Tithe Apploments

 Monivea Civil Parish


 Galway, Tuam, & Loughrea Poor Law Unions
    Tiaquin, Kilconnell & Clare Baronies


Monivea Town Tiaquin

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Research Notes:  The Monivea CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS Family History Film #256667 by Pat Connors.   All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.  Some of the original records are not in good condition and some are very difficult to read, so if you should check the film yourself to be sure.
NOTES:  There was a page of the tithes missing from the film.

Surname First Townland
Allen Patk Moniver (Town plots)
Atcheson Jeremiah Moniver (Town plots)
Blackall John Belville
Blake, Mr Patt Killaclougher
Blakeney, Esq J. H. Abbert
Briggs John Monivea
Briggs John Moniver (Town plots)
Broderick Thos Monivea (S. Glanloughaney)
Browne, Esq Michl New Castle
Browne, Esq Michl Shuddane
Burke Walter Cloonkeenbeg
Burke, Esq Theo Roundfield
Burke, Esq Lau? Tyaquin
Burke, Esq John Tyaquin
Burke, Esq John Graige Abbey (Knockbrack)
Burke, Esq Lambert Graige Abbey (Knockbrack)
Burke, Jr Patt Cloonkeenbeg
Burke, Mr Hugh Tysaxon
Burke, Sr Patt Cloonkeenbeg
Burnes Jas Moniver (Town plots)
Burns Jas Monivea (N. Glanloughaney)
Burns Patt Killaclougher
Carroll Hugh Belville
Carty Michl Graige Abbey (Dorhouse)
Cavanagh, Mr Abbert
Cavanagh, Mr Math's Abbert
Cavanagh, Mr Darby Cahertarorreed?
Cavanagh, Mr John Glanaloughane
Clancy Thos Belville
Clancy John Monivea (N. Glanloughaney)
Clancy John Moniver (Town plots)
Clancy Rich'd Moniver (Town plots)
Clarke, Esq Jas Graige Abbey
Cloonan Jas Carrowmore
Coen Pat Cloonkeenbeg
Comber Martin Caherlisnakill
Commons Ulick Monivea (Glanslat)
Commons Ulick Moniver (Town plots)
Concar Loughlin Belville
Conneely Mart'n Tysaxon
Conneely Jas Nylanloughane
Connell Patt Belville
Connell Patt Graige Abbey (Big Bog)
Connelly Wm Monivea (S. Glanloughaney)
Connolly Mart'n Monivea (N. Glanloughaney)
Connor Roger Graige Abbey (??)
Connor Mary Cloonkeenbeg
Coody Thos Belville
Coody John Belville
Coon (Miller) Patt Graige Abbey (Big Bog)
Costello Edmd Tysaxon
Cowen, Mr Geo Monivea
Cowen, Mr Geo Knockabutter
Cowen, Mr Geo Incorp Society?
Cowen, Mr Geo Monivea (S. Glanloughaney)
Cowen, Mr Geo Moniver (Town plots)
Crowe widow Hardstep
Cruice Mr Abbert
Cullinan, Jr Jno Monivea
Cullinan, Mr Wm Tysaxon
Cullinan, Mr Wm Cahertarorreed?
Cunningham Patt Belville
Devely John Belville
Dillon Patt Graige Abbey (??)
Diveny Michl Caherlisnakill
Dooly Loughlin Curafearen
Duane Jno Tyaquin
Duffy John Tysaxon
Fahy Mart'n Belville
Fahy David Monivea
Fahy John Monivea (S. Glanloughaney)
Fahy John Monivea (Cartron)
Fahy Thos Monivea (Cartron)
Fahy John Monivea (Cartron)
Fahy Thos Tyaquin
Fahy/Lahy? Michl Caherlisnakill
Fallon John Belville
Fallon John Monivea
Feeny Michl Monivea (S. Glanloughaney)
Feeny John Killaclougher
Flahterty Wm Monivea (S. Glanloughaney)
Fleming Patt Killaclougher
Forde John Caherlisnakill
Forde Wm Curafearen
Forde Patk Graige Abbey (??)
Fose/Fox? Bryan Knockane-carra
French  Mrs Moniver (Town plots)
French, Esq Rob't Monivea
Fury Patt Belville
Galligan Thos Graige Abbey (??)
Geraghty Hugh Killaclougher
Gill Rich'd Tysaxon
Glavin Arth? Graige Abbey (Dorhouse)
Glynn John Monivea
Glynn Law'ce Monivea (Cartron)
Glynn Peter Caherlisnakill
Grady John Monivea (Glanslat)
Grealy Patk Cloon Keenmore
Hackett John Moniver (Town plots)
Hanahan Michl Belville
Hanahan Michl Monivea (Glanloughane)
Hanahan Den's Graige Abbey (Knockbrack)
Hardiman John Graige Abbey (Ballinfoile)
Hart Thos Belville
Henessy? Patt Moniver (Town plots)
Hesk Hugh Belville
Higgins Wm Graige Abbey (Corrough)
Hill Peter Monivea (N. Glanloughaney)
Holland Patt Graige Abbey (Mira)
Holleran John Killaclougher
Hussian Gile Belville
Hussian Thos Belville
Hussian John Graige Abbey (??)
Hynes Patt Monivea (Cartron)
Hynes Michl Graige Abbey (Knockbrack)
Jordan Waller Tyaquin
Keaghry Patt Gerrane-ard
Kean Peter Abbert
Kean Edw'd Monivea (Cartron)
Kean Edwd Moniver (Town plots)
Kelly John Hardstep
Kenny Patt Monivea (Glanslat)
Kenny Patt Hardstep
Killeen Patt Belville
Lally Patt Belville
Lally Michl Caherlisnakill
Lammy? Mr Abbert
Larner John Belville
Lawless Pat Monivea (S. Glanloughaney)
Leonard Patt Monivea
Loftus John Monivea (N. Glanloughaney)
Loftus Jas Monivea (S. Glanloughaney)
Loftus Jas Moniver (Town plots)
Lose? John Cahirnacross
Loughnane Thos Monivea (Glanloughane)
Loughnane Thos Monivea (Glanslat)
Lyons widow Graige Abbey (??)
Madden Thos Belville
Madden Jas Monivea (S. Glanloughaney)
Madden Jas Moniver (Town plots)
Mahon Patt Abbert
Mahon, Esq Thos Belville
Malowny Michl Belville
Manahan Michl Cloon Keenmore
Mannion Michl Monivea (Glanloughane)
Mannion, Jr Michl Monivea (Cartron)
Martin John Monivea (Glanloughane)
McCabe Patt Monivea (Cartron)
McDonogh Pat Ballyboggan
McEvoy Pat Monivea (N. Glanloughaney)
McGann Wm Belville
McGrath Mart'n Monivea (S. Glanloughaney)
McMahon Ml Belville
McTige? Luke Monivea (N. Glanloughaney)
Monaghan Hugh Belville
Monaghan And'w Belville
Moran Michl Tysaxon
Murphy Jas Monivea (S. Glanloughaney)
Murphy Michl Parkachurry
Murphy Wm Graige Abbey (Creggane)
Murry Jas Belville
Navin Patt Monivea
Nolan Pat Parkachurry
Nolan Jno Tyaquin
Nolan  Mart'n Peake
Nolan, Jr John Belville
Nolan, Jr Peter Belville
O'Donnell Wm Belville
O'Donnell Patt Belville
Qualter Thady Belville
Quirke Jas Monivea (Cartron)
Rabbit Wm Tysaxon
Redington, Esq Thos Gerrane-ard
Redington, Esq Thos Cahirnacross
Redington, Esq Thos Caherlisnakill
Redington, Esq Thos Demense
Redington, Esq Thos Castle Farm
Redington, Esq Thos Cahir Reynol
Redington, Esq Thos Curafearen
Redington, Esq Thos Parkachurry
Redington, Esq Thos Knockane-carra
Reily Edwd Tyaquin
Rodington, Esq Thos Killaclougher
Ruane Patk Monivea (N. Glanloughaney)
Ruane Jas Monivea (S. Glanloughaney)
Ruane Michl Monivea (S. Glanloughaney)
Ruane Jas Monivea (S. Glanloughaney)
Ruane Patt Monivea (S. Glanloughaney)
Ruane Patt Monivea (Glanslat)
Ruane Patk Moniver (Town plots)
Ruane Thos Knockane-carra
Ryan Wm Ballyboggan
Shaughnessy John Belville
Sheridan Bart'w Monivea
Toohy Patt Belville
Tully John Monivea (Glanslat)
Tyrell Wm Monivea
Tyrrale Bryan Belville


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