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First Name Parents Born Spouse Year of Emigration
Place, etc.
Died Comments Contact
Garet O'Connor bef 1800 Mary Duhig n/a unknown 1 known chld-Michael b ca 1816 m Hanorah Hastings, Bruff Brendan
Garreth O'Connor 1934/5 not given emig from Ireland to America not given aka Garry, doctor, trained at the Royal College of Surgeons Dublin Mary Lee Woolf
George Charles M O'Connor, Elizabeth Esaw 1879-1882
not given n/a unknown fath worked East India RR, Public Wrks Dept Lucknow, Bengal India Bill Braden-Brown
George Martin O'Connor, Mary Noonan Jan 17, 1866 Ellen Toner not given 1962 not given Mildred O Brady
George Connor ca 1819
Bridget pre 1844
unknown chld in 1861 Liverpool census-Catherine, Thomas, George, William Joh, Ann Jane, James Marilyn
George James T Connors, Elizabeth Campbell 6/4/1902
Troy NY
1. Mary ?
b AU
2. Marie ?
3. unknown
born US December 1967 1st mar: ca 1919 @ 17 yrs; Mt Vernon NY 1930 census-chld: James, Elizabeth, George, Albert Pat Connors
George A James Connors, Sarah Tracey 1825 Fort Scoville ME Harriet Kilmartin father emig from Co Wexford 1817 1904 Brooklyn NY joined Army, fought in Mexican war, bandleader 14th & 8th Reg Robert E Connor
George Edward O'Connor 1848 PEI Ada Brokaw 1874 Arapahoe Co. Colorado  Appears abt 1850 Bangor Me 1878 Leadville, Co First Lawman killed in line of duty Leadville, Co Pat Danes
George H. Thomas Connor, Mary Willard May 11, 1980 Murray Co, Minnesota unknown n/a 9/16/1924 Whitman or Spokane Co, Washington not given Mike Connor
George Hy Henry Connor Tipperary
Mary Connall 1840-50
Wickliffe, Victoria AU
m in AU; chld-George, Henry, Thomas, Mary Winifred York
Gerald Gerald O'Conor, Mary Clinton 4 May 1853
Anne Minogue not given 4 Aug 1938 applied for US naturalization 1880 Steve O'Conor
Gerald Gerald O'Conor, Mary Clinton 4 May 1853 Anne Minogue not given 4 Aug 1938 not given Steve O'Conor
Gerald Connor 1890
Grace Eliza Sidwell Scotland > NZ not given aka Gus, youngest of large family Maria Connor
Gerald S O'Connor Aug 1854 Ireland Mary Riordan 1872 Westfield, Mahden, MA so much is unknown... Marianne L Dagher
Gerald Thomas Frank J Connors, Lillian Sokoloskwa 1932
LA County CA
not given n/a 2003
Hayward CA
sister, Wanda Wanda C Davis
Hannah Conner ca 1855 Henry Selby left Tralee
betw 1873-81
Bury, Lancashire
husb in army; sis Mary m Martin Kelly Kirstie Butcher
Hannah T Patrick O'Connor, Mary ?? ca 1880-1
Killarney, Co Kerry
Daniel M Healy ca 1900 Jan 13, 1907
Chicago IL
siblings: Dan, Tom, John, Patrick, Mary, Keathleen, Janie, Nellie Mary
Hannan, Hannon not given Tipperary not given 1854 Melbourne, Australia not given not given Janette Hannan
Hannorah Martin O'Connor, Margaret Muldowney May 10, 1842
Co Mayo
John Priest ca 1852
In Peoria, OH by 1860
Nov 24, 1891
Barneston, Gage Co., Nebraska
children:  Agnes E, Joseph, John Edward, Andrew, Mary, Elias, Helen Hanora, Elinor Cathereing Peggy Kimbell
Hanorah (Nora) Connors 1843
Co Waterford
Patrick Kelleher n/a 8 Jun 1921
Co Waterford
chld-Bridget, Johanna, Margaret, Patrick, Mary, Ellen, Alice, Catherine, Margaret, Mary; Alice emig NY; Patrick emig CT Cynthia Morgan
Hanora unknown
Co. Limerick
unknown did not emigrate lived at Lighthouse in or near Knockauntee, buried Abbeyfeale 1920's-1950s
Patrick, Timothy, Bartholemew
Miles Robert James Wilson
Harold Earl Connor, Marie Rutherford 2/5/1925 Helen Elizabeth Scott not given not given Terrance, William, Harold Harold Freeland Connor
W. Harvey Conner 1796
North Carolina
Nancy G Moore Simmons n/a Feb 23, 1860
Cickasaw Co, MS
a Doctor; chld-William M b 1818 NC, Dave R b 1820 NC; both chld d MS Malinda C Fairall
Henrietta George M O'Connor, Ann 1860 John Brammer not given 1908 looking for connections to my gr grandmother Jean
Henry John O'Connor, Elizabeth Downey 1850
Westminister, London, ENG
never married unknown after 1891 bec RC Priest; 1881 Eng Census at St Joseph's, Bidford End; 1891 at Ditton Hall, Lancashire Bill Braden-Brown
Henry John O'Connor, Bridget 1882
Jullunder, India
not given lived in Ireland unknown father poss part of 11th Hussars Regiment sent to India Jenny Ryan
Henry Connor 1889
Alice Mary Ross Garston Liverpool >
East Broughton PQ (Sherbrooke) maybe O'Connor in prev. generations Nathalie
Henry Conner 1835?
Emma C Holmes parents from Ireland ca 1900 lived in Eagle Lake Co., TX, Emma from KY>TX Douglas H Conner Jr
Honora O'Connor, Jeremiah; Barrett, Mary 1837
John Kirby Higgins n/a 25 Sep 1916
St Anicet, QUE
11 children from this marriage, 3 children from John's 1st marriage Peggy Higgins
Honora (Nora) Michael O'Connor, Margaret Curtin 1875
Listowel, Co Kerry
Henry Craig 1887
Brisbane, QLD, AU
not given David Craig
Honora Connors abt 1780 Peter Linneen unknown unknown prob from Miltown Malbay Co. Clare; son Michael Linneen Leslie Weller
Henry John O'Connor, Bridget Doyle 1857 Mary A. Harrigan to Portland ME 1873 from Co Carlow 1923; buried Calvary Cem in Portland 7 siblings. Daughters Mary, 
Susan Toomy
Hugh James O'Connor, Teresa O'Leary ca 1821
Co Armagh
Ellen O'Connor bef 1861
Ireland > Canada
1898 Peel Co, Ontario CAN wife b 1832, New Ross, Co Wexford D O'Connor Field
Hugh Edward O'Connor, Catherine Feb 2, 1826
Julia Wener ca 1845
Antrim > USA or Canada
May 20, 1903
Reedsburg WI
lived in Mineral Point WI till ca 1850; near Sacramento CA 2 yr for gold rush > NYC > WI Roland T O'Connor
Hugh O'Connor Mar 11, 1876 not given not given May 20, 1854 ordained to priesthood Mar 16, 1902 Devery Willis
Hugh David Connors, Mary Nelson abt. 1848 Campbellton, NB. Canada unknown not given unknown not given Carol Pelletier
Humphrey Connor 1806 Mary English Ohio via New Orleans ca 1850 1876 emig from Co Kerry IE w/Mary, sons: John, Patrick, James, Dennis; ended up in MO Mary Ellen
Isaac Jonathan O'Connor, Dianna 2/25/1841 in Ohio Mary Eveline McAllester n/a 7/20/1900 in Seward, Ok Children: Viola, Bertha, Francis, Harry; Civil War vet Sharon Spencer
Jacob Thomas Conner, Elizabeth Morton 1778, York, PA Mary Robinett did not emig 1869 not given Ginny Walton
Jacob Patrick Conner, Mary Lanham 1801 Susan White not given 1874, Clinton Co., OH not given Ginny Walton
James unknown Connor ca 1808 Elizabeth Hayes 1811 New York Aug 27, 1867
Flatbush, Kings Co.
New York
buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
Children: Mary, John, James H, Josephine, Ann, William
Janet Henriksen
James O'Connor 1835 Mary Ann unknow yr in Jackson MO unknown James was a wagon maker, in MO 1868 & 1876 state censuses, 1880 US census mailto:b.kaiser@sbcglobal.netBill Kaiser
James Connor Aug 31, 1804
Elizabeth (Eliza) Malvina Rish n/a Jul 28, 1878
Benton Co., OR
par b PA, marr Sep 25, 1828 Fayette Co, IN, 2nd marr to Martha Martin 1844 in Shelby County IN Debbi Reeves
James O'Connor not given Bridgid/Bridget O'Connell from Co Clare? not given baptized in Buffalo NY in 1869 Eileen
James O'Connor Aug 15, 1830 Mary 1852 NY Jan 25, 1915
Moscow, Idaho
son-Michael; moved to Iowa > Kansas David A Berlin
James John Connor, Catherine Neary 24 Apr 1869
Tavneana, Kilmacteigue, Co Sligo
not given not given not given not given David O'Connor
James O'Connor Ireland Mary Reynolds 1840
So Australia
unknown emig on 'Birman' with son, Thomas Jennifer O'Connor
James O'Conner 1835
Clarissa S Hamilton ca 1847 1917
Montgomery Co. GA
member of Montgomery Sharpshootes in US Civil War; several major battles, at Appomattox time of Lee's surrender Kathy
James O'Connor ca 1860 unknown not given not given dgt, Catherine b Liverpool Tricia G
James Conner 1809
poss GA
Mary n/a not given poss part Cherokee Indian; lived in Milton Co GA Sandra Hayes
James O'Connor 1841 not given Adelaide
So. Australia
1903 arr ship 'Utopia' w/ bro Michael b 1830; remittence men from Ireland Kerry
James Timothy Connors Ireland Isabella Williams Halifax, Nova Scotia 1881 Garrison Sergeant Majory, 47th REgiment, Halifax; chld-Mary, George, James, Bella Pam Smith
James Connor Jun 12, 1883 Emma Zweig unknown May 3, 1919
Mapleton WI
lived in Ashippun; buried at St Catherines Barb Thompson
James Maurice Connors St Johns
Opal Fentz USA 1970 O'Connor till he emig to USA; wife from Centerville IA Rob Connors
James Connor Ireland Ann McLoughlin from Ireland
to Brooklyn NY
by 1866 chld-William E, Mary (d 1894) Pat Connor
James O'Connor April 1856
Alice Williams Leeds ENG unknown wife b ENG; chld-Claude, Alfred, William, James; Claud emig USA 1912 SallyAnn
James Patrick Connor, Ellen Kearns 25 Oct 1890
Glasthule, Rathdown, Co Dublin
not given 16 Sep 1896
unknown sibs: Sarah, Bridget, Andrew, Maria, Patrick, Ellen, Mary, Catherine, Agnes Karen K Kiss
James Connors 1823
Ellen Gallagher convict
to AU 1849
Tasmania m 1853 Bothwell, Tasmania; chld-Mary, Sarah, Julia, Jane, James, Eva Catherine Carol Oliver
James O'Connor (Connors) 1828
Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Mary Pamelia Gunning not given 1871 or 1872 looking for info on James Renee Lee
James O'Connor Connacht, Ireland not given 1792
Tahiti, French Polynesia
not given sister-Lady Helen or Lady Rose? Leiliah Garnier
James O'Connor ca 1826
Ann Brickell
m So Wales
chld-Richard, William, Sarah, Elizabeth, James; all b S Wales Cath
James Conners 1830 Rosa Kane unknown 1863
Civil War
1860 in Janesville WI, m 1854 Bobbie Bradley
James Conner ca 1826
Bridget London ENG not given dgt Bridge m John Strong Mary Ellen
James John Connor Co Armagh?
ca 1850
Anne E Rutherford not given not given father a cabinet maker in Richhill Co Armagh Jim Rutherford
James Edward Connors, Julia Brady Dungarvan, Co Waterford Anastasia Curry 1880 > Holyoke MA James 1938, Anastasia 1929 not given Marjorie Merola
James James Connor, Eleanor Campbell 1838, Cloghoge, Co Armagh Mary E Heffernan 1841 w/par on 'United Kingdom' > AU July 18,1925
Newfoundland NSW, AU
parents assisted immigrant, settler, 11 sibs Adam Liu
James William Connors ca 1914 Elam Janet Wilson not given not given not given Bridget
James unknown ca 1838 Ireland or Wales Maria Fitzpatrick bef 1854 Middletown CT 1891 Portland CT Child:Timothy, James, Mary Ann, Aleck, Edward, Sarah,  Eliza, John Tracy Juengst
James unknown O'Connor, Rose Legault? 1875 Emma Hart not given 1935 Lived in Quebec; 5 dgts, 3 sons Chantal
James O'Connor, Conners ca 1867
Co. Sligo
Mary Catherine MacKenzie ca 1892
New York
1932 Cleveland OK lived in Buffalo, child-Edward Joseph, + 2 unk Edward M Conners
James Andrew Connor, Mary Marks 1829 Drumnahuncheon, Co. Armagh Jane McCullagh 1852 AU 1882, El Dorado Cem Victoria AU first in family to arrive in AU, with wife, Jane Chris Connor
James O'Connor, Connor ca 1811 Bridget 2/26/1847 12/4/18?? none given Bob
James Connors, O'Connors ca 1857 Anna Henneberry unknown unknown lived in Troy NY Patricia Connors Nowlin
James David Connors, Mary Nelson 1832 Nova Scotia, Ca Ann n/a 1924 Stillwater, Mn. Child: David, Charles, Annie Carol Pelletier
James Timothy O'Connor
Catherine Flanagan
Tipperary Parish
Co Tipperary
1. Maryann McEntee
2. Catherine Ryan
ca 1863 Nov 3, 1928 Troy NY sib-  Catherine, John, Ellen, Hanora, Thomas Pat Connors
James Maurice O'Connor, Mary Lench unknown unknown ca 1834
Tralee, Co. Kerry >> St. Anicet, Qc, Canada
unknown brother, Michael Gerry Leroux
James Conner Wirt County WV (Va) about 1874/75 Maggie Russell in 1894 born USA unknown not in WVa census 1900 on Pat Adkins
James unknown 1825
Co. Clare
Margaret did not emigrate Aug 8, 1873
Co. Clare
child-James, Margaret, John Joseph, Maria
all emig to Adelaide by 1880s
James A John Connors ca 1845
Laura Ann Crawford Aug 26 1858
Boston MA
1881-1917 prob d Texas, no proof yet Mary Lou Kuhn
James B. O'Connor 1846 St. John, NB Mamie Bushaw  Nov.10,1884 Leadville, CO  Appears in Bangor, Maine abt. 1850  1887 Leadville, Co not given Pat Danes
James C James Connor, Anna Colfour Apr 6, 1846 Hannah Doyle Taghmon, Co Wexford > Evanston IL ca 1854 Nov 25, 1890
Evanston IL
not given Elaine M Watson
James C James O'Connor - Connor, Bridget Sept 1848 Katherine did not emig 10/9/1917 born in New York Bob
James E William Connor, Mary Goetchius ca 1869
Brooklyn NY
Prudence Conklin n/a Feb 26, 1922
Brooklyn NY
chld-James E, Robert, David, John, Harry Pat Connor
James Francis O'Connor b 1861
Lucy Bridget McNally 1879-80 New York City bef 1896 chld-Peter A, Marie F; lived at 327 E 29th St NYC Monica Haines
James J unk O'Connor 1881 Alice Evelyn Foran not given 1960 O'Connors in Wll, Kendall & Grundy Cos IL, 1850+ Larry Talbot
James Joseph Connor Roscommon,
not given Philadelphia PA Dec 5, 1958
none given Tim Wilson
James Joseph Theodore O'Connor 18?? Theresa Balkonis from Ireland
Aug 15, 1952 d in car accident, Manhattan NY, son-James Jennette O'Connor
James Joseph Patrick Connor, Margeret Sullivan Cashel
Co Tipperary
Ivy Burchell ca 1915
lived in Green, Cashel; 9 children-Patrick the oldest; in 1891 a grocer Carol Ann O'Connor
James Joseph unknown 1841 
Cashel, Co. Tipperary
Isabella Louisa Williams Halifax, Nova Scotia bef 1865 1881 child-Mary Francis, George James, Charles E, Robert, Richard,  Thomas, James Joseph, Isabella  Jayne Connors-Wright
James Martin possibly William
b Ireland
ca 1869 Narcissa Wilson 1852 unknown 1871 in Moscow, Fayette Co. TN bro-William CEandJO
James Marvin William A Connors, Mary A Ring 2/22/1922
LaPort IN
Henry Louise Ray did not emig 11/22/1978
in IN
not given Mary Lou Kuhn
James Phinney James O'Connor, Lillie Phinney 1888
Cleveland OH
Helen M Sleeper n/a 1968
Avon OH
1920s lived in Niagara Co NY, cld: Kenneth, Robert, b NY Carolyn J Burns
James Walter William Henry Conner, Mary Frances 2-12-1887 Nellie Dell Gaines m-12-14-1911 not given 1-4-1949 not given Billie Conner
James Waterman James Connors, Sarah Tracey ca 1827
Harriet Theresa Vandergrift did not emig
father from Ireland
1912 San Diego, CA sibs-George Alexander, William E., Mary Jane, Paul St. Clair, 8 chldrn Martha Schreffler
Jane John Connor, Elizabeth Franklin Apr 15, 1833 John Masters
m 1853
not given not given "Native of Indiana" Teresa Strahm
Jean Ruth D K Connors, Julia Kennedy 1940 William Dugan n/a 1999 lived in Troy NY Julia Gissin
Jennifer Allison Connors, father not given not given not given 6/7/1990 Canning Nova Scotia Jennifer Connors
Jeremiah O'Connor ca 1800
Kilgarvan, Co Mayo
Honorah Mealy ca 1845
poss Boston MA
Holyoke, MA sons: John b 1838, Daniel b 1833 both in Kilgarvan, Co Mayo, d Holyoke MA Robert O'Connor
Jeremiah James (possibly) O'Connor March 20, 1843 Catherine McEnanny ca 1868
New York
Scott County, TN
lived in Leetonia, OH before moving to Scott County Jim Wells
Jeremiah (Dermont) John Connor, Catherine Sullivan 1837 Bridget Cooney 1866 on ship, City of Paris 1923
So Amboy NJ
bros:  Patrick (Memphis TN), Richard (So Amboy NJ, John (Australia?); sisters:  Johanna? & Ellen?; all b Boherbue & Dromtarriffe pariishes around Ballyhoulihan Jay Connors
Jeremiah Owen O'Connor 1802 Eleanor Roberts 1850
Ontario, CAN
1870 none given Shirley O'Connor
Jeremiah Denis O'Connor 1801?-1806? Mary O'Calloghan North Gower, Ontario, CAN 1878
N Gower
baptized Boherbue (Kilmeen Parish) Co Cork, Ire ca 1801 Shaun O'Connor
Jeremiah Jeremiah O'Connor, Margarita Flaherty ca 1844 not given not given not given sibs-Ellen, Michael, Patrick Maureen Sharp
Jeremiah John O'Connor, Ann Geany ca 1863 Julia Holihan 1880-1881 1902
Auburn NY
poss left with a British bounty for arrest Robert O'Connor
Jeremiah O'Connor Bantry, Ireland Mary Murphy not given not given not given Mary
Jeremiah O'Connor 1815, Dingle Bay, Co Kerry Mary 1848
Rhode Island
unknown chld-William, Ellen, John, Jeremiah, Morris, Juliette Laura Walsh
Jeremiah Dave N O'Connor, Kate O'Leary 1933
Scartaglen, Co Kerry
Anna M O'Sullivan 1965 San Francisco 2003 not given Anna M O'Connor
Jeremiah jeremiah o'connor, kate butler 1851/52 did not marry abt 1870/72 jan1915 lived in detroit mi. with cousin john butler Tom Butler
Jeremiah Bernard Francis O'Connor, Elizabeth Carroll 4/28/1909
Montreal QUE
Irene Bukky not given 3/10/2002
West Covina CA
moved to San Diego CA ca 1915 Maureen O'Connor
Jeremiah Cornelius O'Connor Co Kerry Helene O'Leary not given San Francisco CA Owner: JC O'Connor Funeral Parlour, SF late 1800s early 1900s Earl Harvey
Michael Connor ca 1816
Co Kerry IE
Margarita Flaherty n/a unknown m at St Mary's, Castlegregory, Co Kerry 1838 Maureen Sharp
Jerome William Francis Sievert Connors Jan 10, 1906 Mary Chadwick not given Jan 1, 1971 not given Geri Connors
Jesse Patrick Conner, Mary Lanhan Abt 1799 Allegany Co., MD unknown n/a unknown not given Ginny Walton
Joachim Connors Dublin c.1800 Margaret McGrath Atlantic Canada Marquise, Argentia Newfoundland Child-Joachim, Patrick, Michael, William, Mary, Ellen ,Thomas Joanne
Johanna unknown Ireland Patrick Cavanaugh
born Ireland
not given not given dgt Mary Cavanaugh married John Gilliam, both died in Cincinnati, Ohio Anne Rettig
Johanna John Connors, Ellin Jun 1839 John W Kennelly ca 1862
Rochester NY
Dec 1903
Rochester NY
settled in Rochester by 1870 Sharon Swanson
Johanna John O'Connor ca 1844 Thomas Fenton 1874
on SS Waitangi
New Zealand
May 19, 1919
Auckland NZ
m 1860 Ventry; chld-John, Elizabeth, Mary, Charles, Thomas Margret
Johanna Connor 1830 Thomas Prendergast 1852 1901 to NY 1852 >>Coles Co IL Nancy M Ross
Johanna Patrick O'Connor,
Hannah-- pos Wallis, Wallace
unknown year, possibly from Dingle, Co. Kerry Patrick Neligan
Dingle, Co. Kerry
unknown unknown not given Carolanne
Johanna Thomas O'Connor, Hannah Hickey 1864 Ballylongford Parish Co Kerry James O'Keeffe 1882 to Montreal  1933 6 children Rod O'Connor
Johanna  Cornelius O'Connor and Mary  1823, Cork James Shine  Australia, 1863 1894 Searching for information on parents Rachelle Holmes Onetel
John Michael O'Connor
Catherine Hehir
June 1811
Cratloe, Co Clare
Annie Walsh
b ca 1830
not given not given Cara O'Connor
John John O'Connor, Mary Scott Mar 25, 1864
Ellen J Donovan
b 5/11/1879
ca 1895
San Francisco
of NY
Oct 28, 1807
San Francisco CA
wife died: Nov 6, 1830, San Francisco CA; both buried Holy Cross Cemetery, Colma CA Melody Spencer O'Connor
John Martin O'Connors, Margaret Muldowney ca 1828
Co Mayo or
Co Roscommon
Margaret Hayes Apr 19, 1851 NYC, aboard
'Adelaide Metcalf'
Dec 28, 1851
Peoria, Peoria Co, Ohio
children:  Martin, Bridget F, Thomas, John E, Andrew & Margaret Peggy Kimbell
John Timothy Connors 1808
Gowran Grange
Co Kilkenny IRE
Bridget Burrows 1848 Australia NSW Dec 2, 1876
Paterson, NSW
wife and 4 kids emigrated with him Kate Connors
John David O'Connor, Johanna H(e)aly ca 1834
Killavullen, Co Cork, Annakisha Parish
Ellen Heffernan 1848 1892 none given Ellen
John John O'Connor, Mary Devany 1866
Buffalow NY
Ida Gabriel n/a Jun 5, 1942
looking for info on parents Tom Klein
John Connor(s) 2/2/1846
Johanna McNierney McGrath unknown 10/10/1911
Lima OH
m Lafayette, Tippecone Co,  IN, they either were from Co Cork or Co Clare; wife prev m John McGrath; Frances Pauff
John O'Connor, Connors not given Bridget Keating Scanlan n/a Feb 1893
Knockballinary, Co Tipperary
widower, m 1890 Ballybacon, Co Tipperary Patricia G
John O'Connor ca 1845 Elizabeth Keyes did not emig by 1901
may have been seaman; sons-James, Charles, John, Patrick, William Rosemary Henderson
John O'Connor, Hannah 1887 Eliza O'Sullivan did not emig in Kanturk none given Marilyn Evans
John Thade Connor, Mary Houlihan 14 Oct 1900
Cahir, County Tipperary
Mary Roache 1955
Oct 1965 none given Anne Redfern
John Patrick O'Connor Ballybrowney Rathcormac Fermoy Cork Ireland Ellen O'Mahony ca 1880-90
not given sons, Dominic & Gerald Augustine, killed WWI, 1916 Patrick C  O'Connor
John Connor Co Cork, Ireland not given Ireland > New Jersey 19 Mar 1841 served in Revolutionary War in PA unit; moved NJ > MD > VA > Pickaway, Co Ohio Robert Smith
John Conners 1828 Ireland Judith or Julian Shay/Shea not given not given 1870 in Williamson Co, TN, chld-Mary, James, John, Maggey Steve Hall
John Michael O'Connor/Connor, Margaret Curtin 1869 Abbeyfeale, County Limerick unknown unknown unknown parents of Fourhane, m 1868 Listowel; wit-Maurice Griffin, Timothy (O) Connor Peter Burke
John Connors Mar 19, 1829 Catherine Cooney not given Jan 3, 1907 not given Jacki
John John O'Connor, Elizabeth Downey 1844
Lambeth, London, England
unknown unknown unknown none given Bill Braden-Brown
John O'Connor, Connors 1811
Elizabeth Downey England England m 1835 parish of Kilcoleman & Coolcappa, County Limerick Bill Braden-Brown
John Timothy O'Connor, Mary Sheehy New York n/a n/a unknown Fr John Army Chaplain in WW2, d as a young man; father in NYPD, bro James, also a priest, & RC Monsignor. John Keane
John Martin O'Connor, Margaret (Maggie) not given Dolores Nolan not given not given John may be middle name with Michael as the forename; sis-Maureen, Frenchpark, Co Roscommon Thomas Carty
John O'Connor Co Cavan? Mary Ann McEntee 1902
Ellis Island
not given chld-Daniel, Mary, Elizabeth, Alice, Florence, John; lived in Bronx NY ca 1930s Felim Buckley
John O'Connor ca 1820
Mary Anne Marsh by 1856
Wellington NZ
Wellington? policement?; m 1856 Wellington; chld-Mark J, Arthur B, George F, Ellen J all b Wellington NZ John O'Connor Whyte
John Michael O'Connor, Winifred Nevel Ennistimon,
Co. Clare
Ellen MacDonnell (McDonald) ca 1858
1903 married in Mudgee, settled in Gulgong Dist. of NSW, 13 chld Sharon Perry
John Terence O'Connor, Susan Meade 22 Dec 1842 Bridget not given 10 Jan 1910 sibs-Peggy, Michael, Thomas, Patrick, Edmund, Terence Peter O'Connor
John O'Connor ca 1886
Curravha, Glencar, Co Kerry
not given 1913
not given bro-Dan; dgt-Mary Terry Brush
John O'Connor Ireland not given not given not given was NYC policeman; stay in NY w/niece Delia Gibbons; back to Ireland after retirement Mary Martin
John Connor 1822
Co Cork
Hannah Reardon 1848
London ENG
not given not given John
John O'Connor Farranfore? Hannah Clifford Marlborough, New Zealand 1942 was a Waggoner; poss stableboy in Ireland Chris O'Connor
John O'Connor Ireland Mary Skelton Liverpool ca 1946
poss T.B.
lived Rectory St, Dingle, Liverpool; serv Pioneer Core WW11; 4 chld Patricia
John Connors ca 1860 Maggie (Margaret) McAndrew 1882
New York City
not given sibs-William, Mamie, Patrick, Kathleen, Lizzie (Elizabeth) Mike Connors
John poss Daniel Connors, Mary Smith ca 1861
Co Cork
Mary O'Hearn, Ahearn ca 1882 1939
poss Scranton, Lackawanna Co, PA
bros-Jeremiah, William; lived in Broome Co NY bef Scranton; chld-John, William, Margaret, Patrick, Gerald, Margaret F C Turchetti
John O'Connor ca 1800
Joanna? did not emig unknown son-Lawrence emig to Liverpool 1850s, shoemaker Claire
John Lawrence (O) Connor 1849-51
Eliza Watkins early 1850s
ca 1905
Liverpool area
fath-shoemaker, lived Liverpool/Bootle; chld-Samuel, Harriet from Fazackerly Cottage Home Claire
John Connor ca 1795
Johanna unknown not given chd-John b Mar 1826 in Cloustroug, Doneraile, Cork who m Mary Wolfe of Mamora, Hastings, ONT, CAN Eileen Muhlenbrock
John Rodger Connor, Mary Nugent 1835
Co. Offaly, Ireland
unknown 1857
Melbourne AU
unknown may have moved to NZ Margot Paul
John John Connors, Bridget McAuliffe April 15, 1865 Mary Flannery not given 9-30-1917 lived in Clinton IL; chld-Helen, John, Raymond Dianne
John (O) Connor unknown Beatrix Wilson 1925? ca 1958-61
Blackpool UK
not given Antony
John (Kack) Daniel O'Connor, Nancy (Ann) 1868
Anna Johnson Yonkers NY
Feb 5, 1938 father a sailor, Royal Brit. Navy; sis-Nora O'Connor Ball (Thomas J) Bryan Healy
John Thomas Connors (O'Connor), Bridget McCarthy Oct 12, 1862
Co Limerick
Catherine ca 1890 May 19, 1947
So Amboy, NJ
Looking for birthplace, other info Margaret Hanko
John Joseph John Connors, Hannah Connelly Queanbeyan
NSW, Australia
Margaret Mary Gannon n/a unknown chld-Mary, Daniel, Milvinia, Patrick, Oscar Michelle Evans
John Connor 1872 Lillie Dixon not given not given m ca 1906; lived on Staten Island NY in 1910, 1920 Bill Domineau
John O'Connor 1846
Mary Urish unknown unknown wife b CAN; chld-John, Thomas, Herbert, May, Charles F b 1870-1880; last b MI Dawn O Rowe
John Connors 1877
Co Wexford
Lilian Boston 1900+
not given not given Helen
John O'Connor 1860-70 unknown not given unknown worked in mill, Kilmanagh, Kilkenny 1914; chld-Daniel, Margaret Brian K O'Connor
John O'Connor, Conner ca 1865-73
unknown did not emig after 1922 dgt Margare b ca 1893 Kilkenny; flour miller; poss other chld-Bridget, Patrick Lynne
John John Connors, Kathleen? 1871
Co Cork
Bridget Mary O'Brien not given 1943 parents data speculative, served in military police Paul O'Connor-Pryor
John John O'Connor, Mary O'Connell Feb 1852
Shamokin PA
Susan Coulston n/a Jun 1930
none given Cheryle H Davis
John Jeremich O'Connor, Julia Barton Orillia, Ontario CAN Mary Kehoe 1922 emig Michigan with 4 bros, lumberjack > farmer Bob McSweeney
John Conner 1871 Hannah O'Connor not given not given chld Mary J, George T, Evelyn G all b AU Sue Harrex
John Connors Ireland? unknown Aug 26 1858
Boston MA
not given A Mrs Connors listed on passenger list Mary Lou Kuhn
John John Connors, Lena Shaffer 6/20/1925 Margaret Lucille Page not given not given fath b 1875 near Zanesvill OH, looking for info on parents Patrick Ann C Moore
John Connor not given not given not given not given 1872 lived on Mill ST, Chesterfield ENG, caol miner James Corey
John Timothy O'Connor, Annie ? 1852 IL Frances Kelly  n/a 1902? sibs:  Julia, William, Annie Sue Motz
John Connors not given Bridget Scanlan nee Keating n/a Feb 1893
Co Tipperary
as widower m 1890 Ballybacon, Co Tipperary Patrick Scanlan
John Richard O'Connor, Marie Rein 1800 Marie Thiers not given 1855, Louisiana broJame who d LA 1844 Addie Fonenot
John Owen (Eugene) O'Connor,  Honora O'Sullivan Dunmanway, Co. Cork Mary Ronan 1847 to Kirkwood NY 1893 - Binghamton NY B 1800, wkd RR, child-Hanora,Michl, Mary, Eugene, Timothy, Eliz , Kate , Ellen Kevin O'Connor
John O'Connor ca 1830 Drumquin (now Ballancally Margaret McMahon did not emig unknown one child, Bridget 1855-1940 who married James Molony abt 1877 Carol McManus
John Peter O'Connor, Mary Dorn 1869 Enniscorthy Co Wexford Anna Marie McLaughlin 1874 age 5 to Boston, Mass 1940 Martins Ferry, Ohio only 1 of 11 child to come to U.S. Had 11 of his own Mike O'Connor
John unknown 1810 Johana betw 1810 - 1830 unknown chld:  Jeremiah, Charles.
WilliamAlbany NY
Richard C. O'Connor
John Thomas O'Connor,
Johanna Donovan
b ca 1841-4
Co. Cork
Mary O'Donovan
ca 1865
Merthyr Tydfil, Wales
ca 1865
Johanna, Thomas, Margaret, Elizabeth, MaryAnne, John, Catherine, Ellen, David, Bridget, Esther, Patrick
Candi McCarthy
John unknown ca 1815-20 Mary O'Mara Limierick City, did not emig. 1849 children:
Reginald A. J.(Gerald), Mary Ann, unk girl
Nancy Baker
John unknown June 1840
Mary ?? bef 1890
Schuylkill County PA
unknown children: John Jr., Daniel, Nora, Mary 
all born Gilberton
Jack Fowler
John unknown born 1765, Maryland Alice Thorn unknown died 1857 Michigan unknown Dorothy Conner Mathison
John unknown abt. 1835 Ireland Mary Kane St. Louis MO 1908 child-Joseph, Mary Jane Dan Hogan
John Farrell Connors, Margaret Ryan 6/20/1831 Anne Bourke Maryborough
Qld. AU
1874 on
1899 child-Ellen, Bridget, Jerimiah, James, Patrick, Margaret Margaret Connors
John B. O'Connor Jun 1852
Mary O'Neil
m Swift Co MN
1862 6 Jul 1907
St Paul MN
connected w/ Indian School, Clontarf MN; chld-Marie, Katherine, Francis, Charles, Dennis, Patrick, John David Petrie
John Brian John O'Connor 1802
Pallas Grean,
Co. Limerick IE
Mary Rainsbury 1852 1880
Chicopee MA
Was a hedgemaster with his father, poss connection w/1798 rebellion Terry Connolly
John Burke John O'Connor, Nancy Burke 1836-38
Co Galway
Maria Jane Meehan by 1860 New Haven CT > NV > SF, CA Aug 6, 1914
San Rafael CA
sibs:  Julia, William, Dominic, Patrick, James; father prob from French Pk, Co Roscommon Helen O'Connor
John Calhoun Conner, Connor not given *** Miller not given not given Lived in East Texas; chld-John, Zena; killed in saw mill accident Jeanne Hobbs
John Charles Jack and
?? Ryan
Catherine (Kate) Cullunane
New Orleans, LA
bef 1866
2nd wife-
Margaret O'Sullivan
3rd wife-
Annie Danford
Hubbard TX
fought for CSA
Civil War
member-Davis Guards, all Irishman
Marianne Thompson
John F John F O'Connor, Mary O'Day 1868 Iowa Sarah A, poss Collins parents b Ireland 1931 looking for emig info and place in Ireland Michelle Prescott
John Francis John Connors, Anne Robinson Oct 1871 not given 1888-92 1958
Pittsburgh PA
bros-William b 1868, Edward b 1878; sis-Mary b 1872 Brian Fornear
John Francis O'Connor 1852 Ellen Burke ca 1874
Buffalo NY
Buffalo NY
not given Edward T Toy
John H John Healy O'Connor Nov 1860
Annie Maria Lynch 1865
Cork, Ireland
poss Rhode Island
5 chld; gr parents-Michael & Mary O'Connor from Cork; all settled in RI Nancy O Baughman
John H Thomas Connors, Mary ca 1850
Nova Scotia
1. Cate Gambier
2. Mary Ann Keating
not given not given m 1867 Boston; chld-Mary, Elizabeth, Catherine, John (all with Cate) Linda
John H James Conner, Hannah 1838 Almira Dart East Fishkill, Dutchess Co NY 1863
Chattenooga TN
100th IL Infantry
1850 census: East Fishkill, Duchess Co, NY Lynda Coffman
John Henry West Michael(?) O'Connor Co Clare
unknown So Australia 10 Jul 1925
Georgetown, So Australia
may have been vet, known as a "horse doctor". poss nickname, "King" Melody Berden
John J Daniel O'Connor, Jane Robinson 1875
Nobber, Co Meath
Catherine Agnes Barry not given 1963 not given Mary Anne
John Joseph John O'Connor, Margaret Lanahan (?) Jun 22 1878 (?) Cora D Kinison to Washington DC ca 1887 Washington DC
Jul 9, 1930
lef seminary pre emig; m Baltimore MD; wife b ca 1887 PA; chld-John K, Peggy J, b 1922-4 Patrick O'Connor
John Joseph John O'Connor 1890
Mary Smith moved to Ashton In Makerfield not given none given Jade
John Joseph Timothy O'Connor, Bridget Hanrahan 1 Mar 1880
Co Limerick
Nellie Ryan 1902 1947 USA none given Tom O'Connor
John Joseph John Connor, Bridget Burke 1840
Co Galway
Mary Ann Murphy ca 1867 16 Nov 1905
St Louis MO
settled in St Louis; wife d 1896; chld-Martin, Charles, Bridget, Katherine, John J, Mary (Mamie) in birth order Barbara Connors
John Joseph (Jack) O'Connor ca 1910 May O'Connor Co Cork, to London ca 1933 1994 Jack was adopted by family in Co Cork, had sibs Lu Hammond
John Joseph Aloysius William J Connors, Elizabeth M Hanley 1886
Pauline C Witte New York NY ca 1966 not given Cathy Connors
John M Connor Jan 1848 Anna Belle Edson 1849 1900-04 lived in Buffalo NY (1892 NY census), chld-Grace, Edwin Curtis Connor
John Matthew Daniel Connors, Elizabeth Feegan Aug 27, 1873
Halifax NS
Elizabeth Brooks n/a 1902 not given Jackie Bates
John P. Patrick & Mary Conner Abt 1811, Allegany Co., MD Not married not given 1893, Warren Co., OH not given Ginny Walton
John Patrick O'Connor 1842
Co Cork
Catherine Kress 1863 NYC or Charleston SC 1936 TN Confederate Pension, poss 2 bros John
John Stephen unknown abt 1820 in Ireland Mary Sullivan, b 1846 in Ireland unknown unknown looking for others researching this line Sheila Charlton Spencer
John Thomas Patrick O'Connor, Rose Fay 10/18/1856
Co Cavan
1. Mary Denver
2. Mary Agnes Martin
not given 7/16/1915
Brooklyn NY
New York City police officer Marianne Hickey
John Thomas Mary Connors Jul 13, 1925
Somerville MA
Irene n/a Jun 6, 2002
Everett MA
mother b NFLD; raised by John & Christina Brogan G Smith
John Thomas Joseph Conner 2/15/1823
Sligo, Ireland
Prudence Cleveland not given unknown m 1846 Alma, Harvey, NB, CAN, 12 cldrn, incl William Cleveland Bryan Pike
John William John Connors 1915 Natalie L True not given 1994 not given Cathy Connors
Joseph Patrick Connor, Honoria (Nora) Whelan 1856
Boughogue, Co Laois
unknown USA 1890
died of sun-stroke, siblings-Tom, James, Judith, John Liam O'Connor
Joseph O'Connor 1840
Sophia 15 Oct 1866 not given arrived on the ship, Malta, via Liverpool ENG and Queenstown IRE Danielle
Joseph O'Connor 1883
Anna Louise Arthur n/a 1955-6
Fond du Lac WI
wife also known as Annie or Lulu; chld-Ferroll, Lawrence, Frank, Elizabeth Susan Rees
Joseph Connors Bangor ME Margaret Burns n/a not given dgt Mary Louise b Norwich CT 1894 Kim Burnham
Joseph John Connors, Mary O'Donnell 18 mar 1914
Watervliet NY
not given n/a 10 Sep 1984
none given Jim Connors
Joseph Allen Conner May 24, 1830
Greencastle, Putnam Co IN
Hannah Holeman n/a Oct 1, 1886
Oskaloosa KS
m 1851 Park Co IN; lived Springfield IL bef Kansas Glenda Scarborough
Joseph John Connors 1812
Hannah (Honorah) Connolly 1830-1832
Convict to Australia
5 Jan 1890 charged with Whiteboyism Ginny Chandler
Joseph John Connors 1812 Tuam, Co Galway Hannah Connolly ca 1840 AU 1890 could have emig 1847 Louise H Atherton
Joseph L. Joseph and
Julie Gadbois
Adeline Marie Allard
of Quebec
ca 1876
unknown unknown possibly from County Cork,
brother of elder Joseph maybe Henry
Sue Martinson
Joseph Leonard Connor Liverpool Mary Ross 1923
Tring Junction
Mary Ross was a singer, poss in London Nathlie
Joseph M Conner 1880
Laura Leutzinger n/a unknown dgt-Ida Bernice Conner b 1908, Oklahoma Patricia A Roberts
Joseph Thomas Joseph Connors, Irene Angelce? Oct 26, 1918
Anne Peters n/a Jan 28, 1976 none given Patricia Connors
Julia James O'Connor, Hannah Curtan 1853 n/a New Zealand 11 Oct 1894
Dunedin NZ
was a Dominican nun, known as Sr. Mary Magadelan Richard Malloch
Julia O'Conor Galway
Thomas Feeney did not emig n/a husb from Spiddal Co Galway; son Patrick from Spiddal emig Maryland USA Maureen Moore
Julia Patrick Conner Feb 24, 1853
Winchester VA
Jacob Rudophin n/a Apr 19, 1881 father from Ireland; chld-4, incl Jessie Catherine Rudolph Linda Paugh
Julia Daniel O'Connor, Hanora Manning Dec 6, 1905 Charles Vanderhoof not given Sept 14, 1987 not given Mary
Julia unk O'Connor not given John Talbot not given not given m 11/27/1895 in Will Co IL Larry Talbot
Julia Martin Connors ca 1839
Michael Corcoran
1868, Tulla
New Zealand
aboard the
unknown son, Michael
b 1871
Kilduff, Tulla
Pamela Spencer
Julia A O'Connor 11 Jul 1850
Erin, CT
Malachi Gainor n/a 5 Aug 1939
Mapleton MN
children b Blue Earth MN & ND Connie L Gainor
Julia F Daniel O'Connor,
Catherine Lyons
Co Kerry
Matthew Edward Manning April 30, 1883
Boston MA
Oct 20, 1905
Newton MA
sister, Ellen, emig w/Julia Wanda Manning
Julie O'Connor Ireland Denis O'Neil early 1840s unknown dgt Julie Catherine b 1860 m Louis Gravel Fran Seguin
Kate Thomas Connor, Mary Ireland not given not given 1935 only other info-lived in Liverpool Pauline Mayohwild
Kate John Londergan, Mary (Margaret) 1880 Chicago ?? O'Conner not given betw 1965-1972 child  Nellie b ca 1900.  b Catherine O'Conner  chgd  to Kate Conners, sis Mary Ann Judy Smith
Kate Ruth John O'Connor not given Thomas Arthur Westran not given not given m 1906; 3 child-Kennith, Albert, Alfred Dean Westran
Kathaleen Margaret Charles Raoul O'Connor, Basilike Georgiana 14 Nov 1909
Cawnpore, Bengal,
not given not given not given last known residence-Bengal, India; may have moved back to England Bill Braden-Brown
Kathryn Denis O'Connor
Hannah Robinson
Co. Cork unknown 1890ish unknown unknown LORIOC
Kathryn Teresa John O'Connor,  Elizabeth Lynch 1/29/1918 in  Williamsport, PA Henry Casper Rullkoetter born in USA unknown 2 children  John Eric Rullkoetter 
& Rene' Kathryn Rullkoetter  Bure
John Bure
Kevin John O'Connor, Lorraine 5/26/60 Leilali not given not given grpar: Martin, Barbara Conners Kevin O'Connor
Laura Eileen, Malcolm Connor 1993 Swansea, South Wales not given not given not given school Laura Connor
Laurence Conner ca 1753
Marget Blane ca 1769 1826 not given Harold
Lawrence O'Connor unknown Margaret Nolan n/a 1849
dgt Mary b 1839 Ireland m John Welsh ca 1860 Ian Welsh
Lawrence Timothy O'Connor Abbeyfeale, Co Limerick? Bridget Fealey did not emig unknown farmers in Abbeyfeale, chld-Hannah, Ellen, may be more Theresa
Lawrence John O'Connor 1828
1. Mary (Ireland)
2. Mary (Liverpool)
ca 1883?
Liverpool area
shoemaker, lived Liverpool/Bootle;chg surname in ENG Claire
Lawrence Maurice O'Connor, Margaret Dwyer not given June Gallagher parents emig 1910 not given not given Nancy O'Connor
Lawrence John Conner 1796
New Jersey USA
Julia Ann Mathews born New Jersey 1836 Albany NY type founder; m NYC, Madison Ave; chld-Elias, Jerusha, Julia Bonnie G Meyer
Lawrence John O'Connor July 29, 1927
Frances McCormack 1848 Liverpool Eng > Toledo, Iowa Feb 13, 1909
married in 1865 Michael G Pratt
Lily O'Connor Co Galway not given not given not given none James Andrews
Lucy Agnes James C Connor, Hannah Doyle Feb 25 1886
Evanston IL
never married did not emig May 17, 1891 not given Elaine M Watson
Luke James O'Connor, Mary Gannon 1831
Co Roscommon
never married Canada 1915
London ENG
Major-Gen Royal Walch Fusiliers, rec'd VC 1854, knighted 1906 Helen Barker
Luke O'Connor 1848
Co Roscommon
Ann McParland not given 1908
San Francisco CA
ran grocery store/saloon; chld: katherine, Anna, John, Margaret, Winifred Sandra


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