O'Connor Marriages
(all spellings for surname)

New York State
1918 and 1919

Surname First Date Place
O'Connor Adeline L 9/25/1918 Ft. Ontario
O'Connor Agnes B 10/12/1918 Camp Mills
O'Connor Agnes C 6/27/1918 Watertown
Connor Agnes E 7/10/1918 Watertown
O'Connor Agnes E 11/24/1919 Oswego
O'Connor Agnes M 12/29/1919 Buf.
O'Connor Albert J 5/20/1919 Batavia
Connor Alfred E 11/15/1919 Black River
O'Conner Alice B 8/27/1918 Ripley
O'Connor Alice B 8/27/1918 Ripley
Connor Alice M 1/9/1918 Naples
Connors Alice M 5/29/1919 Hastings-on-Hudson
Connor Almeda 2/3/1918 Lake Placid
Conner Alton 8/28/1919 Kingston
Connors Amelia C/O? 9/25/1919 NYC
Connor Anastasia M 11/27/1918 Caledonia
Connor Andrew J 11/26/1918 Caledonia
O'Connor Anna A 4/19/1919 Alb.
O'Connor Anna F 9/9/1918 Addison
Connors Anna G 6/10/1919 Ynk.
Conners Anna M 9/15/1918 Tuckahoe
O'Connor Annie M 7/15/1919 NYC
Connors Arthur E 4/20/1919 Garden City
O'Connor Barbara 8/2/1918 Pt. Jervis
O'Connor Bridget M 1/5/1919 Buf.
Conner Caroline 10/8/1919 Rch.
O'Connor Catherine  8/11/1919 Addison
O'Connor Catherine B 9/25/1918 Buf.
Connor Cecil 6/28/1918 Mineola
Conners Charles 12/20/1919 Harnell
Conner Charles  5/9/1919 Syr.
Connor Charles L 11/16/1918 Wellsville
Connors Cheerful 10/20/1919 Niag. Falls
O'Connor Daniel 6/9/1919 Alb.
Conners Dora 12/25/1918 Pt. Chester
O'Connor Edward C 4/22/1919 Niag. Falls
O'Connor Edward F 7/26/1918 Uta.
Conners Edward J 5/28/1918 Alb.
O'Connor Edward M 6/15/1919 Rch.
O'Connor Edward M 11/27/1918 Watervliet
Connors Edward P 9/24/1919 Rch.
Conners Elizabeth A 10/15/1919 Camillus
O'Connor Elizabeth K 6/23/1919 Chateangay
O'Connor Elizabeth M 9/22/1919 Buf.
O'Connor Ella  10/27/1919 Ynk.
O'Connor Ella A 8/10/1919 Rch.
O'Connor Ella W 2/11/1918 Alb.
O'Connor Ellen  11/25/1919 Buf.
O'Connor Ellen M 2/7/1918 Oneida
Conner Elma L 10/22/1919 Herkimer
O'Conner Emilie 9/11/1919 Watertown
O'Connor Emily F 11/9/1919 Buf.
Conner Emily G 1/16/1918 Rch.
O'Connor Emily L 10/21/1919 Pt. Chester
O'Connor Emma L 11/15/1919 Tonawanda?
O'Connor Ethlyn L 9/26/1918 Seneca Falls
Connor Floreedo? 5/11/1918 Syr.
Connors Florence M 4/30/1919 Buf.
O'Connor Francis C 11/25/1919 Alb.
Conners Francis H 8/9/1918 Alb.
Connor Francis J 2/5/1919 Mt Vernon
Conner Fred H 6/23/1919 Jamestown
Connor George J 7/3/1918 Buf.
O'Connor Georgianna 9/8/1919 Buf.
O'Connor Gerald J 8/9/1919 Bing.
O'Connor Gerald J 12/7/1919 Buf.
O'Connor Gerald T 4/17/1919 Westfield
Connor Gertrude 6/7/1919 Wellsville
Connors Grace C 3/4/1919 Ynk.
O'Connor Hannah 10/9/1919 Buf.
Conners Harriet L 6/2/1918 N. Tarrytown
O'Conor Harriet V 5/8/1918 Glens Falls
Connor Helen 2/14/1919 Carinth
Connors Helen A 10/27/1919 Sch.
Connors Helen G 6/29/1919 Rome
Connor Helen H 7/19/1919 Glens Falls
O'Connor Helen M 6/19/1918 Syr.
Conner Henry H 1/1/1918 Auburn
Conner Howard J 7/24/1918 W Somerset
O'Connor Irene  2/21/1919 Buf.
Conners Irene M 8/5/1918 Plattsburg
Connor Ivan L 6/17/1918 Gouverneur
Connor J. Joseph 9/9/1919 Rch.
Conner James A 10/29/1918 Ripley
O'Connor James H 9/11/1918 Buf.
Connors James Jr 6/18/1919 Brewster
O'Connor James Jr 6/17/1918 Whitesboro
Conner James M 10/14/1918 Jamestown
O'Connor James T 4/6/1918 Addison
O'Connor Johanna 1/23/1919 Elmsford
O'Connor John 1/22/1918 Buf.
O'Connor John 8/19/1919 Cattaraugus
Connor John J 10/14/1918 Pt. Edward
Connors John J 6/17/1919 Troy
O'Connor John J 9/3/1918 Aurora
O'Connor John J 12/27/1919 Blasdell
O'Connor John J J?/2/1919 Buf.
Connors John P 5/31/1919 Bing.
O'Connor John P 11/25/1919 Buf.
O'Connor John P 11/25/1919 Great Neck
Connors John T 9/15/1919 Auburn
Connor Joseph 12/26/1918 Bing.
O'Connor Joseph 9/24/1918 Greensburg
Connor Joseph E 9/11/1920 Richmond
Connors Joseph J 7/26/1919 Watervliet
Connor Joseph M 5/16/1918 Garden City
Conner Joseph W 1/12/1919 Watervliet
O'Connor Josephine 1/8/1919 Buf.
O'Connor Julia 10/4/1919 Saratoga Sprs.
O'Connor Julia A 6/12/1918 Johnsville
O'Connor Julia M 10/10/1918 Garden City
O'Connor Juliette E 11/17/1918 Alb.
O'Connor Katherine M 4/1/1919 Rch.
O'Connor Kathleen 8/14/1918 Newburgh
O'Connor Kathryn 10/1/1918 Buf.
O'Connor Kathryn G 2/16/1919 Alb.
O'Connor Leo 3/1/1919 Pt. Henry
O'Connor Leo E 11/23/1919 Cortland
O'Connor Leo W 9/29/1919 Hornell
Connor Lilly H 1/30/1919 Buf.
Connor Lynn H 1/28/1919 Lisbon
Connors Lynn H 1/28/1919 Lisbon
Conner Mabel 9/5/1918 Newburgh
Connor Mae 11/26/1919 Pt. Chester
O'Connor Mae? 6/21/1919 Buf.
Connor Magdalene 8/3/1919 Rch.
Connor Margaret 10/2/1919 Pt. Chester
Connor Margaret 12/29/1918 Schuylerville
Connors Margaret 7/24/1919 Cohoes
O'Connor Margaret 4/21/1919 Buf.
O'Connor Margaret A 10/14/1919 Newburgh
O'Connor Margaret A 6/21/1919 Waterford
Connors Margaret E 5/3/1919 Oriskany Falls
O'Connor Margaret F 4/17/1919 Portchester
O'Connor Margaret H 9/15/1919 Addison
O'Connor Margaret J 10/30/1918 Alb.
Conners Margaret M 5/2/1919 Buf.
O'Connor Margaret O 10/7/1918 Watertown
O'Connor Marguerite 2/23/1918 Buf.
Connors Marie A 10/1/1919 Ellicottville
Connors Marie T 6/9/1919 Bing.
Connor Marion A 9/9/1919 Ft. Edward
Conners Marion M 5/14/1918 Malone
Connor Marion M 5/14/1918 Malone
Connors Mary 5/31/1919 Ynk.
O'Connor Mary 4/6/1919 Batavia
O'Connor Mary 4/21/1919 Buf.
Connors Mary A 5/6/1919 Newburgh
Connors Mary A 9/10/1919 Rch.
Connors Mary A 6/23/1919 Watervliet
O'Connor Mary A 4/24/1918 Johnsville
Connor Mary C 1/2/1918 Watervliet
O'Connor Mary E 11/24/1919 Dolgeville
O'Connor Mary E 12/29/1919 Endicott
Connor Mary G 10/4/1919 Rch.
O'Connor Mary G 3/7/1919 Glens Falls
O'Connor Mary G 7/31/1919 Rch.
Conners Mary M 5/14/1918 Buf.
Connor Mary M 11/14/1918 Buf.
Connors Matthew D 6/3/1919 Rch.
Connor Maurice L 9/28/1918 Gates
O'Connor May 4/10/1918 Addison
Connor Maybell V 9/3/1919 Syr.
O'Connor Michael 12/25/1918 Seneca Falls
O'Conner Michael  4/29/1918 Ogdensburg
Connor Michael F 6/25/1918 Springville
O'Connor Michael F 12/28/1919 Olean
O'Connor Michael G 1/8/1918 Hemstead
O'Connor Michael J 1/22/1918 Johnson City
O'Connor Michael J 6/13/1919 Mamaroneck
O'Connor Michael R 11/26/1918 King. Falls
O'Connor Mildred 6/26/1918 Margaretville
Connor Miles L 11/26/1919 Lockport
Connors Miles L 11/26/1919 Lockport
Conner Myrtle 1/25/1919 Westfield
O'Connor Nellie 3/9/1918 Watkins
O'Connor Nora 5/15/1918 Buf.
O'Connor Nora 2/17/1919 White Plains
O'Connor Nora A 6/10/1919 Buf.
O'Connor Nora B 3/2/1919 Buf.
O'Connors Nora M 4/4/1918 Syr.
O'Connor Norine 6/10/1918 Ynk.
Conners Orel P 3/12/1919 Little Genesee
O'Connor Patrick 4/3/1918 Dobb's Ferry
O'Connor Patrick 10/13/1919 Saranac Lake
O'Connor Patrick J  11/5/1918 Crogann?
O'Connor Patrick J Jr 1/1/1918 Buf.
Connor Pearl M 12/1/1919 Sch.
Connor Peter E 3/17/1919 Alb.
O'Connor Raymond F 12/29/1918 NYC
O'Connor Rose  1/19/1919 S. Butler
O'Connor Rose A 6/20/1919 Uta.
O'Connor Rose E 1/5/1918 Seneca Falls
Connor Roy 2/19/1919 Auburn
O'Connor Ruby K 10/25/1919 Hornell
O'Connor Ruth 10/28/1918 Geneva
Connor Ruth B 7/12/1919 Middletown
Connor Ruth E 6/17/1919 Trumansburg
Connor Sarah 8/21/1918 Nickayuna?
O'Connor Sarah M 4/10/1918 Ft Slocum
Connor Stephen A J 4/1/1918 Alb.
O'Connor Theresa 12/26/1919 Mamaroneck
O'Connor Thomas  11/25/1918 Buf.
O'Connor Thomas B 4/29/1918 Victor
O'Connor Thomas F 8/22/1919 Harrison
Connor Thomas J 1/9/1918 Plattsburg
O'Connor Thomas J 4/16/1918 Corning
O'Connor Thomas J Jr 11/25/1919 Sch
Connor Victor J 11/29/1919 Wellsville
O'Connor Walter C 11/22/1919 Ft. Jervis
O'Connor Wesley J 11/6/1919 Cooperstown
Connor Willard E 7/3/1919 Alb.
O'Connor William 9/10/1918 Buf.
O'Connor William 7/20/1918 Newburgh
O'Connor William 12/10/1918 Troy
O'Connor William 10/30/1919 Ynk.
Conner William F 3/2/1918 Newburgh
Connors William J 12/17/1919 Rch.
Connors William P 5/28/1919 Buf.
O'Connor Zelda F 11/4/1919 Buf.


This data was collected at the New York State Archives. Only years 1918-19 were searched for all combinations of the O'Connor/Connor surname.