Tithe Applotments

  Relickmurry & Athassel Civil Parish 1833
(Note:  also see Athassel & Golden for other Hymenstown & Ballyslatteen)


  Cashel & Tipperary Poor Law Unions
     Clanwilliam & Middlethird Baronies


Golden ca 1840 Thomastown ca 1840

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Research Notes:  The Relickmurry & Athassel CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256567 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.
NOTE:  some Ls could be Ts, he forgot to cross them at times; only townlands of Castlelake & Knockroe in Middlethird Barony, Cashel PLU


Surname First Number Townland
?ingen John 27 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Banon Patt 32 Golden Lands
Barren Edmond 8 Mantle Hill 
Barron Edmd 31 Comerford's lot
Barron Edmond 3 Sergeants Lot
Berane James 5 Golden Lands
Berarre Edm'd 22 Rathcloheen
Bergan Jas 2 Balllinaclogh
Bergan Margt 3 Balllinaclogh
Bermingham Con'r 8 Rathcloheen
Bermingham Jno 6 Rathcloheen
Bermingham Mary 1 Jereanky?
Birmham Conor 3 Rathcloheen
Birmingham Thos 17 Golden Lands
Blake Michael 44 Cloughleigh
Blake Michael 23 Rathcloheen
Blake Michl 3 Great Mantle Hill, Murphy's lot
Bourke Michl 7 Rathcloheen
Bourke Redm'd 5 Mantle Hill 
Bourke Richd 2 Cloughleigh
Bourke William 2 Cloughleigh
Bowes John 4 Grange House
Bowes William 2 Grange House
Bray David 57 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Bray David 27 Golden Lands
Breen James 7 Derrycloney
Breen James 5 Masterstown
Breen Thomas 18 Masterstown
Breen Will'm 19 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Brehan Edmond 8 Abby Smithwick
Brian Honoria 8 Jereanky?
Brian Michl 3 Jereanky?
Broughan John 30 Rathcloheen
Bryan Denis 4 Derrycloney
Bryan Denis 5 Derrycloney
Bryan Michl 4 Rare Dove, Rathduff?
Bryan Patrick 6 Masterstown
Buck Michl 9 Abby Smithwick
Burek Edmond 3 Cook's lot, Ougmolly, part of Gloughlugh
Burk Martin 21 Abby Smithwick
Burk Michl 4 Ballinlough
Burk  Rich'd 16 Abby Smithwick
Burke Edmd 29 Comerford's lot
Burke Edmond 5 Comerford's lot
Burke John 6 Abby Athassel Greene
Burke John 5 Jereanky?
Burke John 1 Mantle Hill, Whites lot
Burke John 13 Mantle Hill, Whites lot
Burke Patk 6 Abby Smithwick
Burke Redm'd 18 Abby Smithwick
Burke Thomas 30 Golden Lands
Burke Thomas 5 Persse's-lot
Burke Thos 1 Cook's lot, Ougmolly, part of Gloughlugh
Burke Thos 2 Cook's lot, Ougmolly, part of Gloughlugh
Burke William 6 Knockroe
Burke William 19 Persse's-lot
Burke Willm 37 Cloughleigh
Burkwick Edmd 9 Comerford's lot
Burns Margt 3 Comerford's lot
Burns Thos 3 Hoops's Lot
Butler James 14 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Butler James 40 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Butler James 12 Masterstown
Butler Richd 13 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Butler Walter 3 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Butler Walter 4 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Butler, Esq Thos 1 Grange House
Butler, Esq Thos 5 Grange House
Butler, Esq Thos 1 Kilnacask
Butler, Esq Thos 1 Lower Grange
Butler, Esq Thos 2 Lower Grange
Butler, Esq Thos 1 Rath Gallen
Butler, Esq Thos 2 Rath Gallen
Byrne Danl 13 Golden Lands
Byrne Laurence 19 Derrycloney
Byron Denis 3 Derrycloney
Byron James 20 Derrycloney
Byron Thomas 6 Derrycloney
Cahil John 16 Derrycloney
Cain Patrick 20 Abby Smithwick
Callaghan James 3 Lower Kilnacask
Callaghan John 40 Cloughleigh
Caniel John 43 Cloughleigh
Carly Michl 4 Persse's-lot
Carny Thomas 8 Comerford's lot
Carny Thomas 10 Mantle Hill, Whites lot
Carrol John 23 Abby Smithwick
Carrol Mich'l 22 Abby Smithwick
Cashen Thomas 3 Suirville
Casy Thomas 7 Ballinlina
Cennanion? Thos 6 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Cennanion? Thos 7 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Clary John 1 Caherbusta or Broken Care
Clary William 3 Caherbusta or Broken Care
Claylon James 1 Hoops's Lot
Clayton Christopher 2 Hoops's Lot
Cleary James 2 Caherbusta or Broken Care
Cleary Patrick 14 Comerford's lot
Cleary Patrick 23 Comerford's lot
Cleary Phillip 22 Comerford's lot
Coffee James 5 Bawnbrack
Coffee John 8 Lisgibbon
Coffee Mary 8 Lisgibbon
Coffee Phillip 1 Bawnbrack
Collins Richd 54 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Collins Rich'd 8 Ballinlina
Collins Roger 19 Golden Lands
Comingham Thos 23 Golden Lands
Condin Mary 8 Abby Athassel Greene
Condon Mary 15 Derrycloney
Condon Thomas 5 Cloughleigh
Coningham John 39 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Coningham Patt 4 Golden Lands
Connel David 10 Little Mantle Hill
Connery John 2 Mantle Hill 
Connery John 7 Mantle Hill 
Connors James 25 Comerford's lot
Connors John 13 Cloughleigh
Connors John 2 Great Mantle Hill, Murphy's lot
Connors John 9 Little Mantle Hill
Connors John 10 Sergeants Lot
Conway James 45 Cloughleigh
Conway James 16 Cook's lot, Ougmolly, part of Gloughlugh
Conway John 46 Cloughleigh
Cook John 27 Cloughleigh
Coole? Revd Jonas 3 Golden Lands
Coonane Jeremiah 11 Sergeants Lot
Coony Charles 8 Golden Lands
Coony Charles 24 Golden Lands
Cooper Edmond 17 Masterstown
Cooper  Roger 4 Masterstown
Cooper, Esq Sam'l 12 Castle Lake
Cooper, Esq Sam'l 14 Castle Lake
Corbet James 3 Thomas Land
Cormack James 1 Knockroe
Cormack Thos 3 Knockroe
Cormick James 1 Great Mantle Hill, Murphy's lot
Cormick Thos 21 Cloughleigh
Coroven Thos 7 Abby Smithwick
Costello John 42 Cloughleigh
Costello Patrick 48 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Costello Patrick 52 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Crawford Denis 27 Comerford's lot
Crawford Denis 12 Cook's lot, Ougmolly, part of Gloughlugh
Crea, Esq Michl 22 Persse's-lot
Creagh Richd 1 Golden Lands
Cullen Michl 15 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Cumins Edm'd 49 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Cumins Martin 53 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Cummins  John 9 Persse's-lot
Cummins  William 9 Persse's-lot
Cummins? Edmd 23 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Cunningham Mich. 13 Ballinlina
Cusack Willm 27 Cloughleigh
Cushin Michl 15 Rathcloheen
Cushin William 4 Castle Lake
Dallon Patk 10 Lisgibbon
Dalton Edmond 7 Ballinlough
Dalton Edmond 9 Knockroe
Dalton John 13 Lisgibbon
Dalton Margt 11 Ballinlough
Dalton Mary  5 Balllinaclogh
Dalton Maurice 19 Cloughleigh
Dalton Maurice 7 Comerford's lot
Dalton Michael 20 Cloughleigh
Dalton Michl 1 Balllinaclogh
Dalton William 11 Lisgibbon
Dalton Wm 13 Abby Athassel Greene
Dalton Wm 4 Abby Smithwick
Daniel Darby 56 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Daniel Edmond 2 Ballinlina
Daniel James 1 Abby Athassel Greene
Daniel Patrick 7 Abby Athassel Greene
Daniel William 2 Abby Athassel Greene
Dee Michl 4 Cloughleigh
Dee Thomas 2 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Deehy Patrick 38 Cloughleigh
Dlaton William 4 Little Mantle Hill
Dogherty Thomas 13 Cook's lot, Ougmolly, part of Gloughlugh
Dogherty Thos 9 Lisgibbon
Donnel Maurice 3 Little Mantle Hill
Donnell Cath. 2 Lisgibbon
Donnell John 2 Knockroe
Donnell Richd 7 Mantle Hill North
Donnell Thos 1 Lisgibbon
Donohoe Mary 21 Lisgibbon
Doogan Thomas 4 Comerford's lot
Doonaun? Jnthy? 42 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Downy Darby 32 Cloughleigh
Downy Edmond 31 Cloughleigh
Duire John 2 Bawnbrack
Dulahunty Thos 41 Cloughleigh
Dunn Edmond 29 Rathcloheen
Dwire James 6 Persse's-lot
Dwire Jas 7 Persse's-lot
Dwire Jas 21 Rathcloheen
Dwire John 10 Persse's-lot
Dwire Michl 17 Persse's-lot
Dwyer Con'r 33 Golden Lands
Dwyer Danl 17 Ballinlina
Dwyer James 5 Abby Athassel Greene
Dwyere Denis 6 Ballinlina
Dwyre Edmd 14 Ballinlina
Dwyre John 29 Cloughleigh
Dwyre Judith 4 Lisgibbon
Dwyre Malachi 14 Lisgibbon
Dwyre no name 4 Kilnacask
English Simon 47 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
English William 2 Masterstown
Faher Michael 6 Little Mantle Hill
Fahy Jeremiah 6 Mantle Hill, Whites lot
Fahy Richard 30 Cloughleigh
Fahy Thomas 8 Mantle Hill, Whites lot
Fahy Thos 10 Mantle Hill 
Farrel Edmond 18 Rathcloheen
Farrel John 25 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Farrell Thomas 7 Caherbusta or Broken Care
Fennessy Darby 3 Persse's-lot
Fennessy John 7 Masterstown
Finn Patrick 4 Caherbusta or Broken Care
Finn Richd 43 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Fitzgerald John 20 Lisgibbon
Fitzgerald Wm 9 Masterstown
Flinn John 9 Mantle Hill, Whites lot
Flinn Michl 18 Derrycloney
Flinn Stephen 11 Masterstown
Fogarty John 11 Comerford's lot
Fogarty Michl 10 Comerford's lot
Fogarty Patk 19 Abby Smithwick
Fogarty Wm 28 Comerford's lot
Foly Danl 5 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Gavan Edmond 20 Persse's-lot
Gilbert Mathew 8 Castle Lake
Gilbert Mathew 9 Castle Lake
Gleeson no name 25 Golden Lands
Godsel Edmond 5 Sergeants Lot
Godsel James 4 Sergeants Lot
Godsell James Spittal Farm
Grady Mary 12 Great Mantle Hill, Murphy's lot
Grady Michael 28 Cloughleigh
Grady Michl 26 Cloughleigh
Green Charles 16 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Green Charles 17 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Green Charles 18 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Green Fran's 10 Abby Athassel Greene
Green Michl 16 Ballinlina
Greenan Michl 4 Thomas Land
Greenan Robt 14 Mantle Hill, Whites lot
Griffith James 2 Little Mantle Hill
Griffith Mary 7 Little Mantle Hill
Griffith William 1 Little Mantle Hill
Guilfoyle John 4 Bawnbrack
Hacket Judith 9 Abby Athassel Greene
Hacket Mary 11 Castle Lake
Hacket Michael 8 Knockroe
Hacket William 11 Abby Smithwick
Haling Elenor 27 Cloughleigh
Halleran Mary 44 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Hallerin John 46 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Halloran Michl 10 Abby Smithwick
Hamer James 21 Lisgibbon
Handly John 2 Comerford's lot
Hanly no name 7 Mantle Hill North
Hanraghan Jas 7 Suirville
Harding Henr 3 Kilnacask
Harrigan Thos 17 Derrycloney
Harris Richard 13 Masterstown
Harris Richd 51 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Harris, Junr Richd 14 Masterstown
Hasket James 16 Golden Lands
Hayden Judith 12 Abby Smithwick
Heany Edmond 12 Mantle Hill, Whites lot
Heany Michl 15 Mantle Hill, Whites lot
Heffernan Michl 7 Lisgibbon
Heffernan Roger 1 Suirville
Heffernan Roger 2 Suirville
Henright Maurice 19 Comerford's lot
Henright Winny? 16 Comerford's lot
Hewel? John 14 Cook's lot, Ougmolly, part of Gloughlugh
Hickey no name 3 Cloughleigh
Hicky John 5 Ballinlina
Hicky John 19 Cook's lot, Ougmolly, part of Gloughlugh
Hicky John 13 Derrycloney
Hicky Matt 5 Cloughleigh
Hicky Maurice 3 Abby Athassel Greene
Hicky Maurice 26 Comerford's lot
Hicky Maurice 28 Rathcloheen
Hicky Morris 13 Persse's-lot
Hicky Patk 10 Ballinlough
Hicky Patrick 18 Cook's lot, Ougmolly, part of Gloughlugh
Hicky Wm 17 Cook's lot, Ougmolly, part of Gloughlugh
Hogan Daniel 48 Cloughleigh
Hogan Edmond 12 Cloughleigh
Hogan John 18 Lisgibbon
Hogan Margt 11 Cloughleigh
Hogan Michael 10 Cloughleigh
Hogan Michl 4 Abby Athassel Greene
Hogan Michl 8 Great Mantle Hill, Murphy's lot
Hogan Michl 24 Rathcloheen
Hogan no name 4 Kilnacask
Hogan Phillip 17 Comerford's lot
Hogan Thomas 6 Castle Lake
Hogh Edmond 6 Lisgibbon
Holly Elenor 11 Jereanky?
Holly Luke 1 Baurstookeen?
Holly Luke 4 Knockroe
Holly Luke 5 Mantle Hill North
Holly Patrick 4 Mantle Hill North
Hoor Margt 50 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Horan Edmond 18 Cloughleigh
Horan Edmond 4 Cook's lot, Ougmolly, part of Gloughlugh
Horan James 9 Cloughleigh
Horan Mary 1 Cook's lot, Ougmolly, part of Gloughlugh
Horan Patrick 8 Cloughleigh
Horan Patrick 14 Cloughleigh
Horan Patrick 17 Cloughleigh
Horan Patt, Sen 3 Cloughleigh
Horis Richard 3 Masterstown
Howergan? Thos 33 Cloughleigh
Howig James 1 Cloughleigh
Kearns Richd 6 Golden Lands
Keating James 1 Abby Smithwick
Keating Michl 21 Comerford's lot
Keating Patrick 2 Lower Kilnacask
Keating William 7 Jereanky?
Keefe Miles 13 Comerford's lot
Keefe Thomas 9 Great Mantle Hill, Murphy's lot
Keefe Thomas 1 Persse's-lot
Kelly David 12 Persse's-lot
Kelly William 15 Persse's-lot
Kemah? Michl 55 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Kennedy Danl 8 Little Mantle Hill
Kennedy James 7 Knockroe
Kennedy Margt 3 Lisgibbon
Kennedy Mary 5 Lisgibbon
Kennery Michl 1 Cloughleigh
Keogh Edmond 23 Lisgibbon
Keogh John 11 Ballinlina
Lahy Bernd 24 Comerford's lot
Lahy James 1 Mantle Hill 
Lahy John 30 Comerford's lot
Landoff Earl 26 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Landoff Earl 28 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Landoff Earl 29 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Landoff Earl 30 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Landoff Earl 31 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Landoff Earl 32 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Landoff Earl 33 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Landoff Earl 34 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Landoff Earl 35 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Landoff Earl 36 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Landoff Earl 37 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Landoff Earl 38 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Landoff Earl 41 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Landoff Earl 19 Rathcloheen
Lanigan John 13 Castle Lake
Laurence Michl 11 Abby Athassel Greene
Leah? Edmond 9 Jereanky?
Linch John 15 Comerford's lot
Lodregan Danl 4 Suirville
Lodregan Wm 4 Suirville
Londergan Michl 2 Abby Smithwick
Londregan Danl 10 Jereanky?
Londregan Darby 2 Derrycloney
Londregan Martn 6 Comerford's lot
Londregan Mary 14 Derrycloney
Londregan Mat'w 13 Abby Smithwick
Londregan Patk 14 Golden Lands
Londregan Steph'n 9 Mantle Hill 
Londregan Thos 1 Derrycloney
Lonergan Andw 6 Mantle Hill 
Lonergan Patk 1 Rathcloheen
Lonergan Patk 4 Rathcloheen
Looby Laurence 7 Sergeants Lot
Looby Mary 5 Cook's lot, Ougmolly, part of Gloughlugh
Looby William 23 Rathcloheen
Loughman Michl 10 Derrycloney
Loughman Michl 12 Derrycloney
Loughman Timothy 11 Derrycloney
Loyd Thos 9 Golden Lands
Lundy James 16 Masterstown
Lynch Michl 11 Mantle Hill, Whites lot
Lyons Timothy 2 Cloughleigh
Lyons Timothy 47 Cloughleigh
Macky John 25 Rathcloheen
Macky Thomas 20 Rathcloheen
Madden Thos 22 Lisgibbon
Madden Thos 3 Mantle Hill 
Madden Timothy 12 Lisgibbon
Mahony John 12 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Mahony Richd 45 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Marony Thomas 4 Jereanky?
Marony William 8 Persse's-lot
Mathew Elizabeth 4 Rare Dove, Rathduff?
Mathew Francis 10 Great Mantle Hill, Murphy's lot
Mathew Francis 14 Persse's-lot
Mathew Thomas 2 Castle Lake
Mathew  Thomas 1 Castle Lake
Mathew, Lady Elizabeth 1 Thomas Land
Mathew, Lady Elizabeth 2 Thomas Land
Mathews Elizab'h 22 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Mathews John 5 Rathcloheen
McEnerough? Thos 2 Rathcloheen
McGrah John 59 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
McGrath Darby 9 Rathcloheen
McGrath Darby 12 Rathcloheen
McGrath John 1 Ballinlina
McGrath John 6 Ballinlough
McGrath John 3 Mantle Hill, Whites lot
McPenciors? John 2 Persse's-lot
Mehan Honoria 6 Caherbusta or Broken Care
Mehan Michl 5 Caherbusta or Broken Care
Merick William 16 Lisgibbon
Merrick Patk 5 Kilnacask
Mitchell  Joseph 2 Baurstookeen?
Mitchell? Charles 20 Golden Lands
Mitchell? Thos 17 Abby Smithwick
Mohony Darby 24 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Molorony Michl 26 Rathcloheen
Molowny Michl 3 Rare Dove, Rathduff?
Morrigan Bridget 27 Cloughleigh
Morrissy, Esq George 16 Cloughleigh
Morrisy John 17 Lisgibbon
Morrisy Thos 2 Kilnacask
Mulcahy Wm 5 Abby Smithwick
Murphy Michl 11 Great Mantle Hill, Murphy's lot
Murphy William 9 Derrycloney
Murrey no name 26 Golden Lands
Nagle Patk 5 Ballinlough
Nagle Richard 12 Ballinlina
Neal John 7 Cloughleigh
Noonan James 10 Rathcloheen
Noonan John 15 Cook's lot, Ougmolly, part of Gloughlugh
Noonan John 4 Great Mantle Hill, Murphy's lot
Nugent Patrick 19 Lisgibbon
OBrien Richard 8 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
ODonnell Patrick 10 Masterstown
Pendergast John 18 Comerford's lot
Pennyfeather John 22 Golden Lands
Pennyfeather Thos 21 Golden Lands
Peters John 3 Grange House
Phelan John 21 Persse's-lot
Phelan Thomas 2 Mantle Hill, Whites lot
Pike Joseph 11 Rathcloheen
Pike Thomas 21 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Pike William 20 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Pine Michl 27 Rathcloheen
Pine Patrick 27 Rathcloheen
Price? Patrick 10 Castle Lake
Quick Patrick 5 Knockroe
Quik Patrick 6 Sergeants Lot
Quin Thom 14 Abby Smithwick
Quinlan Danl 8 Derrycloney
Quinlan Malachy 8 Derrycloney
Quinlan Michl 1 Rare Dove, Rathduff?
Quinlan Red'd Mic'l 1 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Quinlan Robt 3 Castle Lake
Quinlin Michl 6 Jereanky?
Quirk Kenedy 2 Sergeants Lot
Quirk Kenedy 9 Sergeants Lot
Reynold Patk 4 Balllinaclogh
Reysdan? Corn's 9 Ballinlough
RKielly Patrick 5 Mantle Hill, Whites lot
Robbins Joseph 1 Masterstown
Rorke James 11 Mantle Hill 
Ryan Andrew 22 Cloughleigh
Ryan Captn Mr? 1 Cloughleigh
Ryan Catherine 4 Mantle Hill 
Ryan Charles 1 Sergeants Lot
Ryan Connor 7 Golden Lands
Ryan Connor 10 Golden Lands
Ryan Connor 31 Golden Lands
Ryan Cornelius 6 Suirville
Ryan Daniel 24 Cloughleigh
Ryan Danl 7 Great Mantle Hill, Murphy's lot
Ryan Danl 1 Sergeants Lot
Ryan Darby 13 Great Mantle Hill, Murphy's lot
Ryan Edmond 5 Castle Lake
Ryan Edmond 7 Castle Lake
Ryan Edmond 9 Cook's lot, Ougmolly, part of Gloughlugh
Ryan Edmond 28 Golden Lands
Ryan Elenor 3 Cloughleigh
Ryan Elenor 4 Cloughleigh
Ryan Elenor 6 Cloughleigh
Ryan Honoria 15 Lisgibbon
Ryan James 12 Abby Athassel Greene
Ryan James 17 Rathcloheen
Ryan Jer. 15 Abby Smithwick
Ryan Jeremiah 8 Sergeants Lot
Ryan Jno (long) 9 Ballinlina
Ryan Jno (short) 10 Ballinlina
Ryan John 15 Cloughleigh
Ryan John 34 Cloughleigh
Ryan John 29 Golden Lands
Ryan John 5 Suirville
Ryan John 9 Suirville
Ryan Mary 15 Ballinlina
Ryan Mary 23 Cloughleigh
Ryan Mathew 8 Ballinlough
Ryan Mathew 15 Masterstown
Ryan Mathew  3 Cloughleigh
Ryan Michl 1 Lower Kilnacask
Ryan Patrick 24 Cloughleigh
Ryan Patrick 36 Cloughleigh
Ryan Patrick 39 Cloughleigh
Ryan Patrick 22 Golden Lands
Ryan Patrick 5 Great Mantle Hill, Murphy's lot
Ryan Patt 3 Cloughleigh
Ryan Peter 1 Comerford's lot
Ryan Thomas 16 Persse's-lot
Ryan Thomas 16 Rathcloheen
Ryan Thom's 25 Cloughleigh
Ryan Timothy 4 Mantle Hill, Whites lot
Ryan Timothy 11 Persse's-lot
Ryan William 4 Hoops's Lot
Scully no name 16 Great Mantle Hill, Murphy's lot
Scully, Esq J 10 Knockroe
Scully, Esq no name 1 Little Mantle Hill
Sexton James 7 Cook's lot, Ougmolly, part of Gloughlugh
Sexton Patrick 6 Cook's lot, Ougmolly, part of Gloughlugh
Shanahan Edmd 18 Persse's-lot
Shanahan Michl 18 Persse's-lot
Sheahy James 12 Comerford's lot
Shelch John 2 Rare Dove, Rathduff?
Singen David 58 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Singen Mathew 18 Golden Lands
Smitheocek? Feder? 8 Suirville
Strong Robt 9 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Strong Robt 10 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Strong Robt 11 Breenard, otherwise, Ardbreen
Sullivan Maurice 3 Bawnbrack
Supple James 15 Lisgibbon
Terny Thomas 1 Cloughleigh
Tobin David 3 Abby Smithwick
Tobin David 27 Cloughleigh
Tobin Thomas 15 Golden Lands
Tobin Thomas 14 Rathcloheen
Topin John 6 Great Mantle Hill, Murphy's lot
Topin John 6 Mantle Hill North
Wells Thomas 13 Rathcloheen
Welsh Andrew 1 Ballinlough
Welsh Mary 4 Ballinlina
Welsh Mary 24 Lisgibbon
Welsh Maurice 2 Ballinlough
Welsh Maurice 3 Mantle Hill North
Welsh Michael 3 Ballinlina
Welsh Michael 2 Mantle Hill North
Welsh Patrick 25 Lisgibbon
Welsh Thomas 2 Cloughleigh
Welsh Thomas 35 Cloughleigh
Welsh William 3 Ballinlough
Welsh William 11 Golden Lands
Whelan Denis 15 Lisgibbon
White, Esq Henry 12 Golden Lands
White, Esq Joseph 2 Golden Lands
Whiten? Thos 5 Little Mantle Hill
Williams Richd 10 Cook's lot, Ougmolly, part of Gloughlugh
Williams William 11 Cook's lot, Ougmolly, part of Gloughlugh
Williams William 14 Great Mantle Hill, Murphy's lot
Wiston Stephen 7 Mantle Hill, Whites lot
Woodlock Dav'd 8 Cook's lot, Ougmolly, part of Gloughlugh
Woodlock Patk 9 Cook's lot, Ougmolly, part of Gloughlugh


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