Worcester, MA Marriages 1848-1878

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Date His Surname First Her Surname First Witness Witness Priest Place of Banns
4/14/1848 O'Connor Jacobus Craynen Joannum Jacobus Maginnis Ellen McCarthy MW Gibson
11/21/1846 O'Connor Lawrence Annan Maraum Pat Maher Hanna O'Connor MM Gibson Worcester
2/3/1847 O'Connor Jeremiah Sullivan Ellena Johannis Sullivan Maria Cannon MM Gibson
2/16/1849 O'Connor John Reardon Bridget Patrick Foley Julia Sullivan MM Gibson
5/14/1849 Connor John Daley Joanna Jacobus Clifton Ellena Kaylaher MM Gibson
12/13/1849 Connor John Connors Esther Joseph Dellahenty?  
10/12/1850 Connor Patrick Welch Mary John G Sullivan? MM Gibson
3/2/1851 Conroy Patrick O'Connor Catherine? Maria O'Connor MM Gibson
11/9/1851 Connor Jeremiah Myhar Abigail Paulinus Ammici MM Gibson
1/30/1853 O'Connor Thomas Cronin Helen Michel Gudin Helen Minmis J. Boyce
2/18/1854 O'Connor John Donahue Mary James Crimmins Hanah Donahue J. Boyce
7/15/1854 Doody James Connors Marianne ? Kiernan Hanora Lynch
1/21/1856 Connor Michael Mulvehill Brigitte Jeremiah Connell Catherine Connell MM Gibson
2/24/1857 Connors William Hastings Catherine Martin Kotridge Bridget Cannon JJ Boyce
10/29/1857 Connors James Griffin Mary Francis Kearney Catherine Fitzgerald JJ Boyce
2/4/1858 O'Connor Patrick Hagartty Bridget Daniel Houghlahan Joanna Sullivan PJ O'Reilly
4/5/1858 O'Connor Dennis Teehan Mary Maurice McGrath Eliza Teehan PJ O'Reilly
4/11/1858 O'Connor Dennis Teehan Mary Maurice McGrath Eliza Teehan PJ O'Reilly
1/20/1859 Connor Cornelius Sullivan Bridget Mary Sullivan Self JJ Boyce
1/17/1861 Connor Michael Higgins Ann Lawrence Lay? Joanna Welch JJ Boyce
4/1/1861 Connors Patrick Jayan? Bridget Daniel Brennan Ellen Bower PJ O'Reilly
5/24/1865 O'Connor Jeremiah Fitzpatrick Mary Jerry Connors Annie Driscoll PJ O'Reilly
1/2/1866 O'Connor Thomas Coffee Catherine Patrick Sweeny Joanne Reilly PJ O'Reilly
5/26/1866 Connor Jeremiah Fitzpatrick Mary Jerry Connors Annie Driscoll PJ O'Reilly Dispensed
5/21/1866 Guinan Cornelius Gaffney Catherine Thos Hayes Sarah O'Connor PJ O'Reilly
3/3/1867 Connors Andrew S Ryan Margaret jacobus Costello Catherine Murphy PJ O'Reilly
4/22/1867 Connors Michael Cuffey Anna Michael Dowd Anna Kelly PJ O'Reilly
8/13/1872 O'Connor Archibald McFadden Mary Ellen Samuel McFadden Mary McFadden PJ Garvigan 3rd degree consang
9/3/1872 Hanratty Patrick Egan Elizabeth Johannus O'Connor Johanna M Egan?
11/30/1872 Connor Jeremiah Murphy Frances Jeremiah Connor Arella Murphy PG Garrigan
5/8/1873 Conner Jeremiah Duffy Datherine Jacobus Conner Marie Canon TG Conarty
8/19/1873 Gallaghan Patrick Sheehan Helen Johannus O'Connor Maria Shea DH O'Neil
12/23/1873 O'Connor Timothy Dolan Catherine Bernard Dwyer Juliana Dacey JJ Conarty Dispensed
12/30/1873 O'Connor James Foley Catherine Robert Mathews Maria Foley
4/20/1874 O'Connor Michael McGourly Alicia Michael Lynch Ann Carroll Thos. Griffin
12/29/1874 O'Connor James Shea Marianne Andrew Fitzgerald Margarita Shea Thos. Griffin
8/7/1876 O'Connor Lawrence Daniels Mariam E Andrew O'Hare Julia A Shea JJ O'Keefe
11/2/1876 O'Connor John Moran Mary Thos O'Connor Anna Cullen Dispensed
6/15/1877 Connor Dennis R Smith Margaret Jermiah MacNamara Maria Smith Thos. Griffin
9/13/1877 O'Connor Patrick D McCarty Ellena Michael Finnegan Honora Donahue TJ Conaty
2/7/1878 Early Patrick Connors Catherine Patrick Carroll? TJ Conaty
10/28/1878 O'Connor Thos Cullen Anna M Johanus Moran Ann McDonald 2nd & 3rd deg cons
1/30/1878 McQueeny Michael O'Connor Marianne Daniel Connors Julia Connors 2nd & 3rd deg cons
11/26/1878 O'Connell Lawrence O'Connor Anna ?? O'Connell Anna Mahone
O'Connor Dennis Blake Elizabeth MM Gibson
O'Connor David Hughes Rose MM Gibson
O'Connor Michael O'Leary Hannah MM Gibson


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