Tithe Applotments

Leitrim Civil Parish 1843


 Loughrea Poor Law Union
    Leitrim Barony

Carrowkeel Townland Map Kilmacrah Townland Map

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Research Notes:  The Leitrim CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #256658 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.

Surname First Townland
Beegan Margin Leitrim
Bohan widow Lisnagry
Breheny Andrew East Kylebrack
Broderick Patk Killmacragh
Broderick Richard Killeen West
Bruton John Ballymerritt
Bruton Thos Ballymerritt
Burke James W Killeen East
Burke John Ballyardican
Burke John Killeen West
Burke John Killmacragh
Burke Esq Edward Grallagh
Burke Esq James Carrowkeel
Burke Esq James W Leitrim
Callanan John East Kylebrack
Callanan Martin Leitrim
Callanan Pat East Kylebrack
Clancy Thos Lisnagry
Clarke Joseph Lisnagry
Cleary Michl Leitrim
Cleary Patk Lisnagry
Clonbrock Lord Ballyardican
Clonbrock Lord Ballymerritt
Clonbrock Lord Leitrim
Clonbrock Lork East Kylebrack
Clonbrock Lork West Kylebrack
Coghlan Michl Ballyardican
Coleman Michl West Kylebrack
Coleman Samue Ballyardican
Coleman Thos West Kylebrack
Coniry John East Kylebrack
Connolly Daniel Leitrim
Connolly Michl East Kylebrack
Conway Patk Leitrim
Corcoran Patk East Kylebrack
Costello Martin Ballymerritt
Costello widow East Kylebrack
Costello widow Martin East Kylebrack
Costelloe John Leitrim
Cready Edmond Lisnagry
Cunnear Peter Killeen East
Curboy Michl Lisnagry
Daly sen. Patk Killmacragh
Davey Thos Carheenduff
Deely Martin Killeen West
Deely Thos Killmacragh
Deely jun. Patk Killmacragh
Deely jun. Patk Killmacragh
Dempsey John Lisnagry
Devine A..? Killmacragh
Dillon John Killeen West
Dolan, jun. John East Kylebrack
Dolan, sen. John East Kylebrack
Doyle James Leitrim
Duffey Daniel East Kylebrack
Egan Francis Lisnagry
Fahy Denis Leitrim
Fahy Edward Leitrim
Fahy Laurence Leitrim
Fahy Michl Leitrim
Fahy Patk Leitrim
Fahy Patk. Leitrim
Fahy Thos Killeen East
Fahy jun Thos Ballyardican
Fahy sen Thos Ballyardican
Farrell Esq Charles Dallystown
Feeney widow Lisnagry
Finnerty Michl Leitrim
Flaherty Michl Lisnagry
Flaherty Michl West Kylebrack
Flaherty Thos West Kylebrack
Flaherty widow Edwd West Kylebrack
Flanigan James East Kylebrack
Flanigan Michl East Kylebrack
Forde Patk Killmacragh
Forde William Killmacragh
Geeran Anthy West Kylebrack
Geeran Patk East Kylebrack
Geeran widow East Kylebrack
Geraghty Michl Leitrim
Geraghty Patk Leitrim
Glennon John East Kylebrack
Haire John West Kylebrack
Halleran Michl Leitrim
Halleran Patk Leitrim
Healy Michl Killmacragh
Higgins Thos East Kylebrack
Huband Andrew Killeen East
Huband Patk West Kylebrack
Huband William West Kylebrack
Hynes Jr John West Kylebrack
Hynes Jr Thos West Kylebrack
Joyes jun. Patk Killmacragh
Keane Patk Leitrim
Keane Patk Lisnagry
Keane Peter Killmacragh
Keating Michl Lisnagry
Keating Patk Ballyardican
Kelly Fergus East Kylebrack
Kelly John Leitrim
Kelly John West Kylebrack
Kelly Laurence Killmacragh
Kelly Laurence Leitrim
Kelly Michl Leitrim
Kelly Peter East Kylebrack
Kelly Thos Leitrim
Kenedy John Leitrim
Kenedy Michl Ballyardican
Kenedy Patk Leitrim
Kenedy Thos Ballyardican
Kenedy Thos East Kylebrack
Kenedy Thos Leitrim
Kenedy widow F Leitrim
Kenedy widow P Leitrim
Kenedy jun. John Leitrim
kenney Hugh Killmacragh
Kenney John Killmacragh
Kenney Michl Killmacragh
Kenney Patk Killmacragh
Kilcar John Leitrim
Killalea Thos Ballyardican
Kindrigan James Leitrim
Lahy John Killmacragh
Lahy John Leitrim
Lahy Michl Killeen West
Lahy Michl Killmacragh
Lahy Pat Killeen East
Lahy Thos Killeen West
Lally John Killmacragh
Lally Laurence Killmacragh
Lalor Michl West Kylebrack
Lalor Thos Leitrim
Lalor Thos West Kylebrack
Lantry John West Kylebrack
Larkin John Ballyardican
Linnane John Ballyardican
Linnane Patk Ballyardican
Linnane widow Ballyardican
Loury William Ballyardican
Lynskey  widow Leitrim
Lynskey jun John Ballyardican
Lyons William Killeen West
Mahoney Peter West Kylebrack
Maley widow Leitrim
Manahan Martin Ballymerritt
Manion Michl East Kylebrack
Manion widow East Kylebrack
Martin Patk Ballyardican
Martyn, Rev. John Killmacragh
McHugo Thos A Ballyardican
McHugo William Ballyardican
McHugo jun. Thos Ballyardican
McHugo jun. Thos East Kylebrack
McHugo sen. Thos Ballyardican
McHugo sen. Thos East Kylebrack
McNamara Patk East Kylebrack
Meehan John East Kylebrack
Melody John Killeen East
Minahan widow West Kylebrack
Moran James East Kylebrack
Moran Patk East Kylebrack
Moylan Michl Ballyardican
Noone Anthony Ballyardican
Power Patk Killmacragh
Power Thos Killeen West
Regan John West Kylebrack
Regan Michl East Kylebrack
Regan Patk West Kylebrack
Regan widow West Kylebrack
Riordan Francis Ballymerritt
Riordan Francis West Kylebrack
Riordan Patk Killmacragh
Riordan Patk Killmacragh
Riordan Patk West Kylebrack
Riordan widow Ballymerritt
Rourke Patk East Kylebrack
Rourke William East Kylebrack
Ryan Sr Mathia Ballyardican
Ryan Sr Patk East Kylebrack
Shiel Michl East Kylebrack
Shiel Stephen East Kylebrack
Shiel Stephen West Kylebrack
Shinahan Laurence West Kylebrack
Shinahan Patk Ballymerritt
Spain Pat East Kylebrack
Spelman widow West Kylebrack
Tierney Denis Lisnagry
Tierney Denis Lisnagry
Tressey Anne Lisnagry
Tully Esq Thos Rathfarn beg
Wall Patk Ballyardican
Wall Stephen Ballyardican
Wall Thos Ballyardican
Wall Jr Patk Ballyardican
Wall sen. Redmond Leitrim
Wall, jun Redmond Ballyardican
Wall, sen Redmond Ballyardican
Walls Sr Patk Ballyardican
Wallsh Patk Killmacragh
Wallsh Patk Lisnagry
Walsh Martin East Kylebrack
Whyte Martin Grallagh
Whyte Mathew East Kylebrack
Whyte Mathew Grallagh
Winter John Lisnagry
Winter Patk Killmacragh

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