Tithe Apploments

  Killogilleen Civil Parish


 Loughrea Poor Law Union
    Loughrea & Dunkellin Baronies


Ordnance Survey #104 Ordnance Survey #105

Griffith's Valuation Maps

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Research Notes:  The Killogilleen CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS Family History Film #256641 by Pat Connors.   All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.  Some of the original records are not in good condition and some are very difficult to read, so if you should check the film yourself to be sure.

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Surname First Number Townland
Barrel Samuel 19 Mycola
Brennan John 58 Brocken
Burk James 73 Ballylin aka Borghtough
Burk  William 65 Emlagh
Burke Bridget 23 Seafin
Burke Owen? 86 Carestelagh or New Village
Calanan John 17 Ballymoneen
Callanan Michl 74 Ballylin aka Borghtough
Callanan Michl 78 Ballylin aka Borghtough
Callanan Patk 74 Ballylin aka Borghtough
Callanan Patk 78 Ballylin aka Borghtough
Callanan Patrick 69 Ballylin aka Borghtough
Calligy Michl 90 Carestelagh or New Village
Calligy Michl 92 Carresletagh bog
Cannon Margaret 24 Seafin
Cannon Patk 65 Emlagh
Carey Mary 66 Emlagh
Casey Michl 31 Seafin
Clark Daniel 45 Cregg
Connelly Ignatius 60 Brocken
Connelly John 44 Ballyfin Village
Connelly Patrick 56 Brocken
Conners Patk 64 Emlagh
Connor John 12 Ballymoneen
Cooney John 64 Emlagh
Cunniff John 50 Ballyshea
Cunniff Margaret 45 Cregg
Dall James 87 Carestelagh or New Village
Dall Thomas 48 Caherskehan
Darcy James 2 Ballymoneen
Darcy Robert 67 Ballymana
Darcy Robert 3 Ballymoneen
Darcy Robert 4 Ballymoneen
Darcy Robert 91 Carestelagh or New Village
Darcy Robert 20 Cartron
Darcy Robert 22 Currmanagh Beg
Deely Denis 83 Carestelagh or New Village
Deely Denis 92 Carresletagh bog
Deely Michl 45 Cregg
Deely Thos 45 Cregg
Donalan Mrs 27 Seafin
Donohue John 47 Caherskehan
Fahy John 65 Emlagh
Fahy Martin 15 Ballymoneen
Fahy Martin 55 Brocken
Fahy Michael 75 Ballylin aka Borghtough
Fahy Michl 74 Ballylin aka Borghtough
Farrel William 25 Seafin
Farrel William 29 Seafin
Finegan Coleman 20 Cartron
Ford Edmd 20 Cartron
Ford Kelly 20 Cartron
Ford Laurence 31 Seafin
Garvey John 65 Emlagh
Gormelly John 68 Ballylin aka Borghtough
Gormelly Thady 72 Ballylin aka Borghtough
Halpin? John? 8 Ballymoneen
Haverty Thomas 10 Ballymoneen
Healy Malachy 89 Carestelagh or New Village
Healy Malachy 92 Carresletagh bog
Healy Peter 45 Cregg
Healy Thos 45 Cregg
Hehir Owen 65 Emlagh
Holland Michael 62 Ballynascragh
Holland Michl 52 Killogilleen
Hynes James 25 Seafin
Hynes Owen 28 Seafin
Hynes Owen 30 Seafin
Hynes Patk 28 Seafin
Keily Edwd 20 Cartron
Kennedy Daniel 13 Ballymoneen
Kennedy John 45 Cregg
Kennedy Martin 46 Caherskehan
Kennedy Patrick 37 Ballyfin Village
Kennedy Patrick 49 Caherskehan
Kennedy Patrick Gill 9 Ballymoneen
Kerns Patrick 39 Ballyfin Village
King Gregory 92 Carresletagh bog
Larkin Michl 70 Ballylin aka Borghtough
Lopdell John 1 Ballymoneen
Loughnane Michl 71 Ballylin aka Borghtough
Macnamara Mahon 14 Ballymoneen
Mahony Mary 11 Ballymoneen
Malone Mary 65 Emlagh
McCue Peter 65 Emlagh
McNamara Thady 16 Ballymoneen
McTigne Martin 59 Brocken
McTigne Michl 54 Cahergall
McTigne Michl 61 Tourclougher
McTigne Mick 63 Ballynascragh
McTigne Owen 63 Ballynascragh
McTigne Owen 54 Cahergall
McTigne Owen 61 Tourclougher
McTigue Michl & sons 32 Seafin
Meek? Jno 42 Ballyfin Village
Mercer James 57 Brocken
Mercer James 33 Keitoola
Mercer John 77 Ballylin aka Borghtough
Mercer Tom 77 Ballylin aka Borghtough
Mitchel Laurence 5 Ballymoneen
Mitchel Laurence 6 Ballymoneen
Mitchel Peter 5 Ballymoneen
Moony Thomas 51 Lackhill
Morgan Patrick 40 Ballyfin Village
Murry Peter 65 Emlagh
Mylan David 41 Ballyfin Village
Mylan James 41 Ballyfin Village
Nylan Michl 80 Carestelagh or New Village
Nylan Michl 92 Carresletagh bog
O'Loughlin Martin 53 Cahergall
Ormsby Joseph 18 Ballymoneen
Power Lynch 76 Ballylin aka Borghtough
Quin Augustine 25 Seafin
Quin John 26 Seafin
Quirk Bartley 66 Emlagh
Rogers Michl 66 Emlagh
Rogers William 21 Currmanagh More
Ruane Michl 85 Carestelagh or New Village
Ruane Michl 92 Carresletagh bog
Ryan Thos 66 Emlagh
Shaughnessy Denis 66 Emlagh
Shaughnessy James 42 Ballyfin Village
Shaughnessy Jas? 36 Ballyfin Village
Shaughnessy John 74 Ballylin aka Borghtough
Shaughnessy John 78 Ballylin aka Borghtough
Shaughnessy Patk 74 Ballylin aka Borghtough
Shaughnessy Patk 78 Ballylin aka Borghtough
Shaughnessy Patrick 43 Ballyfin Village
Shaughnessy Peter 78 Ballylin aka Borghtough
Silver John 35 Ballyfin
Silver John 79 Carestelagh or New Village
Silver John 92 Carresletagh bog
Silver Michael 86 Carestelagh or New Village
Silver Michl 92 Carresletagh bog
Silver Patk F 84 Carestelagh or New Village
Silver Patk L 92 Carresletagh bog
Silver Thady 88 Carestelagh or New Village
Silver Thady 92 Carresletagh bog
Silver Thomas 34 Keitoola
Silver Thos 35 Ballyfin
Silver (Patk) Patk 81 Carestelagh or New Village
Silver (Patk) Patt 92 Carresletagh bog
Silver (Patk) Thady 82 Carestelagh or New Village
Silver (Patk) Thady 92 Carresletagh bog
Tarpy Martin 67 Ballymana
Tehely John 38 Ballyfin Village
Tierny Will'm 20 Cartron
Touhil James 23 Seafin
Wall Js 92 Carresletagh bog
Walsh Patrick 7 Ballymoneen


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