Catherine (w) Kilballygorman
Baggot (jr) Mr? Francis Kilballygorman
Baggot (senr) Mr? Francis Kilballygorman
Barret Edm'd Tulla
Beston Dennis Ballyhist
Bouders James Kilballygorman
Bouders Patck Kildonogue
Brien Kenedy Frehans
Brien William Grague
Brien Michale Grague
Brien Wm Gurthacullien
Brien John Gurthacullien
Brien Edmd Gurthacullien
Brien Patrick Gurthacullien
Brien Wm Munroe
Brien Patck Poulatar
Bruders James Munroe
Burke Mr? A. Kilballygorman
Burke David Kilballygorman
Burke Roger Kildonogue
Burke Jeffry Kildonogue
Burke Will'm Kildonogue
Burke Patk Kildonogue
Burke Edwd Kildonogue
Burke Wm Kildonogue
Burke Jeffry Kildonogue
Burke Roger Kildonogue
Burn Dennis Kilardamy
Butler Mr? Jno? Ballyhist
Butler Thoms Kilballygorman
Butler Thomas Kilballygorman
Butler Thom's Munroe
Butler  Mary (w) Grague
Butler, Esq Jas Ballyvery
Butler, Esq James Munroe
Cahill Maurice Ballyhist
Cahill Patrick Garryroe
Cahill Wm Garryroe
Cahill Maurice Garryroe
Cahill John Kilballygorman
Carigan John Knockballiniry
Carigan Mary (w) Lisheenpoor
Carigan Andrew? Lisheenpoor
Carrigan John Lodge
Carrigan Ambros? Lodge
Ceasey Patrick Kilballygorman
Ceasey Thos Kilballygorman
Clary Patck Knockballiniry
Cleary John Garryroe
Cleary Michal Glebe
Cleary Thomas Grague
Cleary James Kilballygorman
Clutterbuck, Esq Thomas Gurthacullien
Clutterbuck, Esq Thoms Kilgregey
Cody Morris Gurthacullien
Cody Wm Gurthacullien
Cody Wm Gurthacullien
Cody Morris Gurthacullien
Cody Morris Kilgregey
Coffy Darby Ballyhist
Conary William Garryduff
Conary James Munroe
Condon John Corrough
Condon Michal Corrough
Condon Edwd Corrough
Condon Michl Corrough
Condon Patrick Crotta
Condon Edmd Crotta
Condon Robt Crotta
Condon Thomas Kildonogue
Condon Patck Kilmaneene
Condon Morris Poulatar
Condon James Tulla
Connors John Kilballygorman
Connors Cathrine Lady Abbey
Conway Thomas Kilmaneene
Corbett Michal Gormanstown
Corigan Maur'ce Lodge
Coughlan Darby Frehans
Courick Patrick Kildonogue
Courick Patrick Kildonogue
Crokes Phillip Kilballygorman
Cunneen John Garryroe
Daniel Thoms Ballyvery
Daniel Edwd Corrough
Daniel Patrick Corrough
Daniel Michal Garryduff
Daniel Norry Grague
Daniel Rich'd Kilmaneene
Daniel John Munroe
Daniel Jam's Munroe
Daniel Jas Raheen
Denlay Patrick Grague
Denlay David Gurthacullien
Devereau James Kilardamy
Devereux James Gormanstown
Devereux John Gormanstown
Devereux Jam's Munroe
Don--? Laurence Poulatar
Donohue Jas Grague
Donohue Jas Grague
Donohue Patck Raheen
Donohue John Raheen
Doody John Corrough
Dooling John Corrough
Dooling Patck Corrough
Dooling John Knockballiniry
Dooling Thomas Knockballiniry
Dorony (Wd) Mary Ballyvery
Duane Laurence Grague
Duggan Jams Frehans
Dumphy Michl Carhue
Dunn Laurence Kilgregey
Dwyer Thomas Garryduff
Dwyer Thomas Grague
Dwyer Edmd Gurthacullien
Eagan Thomas Garryduff
English Phillip Gormanstown
Everard Wm/Mr? Thos. Lisheenanoul
Farrel James Grague
Fennessy Richd Ballyvery
Fennessy Michael Ballyvery
Fennessy Edwd Ballyvery
Fennessy Thomas Kilardamy
Fitzgerald   John Garryduff
Fitzgerald, Major Thos Corrough
Fitzpatrick Dennis Ballyvery
Fitzpatrick James Kilmaneene
Fitzpatrick Wm Kilmaneene
Fitzpatrick Dennis Lisheenpoor
Fitzpatrick Dennis Lodge
Fitzpatrick Edm'd Poulatar
Fleming Patck Munroe
Fling Phillip Corrough
Fling Mary (widow) Corrough
Fling Willm Grague
Fling Edwd Kilballygorman
Fogarty Michale Kilballygorman
Fogarty (widow) Munroe
Fox Michal Kilballygorman
Fox Michal Kilardamy
Fox James Lisheenanoul
Fox Michal Munroe
Gallovan John Munroe
Glendall Earl Grague
Gorman Maurice Carhue
Gorman David Kilardamy
Gorman Edmd Lisheenanoul
Gorman Edm'd Munroe
Gorman Dav'd Munroe
Griffin James Lady Abbey
Griffin Jam's Munroe
Halfpenney Norry Kilballygorman
Hally Patck Corrough
Hally John Gurthacullien
Hally Patck Knockballiniry
Hanrahan Edmd Kilardamy
Heelan  Rich'd Gurthacullien
Heelan/Keelan William Glebe
Heffernan Cornelius Kildonogue
Heffernan Morty Kilmaneene
Heffernan Wd Kilmaneene
Hennessy David Grague
Hennessy Thomas Grague
Hennessy David Gurthacullien
Hennessy Jas Gurthacullien
Hennessy Dav'd Kildonogue
Hickey Thomas Corrough
Hickey Daniel Munroe
Hickey Daniel Tulla
Hogan John Garryduff
Hogan Patck Poulatar
Hughes Robt Kilballygorman
Hurley Martin Lisheenpoor
Keating Wm Ballyvery
Keating Michale Gormanstown
Keating James Kilballygorman
Keating Michal Lisheenanoul
Keating Rich'd Lisheenanoul
Keating James Poulatar
Keefe no first name Frehans
Keefe Willm Gormanstown
Keefe Patrick Gormanstown
Keefe Michael Garryduff
Kenedy Norry   Grague
Kenedy Simon Grague
Kiley John Gurthacullien
Kiley Patck Lisheenanoul
Lahy Patck Gurthacullien
Lahy Patrick Gurthacullien
Landy Wm Lisheenpoor
Landy Michl Lisheenpoor
Langley, Capn H or A Kildonogue
Leary Edmond Corrough
Leary Timothy Frehans
Leonard James Poulatar
Lewis Joseph Corrough
Lewis John Corrough
Lewis Thomas Corrough
Lewis Patrick Corrough
Lewis Joseph Corrough
Linahan John Poulatar
Linch Mary (w) Gormanstown
Linch Pierce Gormanstown
Lismore, Lord Viscount Gurthacullien
Lonergan Paul Ballyvery
Lonergan Joseph Corrough
Lonergan John Corrough
Lonergan James Corrough
Lonergan Edwd Corrough
Lonergan Daniel Corrough
Lonergan James Corrough
Lonergan Edmond Corrough
Lonergan James Garryroe
Lonergan Maurice Garryroe
Lonergan Patrick Gormanstown
Lonergan John Gormanstown
Lonergan David Gurthacullien
Lonergan Rich'd Gurthacullien
Lonergan Patck Gurthacullien
Lonergan Laurence Gurthacullien
Lonergan John Gurthacullien
Lonergan David Gurthacullien
Lonergan Richard Gurthacullien
Lonergan David Kilgregey
Lonergan Rich'd Kilgregey
Lonergan Thomas Lisheenpoor
Lonergan Den's Tulla
Lonergan John Tulla
Lonergan Thomas Tulla
Lonergan (w) Tulla
Looby Edmd Kildonogue
Looby Michal Kildonogue
Looby John Knockballiniry
Looby John Tulla
Loughnan Mary (w) Corrough
Lyons Jeramiah Knockballiniry
Madden Michl Lisheenpoor
Maddock Will'm Kilgregey
Maloney Michale Kildonogue
Maloney Thomas Lisheenpoor
Mandaville Thomas Corrough
Mandaville Thomas Corrough
Mandaville Edmd Kilgregey
Mandaville Thomas Kildonogue
Mandaville Thomas Knockballiniry
Mandaville John Poulatar
Mandaville Thomas Poulatar
Mason Thoms Ballyvery
Mason Jams Ballyvery
Mason George Gormanstown
Mason (widow) Gormanstown
Mason Jno Gormanstown
Mason Edm'd Raheen
Mason John Raheen
McCann Edwd Corrough
McCann Patk Lodge
McCann Edwd Lodge
McCann Wm Poulatar
McCann Edm'd Poulatar
McGrath James Corrough
McGrath Thos Grague
McGrath John Kilballygorman
McGrath John Munroe
Meagher Patrick Frehans
Meagher Patk Kilballygorman
Meehan Edwd Corrough
Meehan Edmd Grague
Meehan Morris Kildonogue
Meehan James Kildonogue
Meehan Jr. James Kildonogue
Meskel Patrick Frehans
MGrath John Grague
MGrath Cath'ne Grague
Miles James Grague
Miles Wm Grague
Miles James Grague
Moloney Mathew Garryroe
Morressey Patck Ballyvery
Morressey Thomas Corrough
Morressey Wm Carhue
Morressy Patck Grague
Morressy John Knockballiniry
Morressy Thomas Lodge
Morressy Thomas Lodge
Morressy Patck Lodge
Mulcahy Darby Frehans
Mulcahy James Grague
Mulcahy Patck Grague
Mulenhy? Michl Corrough
Mulvey Thomas Kildonogue
Mulvey Thomas Kildonogue
Mulvey Wm Munroe
Mulvy William Glebe
Murphy Edmd Gormanstown
Murphy Michale Gormanstown
Murphy Thomas Gormanstown
Murphy David Gormanstown
Murphy Thomas Garryduff
Murphy David Gurthacullien
Murphy Patck Kilballygorman
Murphy Laurence Kilballygorman
Murphy Thomas Kilballygorman
Murphy Thomas Kilgregey
Murphy Edwd Kilgregey
Murphy Thos Tulla
Murry Wm Kilballygorman
Nash Mary Kilballygorman
Norris Michale Gormanstown
Nowlan James Kilballygorman
Nugent Phillip Munroe
O'Shea Mr?Wm? Liney Lisheenpoor
O'Shea Wm? Henry Lisheenpoor
O'Shea Robt Tulla
O'Shea Liney Tulla
Power Edwd Ballyvery
Power Rich'd Tulla
Prendergast Patk Corrough
Prendergast Wm Corrough
Prendergast Thomas Corrough
Prendergast Wm Corrough
Prendergast James Grague
Prendergast Roger Grague
Prendergast Laurence Grague
Prendergast Edmd Kilballygorman
Prendergast James Kildonogue
Prendergast Edmd Kildonogue
Prendergast Thomas Kildonogue
Prendergast John Kildonogue
Prendergast Edm'd Kildonogue
Prendergast Wm Kildonogue
Prendergast William Kildonogue
Prendergast Edmd Kildonogue
Prendergast Wm Knockballiniry
Prendergast Wm Munroe
Prendergast (w) Poulatar
Prendergast Wm Tulla
Prendergast Edmd Tulla
Prendergast Edmd Tulla
Prendergast Jam's Tulla
Prendergast, Esq Jas. A. Frehans
Prendergast, Esq J. A. Kilmaneene
Quinn Laurence Gormanstown
Quinn Michale Gurthacullien
Quinn Michale Gurthacullien
Quirke John Knockballiniry
Ready Cornelius Ballyhist
Regan Norry (wd?) Ballyhist
Rieordan John Ballyvery
Ring Daniel Ballyvery
Robinson Wm? I.B. Kilballygorman
Robinson Wm? I.B. Kilardamy
Ryan Daniel Frehans
Ryan Richard Garryroe
Ryan James Garryroe
Ryan John Kilgregey
Scanlan Laurence Kilballygorman
Scanlan? Laur'ce Munroe
Scully Edmd Ballyvery
Shady Richard Tulla
Sheehan James Grague
Sheehan Timothy Grague
Sheehan Thos Grague
Sheehan Jas Grague
Sheely Patrick Crotta
Shine Thomas Grague
Shine Michale Grague
Shine Morris Gurthacullien
Shine Michale Gurthacullien
Shine Thomas Gurthacullien
Shine Dennis Gurthacullien
Shine (Morris) Thomas Gurthacullien
Slantery Den's Tulla
Smyth Jno Grague
Smyth Esqr Knockballiniry
Stapleton Edmd Kilballygorman
Stapleton Johanna Kilballygorman
Sweeney Wm Kilballygorman
Tobin Michale Gurthacullien
Tobin John Gurthacullien
Tobin Mary (widow) Kilballygorman
Tobin Rich'd Kilballygorman
Tobin Rich'd Munroe
Toohil Connor Garryduff
Toohil Connor Poulatar
Toohil Dennis Poulatar
Wall Michal Gormanstown
Wall John Garryduff
Wall Wm Kilballygorman
Wall John Kilballygorman
Walsh John Ballyvery
Walsh Wm Gormanstown
Walsh Edmd Garryduff
Walsh Patrick Grague
Walsh Pierce Grague
Walsh Mr? Patck Kilgregey
Walsh Edwd Kilgregey
Walsh John Kilardamy
Walsh Thom's Raheen
Walsh Thom's Tulla
Walsh, Esq John Lodge
Walsh, Mr? Patrick Garryduff
Walsh, Mr? Patrick Garryduff
Walsh, Rev'd Pierce Kilballygorman
Walsh?, Mr? Patt Gormanstown
Whelan Willm Ballyvery
Whelan Mary Grague
White Wm Gormanstown
White Wm Gurthacullien
White Edmd Lady Abbey
White Edmd Munroe
Willson Thomas Raheen
Wise John Lisheenanoul
Wise Michal Lisheenanoul
Wise Thomas Lisheenanoul
Wise Frank Poulatar
Wise Robt Poulatar
Wise Wm Poulatar



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