Tithe Apploments

  Killora Civil Parish


 Loughrea Poor Law Union
    Dunkellin Barony


Craughwell Town, ca 1840 Ballywinna, ca 1840

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Research Notes:  The Killora CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS Family History Film #256641 by Pat Connors.   All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.  Some of the original records are not in good condition and some are very difficult to read, so if you should check the film yourself to be sure.
TRANSCRIPTION NOTES:  This was very hard to read and had some pages missing so there are some gaps.  The townland names were extremely hard to figure out.

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Surname First Number Townland
Boohan And'w 284 Aggartbeag
Boohan Thos 285 Aggartbeag
Broderick Peter 129 Ballivona (Ballywinna)
Browne Roger 77 Tamplemartin
Burke Martin 180 Craughwell Commons
Burke Michael 181 Craughwell Commons
Burke Michl 242 Colesgrove
Cassedy Martin 133 Ballivona (Ballywinna)
Clasby Hugh 185 Craughwell Commons
Clasby Hugh 224 Ruebeg
Coen Thos 288 Aggartbeag
Connelly Denis 172 Ballymore
Connelly Michael 16 Crinnage, Ballywilash?
Connery Peter 166 Ballymore
Connolly Laurence 235 Colesgrove
Conry Michael 277 Aggartbeag
Conry Michael 278 Aggartbeag
Conry Michael 287 Aggartbeag
Conry widow 286 Aggartbeag
Conway James 4 Crinnage, Ballywilash?
Conway Michael 3 Crinnage, Ballywilash?
Corcoran Martin 5 Crinnage, Ballywilash?
Coy Thos 131 Ballivona (Ballywinna)
Craven Martin 275 Aggartbeag
Cunnear Peter 295 Aggard
Dermeedy Thos 19 Shanbally
Dolan John 231 Ruebeg
Dolan Pat 229 Ruebeg
Donohoe Michael 274 Aggartbeag
Eagan Pat 173 Ballymore
Eagan Pat 20 Shanbally
Eagan Pat 163 Strongfork
Fahy Michael 281 Aggartbeag
Fallon John 128 Ballivona (Ballywinna)
Farrell John 68 Tamplemartin
Farrell John 74 Tamplemartin
Finegan James 289 Aggartbeag
Finegan Michael 174 Ballymore
Finegan Michl 12 Crinnage, Ballywilash?
Finegan Pat 276 Aggartbeag
Finegan Pat 279 Aggartbeag
Finegan Pat 280 Aggartbeag
Finegan Pat 283 Aggartbeag
Forde Darby 14 Crinnage, Ballywilash?
Forde martin 168 Ballymore
Forde Martin 186 Craughwell Commons
Forde Martin 187 Craughwell Commons
Gibbons John 27 Shanbally
Gillegan John 109 Slieveror or Cregg
Gillegan John 114 Slieveror or Cregg
Gillegan John 118 Slieveror or Cregg
Gillegan John 121 Slieveror or Cregg
Gillegan Michl 116 Slieveror or Cregg
Gillegan, Jr Michl 110 Slieveror or Cregg
Gillegan, Jr Michl 117 Slieveror or Cregg
Gillegan, Jr Michl 120 Slieveror or Cregg
Gillegan, Mr Martin 122 Ballivona (Ballywinna)
Gillegan, Sr Michl 119 Slieveror or Cregg
Gleece Thos 130 Ballivona (Ballywinna)
Glynn John 124 Ballivona (Ballywinna)
Glynn John 69 Tamplemartin
Glynn Pat 125 Ballivona (Ballywinna)
Golden Martin 135 Ballivona (Ballywinna)
Golden Michl 132 Ballivona (Ballywinna)
Gormally Thos 230 Ruebeg
Gormally widow 182 Craughwell Commons
Gradey Thos 167 Ballymore
Graney Hugh 127 Ballivona (Ballywinna)
Graney Pat 165 Ballymore
Graney Roger 123 Ballivona (Ballywinna)
Graney Roger 134 Ballivona (Ballywinna)
Grany Hugh 70 Tamplemartin
Grealy Martin 113 Slieveror or Cregg
Haley Thos 226 Ruebeg
Halloran John 63 Tamplemartin
Halloran John 72 Tamplemartin
Healy Laurence 112 Slieveror or Cregg
Healy Thos 183 Craughwell Commons
Heggins John 115 Slieveror or Cregg
Hession Thady 62 Tamplemartin
Hession Thos 64 Tamplemartin
Holland Michael 290 Aggartbeag
Holland Pat 225 Ruebeg
Holland Thady 272 Aggartbeag
Holland Thady 220 Lacarrow
Holland Wm 273 Aggartbeag
Hynes Edmd 219 Lacarrow
Hynes John 78 Poulnabonny
Hynes Michl 221 Reeskmore
Hynes Michl 67 Tamplemartin
Hynes Pat 227 Ruebeg
Hynes Pat 232 Ruebeg
Hynes widow 184 Craughwell Commons
Hynes (James) Pat 228 Ruebeg
Hynes (Michl) Bryan 81 Poulnabonny
Hynes, Jr Bryan 80 Poulnabonny
Hynes, Jr Pat 240 Colesgrove
Hynes, Sr Bryan 79 Poulnabonny
Joyce Edmond 2 Crinnage, Ballywilash?
Joyce Edmond 11 Crinnage, Ballywilash?
Joyce Edmond 57 Tamplemartin
Joyce John 293 Aggard
Joyce John 297 Aggard
Joyce John 1 Crinnage, Ballywilash?
Joyce John 10 Crinnage, Ballywilash?
Joyce John 56 Tamplemartin
Joyce Martin 61 Tamplemartin
Joyce Thomas 58 Tamplemartin
Joyce Thos 296 Aggard
Joyce Thos 126 Ballivona (Ballywinna)
Joyce (Thos) Thos 60 Tamplemartin
Kain James 243 Colesgrove
Kain John 177 Craughwell Commons
Kain Laurence 218 Lacarrow
Kasy James 234 Rue 
Kasy Pat 233 Rue 
Keague Robt 170 Ballymore
Kelly Pat 217 Lacarrow
Kelly Pat 65 Tamplemartin
Kelly, Sr Pat 223 Ruebeg
Kenny John 26 Shanbally
Lally John 169 Ballymore
Lambert, Esq Henry 292 Aggard
Lambert, Esq Henry 291 Aggartbeag
Madden, Esq Dom'k 241 Colesgrove
McGuire Daniel 13 Crinnage, Ballywilash?
McHugh Michl 189 Donard
McLaughlin Pat 17 Shanbally
McTigue Martin 238 Colesgrove
McTigue Pat 239 Colesgrove
Milon Thos 271 Aggartbeag
Monaghan Jas 222 Reeskmore
Monaghan Jas 66 Tamplemartin
Morrissy Aon's?? 21 Shanbally
Morrissy Connor 25 Shanbally
Morrissy Laurence 24 Shanbally
Mullowney Denis 15 Crinnage, Ballywilash?
Mullowney Pat 294 Aggard
Mullowney Peter 7 Crinnage, Ballywilash?
Mullowny John 71 Tamplemartin
Mullowny Michl 22 Shanbally
Mullowny Thomas 23 Shanbally
Murry Andw 6 Crinnage, Ballywilash?
Nilan Michael 55 Craughwell  
Quinn Michael 171 Ballymore
Quirk Michl 75 Tamplemartin
Quirk Thady 8 Crinnage, Ballywilash?
Rathborne Esq Richd 175 Ballymore
Rathborne Esq Richd 9 Crinnage, Ballywilash?
Reridan And'w 236 Colesgrove
Roland John 73 Tamplemartin
Roland Wm 164 Strongfork
Ryder Murty 76 Tamplemartin
Shaughnessy John 237 Colesgrove
Shunory John 188 Donard
Tierney Nich's 18 Shanbally
Tierny Nich's 59 Tamplemartin
Tully Wm 111 Slieveror or Cregg
Unix John 282 Aggartbeag
Vesy John 179 Craughwell Commons
Vesy Owen 178 Craughwell Commons
Waste 176 Craughwell Commons

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