County Wexford


Ballinadaggan Old Wexford

CONNOR. Ledger. Erected by Edward Connor of / Ballydaggan to the memory of his/father in law Patrick Clinch depd / this life June 6th 1827 aged 35 years / also his beloved wife Eleanor Connor / daughter to the above Mr Patrick/Clinch depd this life December (6 or 8)th 1830 aged 31 years / also Eleanor Clinch who died 25th Aug / 1865 aged 70 years also the above Edwd Connor who died l8th Dec 1885/aged 66 years. (note that the first named Eleanor may have-died in 1820, the figures 3 and 5 hard to distinguish)


Templeshanbo Old

BYRNE. Here lies the body of Timothy/Byrne ...who depd this life Jan the / 6th 1816 aged 77 years also his / wife Joan Byrne alias O'Conor depd / this life xxxx the xxx 18xx aged xxx/yrs. (where marked XXX, the memorial is blank, possibly the basic inscription was carved following Timothy's death and then, on wife's death, not completed.)


CONNER. Erected by Edward Conner / Ball(ni?)nah / to the memory ofhis father / Murtah Conner / who depd this life April the 16th 1803 / aged 60 years / also his son John Conner who departed. / April the 6th 1817 aged 18 yrs.


DOYLE. Two memorials
a) is a ledger at root of b) a headstone:
a) Erected by Matt Doyle of Askenvillar / in memory of his wife Mary Doyle alias / Fenlin depd Feb the 15 th 1822 aged 44 yrs / also his brother John Doyle depd this 1ife / Aug the 13th 1825 aged 51 yrs also / his daughter Catherine Doyle / departed this life January 1st 1842 aged 43 yrs / the above Matt Doy1e depd January 4th 1850 /aged 7(3?) yrs his son John Doyle died April 11 / 1852 aged 46 yrs Margaret Doyle alias / Leary died August the 8th 1858 aged 44 yrs / also his son Robert Doyle died / January 17th 1880 aged 76 years / also his son Jeramiah Doyle who departad this life July 13th 1888 aged 5 years
b) Here lies / the body of Elizabeth Connor / alias Doyle who depd this life ye 27th of Decr 1788 agd / (remainder of inscription under ground.)


CONNOR. Two memorials,
a) is a ledger at foot of b) a headstone:
a) Erected by Miles O'Connor of / Ballindagin in memory of his father /Terence O'Connor who depd this / life the 1(2?)th of Feb 1813 aged (0?) yrs.
b) Here lies the body / of Patrick Connor who depd/ this life ye 7th ofAugust 1795 / remainder of inscription underground

O'CONNOR: Ledger. Here lies the body of Cath(erine) / O'Connor who depd Novbr 13th / 1795 aged 13 years.


Donaghmore Old Graveyard

CONNOR. Four headstones in a row, from a) left to d) right:
a) Erected by Margaret Connor of / Clonganny in memory of her husband /Patrick Connor who depd this life / Jany 23rd 1862 aged 64 years / also their daughter Margaret dep'd / this life Aug 18th 1842 aged 8 years / also the above Margaret Connor who / depd 7th April 1872 aged 69 years. R.I.P. / also Annie Connor who died Oct 25th / 1884 aged 40 years.
b) A fragment, lower half only. (a1ias F? / ealon depd April 2nd 1758 / aged 2(3 or 8) years also Thomas / Connor depd July 13 1789 / aged 18 yrs
c) Erected by / Margaret Nolan in loving memory of her / grand-parents /John Connors / and his wife Judith of / Shrule C1on(c or g)anny.
d) Erected / by / Eliza O'Connor of Shrule / in memory of her son John Connor (sic) died 25tn Oct 1873 aged 24 years / also her daughter Ellen Connor / died 16th Apri1 1876 aged 26 yrs / also her husband James Connor / died 16th Jan 1882 aged 72 yrs / Edward Connor died 11th May 1902 / his daughter Margaret died 19th Sept 1918.




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