New Orleans, LA

1859 City Directory


Conner, David  lab  364 Franklin
Conner, Mrs. Dennis 364 Franklin
Conner, Edward Fourth n. of Annunciation
Conner, H.W. & Son exchange dealers  33 Carondelet  St Charles Hotel
Conner, James engineer Cypress n. of Roman
Conner, James  cartman  Dryades n of Thalia
Conner, James R  12 Tivoli Circle
Conner, John  132 Casacalvo
Conner, John  pilot 34 Clouet
Conner, John  lab  42 Annunciation
Conner, Matthew  printer 165 Basin
Conner, Owen  Camp n of Melpomence
Conner, R.E.  Constance n of Richard
Conner, William  drayman  Erato n of Levee
O'Conner, Bridgit  Thalia n of Locust
O'Conner, J lab  38 Elysian Fields
O'Conner, Michael    Tchoupitoulas  c of Poyfarre
O'Conner, Patrick  296 Poydras
O'Conner, Patrick R  Philip n. of Laurel
O'Conner, J.H. accountant  138 Common
O'Conner JH carpenter   435 Franklin
O'Connor, James tin and coppersmith  175 Tchoupitoulas
O'Connor, John  coachman  317 St Claude
O'Connor, Michael  crookery  157 Poydras
O'Connor, P.J.  attorney at law 75 Julia
O'Connor, Thomas  28 Common


Above records were submitted by Ley K. O'Connor


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