Tithe Apploments

 St. Nicholas Civil Parish


 Galway Poor Law Union
    Galway Barony


Ballyloughaun Town Galway Town

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Research Notes:  The St. Nicholas CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS Family History Film #256684 by Pat Connors.   All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.  Some of the original records are not in good condition and some are very difficult to read, so if you should check the film yourself to be sure.
NOTES 2:  This index has been revised after going over the film a second time.


Surname First Townland
Blake Edw'd Ballybane
Blake Michl Ballybritt Parkmore
Blake Manus Bohermore
Blake Edward Bohermore
Blake Mrsa Bohermore
Brahagon Edward Ballyloughan
Brahazon Edward Remore
Broughton Mary Fort Hill
Brown Charles Ballybane
Brown Charles Bohermore, New Road
Cahill John Ballybane Beg
Cahill John Knock in Lismore
Carr  William Ballybane 
Catach? William Well Park
Cleavie?? Marquis Ballyfoyle
Cleavie?? Marquis Coolagh
Cleenriew? Marquis Castlegar
Cleenriew? Marquis Terryland
Cody Michl Fort Hill
Commins Patk Ballybritt Parkmore
Connolly Thomas Terryland
Connor John Ballybritt Parkmore
Corry Mr  Bohermore
Ellis Wm Henry Bohermore Bottoms
Ellis William Henry Well Park
Evans Capt'n Bohermore
Fahy Patk Bohermore
Fitzgerald Fr's Fort Hill
French Thomas New Road, Fort Hill
French Nicholas New Road, Fort Hill
Haley John Terryland
Halliday Cooper Bohermore, New Road
Halliday Cooper Clanenale
Ireland Arthur Town Parks, Bollingbrook
Ireland John Terryland
Jennings Thos Cappaghnaborna
Joyce Walter Ballybane Beg
Joyce Walter Merview
Joyes James Ballybane
Joyes Mrs Bohermore, New Road
Joyes Mrs New Roady
Kean William Ballybane East
Kean Phelean Ballybane East
Lymmers Geo. Terryland
Lynch P.M. Ballybane
Lynch Rich'd Ballybane
Lynch Patt Remore
Lynch (Alex'r) John New Road (Bohermore?)
Martin Richd Fort Hill
Moloney Phil Ballybane
Monks no first name Bohermore, New Road
Moore John Bohermore
Moore John Bohermore
O'Conner Nicholas Bohermore
Reeds Patk Town Parks, Bollingbrook
Shaughnessy Barthl'w Terryland
Silk no first name Bohermore
Smyth John Terryland
Stephens John Bohermore, New Road
Turk Patk Terryland
Veitch Doctor New Road (Bohermore?)
White Hugh Town Parks, Bollingbrook
White? Redmond Bohermore
Whittey, Revd Mr New Road, Fort Hill



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