Clinton County, NY Baptisms 1864-1874

Transcribed from LDS film #1698291, titled, St Edmund's Church, Ellenburg, Clinton Co. 

Surname First Father Mother Date Sponsor Sponsor
Conner MaryAnn James Bridget Bulger 1/26/1864
O'Conners Mary Ellen Patrick Ann Kennedy 3/26/1871 Patrick Kennedy Johanna O'Conners
O'Connor Sarah Emly Patrick Ann Kennedy 2/7/1873 William Caissy Sarah Wilkason
Wallace John Michael Mary O'Conner 11/3/1872 Michael O'Connor Margaret O'Connor
Wallace Margaret Helen Richard Mary Connors 12/27/1874 John Connors Helen Dunning
Cassidy Theresa Hurtha? Mary O'Connor 10/22/1872 Patrick Franklin Margaret O'Connor
Franklin Helen David Margaret O'Connor 1/24/1875 John Fitzgerald Margaret Ryan
Franklin Terence David Margaret O'Connor 10/5/1877 John Martin Mary Dermody
Donahue Henry Charly Margaret O'Conners 2/2/1872 Patrick O'Conners Ann Kennedy
Gregory James John Julia O'Connor 4/9/1874 John Rooney Elisa Murry
Handly Ella May John Johanna O'Conners 9/5/1870 Charly Donoher Margaret Handly
Handly James Patrick John Johanna O'Conners 7/28/1872 Michael Kennedy Ann Flanelly


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