St. Mary's Parish
Clonmel, County Tipperary

Assorted  Birth Records
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Surname First Fath First Moth Last Moth First Place Sponsor Sponsor Date Bapt Date born
? Bridget ? Connors ? 5/11/1843
? William ? Connors ? James Ryan 5/14/1843
Anglum? Francis Edmund Connors Johanna Maurice Connors Catherine Daily 3/9/1844
Anglum? William Edmund Connors Johanna Michael Powers Johanna Connors 2/15/1846
Brennan Catherine James Connors Mary Patrick Lancey? Ellen Hayes 5/10/1852
Burke Bridget Edmund Connors Margaret Richard Britt Catherine Connors 10/4/1855
Burke John Edmund Connors Mary John Keating Honora ? 1/27/1859
Burke Patrick Edmund Connors Mary Michael Lyons Bridget Norton 3/30/1860
Burns Patrick Timothy Connors Judy? Timothy Flanagan Margaret Sheehy 8/13/1853
Bus? John James Connors Margaret Michael Connors Ellen ? 6/21/1857
Carew James Cornelius Connors Mary John Carew Ann Connors 8/15/1849
Casey Ellen Con Connors Mary ? Noonan Mary Murphy 1/22/1857
Casey Michael Cornelius? Connors Mary Timothy Murphy Judith Ryan 6/16/1859
Coffey Ann James Connors Catherine Michael Henneberry Honora Henneberry 11/22/1857
Connor Michael Daniel Kennedy Mary John Hally Bridget Kennedy 9/12/1845
Connors Ellen ?? Condon Ann Patrick Laffan Bridget Laffan 1/19/1845
Connors Francis Auoria? Connors Johanna Julius Dwan Mary Gleason 3/2/1844
Connors Thomas Daniel Munday Mary John Hally Ellen Munday 8/20/1843
Connors B? Daniel White Catherine Michael Daniel Ellen Lyons 12/20/1846
Connors James David/Daniel ?? Mary James Hickey Ellen ? 9/30/1844
Connors Mary David/Daniel Blake Mary Richard Fitzpatrick Mary Blake 7/15/1845
Connors Ellen David/Daniel Blake Mary James Horning? Margaret Egan 11/1/1847
Connors Catherine Denis White Catherine John Kelly Ellen Duggan 2/25/1840
Connors Margaret Denis White Catherine David/Daniel Casey Margaret Hogan 4/4/1844
Connors Mary Denis White Catherine John Pru??d Mary Brien 3/8/1851
Connors Catherine Edmond? Mulcahy ? Margaret Mullins P. Meaney 12/26/1846
Connors William Edmund Driscoll Mary Irishtown John Bushell Honorah Britton 4/9/1865 4/5/1865
Connors Henry? Edmund Moran Bridget James ? Lucy Kavanagh 4/2/1851
Connors Catherine Edmund Norris Catherine Tuberahuna? James Phelan Catherine Flaherty 10/13/1864 10/11/1864
Connors Mary Edmund Norris Kitty Thomas Norris Catherien Mara 5/19/1853
Connors John Edmund Norris Catherine John Neill Alice Connors 11/27/1859
Connors Mary Catherine James ?? Mary Patrick Daniels Ellen Ryan 7/16/1844
Connors Ann James Mulcahy Ann   Robert Power Elizabeth Shea 8/20/1840
Connors ?? James Mulcahy Ann ? Tobin Julia Meara 10/24/1846
Connors Laurence? Jeremiah Dwyer Mary Heynon Rd Laurence Barney? Margaret Ryoiron? 10/1/1865 9/30/1865
Connors Honora John ? Bridget William ? ? 7/26/1855
Connors Michael John Allen Margaret Kilmamoma? Patrick Farrell Catherine Higgins? 7/14/1864 7/14/1864
Connors James John Brist? Margaret Henry Barns Catherine Brist? 2/7/1848
Connors Michael John Butler Margaret Patrick Walsh? Bridget Butler 9/13/1850
Connors David/Daniel John C/Tullinan Hanora James Connors Margaret Gavan 8/9/1846
Connors Mary John Condon Mary John Brien Mary Condon Dec 1860
Connors Catherine John Green Mary Michael Green Catherine Connors 5/30/1846
Connors William John Hallahan ? John Connors Judith Hallahan 8/7/1859
Connors Lawrence John Hallihan Margaret James Farrell Mary Hallihan 5/7/1857
Connors Maurice John Halloran Margaret William Connors mary Neill 4/13/1856
Connors William John Lonergan Ellen John Phelan Bridget Lonergan 10/23/1859
Connors Bridget John Wall? Bridget William Cleary Bridge Meehan 12/26/1857
Connors Henry? John? Sullivan Honora ?? Gibbons Bridget Gavan 9/24/1849
Connors John L? Heelan Mary Michael Phelan Bridget Corbett 7/4/1850
Connors John Mathew Byrne Mary Irishtown Seamus Connel Catherine Halloran 6/10/1866 6/7/1866
Connors Bridget Mathew Byrne Mary Richard Corcoran Ellen Meskile 4/13/1856
Connors ?? Mathew Byrnes Mary ? Byrnes Ellen Kelty 4/25/1858
Connors Mary Mathew Byrnes Mary William Haskett Judith Morrissey 7/1/1860
Connors John Mathew Cle? Helen James Burke Honora Hayes 3/18/1849
Connors Mathew Mathew Fennessey Mary Patrick Fennessey Kate Daniel 6/10/1855
Connors Margaret Mathew Fennessey Helen Michael Connors Ellen Shelly Sep 1860
Connors Michael Mathew Fennessy Mary James Fennessy Mary Connors 7/11/1844
Connors Catherine Mathew Fennessy Margaret Michael Connors Catherine Connors 4/5/1846
Connors John Mathew Fennessy Mary David Fennessy Johanna Neil 5/17/1848
Connors Bridget Mathew Fennessy Mary John Fennessy Margaret Hasket 3/17/1850
Connors Mary Ann Matt Fennessy Mary James Connors Helen Connors 10/11/1852
Connors Mary Michael ?? Catherine? James Nolan Mary Maher 1/13/1856
Connors John Michael Duggan? Alice Margaret Shea 9/25/1850
Connors Hugh Michael Dunphy Margaret James Loughlin Ellen Toby 12/6/1857
Connors Thomas Michael Fahy Mary John Connors Ellen Gearn 2/9/1843
Connors Johanna Michael Mahony Mary Tuberahuna? Patrick Condon Ellen Fennessy 6/10/1866 6/5/1866
Connors Margaret Michael Murphy Alice Pat English Mary Connors 2/15/1854
Connors James Michael Shelly Joanne James Corbett Catherine Daniel 12/26/1845
Connors Michael Michael Shelly Johanna? Cornelius Birne Johanna Haskett? 8/15/1850
Connors John Michael Shelly Judith William Howe Winefred Shelly 10/1/1851
Connors Mary Ann Michael Shelly Judith Edmund Connors Margaret Conway 2/6/1854
Connors Margaret Patrick B? Bridget 12/22/1848
Connors Patrick Patrick Carty Honora William Torpy Thomas McCarty 3/9/1840
Connors Patrick Patrick Duggan Johanna Peter Connors Ellen Hanlon 1/13/1854
Connors Bridget Patrick Flynn Johanna Edmund Walsh Mary Dunn 1/7/1847
Connors Honora Patrick Flynn Johanna John Taylor Mary Flynn 11/11/1843
Connors Bridget Patrick Flynn Johanna Edmund Walsh Mary Dunn 1/7/1847
Connors Honora Patrick Flynn Johanna John Taylor Mary Flynn 11/11/1843
Connors Mary Patrick Hyland Bridget Parodon? Joanna Kearney 8/16/1846
Connors Johanna Patrick Keane Margaret Richard Finn Alice Daniel 3/4/1843
Connors Mary Patrick White Mary Daniel Connors Mary Loughlin 4/13/1845
Connors M? Patrick White Mary Thomas? Connors? Margaret Fennessy 10/17/1848
Connors Bartholomew Patrick White Mary John Morrissey Ellen Hackett 3/11/1853
Connors Michael Peter Hogan Margaret Patrick Butler Ellen Phelan 2/9/1840
Connors Pierce? Pierce? Brien Margaret Mary Hally 6/17/1855
Connors Mary Robert Power Mary Mary Connors 9/19/1855
Connors Margaret Robert Power Mary James Heffernan Margaret Halloran 4/3/1857
Connors David Tobin? Seamus Connors Mary Irishtown David/Daniel Connors Ellen Connors 12/28/1865 12/28/1865
Connors Johanna Thomas Bramley Mary Mary Power 11/8/1843
Connors Ellen Thomas Gibbons Ellen Patrick Kennedy Catherine Kiely 2/29/1840
Connors Michael Thomas Gibbons? Ellen Jeremiah Kielly Johanna Gibbons 8/7/1844
Connors William Thomas Kavanaugh Ann Francis Kavanaugh Mary Riordan 8/23/1857
Connors John Thomas Ryan Bridget Patrick Ryan Mary Lamb Dec 1860
Connors Honora Thomas Sullivan Honora John Connors Johanna Buckley 2/6/1844
Connors Patrick Timothy Hefferan Mary Lawrence P? Margaret Carroll 5/7/1846
Connors Patrick William Connors Margaret Alice Walsh 2/24/1844
Connors Catherine Ann William Daniel Mary James Mable Catherine Connors 1/23/1848
Connors Catherine William Fitzgerald Bridget Irishtown Edmund Connors Mary Driscoll 4/23/1865 4/22/1865
Connors William William Kiernan Catherine Price Lane Martin Kiernan Alice Burke 10/15/1865 10/9/1865
Connors Ellen William Kiernan Catherine Irishtown Jeremiah Duggan Mary Ryan 12/23/1866 12/20/1866
Connors Catherine William Munday Mary Michael Butler Margaret Phelan 3/3/1849
Connors Mary William Munday Mary Lawrence Munday Anastasia Munday 4/16/1843
Connors Bridget William Munday? Mary John English Mary Meara 1/18/1846
Connors Bridget William Phelan Margaret Kilmamoma? John Connors Catherine Phelan 1/29/1866 1/28/1866
Connors Maurice William Whelan Margaret Jeremiah Whelan Margaret Connors 1/10/1864 1/9/1864
Connors David/Daniel William? Blake Mary Henry Hall Helen Carroll 3/8/1843
Connors Catherine William? Dumphy Alice Patrick White Honora Donohue 2/26/1860
Connors Mary Connors Johanna Catherine Keefe 1/9/1851
Connors Thomas Connors Margaret Honora Connors 4/14/1852
Connors Catherine Connors Margaret Honora Daniel 3/22/1860
Conors Bridget Thomas Gibbons Ellen William White Ellen Neely 3/18/1849
Conway Thomas Cornelius Connors Catherine James Connors ?? Mar 1851
Dorcey James Edward Connors Ellen Laurence Dorcey Catherine Dorcey 1/16/1847
Dowly Margaret John Connors Mary Bartholomew Connors Johanna Fitzpatrick 10/5/1843
English Mary Thomas Connors Margaret Catherine Brien 2/24/1850
Fahey Daniel Michael Connors A? John Dwyer Johanna Connors 11/8/1843
Farrell Patrick James Connors Johanna Patrick Whelan Mary Hallahan 6/7/1855
Farrell Honora James Connors Johanna Thomas Nolan Margaret Hallahan 12/25/1859
Farrell Johanna John Connors Johanna James Delancy Margaret Casey 10/28/1857
Fennessy Mary Daniel Connors Margaret Thomas ? Bridget Noonan 7/13/1857
Fitzgerald Bridget Michael Connors Bridget Johanna Connors Ellen ? 9/8/1844
Fitzgerald Ellen Michael Connors Bridget Thomas Conway? Catherine Connors 5/7/1846
Fitzgerald Michael Michael Connors Bridget Thomas Cooney Catherine Fahy 7/8/1843
Fitzgerald Honora Michael Connors Bridget William Connors Bridget Fitzgerald 2/19/1849
Gleeson ?? Cornelius Connors Mary John Callanan Ellen Kil?gan 3/23/1846
Hickey Catherine Patrick Connors Catherine Anastasia Kearney 3/15/1843
Hogan Margaret David/Daniel Connors Margaret William Cahill Ellen Tobin 4/6/1850
Hogan Paul? John Connors Mary John Maroney P. Meaney 1/27/1845
Keating Catherine John Connors Mary Edmond Burke Johanna Quin 7/1/1843
Kielly Elizabeth Marg Thomas Connors Catherine Patrick Connors Alice ? 9/23/1857
Lonergan Mary James Connors Mary Martfield? Edmond Shanahan Ellen Greene 5/5/1864 5/3/1864
Mara Maurice Thomas Connors Ellen Patrick Cooney Johanna Brennan 3/26/1844
McCarthy Michael John Connors Johanna? Edward Geoghegan Mary Carty 8/31/1854
McNamara Mary John Connors Bridget John Keef Ellen Falvy/Fahy 5/28/1840
McNamara Mary John Connors Bridget John Morris Bridget Conley 4/3/1845
Meara? John John Connors Bridget Michael Bray Mary Burns 1/26/1843
Moore Catherine Thomas Connors Bridget James Dunlaney Judy Connors 2/14/1856
Morris Margaret William Connors Bridget Thomas Barron Mary Connors 5/8/1840
Noonan Julian Jeremiah Connors Ann James Neile Mary Connors 12/31/1854
O'Connor Henry Edward Hasket Judith John? Manning Ann Antory? 10/15/1843
O'Connor Catherine Richard O'Connor Honora John Kennedy Sarah Kennedy 8/20/1847
O'Connor Richard Richard O'Connor Honora Michael Kenneally Maria Noonan 1/30/1853
O'Connor Mary Thomas Maher Mary Ann Brian Kavanagh Mary Baron 4/3/1851
O'Connor Stephen William ? Honora Edmund Cooney Margaret Cooney 2/20/1850
O'Connor John William K? Catherine John O'Connor Ellen Lonergan 11/12/1860
O'Connor James William Kiernan Catherine Thomas Kiernan Johanna Dwyer 1/10/1864 1/9/1864
Phelan James James Connors Ellen James Neil Catherine Keiley 11/9/1843
Quirk Mary Thomas Connors Mary Honora Flinn May 1858
Roche Joseph/John Francis Connors Mary Thomas Copely ? Condon 2/3/1854
Ryan Robert John Connors Mary John Bestan? Mary Connel 8/16/1840
Ryan Mary Patrick Connors Ellen Canaroonan? Michael Ryan Catherine Connors 7/16/1866 6/12/1866
Shea Ann Michael Connors Margaret John Hally Catherine Connors 6/6/1844
Shea Robert Michael Connors Mary John Flynn Margaret Haskel? 1/12/1846
Shea Maurice Michael Connors Johanna Andrew Daniel Margaret Ryan 4/18/1848
Shea Denis William Connors Margaret Denis Shanahan Ellen Keogh Aug/Sep 1853
Sheedy James William Connors Margaret Emy? Talbert Bridget Burke 10/17/1847
Sheedy Patrick William Connors Margaret Ellen Connors 5/5/1850
Skehan Jeremiah Jeremiah Connors Ann Bridget Clancy 2/4/1851
Sullivan Mary Eugene Connors Bridget Michael Connors Mary Sullivan 3/3/1840
Sullivan Bridget Eugene Connors Bridget William Sullivan Mary Beaty? 4/5/1846
Sullivan Johanna Eugene Connors ? Johanna Bates 4/7/1843
Terry Honora Edward Connors Catherine Timothy Terry Mary Robinson 8/15/1858
Tierney Mary ?? Connors ?? Jeremiah Lewis Bridget Eagan 8or9/27/1846
Tierney John John Connors Ellen Ellen Purcell H? Lewis 3/8/1848
Tobin John David/Daniel Connors Margaret Julian Lonergan Ann Shaunessy 4/7/1844
Tobin Mary Ann David/Daniel Connors Margaret Bridget Fennessy 9/12/1854
Walsh Catherine David/Daniel Connors Margaret Jeremiah Ryan Ellen Lonergan 5/23/1846


St. Peter and Paul's Parish
Clonmel, County Tipperary

Assorted  Birth Records
See Research Notes Below

Surname First Fath First Moth Last Moth First Sponsor Sponsor Date
Bennett Margaret Thomas O'Connor Mary Edmund Maher Mary Quinn 6/28/1846
Burke Margaret Flanagan Honora Catherine Calligan 8/20/1846
Casey Mary Terence Connors Mary F Patrick Power Mary Ahern 8/26/1847
Cavanaugh Margaret William Connors Catherine James Myers Ann Ba?ter 3/22/1847
Connors Cornelius Cornelius Tracy Mary Richard Cadwell Judith Hennessy 12/2/1848
Connors Mary Edmund Kelley Mary Ann Michael Halpin Margaret Fahy 11/14/1856
Connors Alice Edmund Power ? Maurice Brazill? Joanna Sullivan 1/31/1846
Connors Thomas James Ryan Janet? David/Daniel Keleher Mary Connors 2/13/1853
Connors Honora John Keene Honora William Connors Mary Ann Butler 1/10/1847
Connors Honora John Sheehan Elizabeth Michael Curran Ellen Curran 12/14/1848
Connors Thomas Michael English Mary Francis Flaherty Ann McCarthy 4/2/1846
Connors Mary Ann Michael English Mary Michael Lane Bridget Power 10/3/1852
Connors John Michael English Mary Jeremiah Leahan Mary Flynn 6/24/1855
Connors Johanna Michael Wade Mary William Walsh Ellen Hickey 4/27/1851
Connors Margaret Patrick Brien Catherine William O'Dahil Catherine Morrissey 8/16/1846
Connors Edmund Patrick Quinn Margaret Mathew Lalor? Alice Fogarty 1/19/1856
Connors Margaret Patrick Quinn Margaret Edmund Ryan Mary Hogan 3/1/1849
Connors Patrick Patrick Quinn Margaret Michael Connors Margaret Power 3/16/1850
Connors Bridget Patrick Quinn Margaret Michael Connors Catherine? 2/17/1855
Connors Thomas Patrick Quinn? Margaret Edmund Fogarty Mary Casey 12/23/1853
Connors Connor Patrick Wade Ellen Patrick Cullinan Ellen Cullinan 1857
Connors John Robert Power Mary Ellen Hanley 4/19/1852
Connors William Robert Power Mary Mary Quirke 4/19/1852
Connors John T? Lonergan Mary William Bosse? Ellen Lonergan 2/7/1847
Connors Thomas Thomas ? Ellen Robert Johnson Bridget Cahill 7/10/1856
Connors Daniel Thomas Carthy Catherine John Carrigan Catherine Donovan 10/61848
Connors Mary Thomas Farrell Catherine William Lalor Mary Finn 9/17/1847
Connors Edmund Thomas Farrell Catherine Thomas Morrissey Alice Murray 5/29/1850
Connors Bridget Timothy Gilihan? Mary Patrick Connors Honora Prendergast 4/24/1853
Connors Timothy William D?ungan Mary Michael Drohan Mary Baragus? 7/8/1855
Connors Patrick William Donegan Margaret Richard Morrissey Margaret Doheney 7/20/1846
Connors William William Donegan Margaret John Green Mry Hill 3/20/1852
Corcoran Mary John Connors Margaret John Wade Ellen Ryan 6/18/1848
Daly John John Connors Mary Patrick Sullivan Elizabeth Coppinger 4/11/1849
Dea Mary Martin Connors Bridget Catherine Cavanaugh 5/9/1855
Devine Mary Patrick Connors Mary Edmund Gardiner? Catherine Cross 7/13/1846
Devine Mary Patrick Connors Margaret David/Daniel Connors Bridget Connors 7/1/1849
Duggan B? John Connors Mary ? Shea Mary Sullivan 4/15/1846
Flanagan Rose Ann Francis Courtney Bridget James Dunn Ann Nolan 11/28/1853
Flanagan Mary Patrick Farrell Margaret Patrick O'Neal Ann Ryan 6/13/1850
Flanagan Henry John William Dea Mary William Hasket? Bridget Hogan 5/8/1853
Gorman John? William Connors Mary Michael Gorman Honora Nolan 1/27/1846
Heffernan Catherine John Connors Ellen patrick Barry Catherine Anderson? 8/14/1853
Honcin? Michael Edward Connors Janet? James Phelan Ellen McGrath 10/5/1851
Horan Edmund Edmund Connors Janet? William Patterson ? Mangan 11/3/1856
Horan Judith Edward Connors Johanna David/Daniel Connors Ellen Ryan 5/4/1854
Horan Mary James Connors Judith Michael McCarthy Elizabeth Ryan 3/12/1854
Keefe? Eugene Eugene Connors Johanna David/Daniel Keefe Mary Duggan 6/11/1847
Keogh James James Connors Anastasia Thomas Norris Bridget Walsh 3/25/1847
Lonergan Ellen James Connors Mary Robert Cashen Alice Boland 4/2/1856
Lonergan Mary James Connors Mary Richard Comerford Mary Gerirg? 6/22/1853
Manning Mary Nicholas Flanagan Catherine Elizabeth Walsh 3/25/1855
McCarthy John John O'Connor Judith Thomas Lonergan Mary Geoghegan 3/10/1852
McEniry Honora Michael Connors Catherine Patrick Geary Mary Geary 11/18/1848
McLeary? Edmund Lawrence? Connors Catherine Thomas Cuddity? Mary Sin? 10/23/1848
Meara Mary Andrew Connors Mary John Burke Mary Dillon 9/3/1854
O'Brien James Denis Connors Margaret George O'Brien Ellen O'Brien 7/18/1852
O'Brien Catherine Denis O'Connor Margaret John McEniry Catherine Sexton 6/13/1849
O'Brien Edward Denis O'Connor Margaret John Lacker? Catherine O'Brien 6/3/1855
O'Connor Catherine Henry O'Brien Mary James Callaghan Mary Callaghan 7/27/1853
O'Connor Honora Henry O'Brien? Mary Patrick Dixon Johanna Barry 3/9/1848
O'Connor James Michael English Mary Thomas Mullowny Ellen Cummins 2/14/1849
O'Connor Mary Michael Flanagan Bridget Michael Cooney Ann Hastern? 6/12/1852
O'Connor Mary Michael Flanagan Bridget Michael Cooney Ann Hastern? 6/12/1852
O'Connor Mary Michael Wade Mary Michael Mahoney Mary Kilfoyle 5/19/1854
O'Connor Patrick Patrick Herlihan Judith Timothy O'Connor Theresa Hennessy 7/17/1850
O'Connor Michael Patrick Quinn Margaret Philip Lalor? Ellen Dwyer 10/27/1852
O'Connor Thomas Thomas Phelan Mary William Loby Margaret McGrath 5/4/1850
Ryan Ellen Edmund Connors Mary Catherine Makesey? 6/11/1851
Ryan Michael Michael O'Connor Mary Thomas Hayes Bridget O'Connor 7/17/1850


Film numbers Pos 2461 & Pos 2462  was used for St. Mary's Parish which covers Baptisms from 1790-1863 and Marriages 1790 to 1836.  However, I did not search all the years.  I searched 1840-1860 for Baptisms.  Film number Pos 2463 covers St Peter & Paul's Parish and includes Baptisms from 1836-1880 and Marriages from 1836-1880.  However, I only searched Baptisms 1840-1860.  It should be noted all first names were in Latin and at times hard to translate.  REMEMBER:  This data should be used as a reference or a clue in your family research.  Always, refer back to the document yourself when using as a source document.

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