Tithe Applotments

  Ardmayle Civil Parish 1827
South Riding


  Cashel Poor Law Union
     Middlethird Barony

Kilbreedy Ballydine

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Research Notes:  The Ardmayle CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the FHL film #0256566 by Pat Connors.  The film was in extremely bad condition, in that the writing was very light and spotty in places.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  Also, if you think your family should be in this civil parish but can't find them, it might be because their name(s) could not be read.   This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.


Surname First Townland
Barrett? Patk Bawnmore 
Barrett? William Bawnmore 
Barry Martin Ardmayle or Clonmore
Barry Laurence Ardmayle or Clonmore
Beassy Mrs Ardmayle Quarter
Bergin John Glebe
Bergin Wm Glebe
Bourke Thomas Clareen
Bourke John Bawnmore 
Bourke Mick Bawnmore 
Bourke William Bawnmore 
Bourke John Glebe
Brenne James  Ardmayle
Brien John Nodstown Estate
Brown William Ballydine
Brown Thomas Ballydine
Brown Mrs Ardmayle
Brown John Bawnmore 
Brown Mrs Ardmayle
Brown John Castlemoyle
Brown Wm Castlemoyle
Brown Mrs Ardmayle
Brown? Patrick Ardmayle Quarter
Bryan Martin Ballydine
Cahill Michael Clareen
Cahill Patrick Clareen
Carrison? Arthur Castlemoyle
Commins John Clareen
Common Dan'l Bawnmore 
Common James Bawnmore 
Common John Bawnmore 
Common John Castlemoyle
Common Michl Nodstown Estate
Common William Nodstown Estate
Common James Nodstown Estate
Common Thomas Nodstown Estate
Common widow Nodstown Estate
Common Edmond Nodstown Estate
Common widow Nodstown Estate
Common  Robert Bawnmore 
Common, Jr John Castlemoyle
Common, Sr John Castlemoyle
Commons William Clareen
Commons Edmond Clareen
Commons Danl Clareen
Connel? Martin Bawnmore 
Connor William Nodstown Estate
Conway Patrick Nodstown Estate
Crowe Thomas Bawnmore 
Crowe John Bawnmore 
Cullinane John Bawnmore?
Cummings Patrick Nodstown Estate
Daly John Bawnmore 
Delany Edmond Ardmayle or Clonmore
Delany Jas Ardmayle or Clonmore
Delany John Ardmayle or Clonmore
Delany Edmond Ardmayle or Clonmore
Donnelly widow Nodstown Estate
Donnelly James Nodstown Estate
Donnelly John Nodstown Estate
Duggan Thomas Nodstown Estate
Duggan James Nodstown Estate
Dwan Wm & brother Nodstown Estate
Dwan John Nodstown Estate
Dwyer William Slatefield
Dwyer William Camus
Dwyer John Gortnaclough
Dwyer John Bawnmore 
Dwyer William Bawnmore 
Dwyer Michl Bawnmore 
Dwyer ?? Ardmayle Quarter
Dwyer William Ardmayle Quarter
Dwyer Michl Castlemoyle
Dwyer John Thm? Castlemoyle
Dwyer John Castlemoyle
Dwyer John Nodstown Estate
Dwyer William Nodstown Estate
Dwyer widow Nodstown Estate
Dwyer Edmond Nodstown Estate
Dwyer William Monalumpera
Dwyer William Ardmayle or Clonmore
Dwyer William South Clonmore
Dwyer William Cloon
Dwyer  William ??
Dwyer (major) John Nodstown Estate
Dwyer (smith) Mich'l Ardmayle Quarter
Dwyer? John ??
Dwyer? John Clareen
Dwyer? John Kilbreedy
Edwards Rev'd Castlemoyle
Farrell Timothy Nodstown Estate
Flaherty James Nodstown Estate
Flanagan Edwd Glebe
Flin? James Glebe
Flin? John Glebe
Fogarty Patrick Castlemoyle
Fogarty John Castlemoyle
Freney? Thomas Ballydine
Freney? Patrick Ballydine
Freney? Robert Ballydine
Geraty? Will'm Bawnmore 
Hack? widow Castlemoyle
Hack? Thomas Cloon
Hallie? Thomas Ardmayle or Clonmore
Hamary? James ??
Hammond Edmond Nodstown Estate
Hammond Edmond Nodstown Estate
Hammond John Nodstown Estate
Hayes Thomas ??
Hayes Mathew ??
Hayes James?, widow ??
Hayes Conner ??
Hayes Thos ??
Hayes Connor Slatefield
Hayes John Clareen
Hayes Thomas Kilbreedy
Hayes Connor Camus
Hayes Thomas Gortnaclough
Hayes Connor Ardmayle Quarter
Hayes  John Clareen
Hayes? James Castlemoyle
Hayes? Edmond Castlemoyle
Heffernan Michl Castlemoyle
Heffernan Roger Castlemoyle
Hennessy John Clareen
Hennessy William Clareen
Hennessy John Clareen
Hennessy Thomas Castlemoyle
Hogan  John South Clonmore
Hogan? John Nodstown Estate
Hormond? Hugh Moat Quarter
Hormond? John Moat Quarter
Hyde, Esq John Ardmayle or Clonmore
Keating Roger Monalumpera
Kenderick William Castlemoyle
Kennedy John Ballydine
Kennedy Maurice Ballydine
Kennedy James Ballydine
Kennedy William Ballydine
Kennedy James Camus
Kennedy John Nodstown Estate
Kissane Michl Ardmayle or Clonmore
L? James Ardmayle Quarter
Leamy? John Glebe
Leamy? Patrick Glebe
Leamy? James Glebe
Long   Richd Ardmayle
Long, Esq Edward Moat Quarter
Long, Esq Richd Moat Quarter
Maher Mathew Bawnmore 
Manning James Nodstown Estate
McCarthy? James Castlemoyle
McEvoy Patrick Ardmayle or Clonmore
McEvoy Patrick South Clonmore
Meagher John Nodstown Estate
Meagher widow Nodstown Estate
Meagher Philip Ardmayle or Clonmore
Meagher ?? Ardmayle or Clonmore
Meaney?? Edmond Ardmayle or Clonmore
Meyers? William Bawnmore 
Miler William Ardmayle
Minehane James Ardmayle or Clonmore
Muprhy, Esq William ??
Murphy Daniel Clareen
Murphy   Daniel Slatefield
Murphy, Esq William ??
Murphy? Patrick Ardmayle Quarter
Murray John Bawnmore 
Owens John Camus
Phelan, Esq William South Clonmore
Phelan, Esq William Cloon
Power James ??
Power James Camus
Price, Esq Thomas Ardmayle or Clonmore
Quinlan James Ardmayle or Clonmore
Reily John Nodstown Estate
Russell James Nodstown Estate
Russell James Nodstown Estate
Ryan John James Bawnmore 
Ryan Daniel Bawnmore 
Ryan Michl Bawnmore 
Ryan Daniel Bawnmore 
Ryan widow Bawnmore 
Ryan Daniel Bawnmore 
Ryan John Bawnmore 
Ryan Michl Castlemoyle
Ryan James Castlemoyle
Ryan John Glebe
Ryan Edmond Nodstown Estate
Ryan James Nodstown Estate
Ryan Dan'l Nodstown Estate
Ryan Edmond Nodstown Estate
Ryan John Ardmayle or Clonmore
Ryan widow Ardmayle or Clonmore
Ryan James Ardmayle or Clonmore
Ryan John Ardmayle or Clonmore
Scully Edmund ??
Scully Edmund ??
Scully Edmund Camus
Smithwith George ??
Smithwith George Camus
Touhill Doctor? ??
Tuohy James Clareen
Walsh John Moat Quarter
Walsh John Glebe
White, Esq John ??
Woodlock Michl Ardmayle or Clonmore



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