Tithe Apploments

  Kilbennan Civil Parish


 Tuam Poor Law Union
    Dunmore Barony



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Research Notes:  The Kilbennan CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the Family History Film #0256622 by Pat Connors.   All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.  Some of the original records are not in good condition and some are very difficult to read, so if you should check the film yourself to be sure.

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Surname First Townland
Bern Michael Cloonkeeloy Lynch
Blake, Esq Kaverous Pulegurrigune
Blake, Esq Kaverous Slieverevagh
Blake, Esq Kaverous Thonebane
Browne Dominick Shronagh
Browne James Knockaneroe
Browne, Esq Michael Mullagh
Burke Rickard Balyboy
Carbery Edmond Silane
Cirrane John Cloonaseragh
Clines Phillip Annagh
Collins Thomas Slieve
Concannon Bryan Tonlegee
Concannon John Tonlegee
Connor Michael Tonlegee
Connor Thomas Myletts Land
Costelloe Thomas Myletts Land
Cregg Michael Knockaneroe
Culenane John Annagh
Culenane Martin Knockaneroe
Cuthbert John Knockaneroe
Duffy Richard Kilbannon Martial
Egan John Knockaneroe
Farrel  John Knockaneroe
Farrell Patt Balyboy
Flaherty John Tonlegee glebe
Forde Michael Slieve
Garry Michael Knockaneroe
Goulan Michael Cloonaseragh
Grehan Laurence Kilbannon Martial
Haughavan Thomas Silane
Hessian Stephen Silane
Holeran John Kilbannon Martial
Holeran Thady Myletts Land
Holleran Patt Dugeragh
Hughes Michael Balyboy
Hynes James Silane
Jennings John Myletts Land
Kelly John Corromacowen
Kenedy Martin Balyboy
Kennedy John Balyboy
Kerwin, Esq Patt Balygaddy
Lally Patt Cloonkeeloy Lynch
Lynch, Esq John Cloonkeeloy Lynch
Lyons Connor Shronagh
Lyons Patt Shronagh
Madden Michael Knockaneroe
McDonagh Thomas Silane
McHugh Michael Shronagh
McHugh Thomas Knockaneroe
McTighe Michael Annagh
Meaghan James Fartigar
Moregan Margaret Knockaneroe
Mullan Michael Balibane
Mullan Patt Silane
O'Neal Thomas Shronagh
O'Neil Thomas Slieve
Pilebeen Patt Shronagh
Prendergast John Silane
Prendergast Thomas Silane
Qualles Thady Corromacowen
Ridge Edmond Silane
Riely Patt Cloonaseragh
Ryan Patt Silane
Salinger George Slieve
Silk James Fartigar
Walsh John Balyboy
Walsh John Knockaneroe
Walsh Mary Balyboy
Whelan William Knockaneroe

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