Shronell Civil Parish
 Clanwilliam Barony

Tipperary Poor Law Union

1871  County Tipperary Census


The census for the Clanwilliam Barony was posted to the CoTipperary mailing list on Rootsweb by Janet Crawford.  This website thanks Janet for allowing it to present her work here.


Patrick Hourigan
William Noonan
James Kennedy
Mary Bercory [Barragry?]
Patrick Ryan
Edmund Burke
Michael Dwyer
William Chadwick
Gt. S & W Ry., Molloy, Sec.

Margaret Hourigan
James Hourigan
Thomas Murnane
Richard Murnane
Garrett Murnane
Michael Kennedy
John Hourigan
William Chadwick
John Keating
William Condon
Patrick Coffey
William E. Chadwick
Mary Coffey
Timothy O'Brien
Margaret Ryan
Michael Dwyer
Gt S & W Ry., Molloy, Sec.

Richard Quinn
John Hayes
Patrick Quinn
Michael Foley (Michael)
Michael Foley (Thomas)
Bridget Heffernan
John Hanley (Daniel)
Mary Hanley
Edmund Reardon
John Hanrahan
Patrick Greene
Michael Greene
Patrick Dwyer
Philip Dwyer
John Dwyer
John Ryan
James Keating
John Maher
John Ryan
Peter Toomey
Mary Hayes
Edmond Trehy
Gt S & W Ry., Molloy, Sec.

James O'Donnell
Denis O'Donnell
Michael Mealy
Patrick McGrath
John Luby
Edmund Walsh
Patrick Connors
Mary Hayes
James Nash
Denis Vaughan
Mary Prout
James Hourigan
Catherine Dwyer
Winefred Quinn
Michael Butler
Thomas Hogan
Mary Crotty
William Sadlier

William Sadlier

Robert W. White
Bridget Quinn
William Condon
Patrick Dwyer
John Burke
John Quinn
Roger Corbett
Honoria Hogan
Michael Fitzgerald
Michael Hayes
Richard Condon
Rev. William Baker
Anthony Maher
William Heffernan

Mary Looby
John Dwyer
Patrick Coffey
Patrick Burke
Elizabeth Molony
John Corbett
John Looby
Patrick Looby

John Morrissy
Edmund Hanley
Edmund Dwyer
Patrick Reardon
Malachi Neill
Malachi Neill
Thomas Frewen
Jeremiah McCarthy
John Dwyer



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