Tithe Apploments

  Rahoon Civil Parish


 Galway Poor Law Union
    Galway, Moycullen & Borough of Galway Baronies


Allaphreaghaun Barna Town

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Research Notes:  The Rahoon CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the Family History Film #0256677 by Pat Connors.   All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.  Some of the original records are not in good condition and some are very difficult to read, so if you should check the film yourself to be sure.

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Surname First Townland
Adams, Esq Richd Newcastle
Anderson William Knocknakern
Anderson William Knocknakern
Archer Henry Knocknakern
Austin Mrs Lenaboy & Kilcurky
Badger Nich's Drum
Bain James Curcullen
Barret John Upper Ballagh
Barret Michl Derrycrigh
Barret Nich's Upper Ballagh
Barret Nich's Upper Ballagh
Barret Patrick Upper Ballagh
Barret/Cosgrave James Upper Ballagh
Beegan Barth'w Newcastle
Benningham Mrs Attyshonuck
Blake, Esq And'w Furbogh Wood
Blake, Esq Anthy Gortatleva
Bodkin Major Attyshonuck
Bradly Michl Shantalla Eyre
Browne John Upper Dangan
Browne Michl Shantalla Puxly
Browne, Esq D'k Cloonagour
Browne, Esq D'k Knocknacarra
Browne, Esq D'k Shangurth
Browne, Esq James Attyshonuck
Browne? Mrs Theeve Garriffe
Burk  Dom'k Lenaboy & Kilcurky
Burke Edmd Keorane
Burke John Corbula Morgan
Burke John Lenaboy & Kilcurky
Burke John Shantalla Puxly
Burke Martin Newcastle
Burke Michael Senaboy & Kilcurky
Burke Michl Shantalla Puxly
Burke Patk Bushypark
Burke Theobold Upper Dangan
Burke, Esq Patk Fairhill
Burke, Mr Edmd Fairhill
Burns Christ'r Curcullen
Burns widow Curcullen
Busteel? Mrs  Lenaboy & Kilcurky
Calaghan Will'm Upper Dangan
Callaghan Michl Curcullen
Callaghan Peter Bushypark
Callaghan Thomas Curcullen
Callaghan Thos Drum
Carr Barth'w Tonabrocky
Carr Bath'w Upper Dangan
Carr Bryan Tonabrocky
Carr James Tonabrocky
Carr John Gortatleva
Carr John Tonabrocky
Carr Mark Tonabrocky
Carr Mark Tonabrocky
Carr Mark Upper Ballagh
Carr Mark Upper Dangan
Carr Michl Gortatleva
Carr Owen Tonabrocky
Carr Patk Drum
Carr Patk Mincloon French
Carr Patk Upper Dangan
Carr Patk Upper Dangan
Carr Thom's Tonabrocky
Carr, Mr Peter Jourdan's Island
Carr? Will'm Upper Ballagh
Carroll Hugh Shantalla Eyre
Carroll John Shantalla Eyre
Carter George Shanareeghoge
Carter Robt Lisagurrane
Carter Willm Lisagurrane
Carty Hale? Newcastle
Carty John Newcastle
Carty Michael Knocknakern
Cashel Mr Knocknakern
Cavannagh Patk Lettragh Perse
Clancy Michl Boolanashrahane
Clancy Patk ??
Clancy Patk Gortatleva
Clancy Peter Boolanashrahane
Clancy Peter Upper Ballagh
Clancy Thomas Tonabrocky
Clancy, Jr Michl Boolanashrahane
Clancy, Sr Michl Boolanashrahane
Claney/Clancy? Thomas Gortatleva
Clanmorris Lord Salthill
Clark, Esq Den's Shantalla Eyre
Clarke, Esq Den's Poulnarooma
Clarke, Mr Wm Poulnarooma
Clayton, Mr Patk Upper Dangan
Clogherty Patk Rusheen
Clougherty Jas Upper Ballagh
Clougherty Mary, wid'w Senaboy & Kilcurky
Clougherty Michl Upper Ballagh
Clougherty Michl Upper Ballagh
Clougherty Morgan Upper Ballagh
Clougherty Patk Derrylony
Clougherty Patk Gortflough
Clougherty Thos, wid'w Upper Ballagh
Clougherty wid'w Salthill
Coady Michael Gortnalecka
Coghlin Will'm Upper Dangan
Collins Rodg'r Corbula Morgan
Collins, Jr William Corbula Morgan
Collins, Sr Willm Corbula Morgan
Comins, Mr Patk. Shantalla Puxly
Comons Patk Gortatleva
Comyn, Esq Francis Woodstock
Concannon Patk Bushypark
Concannon wid'w Lonerevagh
Conneely Jam's Knockaneavody
Conneely Martin Shantalla Eyre
Conneely Mat'w Shantalla Eyre
Conneely Michl Salthill
Conneely Patk Gortatleva
Conneely Patk Shantalla Eyre
Conneely Patk Shantalla Eyre
Conneely Rodger Senaboy & Kilcurky
Conneely Thady Avaugh
Conneely Willm Senaboy & Kilcurky
Connell Dom'k Lettragh Perse
Connell Dom'k Mincloon French
Connell Edmd Bushypark
Connell Henry Bushypark
Connell James Gortatleva
Connell John Bushypark
Connell John Mincloon French
Connell John Shantalla Puxly
Connell Michl Gortatleva
Connell Patk Bushypark
Connell Thomas Bushypark
Connelly Den's Senaboy & Kilcurky
Connelly John Senaboy & Kilcurky
Connelly Wm Lenaboy & Kilcurky
Connolly Denis? Gortnalugun
Connolly  Patk Gortnalugun
Connor Barth'w Salthill
Connor Bryan Senaboy & Kilcurky
Connor Edmd Bushypark
Connor John Gortatleva
Connor John Lenaboy & Kilcurky
Connor John Senaboy & Kilcurky
Connor John Shantalla Eyre
Connor John Shantalla Puxly
Connor Mary, wid'w Lenaboy & Kilcurky
Connor Patk Drum
Connor Patk Upper Ballagh
Connor Thomas Curcullen
Connor Thomas Gortnalugun
Connor Thomas Shantalla Puxly
Connor widow Shantalla Puxly
Conroy John Attyshonuck
Conroy Michl Shantalla Eyre
Conroy Patk Attyshonuck
Conroy Thomas Attyshonuck
Conroy Thomas Fairhill
Conroy Thos Shantalla Eyre
Conway Anne, widow Gortatleva
Conway Martin Gortatleva
Cooke Math's Lenaboy & Kilcurky
Cooke Math's Senaboy & Kilcurky
Cooly Patk Newcastle
Corr Bernard Knocknakern
Corr, Mr Thos Knocknakern
Cosgrave Thomas Upper Ballagh
Costello Barth'w Lenaboy & Kilcurky
Costello John Shantalla Eyre
Costello Thos Knockaunagrena
Costello wid'w Gortatleva
Craven Patk Gortatleva
Creaghan Patk Acres
Creaghan Patk Ballard Village
Crohel?, Mr Henry Fairhill
Crowly Michl Newcastle
Crowly Patk Shanareeghoge
Cuddin Dom'k Attyshonuck
Cuddire Dom'k Gortnalugun
Cuddire Patk Attyshonuck
Cuddire Thomas Attyshonuck
Cuddire Thos Attyshonuck
Cuddire Thos Shantalla Eyre
Cuddire widw Attyshonuck
Cureen Paul Lettergunget
Curreen Edmd Upper Ballagh
Curreen James Polleeny
Curreen Michl Polleeny
Curreen Nich's Attyshonuck
Curreen Stephen Polleeny
Daly, Revd P Gortatleva
Daly, Revd P Poulnarooma
Daly, Revd Warden Fairhill
Darcy Patk Lacklea
Darcy Patk Seapoint
D'Arcy, Revd Jno Attyshonuck
Dea John Curcullen
Delap John Bushypark
Dillon John Upper Ballagh
Doherty John Salthill
Donahue Edmd Shantalla Eyre
Donahue Math'w  Clybaun East
Donahue Patk Clybaun East
Doolan, Mr Patk Fairhill
Duddy Barth'w Gortatleva
Duddy John Shantalla Puxly
Dugnan? Thomas Shantalla Puxly
Duvally John Upper Dangan
Duvally Patk Upper Dangan
Duvally Thomas Mincloon French
Egan Martin Salthill
Eyre, Esq R.  Hedges Fairhill
Faherty Andrew Curcullen
Faherty John Curcullen
Faherty John Mincloon French
Faherty Mahan Bowlabeg
Faherty Mark Ballanahown
Faherty mark Ballyvoneen
Faherty Mark Cunnekear
Faherty Martin Mincloon French
Faherty Michael Cappagh
Faherty Michael Mincloon French
Faherty Michl Corbula Morgan
Faherty Patk Upper Dangan
Faherty Rodger Mincloon French
Faherty William Curcullen
Fahy Barth'w Newcastle
Fahy Bridg't, wid'w Mincloon French
Fallon James Gortnalugun
Fallon John Knocknakern
Fanell? Mart'n Gortnalugun
Fanell? Mart'n Gortnalugun
Feeny Daniel Shantalla Puxly
Feeny Denis Senaboy & Kilcurky
Feeny Edmd Cloughsculty
Feeny John Senaboy & Kilcurky
Finegan Willm Corbula Morgan
Fitzgerald  Jas Fairhill
Fitzgerald, Esq Franc's Attyshonuck
Fitzsimmons John Knocknakern
Flaherty ?? Gortnalugun
Flaherty James Polleeny
Flaherty John Attyshonuck
Flaherty Patk Derryloughane East
Flaherty Patk Polleeny
Flaherty Thomas Polleeny
Flaherty Wm Lenaboy & Kilcurky
Flanagan Alex'r Newcastle
Flynn Mark Salthill
Flynn Math's Salthill
Flynn Patk Upper Ballagh
Folan Corm'k Knockaunabrocky, West
Folan Danl Knockane Carragh
Folan James Fairhill
Folan John Knockaunabrocky, East
Folan John Thrusky
Folan Mark Lough Hinch
Folan Martin Furramulle
Folan Murty Lenabour
Folan Rodger Shanballyduff
Folan Thomas Derryoughter
Folan Thomas Upper Dangan
Folan Thom's Clybaun West
Foley Mr Fairhill
Francis Nich's Bushypark
French Lady Lower Ballagh
French Lady Poulacaprel
French, Mrs Austin Mincloon French
Fynn Michael Drum
Gannon Michl Salthill
Gavin Barth'w Gortatleva
Geary James Newcastle
Geoghegan, Mr Thos Upper Dangan
Gill  John Tonabrocky
Gillaway Thomas Mincloon Browne
Glynn Bryan Knocknakern
Grealy Darby Upper Dangan
Grey, Mr Robt Lenaboy & Kilcurky
Griffen Michl Attyshonuck
Griffin James Attyshonuck
Griffin John Attyshonuck
Griffin Loughlin Attyshonuck
Griffin Math's Attyshonuck
Griffin Patk Attyshonuck
Griffin Patk Mincloon French
Griffin Thady Attyshonuck
Griffin, Jr John Attyshonuck
Griffin, Sr John Attyshonuck
Griff'n Thomas Attyshonuck
Grogun Michl Salthill
Gunning, Mr Jas Fairhill
Halleran John Upper Dangan
Halleran Michl Drum
Halleran Thomas Drum
Halleran Thomas Upper Dangan
Halleron Thomas Mincloon Bodkin
Hamon Michl Freeport
Hanly David Salthill
Hannion? Patk Salthill
Hardiman Miss Fairhill
Hardinan, Mr Jas Theeve Garriffe
Harlow John Fairhill
Hefferan Edmd Upper Ballagh
Hefferan John Upper Ballagh
Hefferan Mark Lettragh Beg
Hefferan Mark Upper Dangan
Hefferan mark Upper Dangan
Hefferan Michl Upper Ballagh
Hefferan Patk Lettragh Perse
Hefferan Patk Mincloon Bodkin
Hernon Patk Ballyburke
Hinchy John Upper Dangan
Hinchy Michl Upper Dangan
Hinchy Thomas Upper Dangan
Hobin John Gortatleva
Hughes, Mr Patk Knocknakern
Hughes, Mres Richd Attyshonuck
Hurney Andrew Upper Dangan
Hurney Andw Gortatleva
Hurney Owen Curcullen
Hurney Thomas Gortatleva
Hurney Thos Curcullen
Hurney, Sr Lau'ce Gortatleva
Hutchinson Capt'n Upper Dangan
Hynes Barth'w Salthill
Hynes Thomas Curcullen
Hynes, Mrs Thos Attyshonuck
Jennings Michael Knocknakern
Joyce Patk Bushypark
Joyce Patk Salthill
Joyce Peter Bushypark
Joyce Thos Gortatleva
Joyce Will'm Drum
Joyce  Thomas Upper Dangan
Joyce, Esq James Mincloon French
Joyce, Mr Rich'd Upper Dangan
Kadire? Dom'k Mincloon French
Kadire? John Mincloon French
Kadire? Patk Mincloon Bodkin
Kain Martin Salthill
Kain Michael Fairhill
Keady Edmd Ayle? Village
Keady John Lisagurrane
Keady Patk Bushypark
Keady Peter Poulnagour?
Keane Barth'w Attyshonuck
Keane John Attyshonuck
Keane Patk Attyshonuck
Kearns Barth'w Lettragh Perse
Kearns John Upper Dangan
Kearns Mark Lettragh Perse
Kearns Patk Mincloon French
Kearny Danl Bushypark
Kearny Mary, wid'w Mincloon French
Kearny Michl Bushypark
Kearny Mr? Gortatleva
Kelly And'w Alliprecane
Kelly Francis Derryoughter
Kelly John Corbula Morgan
Kelly John Gortnalecka
Kelly John Knocknakern
Kelly John Shantalla Eyre
Kelly John Upper Dangan
Kelly Michl Polleeny
Kelly Thos Newcastle
Kelly, Esq Willm East Salthill
Kelly, Glaz'r John Gortnalecka
Kennedy Patk Senaboy & Kilcurky
Kenny Edmd Curcullen
Keogh, Mr John Shantalla Eyre
Keoghry John Attyshonuck
Keoghry Thos Drum
Kielly John Shantalla Puxly
Kielty Martin Shantalla Puxly
Kilkelly Michl ??
Killarney Darby Shantalla Puxly
Killery, Esq James Upper Dangan
King John Shantalla Eyre
King Martin Derryoughter
King Martin Lenaboy & Kilcurky
King Peter Derryoughter
King widow Poulnarooma
King, Mr Patk Poulnarooma
Laffy Darby, widw Salthill
Laffy James Salthill
Laffy Michl Salthill
Laffy Patk Salthill
Lawless Martin Attyshonuck
Lawless martin Drum
Lawless Michl Attyshonuck
Lawless Patk Attyshonuck
Lean James Gortatleva
Lean Patk Gortatleva
Lean Patk Newcastle
Lean Patrick Lenaboy & Kilcurky
Leetle Martin Newcastle
Leetle Michl Newcastle
Leetle Patk Salthill
Leetle Thos Newcastle
Leonard John Upper Dangan
Liddane Daniel Derrycrigh
Liddane James Derrycrigh
Liddane Michl Derrycrigh
Liddane Michl Seercy
Liddane Patk Derrycrigh
Lowther, Rev'd Mr Attyshonuck
Lydon John Drum
Lydon Martin Gortnalecka
Lydon Martin Tonabrocky
Lydon Thady Drum
Lydon Will'm Shanareeghoge
Lynch, Esq Jas Attyshonuck
Lynch, Esq Maurice Upper Dangan
Lynch, Esq Mrs? Barna Plantations
Lynch, Esq Mrs? Deerpark
Lynch, Mrs Jam's Attyshonuck
Lynch, Mrs Mark Gortnalecka
Mally Charles Lettragh Beg
Mally Charles Lettragh Perse
Mally James Lettragh Perse
Mally Michl Lettragh Beg
Mally Michl Lettragh Perse
Mally Michl Shantalla Puxly
Mannion Francis Shantalla Eyre
Mannion Thomas Gortatleva
Mannion William Salthill
Marshal Abraham Upper Dangan
Marshal Abrah'm Lettragh Perse
Marshal, Mr Robt Shantalla Eyre
Martin Barth'w Attyshonuck
Martin Barth'w Knocknakern
Maunsell, Revd Edwd Eyre Shantalla Eyre
Maunsell, Revd Edwd Eyre Shantalla Puxly
McAultotrum? John Shantalla Puxly
McCabe James Mincloon Bodkin
McConnell?, Mr Randal Gortnalugun
McDonagh Michl Senaboy & Kilcurky
McDonnel James Mincloon French
McDonnel James Newcastle
McDonogh Lau'ce Attyshonuck
McDonogh Laur'ce Shantalla Eyre
McDonogh Martin Attyshonuck
McDonogh Martin Mincloon French
McDonogh Mart'n Attyshonuck
McDonogh Mary, wid'w Gortnalugun
McDonogh Mary, wid'w Lenaboy & Kilcurky
McDonogh Myles Upper Dangan
McDonogh Richd Upper Dangan
McDonogh Robt Bushypark
McDonogh Robt Lower Ballagh
McGarth Thomas Fairhill
McGrah? Barth'w Shantalla Puxly
McGrath Barth'w Mincloon French
McGrath Jas Lenaboy & Kilcurky
McGrath Michl Shantalla Puxly
McGrath Patk Salthill
McGrath Peter Newcastle
McGrath Thomas Lettragh Perse
McGrath Thomas Shantalla Puxly
McGrath Thos Mincloon French
McLachlan, Esq Lachlan  Fairhill
McLachlan, Esq Lachlane Knocknakern
McQuatter Mart'n Newcastle
Meade Barth'w Upper Ballagh
Mealy Michl Newpark
Mealy Patk Shantalla Puxly
Mee John Gortatleva
Mitchel, Mr Will'm Knocknakern
Mitchel, Mr Will'm Knocknakern
Morris Michl Drum
Mulkerin Patk Curcullen
Mulkern Patk Shantalla Puxly
Mulkern Thos Shantalla Puxly
Mullen Nich's Upper Ballagh
Mullin John Gortatleva
Mullin Michael Bushypark
Mullin widow Bushypark
Mullowny Michl Bushypark
Mullowny Peter Drum
Mulloy Jam's? Gortnalugun
Mulloy John Attyshonuck
Mulloy Patk Attyshonuck
Mulloy Patk Mincloon French
Mulloy Richd Attyshonuck
Mully Patk Tonabrocky
Mulry, Mr no first name Attyshonuck
Murphy John Shantalla Puxly
Murphy John Tonabrocky
Murphy Lau'ce Upper Dangan
Murphy Martin Tonabrocky
Murphy Thos Tonabrocky
Murry Mary/g, widw Attyshonuck
Naghten Richd Upper Dangan
Naghtin Patk Upper Dangan
Nathten Andrew Upper Dangan
Nester Patk Upper Dangan
Newel Mrs Knocknakern
Nilend Patk Tonabrochy, N.W. part
Nilenel? Peter Gortatleva
Noone John Lower Ballagh
Nuns The  Knocknakern
Ochil? Stephen Upper Ballagh
O'Connor Jam's Shantalla Eyre
O'Donnell Stephen Shantalla Eyre
O'Hara, Esq Barry Upper Dangan
O'Hara, Esq James Theeve Garriffe
O'Hara, Esq Jas Cloughathisky
O'Hara, Esq Jas Lenaboy & Kilcurky
O'Hara, Esq Jas Poulnarooma
O'Hara, Esq Jas Shantalla Eyre
O'Hara, Esq John Lenaboy & Kilcurky
O'Mealy Edwd Gortatleva
O'Mealy, Mr Edwd Curcullen
O'Neil James Corbula Morgan
O'Reily, Esq Jno Gortnalugun
Peare, Mr Richd Newpark
Peare, Mr Rich'd Shantalla Puxly
Peare, Mr Thos Attyshonuck
Perrin, Mr Mich Attyshonuck
Perrin, Mrs Michl Mincloon French
Perse Capt'n Newcastle
Perse, Esq Burton Newcastle
Perse, Esq Dudly Newcastle
Perse, Esq Dudly Newcastle
Perse, Esq Robt Salthill
Power, Esq Robt Upper Dangan
Quin Jam's Newpark
Quin, Mr Jas Creaduff
Quirk Math'w   Attyshonuck
Quirk Michael Upper Dangan
Quirk Thomas Upper Dangan
Quirke John Attyshonuck
Raherty Mary, wid'w Lenaboy & Kilcurky
Reddington, Esq John Lettragh Perse
Reddington, Mr John Attyshonuck
Reily, Mr P Salthill
Rooney, Mr Patk Gortnalugun
Ruan Edmd Shantalla Puxly
Ryan, Mr John Fairhill
Scanlon Thos Senaboy & Kilcurky
Sheredan, Mrs Mary  Attyshonuck
Shoemaker Bulger Shantalla Puxly
Shone?, Mr ?aml Mincloon French
Sloper?, Mr R. Theeve Garriffe
Sloper?, Mr Richd Attyshonuck
Smyth, Esq Math'w T Lettragh Perse
Stephens Will'm Newcastle
Sullivan Celia, widow Lisagurrane
Sullivan Jerem'h Upper Dangan
Sullivan John Lisagurrane
Sullivan Patk Drum
Sweeny John Corbula Lynch
Sweeny John Gortnalugun
Sweeny John Theeve Garriffe
Sweeny Mr Fairhill
Sweeny Thomas Gortnalugun
Symmers, Esq Alex Upper Dangan
Tarpy Darby Mincloon French
Thornton Patk Gortatleva
Tierny Denis Attyshonuck
Tierny Patk Attyshonuck
Tierny Thos Attyshonuck
Toole Michael Stripe's Bally
Toole Michl Derryloughane, West
Toole widow Lower Ballagh
Veitch Doctor Fairhill
Wallace John Knocknakern
Wallace John Knocknakern
Walsh James Newcastle
Walsh John Gortatleva
Walsh John Salthill
Walsh Philip Corbula Morgan
Walsh Philip Kimmeenmore
Walsh Thomas Mincloon French
Ward Mark Shantalla Eyre
Woodham Judith, wid'w Lenaboy & Kilcurky
Woodhouse David Shantalla Eyre
Wynne Owen Shantalla Puxly

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