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First Name Parents Born Spouse Year of Emigration
Place, etc.
Died Comments Contact
Agnes Robert Connor, Catherine Manuel 2 Nov 1856 James Malone Drumboylan, IRE > Lanarkshire, SCOT 3 May 1944 gr par-John Connor b ca 1800, Jane McClymont b ca 1800; dgt Jane Malone b 1904 Arlene Burns
Agnes Patrick Connor, Ellen Kearns Glasthule, Rathdown, Co Dublin Thomas J Kelly
Big Flats NY
16 Sep 1896
USA on 'Majestic'
Hartford CT
sibs:  Sarah, Bridget, Andrew, Maria, Patrick, Nellie, Annie, James; chld: Robert, Francis, Thomas Helen Karen K Kiss
Agnes Connors ca 1915 unknown unknown unknown may be from Roscommon Debbie Cootes
Aileen Charlotte Charles Raoul O'Connor, Basalike Georgina 5 Sep 1907
Calcutta, Bengal, India
not known not given not given last know residing in Bengal, India Bill Braden-Brown
Albert Xavier Albert X O'Connor Oct 29, 1919
Springfield MA
Frances K Mimick n/a Sep 14, 1983 m Sep 29, 1920 Albert O'Connor
Alex Connors unknown unknown unknown unknown Came from Castlegrace, Co. Tipperary; was a victullar Veronica Gaoua
Alice O'Connor ca 1873 Adam Kreis 1896
Richmond Co, NY
1920-30 Alice could be Mary, m in NY ca 1899, wk Mt Loretto Children's Orphanage on Staten Island NY Steffanie K
Alice unknown unknown Frank Coullier unknown unknown granddaughter, Mary Ellen Alice  Mary Moody
Andrew O'Connor 1836
Kate Ryan 1850 unknown m 1859 Warren Co. MS; chld-Charles, Mary, Victor; bro maybe Michael b ca 1833 Krissi Kahn
Andrew Thomas Connor 1841 Louisa 1850s
had bros who emig to USA Mark Swift
Andrew Connor ca 1820-30 Ellen Teresa O'Connor not given unknown chld: Patrick, Ellen; 1865 farmer Killiney, Rathdown, Co Dublin Karen K Kiss
Andrew Patrick Connor, Ellen Kearns 27 Mar 1872
Glasthule, Rathdown, Co Dublin
unknown possibly
May 11, 1895
Liverpool ENG
not given sibs: Sarah, Maria, Patrick, Ellen, Mary, Catherine, Agnes, James; cousin-Bill Karen K Kiss
Andrew O'Connor ca 1802
Cork IE
1. Elizabeth Young
2. Sarah E Acorn
ca 1819
PEI, Canada
Apr 1881
PEI, Canada
not given Michael O'Connor
Andrew Connors, O'Connor b ca 1850 Ireland Ellen first found in Cleveland OH 1860 census Troy NY betw 1915-1920 Child-margaret, Catherine, Andrew, Alice, Elizabeth, May/Mary, Ellen Pat Connors
Andrew Joseph O'Connor not given Elizabeth South Wales >> USA ca 1930 not given not given Snowsell
Ann William O'Connor 14 Dec 1923 1. William Askew
2. Victor Adkins
England > Australia
not given father left Liverpool ca 1927 moved to Wooloomaloo, NSW Irene Nelson
Ann Conner ca 1820
Westmeath, IRE
Andrew Wheeler (Whalen? Whelehan?) 1843
Ellis Island
ca 1870
West Chicago IL
none given Jim Wheeler
Ann Denis Conor, Sarah Conway Dublin Bernard Wilson not given not given not given Patricia Etchells
Ann Connor 24 Apr 1834
Henry Beaumont NY 2 Apr 1852
from Liverpool
22 Apr 1920
Prince Edwd Co
Ontario CAN
emig w/ John & Robert Connor (bros?), m in USA, lived in Cramahe Tnp > Hastings Co > Prince Edwd Co Rick Roberts
Ann Patrick O'Connor ca 1823
Tralee, Co Kerry
Richard Goldsbrough unknown Sept 1897
St Giles, London
need guidance on tracing my Irish line, grateful for help Peter Burrows
Ann Connor ca 1800-1815? Michael 'Mick' Loughman not given not given chld: Patrick, Michael b Aghaboe, Co Laois; both emig Worchester MA ara Jay Robbins
Ann Connors ca 1800 William Sheely/Shealy not given not given chld: Thomas, Mary b St Mary's Par, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary Chas Andre
Ann Connor early 1800s
Co. Cork
Edwin or Edward Clark(e) Liverpool Eng ca 1835 Edwin-sea captain
dgt-raised in Liverpool orphanage
 Leith Friend
Ann Bridget Connor(s) unknown John Kennelly did not emig unknown Bruff, Co Limerick J Blackwell
Anna Thomas O'Connor, Kate Dugan Aug 2, 1882
Jersey City, NJ
not given n/a not given grand mother Ann Gonder
Anna Connor ca 1828 Patrick Vallely UK UK dgt Catherine b Migr. SCOT ca 1874 m Thos Curran 1875 emig Valley Falls RI 1891; son Edward to RI 1877 Anita
Anna Michael O'Connor, Johanna Dec 1862
Tralee, Co Kerry
William W Campbell 1875
ca 1920
sis Kate emig Philadelphia, m James Fedigan Maryellen Redish
James C Connor, Hannah Doyle Feb 6 1882
Evanston IL
never married did not emig Apr 17 1966
Evanston IL
not given Elaine M Watson
Anna Timothy O'Connor, Mary Ellen O'Shea 1866 Kildysart, Co Clare James Feeney ca 1888 Fall River MA or Phila PA 1930 Phila PA 14 sibs incl Bridget, Mary, Margt, Cath, Susie, Martin Annamarie
Anna M James O'Connor, Ellen Carney 1881
Michael W Hughes unknown yr Boston MA none Michael Hughes
Anne O'Connor 1864
Michael O'Donnell unknown ca  1908 lived in Tralee Urban, children:  Beatrice, May, Catherine, Michael Kerry O'Donnell
Anne O'Conner 1800s
County Clare
Matthew (Mathias) Fitzpatrick unknown unknown traced to Clarecastle, Ennis Nov 1849; other names-Bridget, Catherine, Ellen, Mary Danielle
Anne Martin O'Connor, Nance Murry mid 1800s
Caherogan, Milltown Milbay,
Co Clare
not given USA not given not given Marie O'Connor
Anne Coners   Robert Bergin
1825 Muckalee, Co Kilkenny
not given not given chld-Robert, Michael Peter Bergin
Anne unk Connor 1924
Aberdeen, Scotland?
Henri Morin 1942
Ontario CAN
unknown m 12/31/1942
Peggy Zallas
Louise Rose
Ann Eliza unknown 1828
New York
Thomas Kinney, b 1823 county
born NY
husb emig to NY
Buchanan Co., Iowa
children included
Kate, John F., George, Frank, Nell, Thomas
 Jan Collins
Annie John O'Connor, Bridget 1884
Jullunder, India
William Murphy lived in Ireland unknown father poss part of 11th Hussars Regiment sent to India Jenny Ryan
Annie Connor not given Patrick Toohey Australia not given son John Willaim b 1875 Kaye
Annie Charles Connors, Elizabeth 1875 Frederick Elder Halifax, Nova Scotia, Can 1/3/1953   Toronto, Ont Sis: Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary, Emma Bros:Frank, William Bob Elder
Annie, Anna Arthur O'Connor, Anne McCrossan ca 1890
Philadelphia PA
unknown na/ unknown last found in 1910 censu living on Brooklyn St, Philadelphia Gerry Kirk
Annie, Anna or Ann James (O) Connor, Mary 1840
Michael Carney not given not given I found her in the St Joseph New Cemetery, parents name from St Joseph searchable list Heather Stallard
Archimedes Edwin Joscelyn Connor, Alice ca 1873
1. Emily Challis
2. Winnifred
not given 1937
Brighton, Sussex UK
full first name-Archimedes William George Joscelyn Claire
Arlie Charles Conners Ireland Florence unknown yr unknown son-Harold, lived in Indiana Shane Conner
Arthur Edward O'Connor, Mary O'Brien 21 Oct 1869
Wicklow, Ireland
not given 1895 Detroit after 1945 chld-Edward, Arthur, Helen (m Dr Bruton) Catherine O'Connor
Arthur Hugh O'Connor, Anne Devlin ca 1860
Co Tyrone IRE
Anne McCrossan 1885 Liverpool or Derry > Philadelphia PA betw 1920-30 m Dregish RC Church Nov 1882; carpenter; chld-Catherine, Mary, Annie (1st b Ire, others Philadelphia) Gerry Kirk
Arthur Daniel H O'Connor, Annie Smith Co Cork Margaret Meeks (Wicklow) NYC @ 54th St
Smithtown NY
emig w/parents, lived on 123rd St, NYC Tom Carmody
Augustus Anzac William Stephen O'Connor 1916
Co Cork
Kathleen Patricia Gellwiler Australia 11-16-1956 was a stevedore in Woolongong NSW, poss in the AUST Navy Tania
Austin Michael O'Connor, Mary 1830 Susan O'Connell to Mass about 1850 1875, Illinois, USA bros, James, Hugh, Patrick and
Michael; shoemkrs
Beth Rasmussen
Barbara Conner about 1771, place unknown Rudolph Rine in Frederick Co. Maryland 1793 born in USA 1845 Coshocton
Co Ohio
children - John, Nancy, Elijah, Elianor,  Elizabeth  Mary
Bartholomew O'Connor ca 1834
Tipperary, Ire
Catherine Riley bef 1860 18 Jan 1900
Calumet MI, USA
chld: Mary b 1858 NJ; Elizabeth, John b MI; Annie b Houghton MI; James, William, Katherine, Frank, Maggie all b Calumet MI Jennifer Butcher
Bartholomew O'Connor ca 1808
County Wexford
Margaret Doyle ca 1847-49
Camden East, Lennox & Addington Co, Ontario CAN
15 Nov 1873
Centreville ONT, CAN
w b ca 1819; both bur in St Anthony Padua RC church cemetery Barbara J O Caisse
Bartholomew Michael Connor 1828
Mary Mangan to UK Mar 1881 searching for father poss b 1795/1800 Ireland; in 1857 at Liverpool, Lancashire Rebecca Kemp
Bartholomew unknown Connors ca 1788
Kiltilly, Co Wexford, Ireland
Mary Frances Orum ca 1816
Cape Breton N.S.
1859 Cape Breton Island, NS, CAN cldn: Michael, Joseph, Wm, Bridget, MaryAnn, Frances Fran Connors
Bartholemew unknown
Co. Limerick
unknown did not emig Lighthouse near Knockauntee, b Abbeyfeale 1920's-1950s sibs:
Patrick, Timothy, Hanora
 Miles Robert James Wilson
Benjamin Franklin Andrew Conner    ??  ?? Brackney   ??   ?? b Indiana, m Laura Phillips 1903, son Frank >> Danville IL Robert Binzer
Bernard O'Connor 1807-1809
Margaret Farrell, b 1839, Ireland (2nd marriage) NY by 1842 ca 1807-09
Calvary Cemetery,
Woodside, Queens NY
listed in NYC directory as a Tailor, chld-John b 1847, Bernard b 1849, William b 1859, George b 1860, Charles b 1863, Peter b 1866, Maggie b 1867 Peter O'Connor
Bernard O'Connor 1800
Catherine Durneen not given 1859
Coatbridge, Scotland
son-Patrick Colin O'Connor
Bernard O'Connor ca 1849
Margaret Liverpool UK 1900
Liverpool UK
a warehousman, wife ran beerhouse, later ran Glasshouse pub on Vauxhall Rd, Liverpool, lived over pub Tom O'Connor
Bernard O'Connor 1817
Elizabeth McConigle 1829 Jul 24, 1893
Ft Wayne IN
1840s lived Lancaster PA; chld include-Margaret C, Charles, Bernard S, John F, James C Joe O'Connor
Bernard Edward Connor, Julia Markey Athboy
Co Meath IRE
Annie Hanrahan ca 1868
Rockhampton, QLD, Australia searching for more info Donald J Bradmore
Bernard O'Connor 1800 Mary Weir from Co Sligo 1874
none given Kristal
Bernard Maurice O'Connor, Nora Herron MN not given n/a not given see Morris Robin Lindenberg
Bernard Connor ca 1813 Ireland 1839 St.John the Evangelist in Phila  to  Sarah McCort 1830's 1880s Phil PA children James, Charles, John, Ellen, Francis  JSchoBet
Bernard Francis Martin B O'Connor
Mary Sarah
1854 Ann M. Barnard 1856 USA 1922
Flushing, Queens, NY
Buried: Sheffield MA
Professor of languages at Columbia University & competitive international fencer Jonathon Higby
Brian O'Conner or O'Connor Wales not given not given not given lived in Jackson MI in 1950s; was Catholic Janice
Bridget Maurice Connors, Ellen Carl (Cahill/Carroll?) ca 1838
James Simpson Jun 12, 1855
Witham, Exsex, England > Albury, NSW, AU
Feb 14, 1871
Beechworth, Victoria
children:  John, Ellen, James, Mary, Sarah, Isabella, Charlotte Jane Morrison
Bridget Connor/Connors ealry 1800s Denis Finn lived in Ennistymon, Co Clare not given had 3 known chld:  Austin b 1836 who emig to New Zealand 1861; Martin b 1838 who emig to Australia 1859; Bridget who emig to New Zealand 1864 Barbara McCraken
Bridget Michael Connor, Kate Connor ca 1844
County Kerry
1. Daniel Horgan, 2. John Breen 1875
Timaru NZ
Oct 9, 1899 Arrived with Mary & Nora Horgan and Michael Breen; died on Rakaia Ship; Kate & Bridget came up with cousins, the Connor's; John & Bridget had Joseph, James, Tom, Timothy (d as infant), Michael & Nellie Carl McKenzie
Bridget O'Connor Co Sligo
Jacob (James) O'Hara bef Aug 1843 May 20, 1892 obit said from Co Sligo, Ireland Barbara B Cobb
Bridget William Conners, Mary Burke 1858
Kilkenny IRE
Francis George Spencer ca 1864 27 Jun 1952
buried No Rockhampton; chld-George, Mary, John, Helen, Catherine all b betw 1881-1890 Patricia Pipe
Bridget John O'Connor, Frances Phillis Georgetown,
So Australia
n/a n/a 1950s
unknown where
mentally retarded and placed in care; father from Co Clare, Ireland; looking for burial place Melody Berden
Bridget John O'Connor, Bridget 1879
Belgaum, India
not given lived in Ireland unknown father poss part of 11th Hussars Regiment sent to India Jenny Ryan
Bridget O'Connor ca 1805
Dingle Pen. Co Kerry
Daniel Daly did not emig 12 Mar 1904
Caherpierce, Co Kerry
chld-Bridget, Paddy > NZ, Michael, Daniel, Johanna, Mary (all but Paddy did not emig) Mary Leinenbach
Bridget Patrick Connor, Ellen Kearns 16 Mar 1870
Glasthule, Rathdown, Co Dublin
1. William Rodgers
2. William Caulkins
3. Charles Daggett
ca 1898
Ellis Island NY
24 Sep 1931
Hartford CT
lived CT, MA; chld: Walter, William, Marie (all Rodgers); sibs: Sarah, Andrew, Maria, Patrick, Ellen, Mary, Catherine, Agnes, James Karen K Kiss
Bridget Connor 1844
Tralee, Co Kerry
Martin Downes not given 1927 Martin in British Army, d 1883 Michael C Tomlin
Bridget O'Connor Killarney Denis Carey bef 1849 Quebec Jersey City NJ m in Killarney, dgt Mary b 1849 Montreal Margaret W
Bridget Connor ca 1821
Kerry, IE
John Murray 1825
1874 may be Peter Robinson settler.didn't locate in Peterborough ONT Maureen
Bridget Timothy O'Connor, Mary Ellen O'Shea betw 1860-88, Kildysart, Co Clare unknown unknown unknown 14 sibs incl Mary, Anna, Mgt, Cath, Martin, Susie Annamarie
Bridget O'Connor ca 1812 James 2/26/1847 3/18/1884 arrived on the Ashburton Bob
Bridget unknown ca 1844 James K. Nelson unknown 12/3/1921
Columbus GA
marr in Savannah GA 9/4/1861  William Gordon
Bridget Dennis Patrick O'Connor, Honora Madigan 1850 in Limerick Patrick James Tennihan Boston MA
unknown unknown  RJPT1945
aka Bedelia
unknown ca 1832
raised by aunt in Drumeonara house, Ennis
John Bruggy
m March 1857, Ennis, Co. Clare
1861 ship:
Lady McDonnald
to Victoria, AU
Victoria, Australia
sailed w/son, John, othe child: Bedelia, Mary Anne, Margaretina, Lot, Patrick, Eliza, Ellen Ellen Hollow
Bridget Lavinia John Connors, Mary Feb 14, 1854
Nova Scotia, CAN
Joseph Guy not given Jun 13, 1926
East Orange
m in Chelsea, MA; parents b Newfoundland, CAN John Donohue
Bridget M O'Connor Sept 1849
Thomas F Kennedy n/a not given none given Jean K Gill
Brigid John Connors, Mary Laffin 1839
County Limerick
William Tierney did not emigrate 1913
Knockainey, Co Limerick
none given Geraldine Powell
Bryan Patrick Connor, Mary Gallagher ca 1834
Co Roscommon
Mary Morrisroe 1869
England > USA
Mar 30, 1909 sibs-James & John of PA; Winifred of Yorkshire ENG, poss Mary, Margaret Kathleen C Blumenschine
Bryan O'Connor ca 1780
Co Tipperary, prob Emly RC Parish
Anne Gallagher,
 Co Limerick
n/a unknown son:  Timothy m in Tipperary RC Parish, Ireland 1828; poss another son, William b 1819 Emly RC Parish Pat Connors
Bryan James O'Connor b 14 April 1927 Noline Doris Gray not given not given not given Mclements
Callie Raymond P O'Connor, Doris I Durbin 5/1/1916
Missoula, MT
not given n/a 11/4/1975
Sunnyside WA
father's parents-Daniel James O'Connor, Leah Boudreau Callie O'Connor
Catherene Charles M O'Connor, Sultana E Esaw 1872/73
Pimlico, London, England
Thomas Hudson n/a 1904/10?
Presume, India
m 1895 Lucknow; husb S/Sgt w/16th Lancers in Lucknow Bill Braden-Brown
Catherine Thomas O'Connor/Connors January 17, 1847
Shanagolden, Limerick, Ireland
1.  Felix Chatel
2.  Allan Riou
bef 1874
Victoria, AUST
Western Australia
married Felix Chatel on Jun 28, 1874 in Williamstown, VIC; married Allan Riou in 1887 in North Williamstown, VIC Barbara McAlary
Catherine O'Connor County Kerry? John Kelly n/a unknown
dgt Mary b ca 1830 & husb listed bapt sponsors for Mary's 1st chld-Caherciveen, Co Kerry,  RC Par, 1851 Marge Rossini
Catherine James Connor 1869 Robert Shea not given 1902
father-tailor; Cath. d from gunshot inflicted by husb in Army barracks SuzieQ
Catherine Connors ca 1845
Patrick Sullivan not given not given dgt Norah b 1867 either Co Kerry or NY; dgt m John Fennell 1893 NJ; dgt d 1937 Yonkers NY Mare
Catherine John O'Connor, Elizabeth Downey Pimlico, London England unmarried n/a after 1901 1901 census w/bro, Edward Patrick in London; she was a school teacher Bill Braden-Brown
Catherine Patrick Connors, Elizabeth ca 1845 Thomas Haglin Jersey City NJ 1912 also used O'Connors; Katherine Maureen Doherty
Catherine Patrick Connors, Mary Ellen 1893 not given not given 1893 looking for info on Patrick Dave Hart
Catherine John O'Connor, Bridget 1877
Mhow, India
John Breslin lived in Ireland unknown father poss part of 11th Hussars Regiment sent to India Jenny Ryan
Catherine, (Katie) Patrick O'Connor, Bridget Kenneally 1868
Glenaster, Ardath,
Co Limerick
Cornelius Toohy (Tuohey) left Plymouth 1868 to Sydney AU 1952
Carlton, Sydney AU
sis-Bridget, m 1891 Sydney, 11 chld b 1892-1912, owned dairies in Bexley & Carlton Ray Toohey
Catherine Connor ca 1829 John McNiff not given not given dgt Rose b 1870, Co Leitrim, Ireland Dan Ford
Catherine John O'Connor 1856
Robert Forrest, Maurice Flynn by 1875 unknown father b 1856 IE, lived 1880 NYC; moved Newark NJ; bros-Jeremiah, Morris, Michael Susan
Catherine Patrick Connor(s), Catherien Mahon Mar 17, 1861
West Troy (Watervliet) NY
Joseph F Haigney n/a Jan 23, 1944
Brooklyn NY
parents b Ireland; m ca 1889 West Troy; to Brooklyn ca 1900; chld-Joseph, Raymond, Ann (adopted) Liz Lynch
Catherine Michael O'Connor, Catherine Sullivan 25 Jun 1864
Stonefiled, Kilkorney, Co Cork
Michael Kelleher 1889 11 Feb 1928
Jersey City NJ
bur Calvary Cem, Queens NY J Kelleher
Catherine Francis Conner 1836
Bally....?, Co Galway
Michael Gordon unknown Mar 21 1872
buried Woburn MA Mary Perra
Catherine William Connors, Nora(h) Norris Ireland Patrick Heaphy 1891 5 May 1912
Ansonia CT
not given John Whalen
Catherine Patrick Connors, Mary She Ireland Thomas Greenan ca 1850s 1924 from Loher near Cahirdaniel Madeline Carey
Catherine William O'Conner, Catherine Oct 11, 1866
James Benedict Doughten n/a Oct 31, 1918 chld: Carrie, Oscar, James, Leola, Wm, Idella, Lillian, Warren, Dorothy, Mary, Catherine Louise Moreno
Catherine John Connors ca 1836
John Oliver Wilkes 1859
West Australia
Albany, W AU
occup-clerk, to W AU under assisted immig. scheme Graham Wilks
Catherine Timothy O'Connor, Catherine Flanagan Sept 1856
Tipperary Parish, Co Tipperary
Thomas Kiernan ca 1863 Troy NY 1929
Albany NY
chld: Stephen, Catherine, Margaret, Ursula, Joseph Pat Connors
Catherine Martin O'Connor, Mary Flahive betw 1865-71
Castlegregory or Co Cork
Patrick O'Connor 1883-85
Wilbraham MA
Ludlow MA
bro Martin, part of fam emig upstate NY, some to NZ Ed O'Connor
Catherine Connors Ireland John Larkin > NYC > Perth Amboy NJ 1845 not given m 1844 NYC Tom Gemmell
Catherine Connor ca 1780 Jeremiah Sullivan not given not given son John b 1817, lived in many areas of Co Kerry, incl Tralee Fran Weeks
Catherine Timothy O'Connor, Mary Ellen O'Shea betw 1860-88, Kildysart, Co Clare unknown unknown unknown 14 sibs incl Mary, Mgt, Anna, Bridget, Susie, Martin Annamarie
Catherine James Connors, Mary Murphy 1880
Boston MA
Patrick J Feeney n/a 1960? bro m husb sis, lived on Nawn St, Boston John Feeney
Catherine James O'Connor - Connor, Bridget ca 1845 not given 2/26/1847 unknown Arrived aboard the Ashburton Bob
Catherine Michael O'Connor
b ca 1820
Ellen Farrell
James O'Rourke
b 1843
didn't emigrate probably buried in Cloghane brother-Patrick who had a son, Daniel Jay Feeney
Catherine Edward O'Connor,
Anna Derrick
John O'Donnell
St. Cecelia Church, Brooklyn
parents, date unknown 3/31/1841 Calvary Cemetery only known sib:
sister, Mrs. J. Heim buried from St. Alphonsus Church
Doreen McKenna Powers

Catherine John Connors, Mary Shea 1836  Loher, Waterville, Co. Kerry Thomas Greenan of Leitrim Groton, NY circa 1860 Groton, NYS on October 7, 1922 lived in Loher, Waterville, Kerry
bef emig
 Madeline Carey
Catherine unknown unknown Edward Roche emig-Portland
unknown child-Mary Ellen b 1861  Sheila Britt
Cecelia unknown ca 1894
none born USA unknown had child 1/12/1915
put him up for adoption in Columbus, Ohio
 Carole Wilson
Cecelia Cefia Terrence O'Connor, Mary McPartland Sep 28, 1873 John Joseph O'Brien 1895
San Francisco CA
Jul 28, 1954 lived in Delhi CA; sibs: Rose, Mary, Margaret, Anne, Hugh (priest in Chicago), maybe Timothy Devery Willis
Cecilia M James C Connor, Hannah Doyle Jul 27, 1887
Evanston IL
Clemens A Reiss did not emig Jun 26, 1944
Sheboygan WI
not given Elaine M Watson
Cecil John Francis Connors, Elizabeth 1905
Gateshead, Co Durham Tyne & Wear, ENG
Alice Gwendoline Mumme bef 1947
Sept 1989
West AU
not given Kay
Charles Connors unknown Grace Rankin unknown unknown dgt Margaret Connors mar in Dalhousie CAN (1891), son Frank B mar in Carleton CAN (1906) Joy Austin
Charles Dennis Connors, Susan ca 1854
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Elizabeth Arnold not given not given m 1874 Oct 10; wife b ca 1857; wife-par: Luke & Arnold Robert Elder
Charles John O'Connor, Mary Curtin 13 Sep 1902
Fahaduff, Castleisland
Co Kerry IRE
Mary Kelly 1924 Canada
1927 return to Ireland
1928 NY
25 Mar 1986
Manchester CT
trip to NY on the Celtic; sibs-Hannah, Mary, Thomas, Nora, Martin, Terence, John, Margaret, Ellen, Maurice, Denis, Patrick, Ettie, Timothy Maureen O'Connor
Charles O'Connor not given Lily Swan not given not given not given Stacy O'Connor
Charles Peter O'Connor, maybe Alice Feb 26, 1870
Co Tyrone
Ellen McMahon 1889 Feb 21, 1948 bro-Patrick Diane Madrigal
Charles William O'Connor, Margaret 1927 Doris not given 1984 not given Timothy K O'Connor
Charles Francis O'Connor, Susannah ca 1860
Irish descent
Catherine Sloan Gateshead from Scotland 1918 Newcastle Upon Tyne 1881 Census-Gateshead, occupation 'boy', Vauxhall Vessel Valerie Taylor
Charles Conners, Corners, O'Connor 1835 Alzina Wilson not given not given married   1857 Delaware Co. Iowa  Stephanie
Charles Thomas Connor, Mary Willard Apr 28, 1878 Currie, Murray Co, Minnesota unknown n/a unknown resided in unkn location in So Dakota in early - mid
 Mike Connor
Charles Peter
O’Connor, Mary Lenihan 
1838 Mary Walsh 1835-7/14/1901 emig bef 1860 to Auburn NY 4/25/1901 Auburn NY children:  Mary  Kathi & Dennis McCarthy
Charles unknown Ireland Bridget Morrison 1847 NY unknown Came over w/ wife & dgt Alice  John & Kirsten 
Charles Edward John O'Connor 11.12.1850
Mary Mayers India not given was called John, prob b New Ross, Co Wexford, poss connection to Houghton Fever Hosp Veronica Buckley
Charles John Connor & Eliz Keyes ca 1880 Hannah Leary did not emig not given fought in Boer War, worked at Belfast Docks Rosemary Henderson
Charles H John James Conner, Lavina Brill Dec 23, 1871 Nannie Grace Furr Cedarcreek, Shenandoah Co VA 1954 not given Jackie Bain
Charles J James C Connor, Hannah Doyle May 4, 1876
Evanston IL
never married did not emig Oct 9, 1943
Evanston IL
not given Elaine M Watson
Charles Joseph Andrew O'Connor, Kate Ryan 4/18/1859
Annie E Coley n/a 8/24/1910
Vicksburg City Grave Yard
City Assessor in Vicksburg MS; chld-George J, Hilda, Charles V, Victor J. Krissi Kahn
Charles Michael John Conners, Elizabeth Downey 1846
Lambeth, London, ENG
Sultana Elizabeth Esaw Bengal, India betw 1880-95
in East Indian RR Co & Public Works in Lucknow; chld-Catherine, Elizabeth, Charles Bill Braden-Brown
Charles Patrick Connor(s), chg to Estall 1832 Harriet Wouldom 1859
in Wellington NZ
Wellington NZ
chld (all Estall)-Charles, Grace, Henry, Maud, George, Alfred, Bruce (b 1863-79; d 1900s) Mort Belfry
Charles Raoul Charles M O'Connor, Elizabeth Esaw Bengal, India Basilike G. Esaw n/a unknown maybe bros-George, Edward; sis-Catherine, Elizabeth, Ellen Bill Braden-Brown
Charles Savage Richard Riley Conner 1864 Chestertown, Maryland Charlotte Fisher Hoop b. USA 1926 Pittsburgh, PA Five children
moved a lot, lived in MD, WV & PA
 John Gipson
Charles Wellington Patrick? Connor 1820-22
Elizabeth St Clair by 1840 in Ontario CAN 1874
Ontario CAN
maybe from Ahogill, County Antrim NI, surveyor > farmer Banner, Oxford Co ONT Shirley Connor
Christine Donald Francis Connors 1922 Ardella Lovaine b NYC
lived No CA most of life
1978 child-Donald, Michael, Sandra, Gary, Christine, & Randy Christine Marie Connors-Sierras
Christopher O'Connor 1836
Winifred Alice Ryan unknown Louisville, KY
wife b 1845 Faneybridge, Co Tipperary; chld-Edward, James, William & Alice Eileen Pabody
Christopher O'Connor 1831
Co Laois
Ann Ford bef 1855 from Ire, poss Co Offaly 15 Jul 1890
Middletown CT
wife from Co Galway b 1826; bro-Patrick lived in Middltown CT ca 1884 Jim Connors
Christopher Daniel Connor, Mary Creedon Dec 22, 1882
Cork City
Ellen Ronan 1907
Boston MA
Brockton MA
13 chld incl: John, Mary, Catherine, George, Helen, Elizabeth, Margaret, Frances, Patrick, Christopher Michael Devin
Clara Pegleg O'Connor 1898? unknown unknown 199- father fell off train and lost legs, unk first name Christina Hudson
Clara A James C Connor, Hannah Doyle Dec 26 1883
Evanston IL
never married did not emig May 28, 1964
Evanston IL
not given Elaine M Watson
Clement James O'Connor, Mary P Gunning 1866
New Brunswick CAN
Elda M Morrow Gratiot Co, MI
14 yrs old
unknown went to MI w/brothers, Richard, James Renee Lee
Clive O'Connor 1911??
not given Manhattan NY not given none given Clive O'Connor
Coleman Connors 1869
Rosmuc, Co. Galway
Bridget Coyne Ohio bef 1922 1922 in Ohio child-Thomas, Bridget, Patrick, Michael, John, Stephen all b betw 1871-84  Karen Connors
Cornelius Patrick O'Connor, Nora Hayes Jan 29, 1908
Cahersiveen, Co Kerry
Bridget A Clarke Jun 1931
New York
Jul 31, 1975
chld-Nora, Patrick, Neil, Michael; sibs-Daniel, Michael, Doborah, Ellen, Nora, Annie, Minnie Judy Henderson
Cornelius Michael T O'Connor, Catherine Courtney 1865
Ulster Co, NY?
Ellen White parents- 1867-70 from Ireland 1925
Detroit MI
police officer on Detroit PD; moth from Co Cork; sibs-Michael, Timothy, Abbie, Thadeus, John, James; Vicki Tobias
Cornelius Connor 1825
Ballymacelligott par, Co Kerry
Mary Lodema Dole 1849 not given bros - Dennis, Brian Dennis Connor
John O'Connor, Catherine Neary 1900
Olyphant PA
Margaret (Peggy) White unknown 1960 NY, St. Patrick's Cemetery owned O'Connors bar in Olyphant- attended Mansfield State Normal School graduated 1921- father John O'Connor was a tax collector in Olyphant Geraldine Craven
Cornelius Patrick Conner, Mary Lanham 1806 Allegany Co., MD Cassandra Magruder 1829 Allegany Co., MD n/a unknown Children: William, Emily, Amanda,
Susan W., James, Mary A.
 Ginny Walton
Cornelius Thomas Connor 1825
Co. Kerry
Catherine Rice bef 1867, Southington, Conn. 1867 in Southington child-John, Michael, William Francis, Thomas Cornelius, all b betw 1858-67  Rodney P. O'Connor
Daniel Daniel O'Connor, Ellen Sullivan 1862 Mariann Corcoran 1882 USA Columbus OH
none given Dan Kraus
Daniel O'Connor, Connor not given Jane (poss McClure) 1847-49 1855
Liverpool ENG
bootmaker, looking for other member of family incl Tralee O'Connors/Connors Ron O'Connor
Daniel James O'Connor, Ellen 1830
poss Wexford
Annie Fitzgerald bef 1845
Jul 17, 1883
Detroit, Wayne, MI
oper Livery Stable in Detroit 1850; lived on Crawford St Frank DeWitt
Daniel Michael O'Connor, Ellen Co. Kerry Ellen (Nell) Cahill 1847-50s
NY? > Springfield MA
Pawtucket RI
looking for more info on family Kathleen O'Connor
Daniel O'Connor ca 1824
poss Co Kerry
Sarah Somerville ca 1852
Leeds, England
m 1850 in Cork; chld-Edward, Matilda both b Belfast; James b Leeds SallyAnn McChesney
Daniel Daniel O'Connor, Margaret 1873
Swansea, Wales
Mary Elizabeth Hill not given note given not given Christopher O'Connor
Daniel Jeremiah O'Connor, Mary Murphy Bantry, Ireland Hanora Manning not given Nov 25, 1936
Elizabeth NJ
not given Mary
Daniel O'Connor late 18th century Margaret Murphy Tasmania
unk date
after 1866 chld:  Maria Margaret, Daniel John, Agnes Vergena Peter Cubit
Daniel O'Connor betw 1823-35 Catherine Calvey did not emig
chld some to NY, MD
Cloonarara, Co Sligo
chld:  Mary Ann, Margaret, John, Catherine, Thoms, Theresa Anne Marie
Daniel Connors 1845 Bridget Fitzgerald 1870 not given Lived in NYC, Bronx, family bec O'Connor early 1900s Patricia R Gault
Dan John O'Connor ca 1892
Catherine Caldbeck 1912
1953 father ran mill in Kilmanagh Brian K O'Connor
Daniel O'Connor Co Kerry
Jane Mac/McClure 1847-8 England Liverpool, Lancashire wife b 1842 Co Kerry Britwig
Daniel Michael
Joanna Ronan
1796 Bridget Traynor/Trainor
of West Meath
1821 to
Leands & Grenville, Ontario 
Long Point,
siblings: Timothy,
Michael, Owen, Charles, Patrick, John, Norah, Margaret (Casey)
Margaret Brennan
Daniel unknown
ca 1746 Fincastel VA Mary ? born in VA, USA 1811
Montgomery Co., VA
11 children, one
Rebecca Connors
 Martha Walker
Daniel (Patrick) Thomas O'Connor, Nora Neshell (Mitchell?) 1883
Co Limerick
Elsie Garland to AU 1918 1942
New So Wales, AU
Seaman, AU Naval Expeditionary Force Patrick Garland
Daniel A James O'Connor - Connor, Bridget March 1841 Margaret 2/26/1847 9/12/1921 Arrived aboard the Ashburton Bob
Darby David O'Connor (Connor, Conners), Bridget ca 1860 not given Pittsburg PA va Canada & England not given my grand uncle Michael O'Connor
Darrin Patrick Connors Feb 9 1923 Ruby unsure Apr 20, 1991 need info on Mark Connors, lived Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN Darrin Connors
David O'Connor Ireland Mary Casey unknown unknown son, Denis, immig ca 1858 Buffalo NY; in US Civil War, m Mary Daly Carol
David Michael Connor ca 1790 Joanna Haley n/a bef 1848
Annakissy Parish, Co Cork
son, John b 1828, immig to MA 1848 Ellen Driscoll
David Connors 1823 Monica Brennan 1840s 1858 Colour-Sergeant in the 58th Fencibles; d sunstroke at Panmure, Auckland Colleen Newton
David Connors ca 1795
Nova Scotia
Mary Nelson
unknown 1879
Athol House Cemetery,  at Atholville
N.B. Canada
children: John, David, Robert, Isabelle, James, Charles, Lucilla, Nelson, Shields  Carol Pelletier
Deborah Edit William O'Connor, Margaret Lilian Fitzgibbon 1877 none not given ca 1966 lived at 44 Gledhill Ave, Everett MA Olainn
Della Ida Patrick O'Connor, Ida B Cannady Nov 13, 1895
John Belgum n/a 1982
none given Mike Belgum
Denis O'Connor 1784
Killarney, Co Kerry
Helen Grogan Carlton, Ontario, CAN Jun 12, 1862 wife b 1784 Audrie Scott
Denis Patrick O'Connor ca 1910 Margaret Horgan did not emig unknown journalist from Dublin; m 1839 Dublin; looking for other info, including descendents Heather Horgan
Denis Connor Co Kerry Julia Donohoe bef 1850 1858 Lived in Worcester MA Mary Ellen
Denis O'Connor ca 1831 Hanora Houlihan
m Ballyferriter
did not emig 1881 Dingle workhouse 9 chld bap St Mary's in Castlegregory, lived Cloghane Ed O'Connor
Dennis Connors ca 1780 Ruth Lister not given not given maybe Dennis in 1827 Ketch Harbour Nova Scotia census, family of 14 Alannah Ryane
Dennis Connors not given Lidia Lister not given not given son, Walter bapt St Peter's Halifax NS, 1822; lived in Ketch Harbour NS Alannah Ryane
Dennis O'Connor 1817
Ardfert, Co Kerry
Bridget Hickson lived-Richard, Jackson Co, IA St Lawrence Cemetery
Otter Creek IA
m 21 Sep 1856 in IA Stephen Nash
Dennis Connor 1853 Margaret Finley 1887 1923 looking for his parents Anne D Williams
Dennis Conner, Connor unknown Sarah Fanning not given 1822-3
Rockbridge Co, VA
m Botetourt Do, VA 1773 Gary W Conner
Dennis Connor ca 1805 not given 1847
from Cork
not given b BallyMacelligott parish Dennis Connor
Dennis Timothy Connor 1785 Mary M Kuhn not given 1851 not given Bill Duehring
Dennis unknown Connors Bostorn 1879 Anna Agnes Kilduff n/a 1966 Boston went by D. Joseph Connors Jack Holloway
Dennis Connor 1879 Cedarville, New York Emma A. Weigel b NY April 25, 1950 New York looking for others in this line Maria Staffeldt
Dennis Charles O'Connor Co Cork
Sue (Sarah) Whitehouse not given not given son John Thomas, b Smethwick ENG 1879 m Ada F Harris, emig Tacoma WA Ada Holloway
Dennis T unknown Conner, Connor Jan 14 1825
Charlotte Wallace? n/a Oct 5 1891 chld-Annie O, Lottie, William (Conner) Kelly Noland
Desmond Patrick O'Connor, Nora Flanagan April 1, 1937 n/a n/a Nov 19, 1963 single man, interred Kilmaine Old Abbey N84, Co Mayo IRE Greg Flanagan
Earl Armada, Armada Earl Conner Feb 6 1889 Myrtle Irene Brokaw Idaho, Oregon? Sep 21 1957
Pine Valley OR
son, Robert Earl Shawn M J Mann
Earle Daniel Percell Conner, Mary Hunter 12/20/1893 Elizabeth Sands not given 5/27/1967 chd- Earle Hunter Jr; grchd-Elizabeth, Carol, Patricia Patty Heurich
Edmond James Connors, Ellen London Margaret Harden Tasmania
unk date
1884 not given Peter Cubit
Edward Charles O'Connor, Elizabeth Fitzpatrick 1841
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Margaret Ryan father emig to Canada 1901 Boston MA Edward emig from Canada to Cambridge ca 1870s Ken O'Connor
Edward Connors Mar 27, 1829 or 1834
Ulster, Ireland
Martha Patterson by 1884
Nova Scotia
Apr 24, 1904 lived in Avondale, NS; 1st wife-died in Ulster; chld-Flora,  Madeline M (Boates) Mary Anne Barry
Edward Conner not given Lucretia 1739 aboard The Thistle > North Carolina 1760 The Thistle left from Western Scotland, it is believe some Irish persons got aboard. Roger Conner
Edward O'Connor 1828 Anastasia Cork, Ireland 1903 from Cork, Ireland Sara Arlene O'Connor
Edward O'Connor Christchurch?
Gwendoline Shanks n/a 1957 parents b Ireland Glenda Pickering
Edward Thomas O'Connor, ?? O'Neill Jan 1857 Bridget Gleason 1875
New York
after 1930 census emig w/wife; chld-Elizabeth (Lillian), Margaret (Peggy), more? Liz Honaker
Edward Charles M O'Connor, Elizabeth Esaw Bengal, India unknown n/a unknown fath from Limerick, wrk East Indian RRR, Public Wrks Dept at Lucknow, Bengal, Inda Bill Braden-Brown
Edward G Edward A Connor, Rosa Coggins Lackawanna NY Merchesse Ogden n/a 1948
Detroit MI
father b Scranton PA; gfather-John Troy Connor
Edward O'connor, Issac Wilson; unk Clevenger early 1800s
Kansas City,
MI or IL?
not given not given 1960s bros: Eugene, Richard, sis: Helen Betty Jane Bagwell
Edward Thomas Connor, Evelyn 9/29/1917 Mary n/a 1980 not given Mary Ellen Connor
Edward John O'Connor, Bridget Doyle 1857
Clonmore Par.
Co Carlow
Margaret Etta Donovan
co. Cork
Portland ME
1929 cld:  Elizabeth, John, Edward, Catherine, Anna, Frank Jacqueline C French
Edward, Edmund John O'Conner (Connor), Hannah Murphy? 1814
Killarney, Co Kerry
Elleanor Wiel bef 1840, TN & KY 1900, Fancy Farm, KY bros: Daniel, Michael Shannon Weigel
Edward Edward James O'Connor 1896
Bermondsey, London
Annie F Davies none 1965 Dagenham, Essex not given Ivan O'Connor
Edward O'Connor ca 1849
Co Roscommon
Annie Kelly 1863 >> NY
1907 Chicago
1907 Chicago sibs:  Michael, Michael, Mrs Ja Dwyer; 6 chld Dan Schwartz
Edward Leven O´Connor, Mary Hammond ca. 1780, in USA Manuela Cabrera (In Argentina) to Argentina ab. 1800 1-3-1854 parents b 1740 - 1760 in USA, could be cousins in USA Alfredo Gamboa
Edward Leven O´Connor, Mary Hammond unknown unknown to Argentina about 1800 unknown not given Alfredo Gamboa
Edward Connor Ireland Esther Dace/Dage ca 1840 Buried Prospect Hill Cemetery Valatie,  NY child-Jane, Mary, Daniel, Agnes,
Elizabeth, Edward, John & Robert.
E. Morgan
Edward O'Conner 1814 Ellen Wiel Ire to US pre 1840 9 Jan 1900 lived Obion County, Tenn; bro-Daniel Shannon Weigel
Edward John O'Connor, Bridget Doyle 1857,Clonmore Parish, Co. Carlow  Margaret Donovan b Co. Cork Portland ME 1872 1929 Portland ME child-Elizabeth, Edward, John, Anna, Catherine, Frank  
Edward Connor unknown Bridget Noon Stanton Wi 1910-1920?? John, Frank, were twins, Catherine, Mary, Ellen, Deliah, Annie, Edward  Kate O'Connor
Edward O'Connor Cloontuskert Parish,  Kilgefrin  Co.Roscommon 1849, Mary O'Farrell 1851, New York 1888,Sunbury Township, Livingston Co., IL Child-Ann,
Ellen, Patrick, Roger (Roddy), James, Edward, Catherine (Kate)
 Roger Cahill
Edward E Connors 1894 Eula n/a 1957 none given Megan
Edward, Edmond, Edmund poss Patrick O'Connor, Catherine ca 1809
Mary O'Farrell did not emig not given wife emig w/chld to Victoria AU 1861; chld-Patrick, James, John, Edward Lisamarie O'Connor
Edward O'Connor 1832
Ballycanew, Co Wexford, IRE
Bridget Macksey Castle Gardens NYC 1852 1915 bro-James stayed, Denis emig US; m Sherburne NY, Bridget fro Kilworth, Co Cork James Healy
Edward J John F. O'Connor, Mary McDonough Co. Cork, Ireland Catherine Walsh unknown 1910 Milford, Ma. Mary, Catherine, Edward, John Jane Mannix
Edward James John Joseph O'Connor, Christina 1932 Evelyn Hoolick not given not given Brooklyn NY Joan
Edward John James O'Connor, Anna May Lynch Cohoes, NY
Nadine S. Rogers parents emig Aug 1861 Nov 11, 1956 looking for Ireland county of ggrandfather Michael Anne
Edward John William Connor, Ella Foxx 1878 Brooklyn NY Gertrude V Lynch did not emig 1955 Rochester NY sib Robert, Margaret, Albert Robert E Connor
Edward Joseph John O'Connor, Elizabeth Jun 12, 1919 Phyllis Francis McIntosh n/a Redcliffe, QLD, Aust. from Richmond, VIC; youngest of 13 chld; sibs-Cliford, Thomas, Martin, Vera Bessie (Burns), Mary (son-Stan), Aggie/Agnes Gail O'Connor
Edward Joseph James O'Connor, Mary Catherine Co. Sligo,
Eva May Baldwin New York Topeka, KS 1955 Looking  bro & sis & family raised in orphanage Our Lady of Victory in Lackawanna, NY Edward M (O'Connor) Conners
Edward "Pat" Edward D O'Connor, Martha O'Harrell 1864 unknown not given 1933
Atlanta GA
Lived Macon & Atlanta GA, chld: John, Wilbur, Nell Dee
Edward Patrick John O'Connor, Elizabeth Downey 1851
Lambeth, London, ENG
never married unknown after 1901 1871, 81, & 91 Eng Censuses-Sacristan w/RC Church London; 1901 clerk, liv w/sister Catherine O'Connor Bill Braden-Brown
Eileen O'Connor Brisbane? Australia Jose Pujol ca 1910-12
Catalonia, Spain
Catalonia, Spain
lived in San Feliux the Guishols, Catalonia, Spain till death ca 1934 Gerry Williams
Eilleen Charlotte Charles Raoul O'Connor, Basalike May 1908 unknown not given not given last residence-Bengal, India; may have moved to UK Bill Braden-Brown
Eliza Daniel Connor, Eliza McDowell 5 Jun 1861 William J Graham Apr 1887
Carrickfergus IRE > Scotland > NYC
12 Apr 1924 none given Shelley G Turner
Elizabeth O'Connor 21 Aug 1887 Jacob Michael Neiner not given Apr 1966 none given Stephanie Hoenig
Elizabeth Connor 1830s Calvin Jones unknown late 1830s Calvin b 1833 NC; both listed as mulatto, later chng, probably Choctaw Nellie J Burton
Elizabeth Charles M O'Connor, Sultana E Esaw 1875
Bengal, India
David Hans Deacon emig to England 1953
Kent, England
husb was Sgt w/16th Lancers in Lucknow Bill Braden-Brown
Elizabeth John F O'Connor, Ellen Burke 1894
Erie Co, NY
Edward J Glascott n/a 1928
Buffalo NY
died during childbirth Edward T Toy
Elizabeth Connor Ventry
Co Kerry
William Malone sons emig
Chicopee MA
Co Kerry
chld: William, Patrick, John, Mary, Thomas Fran Malone
Elizabeth Connors, O'Connor ca 1826 Londonderry James Leonard unknown 1901 St John N.B. CAN not given Peter Maher
Elizabeth James O'Connor, Anna Farfett ?/?/1891 Harbor Springs, MI William James Boyle maybe James emigrated  ?? m 1914, mother from Canada, d Beaver Island MI Rita Palmer
Elizabeth Patrick & Mary Conner 1807 Allegany Co., MD Charles S. Stotler not given 1871 Clinton co., OH not given  Ginny Walton
Elllen unknown ca 1820, Cork? Waterford? Patrick Nagle (Neagle) not given dgt Jane, from Cork >Australia 1867 Jane b 1842 in Tarbert,  John Jerred in Clonmel, Cork 1862 Glenys Wiese
Ellen John O'Connor, Mary Priest 1904-1906 William Stephen O'Connor Carlton, Victoria, Australia not given not given Alana O'Connor
Ellen James O'Connor, Ann? 1827 Patrick Burns possibly abt 1843 @ 16 yrs Jan 30, 1916
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Married in Green Co, Ohio, two sisters living in Xenia OH at time of death Tom Fitzmartin
Ellen Thomas O'Connor/Connors, Ellen Guerin Aug 19, 1831
Co Limerick, IRE
William Sheahan bef 1861, Williamstown, Victoria AUST. Aug 20, 1887
Williamstown, Victoria
married 1861 in Williamstown, husband also born Shanagolden 1832 Barbara McAlary
Ellen Patrick O'Connor, May 1835
Charligan, Co Clare, IRE
Charles Diamond 1850-56
New Zealand
emig w/two aunts and sisters; maybe an orphan Terri Taylor
Ellen O'Connor ca 1786 Thomas O'Connor n/a 8 Dec 1853
buried Glasneven Cemetery, Dublin; Thos OConnor poss from Lucan; poss son, John buried in same grave d 1854, 40 yr; lived in Villabank Royal Canal, Dublin North Union Maria Brandenburg
Ellen Conners ca 1812 Michael Murphy Brooklyn NY ca 1892 chld-Maurice, Mary A. Rich Van Manen
Ellen John Connor, Mary Lynch 1833
Ventry, Dingle
Co. Kerry IRE
Denis Dwyer 1850 AU
abrd 'Ramilles'
Redfern, Sydney
fath trans 1837; moth & sibs emig 1850; sibs: Maurice, Patrick, Jeremiah, Margaret Dennis Hayward
Ellen Stephen Connors, Ellen Bennett ca 1840 Thomas Ryan ca 1867-8
Newark, NJ
Oct 17, 1913
Peabody MA
m Ballybricken, Waterford City, Co Waterford 1863; 2 son b Ireland-one in Waterford, one in Cashel C. Ryan
Ellen (Nellie) Patrick Connor, Ellen Kearns 24 Feb 1877
Glasthule, Rathdown, Co Dublin
George Joyner 29 Jun 1894
on "Teutonic' from Liverpool ENG
unknown sibs:  Sarah, Bridget, Andrew, Maria, Mary, Catherine, Agnes, James Karen K Kiss
Ellen Connors ca Jun 1845/1848 Richard Kennelly unknown after 1910 m Phila 1868, 10 chld 1871-83, mar name evolved to Canally Gene Canally
Ellen Stephen Connors, Ellen Bennett 1840-50s Thomas Ryan ca 1869-71
Newark NJ
Oct 18 1913
Peabody MA
chld-Stephen b 1866 Co Waterford, Thomas b 1866 Co Tipperary Cate Ryan
Ellen Jeremiah O'Connor, Margarita Flaherty 1838
Castlegregory, Co Kerry IE
unknown USA unknown sibs: Ellen, Michael, Patrick Maureen Sharp
Ellen Thomas Connor, Ann Robinson 10/22/1831 Andrew Nolan Westmeath >> New York 1845 or 1846 May 26, 1913 in New Jersey State hospital 8 child, buried in St Peter's in Jerseay City NJ Priscilla leonidas
(email address incomplete)
Ellen Connors or O'Connor 1863 Mr. Daly 1883, Edgewater NJ 1920s child-Nora, Alice Joyce Smithling
Ellen Connor not given Jeremiah Hayes emig-Melbourne not given note given John Lane
Ellen Farrell & Mary O'Connor ca 1841 Ireland James Ferry ca 1858-59 Ireland 1869-72
8/14/1897 NYC children:  Mary, Lizzie, John born 1875 in NJ Mary T
Ellen Cornelius Connors,
ca 1835
area, Co. Limerick
Martin Ahern 1898 aboard the Germanic 12/27/1922 Stratford CT 9 children, 7 
emigrated from Cappamore. Co. Limerick
 Maureen Ahern Davis
Ellen Dennis Connors
Nora Casey / Leary?
Apr. 25, 1876 Ireland Michael Magner Jersey City, Hudson, NJ Jul. 12, 1934 unknown  IrishGenes1
Ellen Ann Patrick Connors/O'Connor, Margaret May 1853
Tipperary, Ireland
Thomas English Jun 13, 1871
NYC > Chicago
Oct 23, 1930
Chicago IL
husband also from Tipperary, sister-Nora Kathleen Garness
Ellen Anne James O'Conner, Catherine Casey Aug 29 1835 Timothy (Thamathy) Shanahan not given 12/27/1900
Springfield MO
chld: Florence, Mary, Maurice, John, Cornelius, Margaret, Annie Catherine Connelly Godfrey
Ellen Bridget John O'Connor, Mary Matilda Priest 1906 not given not given not given lived in Carlton, Melbourne, Australia Alanna O'Connor
Ellen Irene Charles M O'Connor, Sultana E Esaw 1877
Francis W Packwood n/a 1904
Lahore, India
husb was a Sgt w/16th Lancers in Lucknow Bill Braden-Brown
Ellen Teresa Francis O'Connor, Margret unknown Thomas J White unknown 1923
Bombala NSW, Australia
chld-John J, Margaret, William P Simone
Ellen Teresa O'Connor ca 1820-30
possibly Co Wicklow
Andrew Connor n/a unknown chdn:  Patrick, Ellen Karen K Kiss
Ellen Theresa Eugene O'Connor
Hannah Sullivan
1884, Ireland not given not given 1936
Springfield MA
sister, Agnes O'Connor Jacqueline Barbour
Elmer Henry Levi O'Connor, Peobe E Hartman Sept 26, 1873
prob PA
1.  Alice E George; 2.  Ruchia S Hunter n/a Aug 31, 1944
Pennsdale, Lycoming Co PA
buried:  Huntersville Cem. Valerie Bieber
Emma, Ella Mae Conner b Texas William George  Keen Angelina Co. TX 1895 b Texas Texas child-John Wesley Jack, daughter  Hazel Halliburton
Eric James Michael O'Connor Feb 5, 1945 Carol Joyce Harvey n/a Jan 14, 2008 family settled in Mid-West, mostly Montana; prob from southern IRE Eric M O'Connor
Ethelina James O'Connor, Alice 1890s
Leeds ENG
unknown unknown unknown bro-Claude SallyAnn
Eugene Daniel O'Connor, Ellen Sullivan 1855 Ellen Shea 1881 USA Columbus OH
none given Dan Kraus
Eugene James Connor, Sarah McGinnis Wilmington, DE, USA Claire born USA 1983 sibs: James, John, Paul, Helen, Eva Chris Connor
Eugene O'Connor unknown Elizabeth Griffin Sydney AU bef 1852 unknown child: Michael Joseph  kapowai
Eugene J O'Connor Co Kerry
did not marry 1861
1920 St Louis
St Louis MO nephew of Johanna Fitzgerald O'Connell & Helen J Fitzgerald; active in labor unions Kathleen Kissel
Eugene James O'Connor 1900
Denver CO
Helen A Williams n/a 1947
none given Kathleen
Eva Alberta William Connor, Ann Sophia Smith 22 Mar 1855 Albert E Stoddard not given unknown one of six children Claire
Fenton Michael O'Connor, Ellen Hayden 1838-50
Co Laois, IRE
Honora Duhigg pre 1862
Victoria AUST
unknown m 1862 in Australia; looking for siblings Gillian Jones
Ferrince O'Connor 1857
Bridget A. ? 1881
United States
USA none given John O'Connor
Florance O'Connor Cork Margaret Keogh bef June 1865
m 1865 Liverpool
chld: Honora, Denny, Thomas, Charels, Maggie
Frances Christopher O'Connor, Ann Liverpool married, unknow husband's name unknown unknown last known residence:  Liverpool; known bros:  Edward, Brian Leah
Francis Patrick O'Connor, Elizabeth Deen 1 Jul 1854
Co Kerry, Ire
Elizabeth (Lily) Geraghty ca 1880s
New Zealand
28 Jan 1920
Pukekohe  Cemetery NZ
sibs- Michael, Thomas, Ellen, John emig NZ w/children; others left in Co Kerry, Ireland Maureen O'Connor
Francis Connor(s) ca 1816
Fanny Plant 1851 1864
Baton Rouge
poss 14 chld, 7 known; James J-New London CT; Bryan, Bridget, Margaret, Mary, Michael, Fanny who m George W Bailey in NYC Susan Hollenbeck
Francis (Frank) Michael O'Connor, Mary Iowa or Nebraska Laura Sexton did not emig Aug 1992 lived IA & NB; youngest of 8-9; sib:  John, Richard, Marguerite, Loretta, Michael; moved to CA Eileen Muhlenbrock
Francis O'Connor or Connors 1860 Jane Walker 1886 not given cldn: John, Annie, Lizzie, Kate, Frank; lived in So. Amboy NY Arlene Volkay
Francis Connor 1826
Ballyscullion, Co Derry
Susannah Scullion early 1850s, Scotland unknown lived most of life in ENG & SCOT Patricia C Coogan
Francis Connors 1864 Jennie Watkins South Amboy NY not given child:  Lizzie, John, Kate, Annie Arleen Volkay
Francis Connor 1/28/1827 Rebecca Somerville to Boston, MA prior to 1848 3/23/1880 sister who also went to Boston James Gleason
Francis Connor 1826 Ballyscullion, Derry Suzannah Scullion not given 1899 not given  Patricia Connor Coogan
Francis Donald Frank O'Connor, Helen Connor Evanston IL Lillian Augustyniak n/a n/a none given Terri  McConnell
Francis (Frank) O'Connor Ireland Sarah Elizabeth Armstrong poss Illinois > Kansas Sep 1885
Oskaloosa KS
soldier in Civil War; worked for RR;  murdered by a co-worker Frank Shrimplin
Francis or Frank Francis/Frank O'Connor, Janet E Harper 1860-64
New Brunswick
Margaret Cowan NB > Great Falls MO, USA 1940
New Westminster, BC, CAN
moved to Consort or Provost, Alberta CA from MO, then to BC Tim Read
Francis or Frank O'Connor or Connors ca 1900 Anna Kelly not given not given worked for NYC govt Chris
William Charles Connors  11/ 4/1866 Zanesville Ohio Mary Ellen White born Ohio unknown Child-Alice,
Leo, Raymond, Marie, Agnes
 Susan Connors
Francis Jimmy Connors Jul 1892
Eula n/a Feb 1968 middlename-James, lived in Montana & Washington Megan
Francis John Connors unknown Mary McCoy (1), Alice McClure(2) Illinois>>Iowa>> LA, CA 1924-1931 in Los Angeles County child-Mary Rose, Elizabeth, Francis   Wanda Connors (McCoy) Davis
Francis Patrick Daniel Connors, Mary Crowley Galway
ca 1860
Florence Katherine O'Brien NY-Ilion ?? 10 sibs-James, Joseph, Anthony, Daniel, Edmund, Theresa, Loretta, Vincent, Srs Edmond Joseph, Harriet Kathi Connors
Frederick Patrick O'Connor, Ann Wisconsin Catherine Cole parents, older bro Philip bet 1847-53 unknown 1870 WI cens-Patrick, Ann, Frederick; 1880 Fred & Kate in Milwaukee next door to bro;ship carpenters Susan Rees
Frederick Gordon Edward Richard Connor, Adelaide 1885
Burwood NSW
Mary Ellen Dodson Australia > Canada 1922 1946
want to contact Randy Connor (below); need new email address David Coggins
Frederick Gordon Edward Richard Connor 1885
Burwood, NSW, UA
1)Rita, CAN
2)unk, AU
AU to CAN early 1930s searching for AU connections Randy Connor
Frederick Timothy Charles Duehring, Mary C Connor 1889 Delia M Binet not given 1969 not given Bill Duehring

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