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First Name Parents Born Spouse Year of Emigration
Place, etc.
Died Comments Contact
Malcom David Connor, Doreen 1948, Swansea Eileen not given not given GPO Engineer Malcolm Connor
Margaret James/Patrick O'Connor, Mary Cullen
or Thomas O'Connor, Ellena Hayes
1843 Carlow & Kildare
1833 Co Limerick
William Donkin before 1862
Jan 1893
Staffordshire, Eng
Likely family members were likely travelers. Ms Donkin D.
Margaret O'Connor 1823-1826
Co Roscommon
James Houlehan early 1840s Dec 10, 1903
Tomohawk WI
mother may have been England, husb, James from Co Kilkenny on same ship when she emigrated; lived in Fond du Lac WI abt 1858, 8 chld, buried St Stephen Cemetery in Steven's Point, WI Kathy Gianotti
Margaret O'Connors 1765
Cahir, Co Tipperary, IRE
John Mason n/a Cahir
Tipperary IRE
sons-John & Charles emig to Australia w/families on ship, China-arr Sydney 1839 Erin Matia
Margaret Connors Ireland William Connelly n/a prob Ireland dgt Catherine m Patrick Doyle in Ireland, most chld b Ireland Libby Quanstrom
Margaret O'Connor Ireland
prob Co Kerry
Dennis O'Connell St Louis MO St Louis MO none given Kathleen Kissel
Margaret Thomas Connor, Mary Burke 12 Apr 1889 none unk date
1 Mar 1960 looking for more on my Grand Aunt, like where buried in Brooklyn; 1858 lived w/Anne Murphy wid w/5 chld Rachel O'Connor
Margaret Timothy Connors, Mary Leary 1883
Murragh, Bandon, Cork
Michael J Sullivan, Kerry 1904 NY >
Cambridge MA
Norwood MA
prob from Bengour East or Farnalough; 6 chld-godparents (relatives?)-Julia Dineen Regan, Ellen & Margaret Connelly Mike Brown
Margaret Michael Connors, Catherine Bray 1834
Lackanagoneeny, Doon, Co Limerick
Thomas Hoare 1859
Victoria AU
5 Oct 1912
Tuapeka Otago NZ
m 1862 Kyneton VIC David Dunne
Margaret O'Connor ca 1780 John Murphy unknown unknown not given Ron Marshall
Margaret John O'Connor or Connor ca 1893
Kilkenny, Ireland
Charles Caruana ca 1920
Cardiff UK
m 1922, father flour miller, poss sibs-Bridget, Patrick Lynne
Margaret Conner 1884
Co Clare
Michael Shannon 1901 US
Cambridge MA
1920 cldn: Mary, Joseph, Margaret, Gertrude Francie Ryl
Margaret Patrick O'Connor, Margaret Monohan Blakestown
Co Kildare
Thomas Murray 1894 NY 4/18/1951
Darien CT
known as 'Baby' Maura E Foster
Margaret David Connor, Sarah Hudson 1838 Frederick J Foster not given not given m 1857 Merring AU, 9 child, last 5 born in NZ Ross Andrew
Margaret Timothy O'Connor, Mary Ellen O'Shea ca 1862 Kildysart, Co Clare Frank McSherry unknown Phila PA 14 sibs incl Mary, Anna, Cath, Susie, Bridget, Martin Annamarie
Margaret Connors ca 1804 Jeremiah Desmond from Dunmanway, Co Cork Oct 27, 1875 buried in Bras d'Or, Nova Scotia Don Desmond
Margaret Eugene Connor, Ellen Dugan Tralee, County Kerry James Michael Daly did not emig not known not given Jim Daly
Margaret Connor poss Co.Cork Malachi Linehan did not emig, child-AU, USA unknown child-Ellen, Patrick, Michael, James Denyse Bonney
Margaret Farrell Connors, Margaret Ryan 6/20/1829 unknown unknown unknown unknown Margaret Connors
Margaret Cecila Patrick Connors, Catherine Broderick 1894
John Larkin Bean did not emig 1/16/1969 parents emig late 1850; sibs:  Dan F, poss Ellen 'Nellie' Connors Young Margaret Cecila
Margarette A. O'Connor 1873
New York NY
Francis A Thompson n/a unknown may be from Richmond Co, Staten Island NY Amy
Maria Patrick Connor, Ellen Kearns 30 Jun 1875
Glasthule, Rathdown, Co Dublin
unknown not given unknown sibs: Sarah, Bridget, Patrick, Ellen, Mary Ann, Catherine, Agnes Mary Karen K Kiss
Martha Connor not given 1. James Pierce
2. John Hames
not given not given related to R.C. Connor jjuby
Martha Jane James O'Connor
Martha Moore
April 17, 1844 1. James Dewitt Herrick
2. Henry Sinner
b New York Aug 4, 1923
Bridgewater, Adair, Iowa
Chld-HERRICK: George T, James, Emma, Charles, Florence.  SINNER: Walter H., Christian, Margaret, Myrtle, Millie, Minnie Jeffrey Lynn Gross
Martin ? O'Connor 1870s?
Ardfert, Co Kerry
Nora Carroll Ardfert, Co Kerry > Holyoke MA 1950s
Holyoke MA
chld-Carroll, John J, Margaret all of Holyoke MA Dylan O'Connor
Martin Thomas O'Connor, Ann Nov 10, 1841 Catherine E Farrell 1858 USA Jul 30 1906
West Point NY
career soldier at West Point 1872-1903, served Spanish-American War in Cuba Bob Gallagher
Martin Dominic Conners ca 1833
Bridget Murphy unknown July 4, 1868
Chelsea MA
fought in Civil War w/Company M, 4th Cav. Reg MA Kathy Collins
Martin Timothy O'connor, Mary Ellen O'Shea betw 1860-88, Kildysart, Co Clare Eleanor? unknown Phila PA 14 sibs incl Anna, Mary, Mgt, Cath, Bridget, Susie AnnaMarie
Martin J Jno O'Connor, Margaret? 1871
Elizabeth Cannary/Kinnery? 1890 1911
Milwaukee WI
3 chld-Joseph, Eugene, Nellie; wife d 6 yr aft Martin; chld orphaned when oldest was 11 Erin
Martin J O'Connor Nov 1868 Elizabeth Leonard May 1884/1894
New York
New York Lived in Manhattan, moved to White Plains NY Mariann Hughes
Mary William, Johanna 1854 James Thomas Smith unknown yr
poss. Brisbane
date unknown
nil Greg Smith
Mary John O'Connor, Ellen McMahon b 1844
Co Clare
Thomas Mooney arr Victoria, Australia, pre Dec. 1867 Feb 9, 1902
Lord Howe Island, Aust.
possible family members:  Margaret and Nellie (sisters) in Victoria Aust; poss cousin/uncle Michael in Hokitika, New Zealand Mary Mooney
Mary O'Connor ca 1841
Sydney, Australia
Frederick Prussing n/a Jun 28, 1890
Grenfell, NSW, Australia
poss married Yass, NSW, Australia, Apr 12, 1862.  Husband, a gold miner, arr 'Java" from Hamburg 1854 at Pt Phillip Bay Ray Cowan
Mary Timothy O'Connor Dec 1852 John Francis Mills 1864 Nov 1933 none given John Mills
Mary O'Connor, Fahey 1835
John Gillis 1850s to Canada? 1900 lived in St John, NB, Canada John Gillis
Mary Ned Connors not given Edmond Crowe n/a unknown from Inchinsquillib townland, Toem parish, Cappawhite RC parish, Co Tipperary No Riding Kate Holloway
Mary Connors 1833
William Lindsey not given 1915
looking for connections Mim
Mary O'Connor 1818
Michael Donovan unknown 9 Dec 1887 m 1842 Vicksburg MS; chld-Johanna J, Jeremiah, Michael, John J, Thomas P, Mary Catherine Ed Schultz
Mary John O'Connor, Elizabeth Downey 1816
prob Limerick, Ireland
not known England unknown none given Bill Braden-Brown
Mary O'Connor ca 1816
Co Kerry
Laurence O'Brien 1852
New Zealand
on 'Inchinnan'
22 Dec 1914 looking for ancestors in Ireland & NZ; husband was in East India Coy Maureen Van Veen
Mary Conners 1811 John Iveson UK 1875
Sunderland ENG
husband b 1801 from Hayton, East Riding, Yorkshire, in 1851 census in Sunderland, Durham ENG I Gibson
Mary Connor, Conner 1803
New Jersey
Daniel Kennedy Harris not given 20 Feb 1847
Allensville, IN
none given Deirdre N Bolduc
Mary Bridget Connors 1832
Co Limerick
John Arbuthnot 1830s 21 Dec 1913
St Catherine's, Ontario CAN
none given Kathy
Mary John O'Connor, Bridget 1870 James Doherty lived in Ireland unknown father poss. part of 11th Hussars Regiment sent to India Jenny Ryan
Mary Edward O'Connor Ireland John F Burke late 1800s Gardner MA my gr. grandmother Kathleen E Kelly
Mary Connors 1826-8 John Johnson/Johnston 1861
after 1886
from possibly Dublin City or Co. Dublin Marion
Mary Connor Mar 17, 1809
Co Kerry
Maurice P Shea 1847
Montreal Quebec
Dec 26, 1904
Montreal Que
husband aka the Last Survivor of the Battle of Waterpool Xenia Stanford
Mary James O'Connor, Hannah Curtan 1843 Richard Hoare 1862
New Zealand
Kerrytown NZ
none given Richard Malloch
Mary Peter O'Connor ca 1853-4 Charles McCarthy Boston area 1918 emig from Drumahaire regions of Co Leitrim Joseph McCarthy
Mary O'Connor 1803 John Carpenter 1809 1884 lived Stockbridge & DeRuyter, Madison Co NY George R Carpenter
Mary Connors ca 1840 John Noonan did not emig unknown from Flagmount, Co Clare, IRE; chld-Bridget, Catherine, Mary (to Tasmania AU), Nellie, Patrick, Anna, John, Josephine, Cecilia (Cleveland OH), Michael, Margaret, James Tim Drake
Mary Andrew O'Connor, Katie not given Christopher Moore early 1900s
Apr 1988 grmother Julia Donovan m James O'Connor Joan Moriarty
Mary James O'Connor, Mary Fleming ca 1889 Harry B Gray not given ca 1976
Scotia NY
older sister Elizabeth d Schenectady NY Nancy Van Schaack
Mary Connors ca 1812
Kilcolman, Coolcappa Parish, Co Limerick
John Kennelly did not emig unknown looking to see if Catherine Kennelly Connors (Thomas) is related to Mary Beryl O'Gorman
Mary O'connor ca 1812 Dublin
Golden Bridge
Daniel McCormack
Norwich CT
1893 chld: John, Mary E, Honora T, James, Bridget, Thomas, Daniel J, Julia, Michael, Daniel, Denis Marian Russell
Mary Thomas O'Connor, Mary Cunniffe 1903
Bantry Co Cork
not given 1924-25 1951-52 not given Mary J Mirque
Mary James O'Connor, MaryEllen Costello 1886 not given 1903 NYC from Co Cork 1991
Green Bay WI
lived to 107 yr Mary Hooker
Mary Timothy O'Connor, Mary Ellen O'Shea 1863 Kildysart, Co Clare John McCarthy unknown 1950 Phila PA 14 siblings incl Bridget, Anna, Mgt, Cath, Susie, Martin Annamarie
Mary Conners 1858
Westport PA
Thornton Barnes Fields did not emigrate 1901 Conneaut, OH not given Elsie Berg
Mary Michael Connors, Mary McCormack Limerick City, Co. Limerick James Plow Townsville, Australia, 1886 1909, Croydon, North Queensland not given Brenda Koster
Mary Thomas or John Thos Connors & Catherine Burke 1853 W.VA. Edward Ross WVA>PA Allegheny Co., PA Siblings: Anna, Alice, Catherine, James/Jim, Mary   child- E.John T., Gertrude, Louise, Margaret Irene, Thomas C. S. Wilson
Mary Christopher O'Connor, Isabella 1921 Seadown, near Timaru, NZ John (Jack) Quigan born in NZ 1998 Woodville,NZ none given nicola bentley
Mary unknown ca early 1800s William Froon (or Frewen or Fruen or Frune) Not sure if left Ireland unknown Daughter Mary Jane (or Jane) born Ca 1835, Doon, Limerick Mary Jane >>Australia bef 1857 Queensland Alice Peters
Mary Farrell Connors, Margaret Ryan 9/16/1827 unknown unknown unknown unknown Margaret Connors
Mary Agnes Patrick Connors, Bridget Sullivan Oct 5, 1884
Drumcollogher, Co Limerick
Patrick J McCarthy Jun 26, 1902 Dec 31, 1962
Chicago IL
in US was O'Connor; husband from Milford, Co Cork Michael Andrews
Mary Agnes Michael O'Connor, Ellen Moran 1863 Claude Edward Brook pre 1930
1949 looking for more info on ancestors Susan Conway
Mary America unknown 1825 Ohio Peter Nickles unknown unknown child-Christiann, David Connor, Catherine Amanda Rette Bidstrup
Mary Ann Timothy O'Connor, Hannah Leahy 1844 Jeremiah Sullivan unknown 1923 4 chld-John Patrick, Deniss Connor, Timothy James, Mary Alice; lived in Williamsport PA Lisa
Mary Ann Connors 1831 thomas Ryan 1856
Victoria AUST
Geelong, VIC
husb from Bunratty, Co Clare; m Limerick 1855-6;ship "The General Hewett" with son, Bob, inf Fran
Mary Ann William Connors, Mary Cranwill Ballycanew
Co Wexford
Frederick Russell England 1930 lived in Birmingham Rose
Mary Ann O'Connor 1825
Maurice Shea not given not given m St Josephs, liv Albany, 11 chld Ernest M Shea
Mary Ann Patrick & Mary Conner 1813 Allegany Co., MD Joseph Robinett did not emig 1880, Dark Co., OH not given Ginny Walton
Mary Ann O'Connor Ireland Charles Barthlomew Butler 1800s Pickham UK unknown 22 child-Charles, Frederick, Bartholomew Pat Edwards
Mary Ann Daniel O'Connor
Jan. 2, 1864 Peter J. Linn 1885 11/6/1951
bef emig:lived in Cloonarara (near Tubbercurry), Co. Sligo sibs: James,Margaret,Catherine, Teresa, Thomas Anne Marie
Mary (Anne) Michael Connor(s) not given Peter Kennedy did not emig unknown from Portarlington, Co Leix/Laois, poss sibs: William, Michael, Margaret, John Colette O'Rorke
Mary Ann (Annie) Patrick Connor, Ellen Kearns 23 Apr 1879
Glasthule, Rathdown, Co Dublin
Elias Prior 1894 unknown chld: Nellie, Francis, Albert; sibs: Sarah, Bridget, Andrew, Maria, Patrick, Ellen, Catherine, Agnes, James Karen K Kiss
Mary Ann Theresa Michael O'Connor, Mary Ann Purdue or Perdeaux c 1857 Enniskeane, Ballyneen, Co.Cork, Ireland John Gamble in Brisbane, Q. Australia 1873 to Queensland, Australia 24 May 1924, Brisbane information sought about ancestors in Ireland  Mary Thit
Mary Colette Timothy M Connor 1862 Charles Duehring not given 1914 not given Bill Duehring
Mary Elizabeth John O'Connor, Mary M Bowler 4 Jun 1890
Boston, Suffolk, MA
Albert E Trombly n/a Jan 1937 husb d 1976 Columbia MO; fath b 1862 Caherciveen IRE; moth b 1878 Reycastle IRE d 1923 C McDonald
Mary Elizabeth James O'Connor - Connor, Bridget ca 1851 not given did not emig 2/21/1921 born in New York Bob
Mary J Arthur O'Connor, Anne McCrossan ca 1886-9
Philadelphia PA
unknown n/a unknown lived on Brooklyn St & Westminister ave; 1910-30 censuses-schoolteacher, bookkeeper, accountant Gerry Kirk
Mary Jane John O'Connor, Mary Aug 1861 Michael B Croker bef 1882
unknown none given Robert Shubinski
Mary Lucy James C Connor, Hannah Doyle Sep 18, 1879
Evanston IL
never married did not emig Nov 25 1963
Evanston IL
not given Elaine M Watson
Mary M.  Thomas O'Connor, Mary Gaines? ca 1835 John Sullivan ca 1869 US 1913 lived in New Bedford MA probably from the region of Tralee, County Kerry (in either the Annagh or Ratass Parish) Francine Weeks
Mary Victoria (Minnie) Connors ca 1852 John (?) Sullivan, Maurice Farrell ca 1858 ca 1943 arr NY orphan w/bro James, moth died at sea, fath died earlier also at sea John Maguire
Mathew Mathew Connor, Margaret betw 1826-1830 Anna Atchison Brown ca 1847 1896
Ness Co, KS
lived Linn Co, IA 1852-1880s; chld: Simon, Margaret, John, thomas, Mary, Agnes Shannon Christian
Matthew Michael O'Connor, Bridget Taylor March 17, 1840
Near Shannon River, Co Galway
Bridget Hogan
from Tipperary
Waimate, NZ, then TAS & Melbourne VIC, Australia July 24, 1925
Northcote, VIC, AU
brother, John, came to VIC also John Hosie
Matthew Matthew O'Connor b 1828 Offaly (Kings) County, IRE
father, Matthew O'Connor
Suzannah (Susan) Cooke Jan 16, 1851 Australia aboard "Ascendant" Feb 2, 1883
South Australia, Australia
Listed as "Farm Servant" (in Ireland), married Mar 15, 1854 Kenton Valley, SA, Australia Rebecca O'Connor
Matthew Connor 1831 Galway Mary to England 1873 worked Eston Junction, Middlesborough/ dgt Kate m William Allman Jacki Hartnett
Maude Catherine J. O'Connor Fort William, Ontario CAN 1880 Mike O'Neill unknown ca 1922 children:Daniel Edward,Joseph, unk birth info from 1881 Can Census of Algoma Dist Penny O'Neill
Maurice O'Connor 1893
Co Kerry
Mary Murphy 1927 from Canada to Holyoke MA not given 5 children John Baker
Maurice John Connors, Mary Connery Nov 7, 1838
Two-Mile Bridge,
Co Waterford IRE
Mary Dunne ca 1860 Mar 31, 1926
Worcester MA
1870 census in Worcester, possible Civil War Naval veteran Helen DiPilato
Maurice Conner unknown unknown unknown after 1785
No Carolina
Family legend: b Ireland > VA; m German woman, her parents lived in VA; lived in NC > VA disappeared from NC Paul Hawes
Maurice Patrick O'Connor, Margaret Fraher 1840 Apr 19
Ballylooby Par.
Margaret Condrick 1861 NZ via
New Zealand
sibs-Margaret, Patrick, William, James, Michael; all from Tubrid Helen O Kingi
Maurice John Connors, Kate ca 1828 Catherine Lynch transported to Australia
arr 1853
3 Mar 1870
Franklin, Tasmania
native of Kerry where he went on trip for sheepstealing Mar 1848; four children Poppy Lopatniuk
Maurice O'Connor ca 1800
Tralee, Co Kerry
Mary Lynch 1832, Huntingdon, Quebec CAN unknown bro Michael, son Joseph James O'Connor
Maurice Connor 1854 Ireland Sara Bennett Ogdensburg NY >> Altoona PA early 1900s child-Anna, Maurice, William, Fran, Richard, Edward Joanie Connor
Maurice Thomas,
Elizabeth Teahan 
1854 Mary Frances Courtney 1881
Gisborne NZ
>ca 1878-80
New Zealand
par from near Ballyfinnane, Co Kerry; sibs-Catherine m James Talbot Ginborne NZ Trish Jensen
Michael Connor
parents unknown
Killarney, Co Kerry, Ireland
Bridget Ryan ca 1860-62
Sydney, Australia
Oct 31, 1888
Harden NSW
children:  Anne Nora, Mary Ellen, John, Bridget, Michael J, Catherine, Thomas, Patrick E, Joseph, Margaret Jane Catherine Connor
Michael not given ca 1785 Catherine Hehir
Cratloe, Co. Clare
not given not given Only child, John, b June 1811, baptised: Cratloe, Co. Clare, June 19, 1811 Cara O'Connor
Michael parents unknown ca 1783
Co. Leix, Ireland
Mary Murphy
1813 Nova Scotia Jan 12, 1868
No Brant, Bruce Co.
Ontario, CAN
children:  Francis b 1832, Martin b. 1835, John b. 1838, James b. 1840, Mary H., b. 1843. Kevin Knibbs
Michael Michael Conner/Connor November 1, 1866
Galway, Ireland
Sabina Cavanagh/Kavanagh 1896/7 Cornwall, 1901 Co Cork Mar-May 1948
Portsmouth, England
betw 1894 lived Galway, Cornwall, Cork; Lieut. R.N. & Coastguard, mar Sep 8, 1894, Galway; children: Mary Ellen, Michael Joseph, John Thomas M. Joyce
Michael Patrick O'Connor 1868 Bridget Howard, 1874-1964 did not emigrate 1942
Kilworth, Co Cork
buried in Kilcrumper Cemetery, married ca 1907, residence-Knockanebohilly, chld-Patrick, Anne, Alice, Nelly, Margaret, Ben, John, Thomas; sis-Margaret, Ellen, Mary, Kate Yvonne Coe
Michael Patrick O'Connor, Johannah Brown 1836
parents from Tipperary
Anne Shannon ca 1855
Melbourne AUS
ca 1892
Barcaldine, Queensland
father was a butcher Gary O'Connor
Michael Connor 1848
not given not given May 21, 1927
Lancashire, ENG
dgt-Elizabeth (Murphy) b 1881 d Oct 3, 1920; sons Thomas and Johnny; buried in St Helens Denis A Mee
Michael Connors ca 1829-46
May have been born in Co. Cork
Mary Dwyer Australia not given May have been mar in Ireland, had 7 boys, 2 girls, (Patrick, Mary) some b Ire.  Sister, Mary murdered in Launceston, Tasmaia, AUS. Patricia M Connors
Michael Michael Connor, Ellen Barry Cuil, Annascaul
Co Kerry, Ire
Mary Curran
m Feb 19, 1865
1860s Chicopee MA 1891 chld-Thomas, Mary E, Dennis, Michael, Hannah; bro Michael & sis Ellen stayed in Kerry; sibs emig-Thomas, Terrence, Margt, Cahterine, Jane Maureen O'Connor
Michael Charles Connor, Catherine Kelly ca 1839-41
Co Roscommon
Honorah Connolly Dec 20, 1861
abr 'Lillies'
Dec 29, 1895
Bowman's Forest, Victoria AUST
bros: James & Patrick immig to Australia Gail Buswell
Michael Patrick O'Connor/Connor, Elizabeth Deen/Deane Feb 22, 1847 unknown unknown unknown siblings-Thomas, Ellen (Flynn), Francis (NZ), Patrick, Honora (Sullivan) Maureen O'Connor
Michael O'Connor/Connors Limerick Mary Dwyer Hobart, Tasmania, Australia Mar 24, 1927 don't know if convict?, had 6 boys-Patrick b Port Sorell & 2 girls-Mary murdered in Tasmania Patricia M Connors
Michael O'Connor ca 1815
Cork, Ireland
Mary Healey ca 1863 1895
Rhode Island
chld-Michael, John Healey, Isabella who d 1877 @ 17 in RI Nancy O'Connor
Michael Michael O'Connor, Mary ca May/June 1833
Ballinderry, Co Westmeath
Elizabeth Maguire 1864 Melbourne AU, abd 'Morning Light' Dec 9, 1889
Garvoc, Victoria AU
wife b Ballinderry; m in Tubber/Rosemount Parish 1863; bros-George, Patrick Bernie O'Connor
Michael Joseph O'Connor, Mary Lynch ca 1829
Co Kerry
Johanna Tierney ca 1854
Victoria, Australia
12 Aug 1916
Werribee, Victoria
m in Australia 1855, O'Connor had farms around Werribee P.  O'Connor
Michael Garet O'Connor, Mary Duhig ca 1816-26
Bruff or near Bruff
Co Limerick IRE
Hanorah Hastings n/a bef 1901
Bruff, Limerick IRE
wife d bet 1901-11 Bruff; 4 chld (maybe more)-Michael-emig QLD Aust d 1913, Patrick-emig QLD Aust d 1891, Johanna & Joseph both in Bruff 1911 Brendan
Michael (O) Connor 1857 Ellen not given 1929 none given Barbara Carter
Michael Jeremiah O'Connor 1855
Croom, Ireland
Ellen Ryan 1877-78 Australia 1929
may have gone to USA bef Australia; came as crew; policeman, m 1880 Eileen Hundy
Michael Michael O'Connor, Mary Sullivan May 1847
Abbeyfeale, Co Limerick
Margaret Curtin n/a 1896 a baker, dgts (Mary Ann, Bridget, Honora) emig to Australia after mother's death; was there a son? Peter Burke
Michael Connor (poss Michael & Honor) ca 1827
Honor Callaghan not given not given m 1854 Carracastle Parish, Co Mayo; chld (b Co Mayo)-Mary, Michael, Patrick, Honor, Catherine, Michael, Anne, James, Martin (1855-77) Laura
Michael John Connor, ?? Giblin 1874
Bridget Kane not given Feb 11, 1958 chld-Mary Anne, John, Patrick,, Martin, Martin born Roscommon; Bridget d giving birth to Martin Thomas Carty
Michael Michael O'Connor 1830 1. Ellen Gary
2. Johanna Barry
Waterford NY
St Mary's Cem
Waterford NY
was a building contractor; 8 sons-Michael, Benjamin, Joseph, William, John, Thomas, Patrick, Edmund (priest) Michael R Rainey
Michael James O'Connor Limerick not given 1860s
1900 emig with brother, James Kerry Lawless
Michael O'Connor 1825
Derrymore Par.
Tralee, Co Kerry
Ann Burns 1849
St Mary's of the Lake Cem.
many descendants in Syracuse NY area Matt Duda
Michael Thomas O'Connor, Mary Connell Aug 23, 1889
Holyoke MA
Annie O'Rourke n/a 1971 bro-John, b Holyoke MA Maureen Thomas
Michael Patrick O'Connor, Bridget Keneely Glenaster
Co. Limerick
Catherine Dalton Sydney NSW
16 Oct 1913
at 33 yrs
bro-P (Patrick?), sis-Catherine (Kate); chld-Mary, Bridget, Margaret Vince Fagan
Michael OConnor, Connors Ireland Hannah Madigan not given betw 1864-68 sons-Thomas, William; lived Cheapsid Village, part of Deerfield now Greenfield Liz Banas
Michael Michael O'Connor, Honoria 1880 Hannah Galvin n/a 18/01/1962 Bawnaglanna, Currow, Co Kerry Gerard Murphy
Michael Conners Ireland Hannorah Madigan not given 1860s lived in Greenfield MA, m 1850s, cld b Cheapside, Deerfield MA; Thomas, Michael Liz
Michael Jeremiah Connors, Abby Shea ca 1840
Co Kerry
Mary Danahy bef 1861
Hopkinton MA
Jul 5, 1915 child-John, Michael, Bridget; b 1862-70 Hopkinton MA Michael Danahy
Michael O'Connor, (mother Keher?) ca 1835
Julia Sinclair 1856 in MN by 1872 Jul 4, 1906
Stearns Co MN
cldn-Catherine, Chalres, James, Isaac, William, Celia, Anna, Mary, Julia Gretchen Flynn
Michael James Connor, Eliza Byrne 6/6/1844 Teresa Murphy poss Liverpool 12/13/1873 or 1874 sea captain Wicklow, cld-Eliza, James, Joseph, Mary Teresa Catherine O'Connor
Michael O'Connor Lakes of Kilarney area,
Co. Kerry
Ellen O'Connor 1847-52?
Springfield MA
Woonsocket RI
cld: Mary, Daniel, Julia, Ellen, some b Ireland Kathleen O'Connor
Michael Jeremiah O'Connor, Margarita Flaherty 1840
Co Kerry IE
unknown USA unknown sibs: Ellen, Patrick, Jeremiah Maureen Sharp
Michael Michael O'Connor, Mary Sullivan 1847
Abbeyfeale, Co Limerick
Margaret Curtin 1885
Dunwich, Qld, AU
occup:baker David Craig
Michael Michael Connor, Mary Casey 1833
Co Westmeath
Elizabeth Maguire 1864
Melbourne AU
9 Dec 1889
Victoria AUS
older bros: George, Patrick, all bapt Rosemount & Tubber, Co Westmeath Bernie O'Connor
Michael O'Connor 1776
Elizabeth Betts ca 1825
Rawdon, Quebec
Rawdon QUE
cld: Michael, James, Elizabeth, Catherine, Margaret, Beddy, Bridget, Mary, Patrick? Beth Orsi
Michael Michael Connor, Mary Casey ca Jun 1833 Elizabeth Maguire Jul 26, 1864
Melbourne AU
Dec 9 1889 par maybe from Ballinderry Co Westmeath area, bros George, Patrick Bernie O'Connor
Michael Michael O'Connor, Abina/Abbey Bradley 1862 New Hampshire unknown par & sib emig C'Island, Co Kerry >Boston > NH unknown sibs:  Lawrence, Ellen/Helen, Nora, Mary F, John F, Winifred Dona
Michael Michael O'Connor, Margaret Carmody 1835, St Johns, Limerick City, Ireland Elizabeth Perrin in New Zealand New Zealand 1918 in Wellington NZ sibs Patrick, John, Bridgid Les Pratt
Michael Thomas Conner,  Ann Casey Placentia Bay, Newfoundland Mary Fitzpatrick Buried Mount Carmel, NFLD Oct.31, 1935 descs:Capt. Thomas J. Connors/ St. John's, NFLouis J. Connors/ Brooklyn, NY. Joanne Connors
Michael Patrick? Conners, Mary ca. 1823, Ireland Ella Elizabeth ? McNerny? not given ca. 1891, Campbellsport,
Child: Patrick; Bernard Henry, MaryAnn, Hannah Maria or Mariah; Ella Elizabeth, Don Becker
Michael Connors Ireland Bridget? 1871 from wales to scranton pa unknown 4 child james, michael,margaret, bridget concovar
Michael unknown unknown Marie P. Cote Canada unknown ca 1942 in RI Children: Irene M, James, Richard F. M.A. Merola
Michael Connor, O'Connor ca 1815 Castleisland Parish CoKerry, poss Portduff Abbey/
Deborah Bradley
ca 1856 1862-1870 in NH Bro-Daniel; Child-Nora, Mary, Lawrence, Ellen, Poss Charles, John, Michael,Winifred.  Donalene
Michael unknown ca 1824,Killalee
Agadoe Parish
Co. Kerry
Mary Hall
Nova Scotia
bef 1855 brothers-
Joseph b 1826
William b 1825
Joseph, Bart, Mary, Elizabeth, Ann, John, Michael
Fran Connors
Michael unknown b 1815
Co. Kerry
Abbey Bradley
ca 1815
children: Nora, Lawrence, Mary, Johanna b Co. Kerry John, Michael b NH Donalene
Michael Maurice O'Connor, Mary Lynch ca 1812
Tralee, Ireland
Catherine Savage 1832 St Anicet, Godmanchester, QC. CAN 1864
Huntingdon, QC, CAN
has brother James Gerry Leroux
Michael Michael O'Connor, Mary Sheehan 1877
Julia McCarthy in NJ in 1902 emig-to the US in 1900 from Paisley, Scotland and landed in NYC unknown  lived with his sister Mary and  husband Maurice Bennett in Jersey City, NJ jackidcamp
Michael Farrell Connors, Margaret Ryan 7/26/1833 unknown unknown
perhaps USA
unknown unknown Margaret Connors
Michael F. Bridget Connors abt 1881 Viola Hagar unknown abt 1940 Lived in NYC @ 318 123rd St. in 1920 Fred Hazen
Michael Francis Thomas O'Connor, Mae Connors Newcastle West, Co Limerick 1932 Ann T O'Donnell 1955 NYC Oct 1987 sibs:  Sean, Elizabeth, Ia, Eily, Daniel; chld: Maureen, Bridget, Annie, Michael T Maureen Baxter
Michael James Michael O'Connor
Catherine Hehir
July 29, 1862
St Mary's, Ontario
Catherine Moran
Apr 25, 1865
did not emigrate Michael d Sept 11, 1933 of cancer emigrated from possibly Co. Cork, Ireland Cara O'Connor
Michael John Michael O'Connor, Mary Collins 1868, Co Cork Minnie Ackerman not given 1941 not given Renee Weston
Michael John Michael
unk mother
Co. Cork
Nov 1857
Elizabeth Kane
1882 Co. Kildare
ca 1884-9
Rochester PA,
Oct 1932
Guyandotte, WV
chld: Mary/Mayme, Roger Patrick, Philomena, Albert (Happy), Rasanna, Gerald SLC
Michael Joseph Connors 1865
from Co Wexford, Ire
Anna Bridget O'Brien ca 1888
Philadelphia >
Columbus, NJ
August 1851
Columbus, NJ
chld-James, Mary, Johanna, Anne, Elizabeth, Patrick Colleen Callahan
Michael Joseph James O'Connor ca 1844 Elizabeth McLaughlin 1871-2
unknown m in Limerick 1867; chld-Mary E, James P, Daniel J, John A, Edwin B, Christopher K, Charles M and ? Kathee O'Connor
Michael Joseph James Connors,  Anastasia Curry Holyoke, Mass Marie P. Cote not given January 23, 1943 Sibs: Edward, James J. ,Eleanor, John, Thomas, Alice M. Merola
Michael Joseph O'Connor 1832 Strokestown, Co. Roscommon 1849/50 Bridget Nerney son Michael Joseph to Patterson NJ 1884 unknown child-Patrick, Michael Joseph John F X O'Connor
Michael Joseh Fealand O'Connor 1837 Sarah Montgomery 1870
my gr grandfather Yvonne Parker
Michael Thadeus O'Connor 1844
Catherine Courtney bet 1864-67
Ulster Co NY
Detroit MI
lived Ypsilanti MI > Detroit; wife b Co Cork; chld-Cornelius, Michael, Timothy, Abbie, Thadeus, James Vicki Tobias
Michel Bernard Patrick Connors November Jan Harley Nichol Penman not given Mar 7, 1986
fath b HAGEN adpt CONNORS; may be from New Brunswick; fath in military Michel Connors
Mildred Thomas O'Connor, Ida ca 1908
unknown n/a unknown sibs-Mary b ca 1905, Thomas James b ca 1920 Diane C
Millard William Charles Hollis Conner, Nanny Grace Furr Jan 8, 1906 Lauretta Agnes Warren Amboy IA Jul 12, 1987 Cld: Donald, Mary Louise, Marjorie Ann, Nancy Jean, Theresa May, Jacqelyn Marie Jackie Bain
Minnie Gertrude Thomas Connor, Mary Willard Nov 10, 1872 Murray Co Minnesota Gustafson and Roberts n/a Jun 1, 1941 Spokane Washington  not given Mike Connor
Morris Thomas O'Connor, Elizabeth McCann 1843 Susan Rhodes 1832
New York USA
Oil City,
fath b 1810 Kerry, Ireland; moth b 1815 Ireland Bonnie Owens
Morris Daniel Connor, Margaret Farrel Apr 8, 1851
Catharine Donovan n/a Jun 10, 1923
Albert Lea
moved to Bath MN; chld-Ann, Nell, Patrick, Margaret, Thos, John, Daniel +? Robin Lindenberg
Morris Maurice O'Connor, Nora Herron Bath MN not given n/a child? 14 children b 1901-18 Owatonna MN Robin Lindenberg
Myles Patrick O'Connor, Anne Cunningham Kilbaha,
Co Kerry
not given 1899
Poughkeepsie NJ
not given cousin-Mary Leahy; sis-Josie Carroll, Nora Manley, San Francisco Denise Murphy
Nancy O'Connor 1834 Israel Frederick Wenzel unknown 1893
Newtown CT
chld: Katherine, William, Anna, Frederick, Julia, Stephen Catherine Lawson
Neil Michael O'Connor, Frances 1939 Hilda May 1974 Jun 1997 none given ME O'Connor
Neil Patrick Connors, Louisa Nail ?? Ireland not given Newport, South Wales, AU not given not given Joe Connors
Nicholas Connor 1792
Co Meath
Mary Lynch 1828 NYC 17 Dec 1857 not given Marvin Connor
Nicholas Connors 1851 Carolne Cooley unknown not given not given Karen Lucero
Nicholas John Connor(s), Catherine Shea 1848 Eliza Horan to Belleville Ontario  1850 >> Chicago 1888 1913 from Slieverue, Kilkenny, child-Nicholas, Mary Catherine, Hannah,Patrick John O'Connor
Noah unknown unknown Sarah unknown ca 1808 possibly Maine, USA son-William b ca 1808  Maine Angela Foster
Noah Elmo Conner abt.1805, Bertie County, NC Harriet Castellow parents emig from Ireland bef 1860, Bertie County, NC Thomas, William or Wright could be father. Likely to be Thomas Dawn Conner-Jeppesen
Nora Richard O'Connors,
Elizabeth Sweeney
bef 1859
Co Cork or
So Limerick
unknown with sisters Katherine & Mary 1880/1
Bridgeport CT
unknown other sibs ended up in Australia, may have gone to USA first Jim Magner
Norah Michael Connor 1887 Christopher Dillon not given 1921 m 1909 Lancashire ENG Bev Whittaker
Norah, Hanora, Eleanora Conners
ca 1853 poss Limerick area William Hunt betw 1888-1906 March 6, 1906
Holy Name Cemetery, Jersey City NJ
chld: Mary, Martin Eileen Healy
Owen Michael O'Connor, Joanna Ronan poss Dunmanway, Co Cork unknown ca 1830
Leeds County, Ontario
unknown bros-Charles, Daniel Margaret Brennan
Owen J. O'Connor 1834, Co Sligo, Ireland Margaret Logan New York before 1866 unknown child-Catherine Maria, Honora Letitia, Margaret
Ellen, Owen Walter, Andrew John, Frances Agnes
Kim O'Connor
Patrick Connors ca 1825, Ireland Bridget Mahon ca 1850,
West Troy, NY
West Troy, NY
Children:  Andrew, Mary Ann, Timothy, James, Rose, Catherine, Margaret Elizabeth Lynch
Patrick Patrick O'Connor
Julia O'Sullivan
late 1880's
Waterville, Co. Kerry, Ire.
unknown NY late 20's
California 30's
San Francisco, CA Worked whole life for Mackay Transatlantic Cabel Co. as radio oper; POW in 1st and 2nd World Wars Jean Livingston
Patrick Martin O'Connor, Margaret Muldowney ca 1835
Co Mayo
Mary Kelly by 1835
Peoria, ILL 1858
April 4, 1887
Peoria, ILL
Killed by a freight train as he had gone deaf as a result of serving in Civil War Peggy Kimbell
Patrick Thomas O'Connor/Connors 1834
Shanagolden, Limerick, Ireland
Mary Lynch bef 1856
Melbourne, Australia
Sept 1, 1893
Carlton, Victoria, Aust.
married 1856 in Melbourne, Aust. Barbara McAlary
Patrick O'Connor 1880
Co Cork
Catherine Lenihan Boston MA > Philadelphia PA 1973 oper restaurant & bar at 13th & Commerce St, Phila, until 1960 Bob Humes
Patrick O'Connor March 1850
Mary Lynch 1872 Laramie, Wyoming US not given m 1881; chld b 1886-91-Kathy May, John, Mary, Jean (m Francis W Best), Agnes, Ester Kelly Neff
Patrick O'Connor 1880-1905 Nora Flanagan n/a unknown wife from Killernan, Kilmaine, Co Mayo, son Patrick Desmond b 1937 d 1963 was handicapped Greg Flanagan
Patrick Timothy O'Connor, Julia Leary ca 1850

Ahaneboy, Knockaunatee, Castleisland, Co Kerry, IRE

Honora Kenny not given Aug 22, 1928
Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham ENG
lived in house 'Lighthouse' in Ahaneboy, over 300 yr old and family still living in it today Jeanne Reilly
Patrick Thomas O'Connor, Jane Morgan Jan 4, 1870 Ida Belle Cannady not given Sept 24, 1955
not given Mike Belgum
Patrick James Connor, Kate Walsh 1840 Elizabeth Newton Ireland > UK not given not given David Cuffley
Patrick Connors 1829
Mary McKenzie emig to Newport, Wales betw 1863-85 none given Paul Sullivan
Patrick Connor ca 1863
possibly Cork
Mary Euphemia Wilson Natal, So Africa 1912 a platelayer on So African RR; kind on RR line, crushed by train engine Fiona Gayther
Patrick Thomas O'Connor, Mary Flaherty (?) 1828 Marcella Mary Farrell not given 1892-1900 not given Peg
Patrick O'Connor Ireland Honora unknown
lived Clinton IA
unknown date
Clinton IA
poss m Castlebar IRE 1800s; chld-Mary, Thomas Thomas E Barnicle
Patrick Connors unknown Margret unknown unknown last know location:  Southern Wisconsin Alex Connors
Patrick Connor ca 1848
Bantry Bay
Catherine not given betw 1891-1901
Woolwich, London
served army in Inda 1871-90, pos 18th (Royal Irish) Regiment; dgt Mary Agnes b Ire ca 1871; dgt Cather b Inda ca 1878; 1891 fam lived at Armstong St C Miley
Patrick O'Connor ca 1788
Co Kildare
Margaret Monaghan did not emig 1881
Blakestown, Co Kildare
sis Catherine b ca 1801 in Blakestown, lear Leixlip.  Maura Foster
Patrick O'Connor ca 1803
Ann betw 1847-53 unknown wife b ca 1815; son Philip b 1847 Ire; son Frederick b ca 1852 WI, poss Milwaukee; laborer Susan Rees
Patrick O'Connor Mar 1, 1827 Bridget O'Brien ca 1854 18 Jun 1924 from Co Clare; farmed in Missouir Valley IA; chld-Mary, Ellen, Anna, Agnus, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Susan, Johanna, Emmeloria, Maurice, James Charles O'Connor
Patrick (Paddy) O'Connor/Connor County Clare
not married 1799-1804
Cork > Sydney
1804  Fiji Island
Rewa, Fiji Islands
in army-Irish rebellion 1798; sent to Cork > convict ship to NSW; found trans by mistake and set to liberty Tish Byram
Patrick Connors Ballyferriter Mary Barry not given not given not given Karen Murray
Patrick John O'Connor, Johanna Courtney 1835
Mary O'Connell n/a Ireland m 1893, wife-b 1842 Caherciveen; chld-John 1862-1931, Patrick, Michael, Bridget, Mary d 1938, Deborah d 1933 Cat McD
Patrick John Connor, Margaret Rooney ca 1861-2 Mary Agnes McMillan went to Scotland 1910 none given Susan Sylke
Patrick Michael Connors, Mary Buckley 1859
Margaret Rowles 1880
Cannon Falls MN
sibs-Mary, John, Edward, Michael, Don, Ellen, Johanna, James, Thomas, Margaret, Tim, Denis K. F. Ryan
Patrick John O'Connor, Bridget 1872
Deesa, India
not given lived in Ireland unknown father poss part of 11th Hussars Regiment sent to India Jenny Ryan
Patrick Maurice O'Connor England not given not given not given British soldier in Inda James O'Connor
Patrick O'Connor not given Elizabeth Hanley did not emig 1911 was a stone mason; chld-Mary Josephine, Kathleen, Joseph, James Pat O'Connor
Patrick O'Connor, Connors ca 1848 Hanorah bef 1880
Houtzdale PA
bef 1900 chld- 7 in 1880 census; 1900 census 3 more chld found living with older chld, no parents Kathleen Blumenschine
Patrick Gordon O'Connor not given Jessie Townley 1956-7
not given poss dgts-Esme, Helen P A Williams
Patrick Daniel O'Connor, Catherine Hallisy 1842
Co Cork
Catherine Hessler ca 1869
Loretto, Lawrence TN
08 Feb 1936 from Inchigeelagh Parish, Co. Cork; may have workd on NC & St L RR Chris Augustine
Patrick Peter O'Connor, Elizabeth Kelly 1852
Drumahaire or Co Sligo
Elizabeth Mullane 1871
Peabody MA
1938 sibs-Daniel, Peter, Margare, Bridget +, 12 sibs Michelle Michel
Patrick Connor(s) Ireland Catherine Mahon not given not given lived in West Troy (Watervliet) NY; dgt Catherine m Joseph F Haigney moved to Brooklyn NY ca 1900 Liz Lynch
Patrick Thomas P O'Connor (Connors), Johanna M Bowen 1837 not given pre 1867
Ireland > England
1869 > British Columbia CAN
or later
worked for railroad in BC Kelly O'Connor
Patrick Joseph John Connors, Hannah Connelly Woolway
n Cooma NSW
Helen (Ellen) Collins n/a Dec 16, 1926
Liverpool, NSW, Australia
chld-Mary Ann, Evangeline Margaret, Thomas Patrick, Clare Magdalen Michelle Evans
Patrick O'Connor unknown Elizabeth (Eliza) ca 1828
Australia as a convict
1891 sent to 7 yrs for extracting an illegal oath; went to South AU 1836-7 Yvonne Jonas
Patrick Patrick Connor, Ellen Kearns 30 Jun 1875
Glasthule, Rathdown, Co Dublin
unknown not given unknown sibs:  Sarah, Bridget, Andrew, Maria, Ellen, Mary, Catherine, Agnes, James Karen K Kiss
Patrick John O'Connor 1828? Joannah Murphy England West Ham, London m 1858 Stratford Cth. Chapel, West Ham; chld-John, Thomas, Mary Maureen Bartlett
Patrick O'Connor ca 1800
Cliffoney, Co Sligo, Ireland
Catherine Finan 1834-35
New York City
after 1880 carpenter Dennis
Patrick O'Connor Ballycastle
Co. Antrim
Ellen Cassidy Plattsburg NY > Charlottenburgh ON not given bro Jack m Mary Ryan Gladys Hummel
Patrick Connors 1848 Ireland Mary Graham 1870
1900-30 Portage Co OH
Portage County OH
1932-Grand Islae NE, chld: Michael, Catherine, Patrick, Martin, Dennis, Mary. Gwen Jackson
Patrick O'Connor Roscommon
Margaret Medill from Downpatrick in 18? Kingston vicinity? m in Madras, India 1837, son Patrick m Martha Gear in St Johns N.F. 1866 Maureen O. Fitzpatrick
Patrick Joseph J Connors, Hannah Connelly 1848, Dist of Manaroo NSW, AU Helen Collins n/a 1926 Liverpool, NSW, AU father, convict, b ca 1812 Galway arr AU 1832 Michelle Evans
Patrick Connor, aka O'Connor ca 1834 Deborah (Gobnet, Gubby) Sullivan lived in Co Kerry, did not emig Glenbehy, Ireland chld: Ellen, Catherine, Mary, Jeremiah, Julia, Eugene Gael Corris
Patrick Phelim O'Connor, Bridget Crystal 1850 Drumcliff,  Co Sligo 1) Mary Kelly
2) Bridget Cummings
ca 1873 San Francisco 1915 not given Tamy
Patrick Patrick O'Connor, Mary Dooley ca 1828 unk location Mary Morris ??
Pittsburgh, Kentucky, Clarks Co Ind
1863 Cooper in Pittsburgher PA
poss sibs: Mary, Catherine, William
Kate O'Connor Robertson
Patrick James O'Connor, Connor & Bridget ca 1837 not given 2/26/1847 July 1887 came aboard Ashburton Bob
Patrick Connor June 9, 1881 Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny Anne Kennedy 1919 Vancouver, BC, Canada January 4, 1964 Vancouver joined 18th Royal Irish Regiment, in Boer War Susan O'Connor
Patrick Alex Connors Castlegrace Co Tipperary unknown to England London England 1902 joined the British Army, had left by 1878; Alex was a
Veronica Gaoua
Patrick Conner unknown Mary Indentured to George Smith 20 Sep 1746 1814 Lived in Turkeyfoot Twp, Bedford Co., PA Ginny Walton
Patrick O'Connor abt 1825 in Ireland Margaret to Michigan after 1846 unknown Wayne Co, Detroit, Mich, child-John,Margaret, James, Bernard,Andrew Wendy Campbell
Patrick Conner 1765, York, PA Mary Lanham not given 1814 looking for parents Ginny Walton
Patrick Jeremiah O'Connor, Margarita Flaherty 1849, Castlegregory, Co. Kerry Ellen Mahoney to N.Z. 1869-73 New Zealand 1910 sibs:  Ellen, Michael, Jeremiah Maureen Sharp
Patrick Connors, Conners 1803, Ireland Mary Catherine Madden to Australia approx 1861/1863 1868 in Rockhampton, Queensland child- Bridget; Mary; John; Ann & Michael Joy Henderson
Patrick Timothy, & Ellen Keady or Cady abt 1865 in Galway Mary Garrity or Geraghty Boston MA bef 1867 1899 Boston MA gravestone-a native of Kilihan, Doon, Co. Galway Michael White
Patrick possibly John O'Connor 
Bridget Ronan
Co. Cork
ca March 1848 Catherine (Kate) Scully 1860s unknown children:  John b NY, Michael, Margaret, Mary
lived in Decatur, IL
Karen O'Connor
Patrick unknown
Co. Limerick
unknown did not emig lived at Lighthouse in or near Knockauntee, buried Abbeyfeale 1920's-1950s siblings: Hanora, Timothy, Bartholemew Miles Robert James Wilson
Patrick looking for their identity ca 1816/18
Co. Leitrim
Mary Crafton
b 1821
did not emigrate unknown children: Patrick b 1850, Ireland; James, b 1855, Ireland, d Iowa; Bernard, b 1854, Ireland. ANGEL7944A
Patrick John Connor,  Margaret Rooney Cliffoney, Sligo circa 1861 Mary Agnes McMillan to Scotland 1912 Govan Scotland not given Susan Sylke
Patrick unknown ca 1830
Co. Cork
Mary Ann McSweeney,
in Co. Cork
ca 1856
Australia unknown Children:  Michael; Patrick b 1865 Cork who married Therese Klemm in 1897 Ellen Hollow
Patrick possibly
Patrick O'Connor
March 17, 1848, poss. Dublin Mary Connor
b Glasgow SC
after 1892
from Liverpool
ca 1923
prob in NY
Lived at 133 Berry St., Bootle, England (1891 census) Mary Palmer
Patrick unknown 1851 Ireland Hanorie Kenny UK 8/19/1928 UK child Michael,
Miles R Wilson
Patrick Charles John O'Connor, Mary McCartin 1829
Newry, Co Down
Mary Byrnes, Carickmacross,
Co Monaghan
Sydney AU
ca 1858
Poss in US Civil War, started O'Connor Bros Soft Drinks in Redfern Peter Booth
Patrick Dennis O'Connor not given not given Honora Madigan mid 1850s
in Boston MA
chld:  Thomas, Timothy, MaryAnn, Bridget Bob Tennihan
Patrick Edward Edward O'Connor, Catherine Dillon Mar 17, 1820 Johanna 1834 New York City from County Kerry Dec 17, 1891 parent b ca 1800; lived near Killarney & lake area of County Kerry;  married in Redwood CA Aug 14, 1854; changed name to CONNOR when entered Civil War on Union side Shelby Pike
Patrick James O'Connor Mar 23, 1930 Helen Louise Simmons not given Apr 27, 1995 none given Kathleen Collins
Patrick Joseph O'Connor Dec 1900 Nora McCarthy to Canada 1978 entered US in 1927, after living in Canada Peggy O'Connor
Patrick M Michael O'Connor, Catherine Walsh ca 1851 Julia Hegarty did not emig 28 Jan 1892 son, John, emig 1907 NYC, USA John O'Connor
Paul Michael L Connor 1859
Anna Bell n/a unknown parents probably emigrated from Ireland Dennis Connor
Pearce, Pierce Jeremiah O'Connor, Catherine Hannahan 1830-31
Rapides Parish
Anna Biehl
b 1872 NYC
not given 1907
New York City
family in LA bef Civil War; went to NYC 1870; looking for info on LA O'Connors Vincent
Permelia O'Connor, William 18 Aug 1843 John Frost not given 3 may 1919 not given Katherine Broyles
Peter (Captain) unknown O'Connor, Connor ca May 1836
1. Moriah (Maria) Jane Knowlton
2.  Esther Finley Morris
unknown date but very young Sept 17 1911
Harbourville, Nova Scotia, Canada
Family story:  from IRE to New Brunswick; parents died when he was a baby/toddler; at 10-12 to Harbourville.  Frand of Ingram Slocum.  Cabin-boy for Capt John Slocum, had his own schooner for many years MCate Campbell-Connor
Peter O'Connor ca 1821
Mary bef 1848 aft 1861
Burgess, Leeds Co
Ontario CAN
son Anthony b 1848/53; 1901 census-Co Leeds-wife & 9 chld b 1874-91 Ontario Sheilagh Hunt
Peter Connor unknown not given 1800s
1911 none Kevin J Connor
Peter Connors, O'Connors ca 1857 Margaret Henneberry unknown unknown lived in Troy NY Patricia Connors Nowlin
Peter William Connors, O'Connors, Catherine Fitzgerald Jan.20, 1891, NY, NY 1. ? Rea - 1916: 2. Frances Holt- 1944 n/a March 3, 1972, Houston, Texas childhood w/Aunt Ellen in Troy or Albany, NY; child William, Patricia, Catherine Patricia Connors Nowlin
Peter Connors 1853
Bridget Railne or Rial from Cappamore, Co. Limerick betw 1877-94 to So. Island NZ unknown son, William James was born in Invercargill NZ on the 10 Jan 1894 Gayle-Anne Traill
Peter F James O'Connor, Margaret Henry 1864
London ENG
Agnes T Clunan did not emig unknown cld: Margaret, Feargus, Moira Deb Baisley
Peter Francis Patrick OConnell or OConner, Catherine Graney Ireland or Newfoundland Elizabeth Guy not given 1943 in Toronto, Ontario marr Elizabeth Guy; child-Mary, Margaret, John Barb
Peter H O'Connor 1839-41
New York
Mary Conniff n/a bet 1880-1900
Elmore Co AL
chld-Charles, Katy, William, Paul C Eleanor G Hemmes
Peter Paul John O'Connor ca 1908 Mary Darcy n/a not given from Tipperary Theresa O'Connor
Peter W Joseph O'Connor unknown Lucy Boissineau not given unknown lived in Sault Ste Marie, ONT, CAN; m 1820s Dave Boissineau
Philip Patrick O'Connor, Ann ca 1847
Mary Josephine Coleman w/parents
betw 1847-53
Sep 16, 1894
Milwaukee WI
wife b ca 1846 Ire; bro-Frederick b WI; chld-Laurance, Patrick, Philip, Fred, Annie; ship carpenter Susan Rees
Philip O'Connor 1809
Co Wexford
1. Catherine Kelly
2. Margaret Watters
not given 1887
Milford NB
w/Catherine-5 sons; w/Margaret-3 sons, 2 dgts Judy Merrill
Jerry O'Connor, Catherine Drum, Co Tipperary, 1837 1st-Louisa Garrett
2nd-Mary Flynn
1853 Troy NY 1881
St Marys Cem.
Troy NY
chld both wives:  Louise, Minnie, Kittie, Emma, Philip, Arthur, Clarence, Christian, Mary Agnes Jacqueline Pillsworth
Phillip John Connor, Joanna Oct 26, 1834 Johanna Doody New York
Aug 9, 1864
Apr 18, 1874 chld-Michael, Maurice, Johanna; settled 1st in Hoboken NJ Stephen O'Connor
Phillip A. Conner 1754 England or Ireland unknown To Virginia about 1774-5 Jennings Co. IN 1828 Rev. War Vet, Sons Willoughby and John B Richard Conner
Philomen Connor 1771 in Ireland Sarah McLonie not given 1827- near Harrodsburg, Kentucky not given Linda Conner

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