St. Mary's Parish
Cahir, County Tipperary

Assorted Marriage & Birth Records
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Groom Last Groom First Bride Last Bride First Place Sponsor Sponsor Date
Butler David O'Connors Bridget Kedragh John Butler James Boland 2/7/1836
Casey John O'Connors Margaret Cahir patrick Fahey Lucy Fahey 10/1/1840
Connors Eugene Dennaher Mary Garryclogher James Corcoran Mary Picket 7/7/1842
Farrell Michael O'Connor Catherine Cahir William O'Connor Mary Peters 4/4/1837
Halley Daniel Connors Margaret John Hickey M. Downey 2/6/1837
Halloran Thomas? O'Connors Bridget Clonmel Rd Percy? Buckley Catherine Burke 8/1/1837
Hutch John O'Connors Johanna Patrick Healy Johanna Cleary 11/20/1836
Kennedy Patrick O'Connors Margaret John Cusack Margaret Walsh 9/28/1837
Mitchum William Connors Helen   William Mahoney ?? Heffernan 12/26/1845
Noonan David Connors Margaret Baramore Edmond Meagher Margaret More 2/2/1845
O'Connor James Fitzgerald Mary Joseph Fitzgerald Edmund O'Connor 6/29/1842
O'Connors Daniel Long Catherine Barracks Road John Long Daniel Hearn 2/16/1840
O'Connors Michael Guiry Mary Outeragh John Smith Mary Loughman 2/27/1840
O'Connors Patrick Costigan Helen Castle Rd? William Ryan Mary Connor 7/4/1844
O'Connors Patrick Kelly Margaret Patrick Corcoran Julia Kelly 2/10/1838
O'Connors Thomas Dea Margaret Arnarifta? Michael Morrissey Margaret O'Brien 10/17/1839
O'Connors Thomas O'Farrell Catherine BallyMcAdam? Edmond Butler Ellen Cleary 11/25/1839
O'Connors William? Denaher Margaret Garryclogher Thomas O'Connors Honora Denaher 2/13/1838
O'Ryan John O'Connors Mary Clonmel Rd Denis O'Connors Mary Morrissey 1/28/1841
Powers Thomas O'Connors Ellen James Boland Margaret Mahoney 2/16/1836


Surname First Fath First Moth Last Moth First Where lived Sponsor Sponsor Date
Burke Thomas John Connors Johanna Barracks Street Thomas Burke M. Keating 8/15/1847
Burke Catherine Laurence Connors M. Loughcoher William Burke M. Pine 12/8/1846
Burke Johanna Laurence Connors M. Loughcoher William Pine 3/12/1848
Casey Mary ?? Connors M. Mountain Road James Hickey M. ? 10/1/1852
Casey Margaret Francis Connors Margaret Cashel Road David Lonergan Margaret O'Brien 7/23/1848
Casey John John Connors Mary Cashel Road Thomas Heffernan Ann Ryan 8/10/1846
Casey John John Connors Margaret Church Street John Lafford Catherine Connors 6/29/1855
Casey Richard John Connors Margaret Church Street Richard Dillon Catherine Heffernan 11/12/1860
Casey Mary Ann John O'Connor M. Church Street John Burke J. Lonergan 1/7/1850
Connors Bridget Mary James Boals M Squares? D? Connors Charlotta? O'Neil 4/22/1859
Connors William James Donnell Mary Tipperary Road Ellen Donnell 7/18/1858
Connors James James Gallavan? ? Castle St John Keating Alice Daniel 4/1/1860
Connors Beatrice James Slattery Mary Market Street Patrick Corbett M. Connors 8/9/1857
Connors Johanna James Slattery M. Basnora Thomas Kavanagh M. Connors 12/11/1850
Connors Mary James Slattery Mary Market Street Michael Brien E. Connors 12/25/1855
Connors Mary James Slattery M. Market Street Edmund ? Elizabeth Connors 2/12/1860
Connors Bridget John Tobin Mary Chamberlain Town Thomas Meehan Ann Gorman 10/23/1846
Connors Thomas John Clonmel Road John Spearman? E. Carew 4/18/1852
Connors Margaret Michael Garry M. Kedrah James Carty M. Burke 2/23/1845
Connors Michael Michael Garry M. Outeragh Michael English Ann Heffernan 3/9/1848
Connors Mary Pat Corrigan? Helen Carttievan?? John Hearn Helena Keating 6/13/1848
Connors Edmund Patrick Connors Margaret Cahir Abbey James Phelan Catherine Noonan 11/6/1860
Connors Thomas Patrick Kelly Margaret Basnora John Ryan Johanna Ryan 2/4/1849
Connors Mary Patrick Maroney Catherine Fedrah? John Maroney Ellen Connors 8/2/1858
Connors Elizabeth Patrick Sheehy Mary Garryclogher Patrick Leonard M. Connors 11/2/1845
Connors Margaret Patrick Sheehy Margaret Kelly's Land? Francis Neil Julia Ready 11/15/1857
Connors Martin Patrick Sheehy Margaret Msl.? Michael Doyle Bridget Dyman 10/22/1854
Connors Catherine Thomas Dea Margaret Barracks Street Michael Connors C. Dwyer 3/12/1858
Connors Edmund Thomas Dea Margaret Abbey Street William O'Connell Honora Hickey 4/23/1847
Connors Margaret Thomas Dea Margaret Mountain Road M. Buckley M. Dea 10/28/1852
Connors David Thomas Keating M. Gortedo??? Michael Ward M. Keating 12/20/1859
Connors Mary Timothy Maher Ellen Newtownadam Thomas Maher Mary Tubridy 8/17/1858
Connors Catherine Timothy Meagher Ellen Newtownadam Daniel/David Fos?l Bridget Downey 3/23/1860
Connors Honora Timothy Noonan Alice Loughcoher Thomas Tobin Mary Brannigan 5/30/1856
Connors Lawrence Timothy Noonan Alice Laughrea? Daniel Boland Mary Noonan 1/26/1858
Connors John William ?? Tipperary Road D. Dooling M. Sheehy 7/16/1852
Connors Thomas? William Bowes M. Barracks Street Catherine Lonergan 2/20/1849
Connors Alice William Hickey M Tipperary Road John Donovan E. Dobbins 6/6/1848
Connors Margaret William Hickey Mary Tipperary Road John Quinn Ellen Quinn 8/31/1845
Connors Mary William Hickey M. Barracks Street Timothy Guiry Margaret Connors 3/27/1851
Connors Michael William Hickey M. Cork Road John Neil M. Duggan 9/11/1853
Connors Johanna Connors Bridget Cahir Maria Quirke 1/23/1845
Daniell? Ellen Richard Connors Ellen Clonmel Road Bridget Gorman 10/21/1856
Farrell Mary Michael Connors C. Tipperary Road Patrick Dwyer ? Leonard 7/20/1853
Farrell Michael Michael O'Connor J. ? Tipperary Road James ? ? Dobbins 10/7/1849
Halloran Johanna Francis Connors B. Nocka? Edmund Hunt B. English 4/17/1846
Hally James Daniel Connors Marie Newtown Thomas Devane Ellen Hally 4/20/1846
Hally Mary Daniel Connors M. Newtownadam James English E. Hally 6/15/1853
Hally Ellen Daniel/David? O'Connor M. Outeragh Pat Griffin M. O'Connor 1/7/1849
Lynch John Patrick O'Connor T. Church Street Pat Quigley Catherine Connick 7/24/1846
Maher Mary Richard Connors Elizabeth Kilemy James Murphy Johanna O'Donnell 3/23/1846
Moore Mary Edmund O'Connor Margaret Barracks Street John Carroll B. O'Connell 12/13/1848
Neil John Eugene? Connors Mary Tipperary Road Daniel Sheehan M. Noonan 5/11/1858
Noonan Bridget David Connors Margaret Schalarghta Thomas Mullrooney C. Connors 12/14/1851
Noonan David David Connors Margaret Cashel Road Mary Sheelan T. Lonergan 8/17/1854
Noonan Margaret David Connors Margaret Cashel Road Michael Connors Catherine Meagher 9/23/1860
Noonan Patrick David Connors Margaret Cashel Road James Meagher Johanna ? 3/3/1857
Nugent Ann William O'Connor T. Monnahan? Terrence Coleman M. Hally 12/4/1846
Nugent Michael William O'Connor T. Moneraha Thomas Lonergan M. Nugent 4/26/1848
O'Connor Nugent ?? O'Connor T. Monnahan? Michael O'Connor C. Tharty? 6/3/1845
O'Connor James David Long C. Garryclogher Laurence Purcell A. O'Neil 2/16/1845
O'Connor Bridget Mary Denis Keating M Squares? James O'Connor Ellen Keating 2/19/1860
O'Connor Catherine James Fitzpatrick M. Barracks Street William Buckley ? Donahue 10/4/1850
O'Connor Patrick John Fahey Ellen Wittington Street John Spearman? ? Spearman? 8/1/1850
O'Connor Ellen Michael Kavanagh B. Outeragh Patrick O'Connor Catherine O'Ryan 11/21/1846
O'Connor Thomas Michael Kavanagh B Outeragh Pat Ryan B. O'Connor 3/18/1849
O'Connor Honora Thomas Dea Mary Schalarghta James O'Connell Margaret Tierney 11/8/1849
O'Connor Mary Thomas Dea M. Tipperary Road Michael O'Connor E. Latvin 1/23/1845
O'Connor Bridget William Corbett A. Campground Phillip Corbett Johanna Corbett 2/1/1851
O'Connor James William Corbett A. Outeragh John Corbett T. O'Connor 2/23/1849
Ryan John Thomas Connors Johanna Kedrah William Connors Johanna Connors 10/26/1849
Spillane John John O'Connor M. Ballybrada N. O'Connell B. Spillane 6/2/1848
Wallace Michael Laurence Connors Julia Barracks Street James Haren Ellen Lonergan 10/23/1860


Above data was gathered October 2003 at the National Library of Ireland.  Film number Pos 2460 was used which covers Baptism from 1845-97 and Marriages 1776 to 1836.  However, I did not search all the years.  I searched 1845-1860 for Baptisms and 1836-1845 for Marriages.  It should be noted all first names were in Latin and at times hard to translate.  REMEMBER:  This data should be used as a reference or a clue in your family research.  Always, refer back to the document yourself when using as a source document.

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