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First Name Parents Born Spouse Year of Emigration
Place, etc.
Died Comments Contact
Richard Edmond/Edmund O'Connor, Alist July 3, 1887 Mary Hanrahan Oct 8, 1907
Chicago IL
Aug 16, 1955
Chicago IL
From Shanagolden, Monemochill & Kilcolman; father may have used Connors Richard O'Connor
Richard Stephen Conner Jan 11, 1775 Priscilla Davis Ireland > USA Jun 28, 1840 moth d when Richard was 4/5 yrs, reared by young sister; Priscilla's par-settlers of Harrison Co VA Menel
Richard Thomas O'Conor 1808
not given Australia 1898 none given Rhonda Bush
Richard O'Connor ca 1832 Elizabeth Duggan bet 1885-87 1898 buried St Bernard's, Sangerfield NY chld b Co Tipperary-Michael, Margaret, Helen, William, Joseph, Richard, Mary E. Donna Toole
Richard O'Connor 1784 Meary or Mary 1840 PA 1887 sailed from Co Cork; son-John, daughter-Mary Arlene O'Connor
Richard Riley unk. Conner 1826 Chestertown, Maryland Eliza Jane Bryant b. USA 1905 painter-Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD Only one son John Gipson
Robert O'Connor ca 1876 Lucil(l)e Oge Ireland > Nova Scotia unknown lived in Louisiana, around Apelousas, chld-Edith, Mary, Thelma, Kirby; a bro; in Civil War Sharri O'Connor
Robert Connor ca 1814
Boyle, Co Roscommon
Elizabeth Fisher pre 1840
Niagara, Lincoln Co, ONT
22 Sep 1884
Aurora, York Co, ONT
chld: Araminta, Elizabeth Susan; occup 1851-shoemaker Lillian Wells
Robert A William F O'Connor, Nellie Sweeney Jun 6, 1898
Brooklyn NY
Margaret Duhigg n/a Dec 12, 1933
Holy Cross Cemetery (Bklyn)
child-Robert J, Dolores, Eileen (given up for adpt after mother died) Peggy O'Connor
Robert Dale Henry Kimble Conners, Bridget Myers Jun 24, 1928 Dolores May Beavher not given not given looking for this family; Bridget ggrandfather's sister Judy Tesdahl
Robert J Robert A O'Connor, Margaret Duhigg Brooklyn NY Elizabeth M Larensen n/a May 7, 1994 buried Rose Hill @ Rocky Hill CT, chld-Margaret, Kevin plus stp chld Peggy O'Connor
Roderick Michael O'Connor 1875 St Louis MO Alice (maybe Kane) n/a 1920/1930 in Navey 1900, @ Newport RI 1920 Martha Cofield
Ruth Joseph Patrick Connors Oct 3, 1910
St John's, Newfoundland
Margaret Vera Elizabeth Norman not given Feb 19, 1979 not given Ruth
Ruth Cornelius Connor, Sarah 16 May 1670 Thomas Clough not given 5 Aug 1727 none given Patrica D Piana
Sarah Patrick Connor, Ellen Kearns 29 Jun 1866
Beechwood, Killiney, Rathdown, Co Dublin
Phillip Gaffney ca 1898
Ellis Island NY
24 Sep 1931
Hartford CT
lived in Waterbury CT; chld: Mamie, Ella, John, Phillip, Walter, Francis; 9 sibs Karen K Kiss
Sarah Jacob Conner, Mary Robinett  1804 Allegany Co., MD Horatio Ballard did not emig not given not given Ginny Walton
Sarah Ann Willoughby Conner, Rachel Johnson 12 Jun 1834 William Anderson Jones not given 30 Apr 1884 need documentary proof of Sarah's father Nancy Blackwell
Sarah Elizabeth O'Connor July 21, 1856 Edwin A Young n/a July 1912 born & died NYS mollyandcarlg
Sarah Frances James O'Connor, Lucinda not given Donald Lee not given not given James emig ca 1811 Donald E Lee
Simon O'Connor, Connor, Connors ca 1810 in Ireland, poss Raharney, Westmeath Ann (possibly O'Neil) to the USA (New York) by 1845 >> Ill >> Minn bef 1870 child-Lawrence, bros-Mathew, Patrick Julie S. Jurenka
Stephen Thomas Connors (O'Connor), Bridget Hanley ca 1822
Kilcolman & Coolcappagh,
Co Limerick, IRE
Mary O'Brien (Maria Brien) 1859 South Africa 1895
Port Elizabeth, So Afr
chld-Patrick, Ellen, Bridget, Margaret, Thomas, Ann Connors Michael Rust
Stephen Thomas O'Connor, Abigail ca 1828, poss Dublin, Ireland Elizabeth Ann Dalton 1851-1854 to Canada; 1856 to US 1881 Lexington, MO was a shoemaker Robert Schamber
Susie Timothy O'Connor, Mary Ellen O'Shea ca 1872-5, Kildysart, Co Clare Walsh unknown Phila PA ran bdg hse in Phila 1890s, 14 sibs incl Anna, Bridget, Mary, Mgt, Cath, Martin Annamarie
Sydney Bernard Connors not given Celeste Louise unknown 1949 sib:  George, Margaret, Ann lived in Boston MA Stephen B Connors
Terence Connor 1886?
not given not given not given chld-John m Mary Smith, their chld-John Joseph, Margaret, Michael Jade
Terrence or Terrance Connor 1757 in Ireland probably Sarah Jane 
Speake, 1780 Fairfax Co, Va
To VA bef 1780 1841 in Rome, Perry Co, IN not given Marilyn Carr Scott
Terence Patrick Patrick Joseph O'Connor 1907
unknown lived in Ireland till 1928 unknown twin sister died as a girl Sheila Foreman
Thomas Thomas Connors, Ann Low 1833 Ann Jane Simmons emig before 1858 Ontario, Canada > Michigan, USA, 1882 Married Ann James Simmons in Toronto, Ontario in 1858 Carol Simmons
Thomas O'Connor Sept 19, 1856
not given emig South Africa at a young age not given not given Rose O'Connor
Thomas O'Connor 1819
Jane Mogan not given 1880
not given Mike Belgum
Thomas William Connors, Mary Ryan/Collins 1837
Johanna Wall 1854 1913
Streator, IL
m Eureke IL Susan Connors Sheehan
Thomas Patrick Connor/O'Connor, Elizabeth Deen/Deane 6 Jun 1849 unknown unknown unknown Elizabeth from Castlegregory, Co Kerry;  siblings-Michael, Ellen (Flynn), George, Francis (NZ), James (NZ), Patrick, Honora (Sullivan) Maureen O'Connor
Thomas Michael O'Connor, Mary Judge 7 Nov 1888
Longford, Ire
Mary McLean 1911, Ellis Island, NY
date unknown
chld: one d young, Thos WWII may have been wounded; bro John emig Boston Clive O'Connor
Thomas (Tom) O'Connor unknown
poss Illinois
unknown n/a
from Illinois area
unknown in WW2, 60th Inf 9th Reg; Germany 1945, child b after he returned to states; a sister; mother d 1945 Tanja Ilse
Thomas (Tom) James O'Connor(s), Mary Ginnevan 1858
not given maybe El Paso, Texas not given not given Catherine O McLoughlin
Thomas Connors ca 1813
Castlequarter, Ballymacaberry, Waterford IRE
Margaret did not emig 2 May 1883
dgt-Honora b 1843 d 1898; son-Michael Mindy Morgan
Thomas James Conner ca 1765, Kilrane
Co Wexford
Magdalena Walley unknown May 1827
Toby, Clarion Co PA
chld-Catherine, John, Elizabeth, Nicholas, Peter, Mary all b 1798-1812 Susan M Conner
Thomas Patrick D O'Connor, Honora J Madigan Ireland Ann M Doyle ca 1850
Boston MA
ca 1920
So. Boston MA
emig w/parents, bro-Timothy, sis-Mary Ann, Bridget Bob Tennihan
Thomas Michael Connor Ireland Elizabeth Carroll betw 1845-48
not given son-Henry Edward Nathalie
Thomas Michael O'Connor ca 1867
Emma (Marlor) Carney ca 1885
One of five bros left Ireland-3>ENG, 2>USA Peter O'Connor
Thomas O'Connor ca 1853 Huhana Maori New Zealand 1903 Captain in the Irish Fusiliers; wife chieftainess from Gisborne NZ Easta Williams
Thomas O'Connor Ireland Margaret Ashland KY 1894
Ashland KY
of the Don Clan, chld-Michae, Sarah, Hanora Carol Messina
Thomas Timothy O'Connor, Catherine Flannagan Dec 26, 1847
bapt Tipperary Par, Co Tipperary
unknown unknown unknown sibs-Catherine, John, Ellen, Hanora, James, Thomas; 3 and parents emig Troy NY Pat Connors
Thomas Connor 1845
Elizabeth Canoll in 1881
in Liverpool ENG
not given m pre 1868 Nathalie
Thomas Denis O'Connor, Mary Colfer ca 1842
Wexford, Ireland
Sarah Jane McGee ca 1850 Mar 6, 1924
Perkins MI
m Lindsay, Ontario, CAN Patricia Binns
Thomas Conner 1819
NY or NJ
Mary Sause n/a ca 1890
Brooklyn NY
parents emig from Athlone bef 1819 d when Thomas was a boy, raised in MI, ret to NY Eileen McDonnell
Thomas Martin Conners 1858
Chelsea MA
Mary Dwyer n/a 1944
Chelsea MA
sis-Julia, Nellie Kathy Collins
Thomas Connor Aug 1865 Ida Jane Dodson 1870 unknown not given Peggy Powell
Thomas O'Connor ca 1763
Co. Kerry
Sarah Cash nee Pledger bef 1796
St Helena Island
St Helena Island
bro Patrick remained in Ireland, uncle Thomas O'Connor Conrod Mercer
Thomas Connor 1828
Mary Emerson Leeds, Yorkshire ENG 1828-63 unknown children:Mary, Patrick, Winifrid, Thomas Katie
Thomas William O'Connor, Johanna Sheehan Co Kerry
Mary Power 1849
New York
Rochester NY
sibs; William, John, Margaret; all emig NY w/father Catherine Green
Thomas Charles Connor 1902
Felling, Gateshead, Co Durham
Jean (Mary Jane) Forster none 1984
(Easter Sunday)
Family names:  James, Catherine, Francis, Susannah, Charles, Rose, Rebecca, Marry Ann, et al. Valerie Taylor
Thomas Patrick O'Connor unknown Bridget Calahan not given 6/25/1912
Anselmo NE
b in Cork, Ireland Donna C Frueh
Thomas Conner, Connor Derryherk, Knockvicar, Boye, Co Roscommon Mary McGreevy to NY unknown not given Nancy Tweedie
Thomas unknown O'Connor ca 1826 unknown unknown 8/22/1867 killed by gunshot as police officer in Portland OR Lori
Thomas Thomas Connors, Gertrude ? 1/20/28 Simone M Lalonde not given 1/19/88 sibs-Leo, Betty, chld-Stephen, Andrew, Paul, Mary Rose Andrew M Connors
Thomas Conner 1678
MD or Ireland
Margaret Cleary Ireland > MD Aug 4, 1768
bro-John, chld-Thomas, John, Rebecca Cindy H Faunce
Thomas O'Connor ca 1800
Co. Clare
Elizabeth McCann 1823
New York City
1860  Venango County, PA not given Jean Brauns
Thomas Connors ca 1830 Bridget Fury Jersey City NY by 1856  after 1880 bro-in-law John Leary. Child-Bridget, Margaret, Richard, Edward, John, and Mary. William Morgan
Thomas James O'Connor, Connor & Bridget ca 1834 not given 2/26/1847 unknown arrived aboard the Ashburton Bob
Thomas Alexander Conner Alex Indiana Emily Stewart did not emig ca 1865 Buffalo MO Native American from praire IND Brooke Wilber
Thomas James Connors, Catherine Farrell ca 1831      Co. Wexford Bridget Anastasia Tinan,Tynan ca 1858 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1903 Westford Twnshp., Richland Co Wisconsin child-James, Catherine, Thomas, Bridget, James H Bob Connors
Thomas Catharine Reeser, Atvill Conner 1859 Shenandoah Co VA Nora Barron n/a 1932 Independence, KS siblings: Cora, Fannie, Atvill, et al Jean Lesslie
Thomas Thomas Connor, Mary Stewart Oct 12, 1842 Ireland Mary E Willard Early 1860's  Naturalization 1866 Houston, Minnesota Jan 15,1901 Murray Co, Minnesota Second wife - Cecilia Dufficy Mike Connor
Thomas O'Connor Athlone Teresa Power child(ren) emig to NY, Montreal unknown child-Thomas, Teresa, Eleanora, John, Anastasia, Mary, all b 1848-62 in Athlone Sheila Foreman
Thomas William Conner b 1819 Matilda Tabour /Tabor unknown Aug. 23, 1854 Allen Co. Ky father born ca 1799 B. Dalton
Thomas Connors unknown 1838.Ann Casey unknown unknown child-Catherine, Thomas, William, Margaret, Grace, Patrick, Joachim Joanne Connors
Thomas unknown ca 1826
Co. Kerry
Elizabeth Teahan did not emigrate children Maurice and Kate emig-NZ
children:  Mary 1846, Maurice 1854, Kate 1852 Trish Jensen
Thomas C Conner (O'Conner) ca 1799
Co Kildare, IRE
Elizabeth Owens not given 1835 mugged and died in Brooklyn, family moved to Pattsville PA w/Horncastle family Gayle Clews
Thomas Charles Patrick O'Connor, Bridget Callahan 15 Aug 1832
Maria J O'Brien thru Canada 25 Jun 1912
buried St Patrick's cemetery, Missouri Valley IL, 8 chld Susie Green
Thomas Francis O'Connor 1832 Brigid Murrigan Canada Strathroy, Ontario none given Joe O'Connor
Thomas Henry Conner not given not given Canada not given not given Steven Akehurst
Thomas J Thomas (O) Connor, Catherine McSweeney betw 1878-1888 Catherine Moore 1904-5 Jun 6, 1953
Chicago IL
loved on Braque La, Tralee, Co Kerry, Ireland Nancy Blackburn
Thomas Jefferson Patrick Conner, Mary Lanham 1803 Rebecca Beall not given 1853 not given Ginny Walton
Thomas Joseph unknown May 1, 1846
Mary (Mollie) Louise Hill 1st Darlington, England
Boston MA 1869
Jan 11, 1937
Elgin, Texas
married 2/23/1890 Travis Co, Texas, moved to TX 1879, Find A Grave #14115401, child Edgar Hill b 1890 d 1964, FAG #178759950 Edward F White
Thomas Joseph Connors Massachusetts not given n/a not given son-Francis Joseph Burke whose mother was Mary Burke Kathleen E Kelly
Thomas P Thomas Patrick O'Connor, Johanna May Bowen Mar 17, 1864 Lorinda Mary Marinda Smith not given 1936 m Dec 24, 1885 Loretta
Thomas Patrick Patrick Joseph Connors 1848
Hilda not given 1936
Orbost, Victoria AU
not given Louise Atherton
Thomas Patrick O'Connor, Connors 1837 Johanna May Bowen pre 1867
Hamilton, ONT, CAN
chld-Thomas, Patrick (d BC CAN), Edward, Mary Ann, Lizzie Kelly O'Connor
Thomas Peter John? Connors ca 1860s
Catherine McNulty New York City 1930's unknown Poughkeepsie,NY -uncle Felix >> bradford, pa >> san francisco, ca Kevin Connors
Thomas "T.V." Stephen O'Connor Toronto, Canada Bridget Carney To Buffalo, NY 1875 1935 head US Shipping board under Pres. Harding, Coolidge, Hoover. Eileen
Thomas Wood Elmer H O'Connor, Alice E George Feb 28, 1904 Helen I Vandine not given Aug 16, 1970
Danville, Montour Co, PA
buried-Huntersville Cem., Lycoming Co Valerie Bieber
Timothy Denis O'Connor, Hanora O'Connell June 21, 1871
Lower Kilconlea, Abbeyfeale,
Co. Limerick
Ellen Agnes (Nellie) O'Connell unknown
before 1900
Dec 8, 1924
Worcester, MA
Married in USA, his Dad may have also come to USA, possibly Chicago IL, where Tim's sister, Josie, settled/married Heidi Zisch
Timothy O'Connor 1849
Margaret Keeley 1850 Spencer, MA chld-Timothy, Martin, James, Francis, Mary, Katherine, Julia Lee O'Connor
Timothy O'Connor ca April 1810 Johanna S Lynch ca 1821 1 Aug 1904
Staunton VA
chld-Mary A, Patrick H, Hannorah, James R, Margaret E, Edward F, Elizabeth C, George W, Charles T Jessica Rollins
Timothy Michael Connors, Mary Buckley 1881
Winnifred Mulherin 1895
St Paul MN
St Paul MN
sibs-Mary, John, Edward, Michael, Don, Ellen, Johanna, James, Thomas, Margaret, Patrick, Denis K. F. Ryan
Timothy O'Connor 1883-5
Monkstown, Co Cork
Christina Chisholm 1901 Australia 1976
Albany, Western AU
left Royal Navy 1901, sis- Mary b ca 1874, cousin in Co Cork Bethwyn Gawned
Timothy O'Connor ca 1855
Kilcolman area,
Co Limerick
Catherine Kennelly did not emig unknown Timothy eventually took over property of Catherin's father, John Kennelly, whose wife was Mary Connors.  Timothy & Catherine maybe 1st cousins Beryl O'Gorman
Timothy O'Connor ca 1845? unknown unknown not given witness for naturalization of Patrick Hannon, Monroe Co PA 1868, worked D, L & W RR Elaine Hannon
Timothy Patrick Connors, Mary Tobin Apr 7, 1795
Co Wexford
Catherine Ray 1816 King's Cove, Newfoundland Jun 17, 1887
St John's
not given Jack Connors
Timothy unknown O'Connor ca 1865 Jane Crawford ca 1850
Worcester MA
1865 chld-Mary, Bridget, John, Jeremiah, Timothy: moved to Providence RI Tom O'Connor
Timothy Michael Connor,  Catherine Coffey Upper Blackwater,  Co Kerry, Ire not given US in 1909 in New York not given JoAnn Stamp
Timothy O'Connor Connors ca 1787   Cecilstown,
Co. Cork
Elizabeth Gregg 1825 Peter Robinson Program to Canada 1827-8
Ontario CAN
emig from Mallow, Co Cork; Child- Eliza, Jane, William, Mary, Edmund, Ellen, Mgt, Michael Nancy Thompson
Timothy James Connors, Margaret Walsh 1793 Catherine Goldsworthy to King's Cove 1815>>Tickle Cove, NFLD 1830 1870 from Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford Keith Connors
Timothy Dennis Connors, Ellen Sheehan 1877 Ellen Reagan before 1901 1924 Lincoln St CharlestownMA  7 kids,  Helen born 1901 Terri Mallard
Timothy Bryan O'Connor
Ann Gallagher
ca 1810
Bottomstown, Knockainy Parish, Co Limerick
Catherine Flanagan
b Co Tipperary
1863 to NYC >
Troy NY
Troy NY
m 1828 Tipperary Parish, cld:  James, Catherine, John, Ellen, Hanora, Thomas (all bapt Tipp Par) Pat Connors
Timothy unknown Feb ca 1750 Eleanor McCullough Westmoreland Co., PA 29 Aug 1815 not given Bill Duehring
Timothy O'Connor Mulingyroogeen, Banteer Co. Cork Hanorah Cronin did not emig unknown Child-Daniel Joseph, Mary Agnes,Jeremiah Vincent , Katherine M, Julie or Julia , Michael, Margaret, Timothy all b betw 1879-91 Jose Torrealba
Timothy unknown
Co. Limerick
unknown did not emig lived at Lighthouse in or near Knockauntee, buried Abbeyfeale 1920's-1950s siblings:
Patrick, Hanora, Bartholemew
Miles Robert James Wilson
Timothy Patt Connors Mary Tobin April 7, 1795 Catherine Ray 1815 June 15, 1887
St. John's, Newfoundland
Lived in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford before emigrating Jack Connors
Timothy O'Connor ca 1850
Banteer Co Cork
Hanorah Cronin unknown did not emig eldest son b 1879
Banteer, Co Cork
Timothy J John O'Connor ca May 23, 1829
Mary J Forham (Ford) 1846 Philadelphia, PA, ship-Wyoming? Nov 13, 1913
Philadelphia PA
could be from Castleland, County Kerry David O'Connor
Timothy Malachias Dennis Connor 1826 Agatha L Mitchel not given 1899 not given Bill Duehring
Truman John Connor, Lillie Mar 17, 1904 not given not given Apr 1984
last address on Staten Island NY
1910, 1910 lived on Staten Island NY; 1940s Canaan CT; 1949 Great Barrington MA; 1955 Caanan CT Bill Domineau
Victor Joseph Charles J O'Connor, Annie E Coley 4/4/1906
Vicksburg MS
Lenaetta M Johnson n/a 1/16/1994
Vicksburgh MS
m 1925; chld-Mary E, Lenaetta, Victor Jr; WWII-Navy; police officer Krissi Kahn
Vincent Hugh O'Connor, Bridget Brophy Blakestown,
Co Kildare
Catherine Markey 1912 NY 1949
Noroton Hgts CT
none given Maura E Foster
Vincent Stephen O'Connor, Alice not given marcella ?? not given just starting research on family tree Michael
William Dominic O'Connor b ca 1829
not given not given not given not given Terry Johnson
?? may be William unknown ca 1830 + unknown name, b
1852, settled in West TN, Shelby or Fayette Co. unknown 1871 in Moscow, Fayette Co, TN bro James Martin CEandJO
William Thomas O'Connor, Hannah Gunn Mar 3, 1878
Co Kerry, IRE
Gertie Howell May 21, 1902
Ellis Island on the Majestic
betw 1939-46 chld-Thomas B, Curtis Emmitt, Helen, Edward, William Christine Reed
William William O'Connor, Ethel May 30, 1907
Christina n/a Apr 9, 1980 none given Harold W O'Connor
William O'Connor, Bridget Reilly 1845 Katherine Sullivan 1858
Co Galway
none given Kathleen Donovan
William John O'Connor, Alice McCormick ca 1838
Clonmel?, Co Tipperary, Ireland
Jane Bourke unknown 1922 Monegeeta, Romsey, VIC, Australai wife b 1839 Pallasgrean, Co Limerick d 1871; res New Zealand; miner on 1864 m cert (AU), 1909 farmer, Woodstock VIC AU Robyn Bridges
William (Bill) Edward O'Connor, Mary Rooney betw 1865-70
Catherine Gallaher from Ireland to Canada betw 1837-47
Calgary, Canada
farmed in Marmora, Ontario > Calbary AB Linda McKevitt
William O'Connor Liverpool,
England UK
Carmela Salmon late 1800s
Peru, SA
Ecuador emig to Peru to work on RR; son-William; GrSon-Guillermo (William) Ivan O'Connor
William Michael Connors, Mary Callaghan ca 1852
Mary J. C. Petterson bef 1876
New Zealand
Akaroa, NZ
a mariner who settled in NZ bef 1876 Robert O'Connor
William Conner 1823
Malinda Elsey n/a 1899-1900
Pierce City, MO
wife b 1829 TN; m IN 1844; 9 chld b IN; in Tarrant Co TX 1880, MO 1890; son Wm F, gson Wm W, all carpenters Sue Rhodes
William John Connors, Mary/MaryAnn? ca 1842 Mary Burke ca 1870
NY state
1911 most family life in Tipperary, close to Limerick Donna Toole
William William Connors, Mary Ryan ca 1822 Ellen Mulcahy transported to Tasmania as convict 1893
chg name back to O'Connor; maybe fro Limerick; sibs-Michael, Mary, Catherine Anne O'Connor
William Michael Connors Gorey
Co Wexford
Mary Cranwill not given bet 1897-1911 lived in Ballycanew, Co Wexford Rose
William Connor Aug 30, 1890 Harriet Curtis left NY @ 16 yrs May 1967 bro Arthur of Iowa, sis E. NYC Mike Connor
William O'Connor ca 1811
Niagara Falls
Ontario CAN
Elizabeth Throne unknown 1875 New Lisbon WI chld:  Wm, Jacob, George, James, Elizabeth Joan O'Connor
William John O'Connor, Hannorah McDonald 1849 Buttevant, Co Cork Johanna Coleman 1865 1908 New York City sibs:  Cath, Mary, Brid (Delia), Marg, Jer, John Agnes Taylor
William not given not given not given aboard "Fortune" 1621 not given In Plymounth MA, would like to know parents and any other info Gary W Conner
William Conner ca 1832 Ohio Mary Elizabeth Creamer n/a unknown child-Edward, Rosco, Frederick Debbie Titus
William Patrick Conner, Mary Lanham Abt 1797 Susan Alexander not given not given not given Ginny Walton
William Connors Ireland Ellen Hickey Maitland NSW AU
bef 1849
1883s at
Tumut NSW
Catholic Kath Connors
William Conner unknown unknown unknown Shenandoah Valley of VA, 1840 Child-James, Mary "Polly," Nancy, Ruth, Elizabeth, Martha, Lavinia, John C., William, Samuel Nancy Rogers
William unknown Ireland Mary Ryan or Mary Collins emig-NYC
Famine Era
unknown son, Thomas b Ireland 1837
marr-Johanna Wall, Eureke, Illinois USA
William Albert Conner 1798 Elizabeth Bridges Dalton not given 1862-96 may be related to William Conner who emig to VA, name later chgd to Connor Patrick Jones
William Andrew James A Connors, Laura A Crawford May 18 1881 Mary Alice Ring not given Mar 24, 1931 IN not given Mary Lou Kuhn
William E James Connor, Ann McLoughlin Ireland Mary Adelaide Goetchius (Goetchins) bef 1850
from Ireland
ca 1900 m St Ambrose Church NYC 1868; chld-James E, William, Gertrude, Robert Pat Connor
William Christopher William O'Connor, Eleanor Dublin, IRE
(Beggars Bush)
Maria Louisa Myers not given not given Chg surname to WILSON upon arriving US; blockage runner for CSA in Civil War Andrew Wilson
William Coley James W Conner, Amanda M Thurman Casey Co, KY Daisy M Tapscott born KY May 25, 1979 none given Norma Buchanan
William Edward William E Connor, Ella E Foxx 1878 Brooklyn NY Gertrude V Lynch did not emig 1855 Rochester NY   Robert E Connor
William Edward George Connor, Harriet Kilmartin 1848 Fort Monroe VA Ella E Foxx did not emig
gfath from Co Wexford
1894 Brooklyn NY Civil War drummer boy w/ 14th Reg, later minstrel, plumber Robert E Connor
William Francis William O'Connor Tasmania Emma Braxton n/a unknown lived in Tasmania; Emma's parents were convicts from England Linda Mayer
William Girard Joseph O'Connor Massachusetts Lois Rivard, Ryan n/a 2001 was 1st State Trooper in MA James O'Connor
William Henry John O'Connor/Connors, Mary Ann Hutson March 13, 1847 Emily Cripps Deesa Camp, Bombay, Gujarat, India by 1866 (see notes) presumed So Africa Returned to England Dec 26, 1876, in Pinetown, Natal, South Africa by 1885 as a member of the 81st Regiment Basil Royston
William Matthew Connors unknown Laura Defries unknown unknown Monroe County, NY; Worked at Eastman Kodak early 1900s son-Wm Albert Michael Connors
William P Connors 1842
Mary A Burk ca 1870 1911 champion runner; chld-Richard, Patrick, John, Edward, MaryAnn, Katie, Julia, Agness all of NY Donna Toole
William Patrick John? Connors not given Maryann Thomasovich not given not given m in Michigan; chld-Michael Patrick, Susanne; bro-Edward m Pat, Lansing MI Aliceanne Connors
William Risk James Connor, Elizabeth Malvina Feb 1, 1835
Connersville IN
1. Suzannah E Brown
2. Sarah Clark
n/a Feb 5, 1919
Barton OR
William and Sarah buried in Lone Fir Pioneer Cem in Portland OR; S. Brown b in Scio OR Debbi Reeves
William S Charles W Connor, Elizabeth St Clair Oxford County
Emeline Mercer 1873 Newayfo Co MI > VA by 1880 1887
Oxford Co, Ontario, CAN
none given Carol Baldi
William Stephen William O'Connor, Kleen O'Brien 1905 not given not given not given lived in Carlton, Melbourne, Australia Alana O'Connor
William T James C Connor, Hannah Doyle Nov 5, 1877
Evanston IL
never married did not emig Aug 18, 1958
Evanston IL
not given Elaine M Watson
William T. O'Connor Bartholomew O'Conners, Nora Reagan 1872, Ireland Cathrine Flannery  marr: 1896 unknown 07/1950:Cleveland, OH none given William T. O'Connor
Winifred Martin Connor, Mary 1838? Patrick Bones (Bowen) ca 1882 1910-1912
Philadelphia PA
Lived on bros (Luke, John) property in Tawnyinagh Upper, Co Mayo, Ireland Diana Cameron
Winifred O'Connor 1843 Gerald Lamb did not unknown lived in Co Longford kathy
Winifred unknown
sis-Ellen or Helen
Liverpool, England
unknown didn't unknown appears as a visitor age 17 on the Co. Clare 1901 Census Carol Kenny
Winifrid Thomas Connor, Mary Emerson 1868
Leeds, York ENG
Thomas J Duffy NYC
unknown dgt Sarah (Sadie) b 1888 Katie
Winnifred Martin O'Connor, Margaret Muldowney Sept 1837
Co Mayo
John Stack ca 1852, in Peoria by 1855 June 16, 1900
Peoria, Peoria Co, ILL
children:  Mary, Margaret, James Thomas, Anna E, John S, Bartholomew Matthew, Winifred Bernice, Edward, Martin Andrew, William Peggy Kimbell
First Name Parents Born Spouse Emigration
Died Comments



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