1890 Census Index of Civil War

Veterans or Their Widows

New York State

Conner, Abigail        Orange        Greenville
Conner, Andrew        Cayuga        Sterling
Conner, Charles D        Kings        Brooklyn
Conner, Charles        Ulster            Rosendale
Conner, Chorles        Ulster            Rosendale
Conner, Elizabeth        Montgomery        Amsterdam
Conner, Hugh            Schuyler        Dix
Conner, James        Steuben        Sold&Sailo**
Conner, James R    Steuben        Wheeler
Conner, James        Suffolk        Islis (blotch)
Conner, Jesse M        Orange        Spa  wbus (blotch)
Conner, John        Ulster        Wawarsing
Conner, Jonas D        Orange         Greenville
Conner, Joseph            New York    New York
Conner, Julius E        Kings            Brooklyn
Conner, Patrick, Jr    Sullivan        Deleware
Conner, Paul S        Kings            Brooklyn
Conner, Peter            Ulster        Denning
Conner, Susan E        Ulster,         Wawasrsing
Conner, Theodore W    Steuben        Hornellsville
Conner, Thomas        Livingston        Avon
Conners, Ann S        Chemung        Elmira
Conners, Anthony        Oneida        Rome
Conners, Cornelius        Niagra        Somerset
Conners, Daniel            Ulster         Kingston
Conners, Eliza        Oneida            Rome
Conners, Henry		Chemung		Elmira
Conners, James		Dutchess	Red Hook
Conners, James		New York	New York
Conners, James W	Cattaraugus	Olean
Conners, John C		Niagra		Lockport
Conners, Margret	Chautaugua	Miner Twp
Conners, Matilda	Kings		Brooklyn
Conners, Thomas		Oswego		Granby
Conners, Thomas		Kings		Brooklyn
Connor, Alfred            New York     New York
Connor, Anastatia        New York     New York
Connor, Anna             Albany           Cohoes
Connor, Arthur O*      Genesee        Pavillion
Connor, Bridget,         Monroe          Rochester
Connor, Christopher    Monroe          Rochester
Connor, Christpher       Monroe        Rochester
Connor, Edward           New York    New York
Connor, Ellen            Saratoga          Stillwater
Connor, George A        Kings           Brooklyn
Connor, Henry            Monroe        Third Ward
Connor, Hugh            Monroe          Rochester
Connor, James            Monroe        Greece
Connor, James            Wayne        Lyons
Connor, John            Albany        Cohoes
Connor, John            Genesee            Pavilion
Connor, John            Monore            Rochester
Connor, John            New York        New York
Connor John O*        New York     Randalls I NonI Spec
Connor, Julia            Monroe             Rochester
Connor, Lady            Yates            Penn Yan
Connor, Lorenzo O    Kings            Brooklyn
Connor, Margaret        Ulster            Esopus
Connor, Martin        Broome        Binghamton
Connor, Mary A        Renssela    Troy
Connor, Matilda        Kings            Brooklyn
Connor, Michael        Ulster            Esopus
Connor, Patrick        Saratoga        Stillwater
Connor, Patrick O*    Renssela        Troy
Connor, Paul S            Kings            Brooklyn
Connor, Peter            Steuben        Sold&Sailo**
Connor, Rebecca O*    Kings        Brooklyn
Connor, Sarah            Kings            Brooklyn
Connor, Tady            Yates            Pen Yan
Connor, Theodore W    Steuben    Hornellsville
Connor, Thomas C    New York    New York
Connor, Thomas E    New York    New York
Connor, Thomas        Kings            Brooklyn
Connor, Wiliam I        Monroe        Rush Twp
Connor, William        Monroe        Rochester
Connor, William        Westchester    Mamaroneck
Connor, William E    Kings            Brooklyn
Connor, William T        Monroe    Rush Twp
Connorr, Thomas        Westchester    Mamaroneck
Connors, Ann            Kings            Brooklyn
Connors, ann            Renssela        Alms House
Connors, Bartholomew    Cayuga    Port Byron
Connors, Catherine    Oswego        Oswego
Connors, Daniel        Washington    White Hall
Connors, Edgar            Renssela        Troy
Connors, Edward        Albany        West Troy
Connors, Edwin        Chemung        Elmira
Connors, John            Albany        Albany
Connors, John            Albany        Cohoes
Connors, John            Albany           Albany
Connors, John            Kings             Brooklyn
Connors, John            Kings            Brooklyn
Connors, John            New York        New York
Connors, John O*        Chemung        Elmira
Connors, John O*        New York        New York
Connors, Joseph            Albany            Albany
Connors, Lawrence        New York        New York
Connors, Mary        Cayuga                    Port Byron
Connors, Morrice        Oswego                Oswego
Connors, Patrick        Albany            West Troy
Connors, Patrick            New York        New York
Connors, Patrick            New York        New York
Connors, Patrick            Renssela            Troy
Connors, Patrick            Wayne                Salen
Connors, Peter                Kings                Sheepshead
Connors, Samuel            Renssela            Troy
Connors, Thomas            Albany            Albany
Connors, Thomas            Columbia        Hudson
Connors, Thomas            Erie                Evans
Connors, Timothy            Renssela        Alms House
Connors, Timothy            Washington    Fort Ann
Conor, John O*            New York        New York
O'Comer, Daniel		Orleans		Medina
O'Comer, Ellen			Orleans		Medina
O'Conner, Daniel		Orleans		Medina
O'Conner, Ellen		Orleans		Medina
O'Connor, Denis			New York	New York
O'Connor, Johanna		New York	New York
O'Connor, John A		Allegany	Fishford?
O'Connor, Matthew		New York	New York
O'Connor, Roderick		Erie		Buffalo



Submitted by  Ley K. O'Connor

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