Tithe Apploments

  Moycullen Civil Parish


This picture was included in the tithes for this civil parish and labeled, Cloniff.  You can see by the date, it was drawn in 1767.
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 Galway Poor Law Union
    Moycullen Barony


Addragool Clooniff

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Research Notes:  The Moycullen CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS Family History Film #256669 by Pat Connors.   All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.  Some of the original records are not in good condition and some are very difficult to read, so if you should check the film yourself to be sure.
TRANSCRIPTION NOTES:  There were more than one book of tithes on the film.  The first was transcribed in full and names in the 2nd that were not in the 1st book were added.  The enumeration was very difficult to transcribe due to the sloppy organization.  Names were misspelled or spelled differently each time used.  There was no distinct breaks of of the townlands so it was hard to tell where one began and ended.
MORE:  F/T and H/K, these letters were very hard to tell the difference, Feeney/Tuney was hard to tell which one; Towell/Fowell another.  The enumerator didn't cross hit T's so they looked like L's.
MORE:  On top of all the above, there were ink blotches plus he put many many names squeezed into a small box.

If you believe your ancestor was from this civil parish, you really need to check the film yourself for verification.

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Surname First Townland
Adley Simeon Colehy
Bane Marcus Killereaney
Bane Patt Drimevohane
Bane Thomas Newpark
Barrett John Shanballybeg
Barrett Mark Currewaiter
Barrett Mark Gortacalla
Barrett Wm Cloghane
Blake, Revd Francis H Dearfield Demesne
Bouham Thos Powers Hill
Browne, Esq James Deerfield
Burke Pat Gortacalla
Burke Patrick Killereaney
Burke Patt Allens Park
Burke Patt Currewaiter
Burke Patt Galehouse plot
Burke, Esq Patrick Dearfield Demesne
Carroll Danl Knockshanbally
Carroll Wm Cloonnabina
Caufield Laurence Pylleh
Caufield Mathew Pylleh
Clancy James Allens Park
Clancy James Newpark
Clancy James Shanballybeg
Clancy Jno Drimevohane
Clancy John Old Town Oughery
Clancy John Shanballybeg
Clancy Js  Drimevohane
Clancy Js  Drimineg
Clancy Mathew Knockbane
Clancy Math'w Drimneen
Clancy Michl Old Town Oughery
Clancy Patt Drimevohane
Clancy Patt Shanballybeg
Clancy Peter Drimevohane
Clancy Thomas Dromevy
Clancy Thos Drimineg
Clancy widow Gortnamona South
Cloonan Andrew Powers Hill
Cloonan And'w Powers Hill
Cobbert Richd Shanballybeg
Cobbort Richd Drimevohane
Coleman? Patt Allens Park
Coleman? Patt Gortacalla
Comy Mathew   Dromevy
Comy Thomas Dromevy
Connell Bartly Allens Park
Connell Bartly Gortacalla
Connelly Edmd Killereaney
Connelly Edmd Knockshanbally
Connelly Laurence Cloonnabina
Connelly Matt Ballynahally
Connelly Matt Ballynahally
Connelly Roger Cloonnabina
Connelly Thomas Knockaneranney
Conner Laurence Gorteloughlin
Conner Myles Gortacalla
Conner Patt Killereaney
Conner Roger Killereaney
Connolly Frances Knockascollop
Connolly Jno Gortacalla
Connolly John Allens Park
Connolly Michl Finisclin
Connolly Patk Keough
Connolly Patt Currewaiter
Connoly Edmd Ballyclotta Dotha
Connor And'w Ballyclotta Dotha
Connor And'w Cloonnabina
Connor Bathl'w Ballyclotta Dotha
Connor Jno Cloonnabina
Connor John Ballyclotta Dotha
Connor Laurence Liettter
Connor Luke Clydagh
Connor Mathew   Cloonnabina
Connor Matt Ballyclotta Dotha
Connor Myles Currewaiter
Connor Pat  Clydagh
Connor Patt Ballyclotta Dotha
Connor Patt Cloonnabina
Connor Patt Cloonnabina
Connor Roger Ballyclotta Dotha
Connor Roger Cloonnabina
Connor Thos Ballyclotta Dotha
Connor Thos Cloonnabina
Connor, Sr Patt Ballyclotta Dotha
Courny Thos Drimineg
Curley Thos Drimneen
Darcy Michl Killereaney
Davern John Ballynahally
Davern John Leegane
Davern John Shangrange
Davern Michl Ballynahally
Davern Michl Ballynahally
Davern Murty Ballynahally
Davern Murty Leegane
Dehy Michl Killereaney
Donoher Redm'd Knockbane
Donohoe Darby Knockaneranney
Donohoe Patt Currewaiter
Donohoe Peter Currewaiter
Donohoe Redm'd Coologh Beg
Downes Jas Gortacalla
Downs James Allens Park
Downs James Currewaiter
Dunn John East Village
Dunn John Knockaneranney
Dunn John Old Village
Dunn?, Sr John Knockaneranney
Eamer James Newpark
Egan Peter Powers Hill
Faherty James Old Town Oughery
Faherty John Ballyclotta Dotha
Faherty John Knockranney
Faherty John Old Town Oughery
Faherty Laurence Ballyclotta Dotha
Faherty Laurence Killereaney
Faherty Laurence Knockshanbally
Faherty Marguis Knockaneranney
Faherty Mark Old Village
Faherty Martin Knockranney
Faherty Patt Ballyguirk Flaherty
Faherty Patt Coologh Beg
Faherty Patt Corbally
Faherty Patt Knockaneranney
Faherty Peter Knockbane
Faherty Peter Knockranney
Faherty Peter Old Town Oughery
Faherty Tim/Tom? Knockshanbally
Faherty Wm Colehy
Fallon John Finisclin
Feeny John Carrunelushane
Feeny Patt Carrunelushane
Feeny Peter Carrunelushane
Feeny Thos Adragool
Feeny, Sr Peter Carrunelushane
Flaherty Bryan Portarragh
Flaherty John Cartron
Fowell Fargus Coologh Beg
Fowell James Colehy
Fowell James Knockaneranney
Fowell Laurence Leegane
Garvey John Corbally
Gavin Dl Cloonnabina
Gavin James Old Town Oughery
Gavin John Knockranney
Gavin Marquis Old Town Oughery
Gavin Mathew Knockaneranney
Gavin Patt Knockranney
Gavin Thos Knockaneranney
Gavin Wm Knockranney
Gavin, Jr Martin Knockranney
Gavin, Sr Martin Knockranney
Geraghty Darby Cartron
Geraghty John Loughill
Geraghty Mat'w Loughill
Geraghty Michl Cartron
Geraghty Murty Allens Park
Geraghty Murty Gortacalla
Geraghty Peter Loughill
Gill Michael Killoglogane
Gleeson Mary Shanballybeg
Griffin Michl Corbally
Griffin Thos Corbally
Halleran Michl Currewaiter
Halleran Owen Knockaneranney
Halleron Patt Currewaiter
Halleron Patt Gortacalla
Hanley John Leegane
Hanley Patt Adragool
Holland John Old Town Oughery
Holland Thos Old Town Oughery
Holland, Jr Michl Old Town Oughery
Holland, Sr Michl Old Town Oughery
Hyne Jno Knockbane
Hyne Mat Knockbane
Hyne Michl Knockbane
Hyne Patt Knockbane
Hynes Michl Carrunelushane
Hynes Michl Gorteloughlin
Hynes Robt Knockshanbally
Hynes? Robt Cloonnabina
Kane John Knockbane
Kane Mathew Knockbane
Kane Michl Knockbane
Keady John Knockaneranney
Keady Malachy Drimevohane
Keady Patt Knockaneranney
Keady Simon Knockaneranney
Keady Thos Colehy
Keady Thos East Village
Keady William Coologh Beg
Keller Michl OGool
Kelly James Drimevohane
Kelly Patt Cloonnabina
Kelly widow Knockshanbally
Kelly wid'w Cloonnabina
Kelly, Esq James Dromeangh Demese
Kennelly John Colehy
Killkelly, Esq James Knockranney
Kine John Knockranney
Kine Mathias Pylleh
Kine Michael Knockranney
Kine Patt Knockranney
Kine Peter Knockranney
Kyne/Hyne? John Knockaneranney
Kyne/Hyne? Michl Knockaneranney
Kyne/Hyne? Patt Knockaneranney
Kyne/Hyne? Peter Knockaneranney
Laffy Dan'l Cartron
Laffy Thos Cartron
Lamer James Drimineg
Lee Ed  Clydagh
Lee Michl Cartron
Lee Michl Tullakeane
Leonard Martin Knockranney
Leonard Martin Old Town Oughery
Leonard Mathias Knockranney
Lyddane Danl Gortecory
Lyddane James Liettter
Lyddane Pat Gortecory
Lyddane Tim Gortecory
Lyddon Bartholemew Killoglogane
Lyddon Danl Stone Park
Lyddon Patt Stone Park
Lyddon Thoos Drimevohane
Lyddon Tim Stone Park
Lyddone Michl Gortnamona South
Lyddone Patt Gortnamona South
Lynch, Esq James Ballyguirk Flaherty
Lynch, Esq James Curry
Lynch, Esq James Fryars Island
Lynch, Esq James Keelbroughlane
Lynch, Esq James Leegane
Lynch, Esq James Moycullen Demesne
Lynch, Esq James Powers Hill
Lynch, Esq James Slashwall Park
Madden James Currewaiter
Madden James Tullakeane
Madden Mary Currewaiter
Madden Michl Drimevohane
Madden Patt Colehy
Madden Thos Drimevohane
Mally Markus Killoglogane
McDonagh Edmd Tullakeane
McDonagh Festus Drimevohane
McDonagh Jno Ballynahally
McDonagh Marnes Leegane
McDonagh Myles Killereaney
McDonagh Myles Stone Park
McDonagh Patt Ballynahally
McDonagh Patt Leegane
McDonagh Peter Drimevohane
McDonough Em'd Portarragh
McDonough Jno Adragool
McDonough Myles Ballyclotta Dotha
McDonough Myles Ballyclotta Dotha
McGan Michl Ballyclotta Dotha
McHugh And'w Tullakeane
McHugh Richd OGool
Mealy David Allens Park
Mealy David Currewaiter
Mealy David Gortacalla
Mealy James Currewaiter
Mealy James Gortecory
Mealy Js/Jn? Ballynahally
Mealy Martin Ballynahally
Mealy Thos Allens Park
Mealy Thos Currewaiter
Mealy Thos Gortacalla
Molloy Barth'w Tullakeane
Molloy Thos Tullakeane
Moloney Nicholas Stone Park
Molony Jno Cartron
Molony Mark Cartron
Molony Michl Cartron
Molony Nicholas Portarragh
Molony Patt Ballynahally
Molony Thos Knockaneranney
Mullay Owen Ballyclotta Dotha
Mullens James Cloonnabina
Mullens Jno Knockshanbally
Mullens John Cloonnabina
Mullens John Dromeangh Demese
Mullens Mathew Dromeangh Demese
Mullens Mathew Patt Cloonnabina
Mullens Matt Knockshanbally
Mullens Wm Knockshanbally
Mulloy Bartly Cartron
Mulvoy Danl Cloonnabina
Mulvoy Owen Cloonnabina
Mylan Denis Knockbane
Neiland Denis Drimneen
Neiland Pat New town
Neiland Pat New town
Neiland Pat  Corbally
Neland Patt Drimneen
Noon James Corbally
Noon James Gortnamona North
Noon Jno New town
Noon Mathew New town
Noon Thos New town
Noon Thos Old Town Oughery
O'Dea Edmd Leegane
O'Dea Martin Cloonnabina
O'Dea Patt Gortecory
O'Dea Thos Ballyclotta Dotha
O'Dea Thos Killereaney
O'Flaherty, Esq Anthony Knockawillen
O'Flaherty, Esq Anthony Knockbane
Regan widow Killereaney
Reily Mathew Knockaneranney
Rush Michl Shanballybeg
Sullivan Tim  Knockbane
Tarpy John Killereaney
Tearney Patt Stone Park
Thornton Michl Pylleh
Tool Patt Adragool
Tuney John Dromevy
Tuney John Gorteloughlin
Tuney Patt Dromevy
Tuney Patt Gorteloughlin
Tuney Peter Dromevy
Tuney, Jr Peter Gorteloughlin
Tuney, Sr Peter Dromevy
Tuney, Sr Peter Gorteloughlin
Walsh Barth'w Cartron
Walsh Danl Cloonnabina
Walsh James Liettter
Walsh John Ballyguirk Flaherty
Walsh John Cloonnabina
Walsh Joseph OGool
Walsh Michl Allens Park
Walsh Michl Cloonnabina
Walsh Michl Gortacalla
Walsh Owen Cloonnabina
Walsh Patt Ballynahally
Walsh Patt Colehy
Walsh Patt Knockaneranney
Walsh Patt Knockshanbally
Walsh Richd Currewaiter
Walsh Richd Gortacalla
Walsh Richd Knockshanbally
Walsh Thos Gorteloughlin
Walsh Thos Liettter
Walsh widow Cloonnabina
Walsh, Sr John Cloonnabina
Whelan Patt Knockaneranney
Wiley Francis Ballyclotta Dotha




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