Tithe Apploments

 Grange Civil Parish


 Loughrea Poor Law Union
    Kilconnell & Loughrea Baronies


Boleymore Grange

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Research Notes:  The Grange CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS Family History Film #256615 by Pat Connors.   All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.  Some of the original records were not in great condition were at times very difficult to read, so you should check the film yourself to be sure before entering any of it's data as a source document.  There was no date included with the tithes and there were only three pages.  While the names of the tenants were not difficult to read, the townlands writing was very difficult to read.

Surname First Number Townland
Cahalan Thomas 6 Corabane
Cahalan widow 9 Corabane
Carane James 64 Crossmacinna
Coffee John 17 Laenagnatechane
Coffee John 19 Laenagnatechane
Commins Henry 21 Old Grange
Commins Henry 22 Old Grange
Concannon James 36 Fouravillane
Connallon John 25 Cross
Conner Roger 10 Corabane
Cormacan John 45 Cloughamit?
Cormacan Pat 46 Cloughamit?
Cormacan Pat 47 Cloughamit?
Cuggavin Pat 61 Crossmacinna
Cuncannon Bryan 63 Crossmacinna
Daves, Esq Francis 41 Rugynamana?
Deely Thomas 69 Crossmacinna
Dolan Thomas 56 More of North East
Donelan James 26 Cross
Duffy John 11 Corabane
Duffy John 12 Corabane
Duffy William 23 Loraga
Finaghty Mich'l 8 Corabane
Gannon Tim 42 Coomagh
Glynn Pat 34 Brackcloon
Glynn Pat 59 More of North East
Griffin Mich'l 66 Crossmacinna
Griffin Mich'l 67 Crossmacinna
Hallinan James 57 More of North East
Hamberry James 24 Loraga
Higgins William 40 More of Loragan
Higgins John 43 Coomagh
Hough Thomas 37 More of Rahally
Hynes John 51 More of Cloonbaunis
Joyce John 32 Shane Dottah
Kelly John 20 Laenagnatechane
Kelly Michael 50 More of Cloonbaunis
Kildea William 39 More of Sheave Dotah
Lally Stephen 53 More of North West
Lynch, Esqr James 29 Rohally
Madden, Esq Fergus 18 Laenagnatechane
Mahon William 2 Corabane
Malone Hugh 33 Brackcloon
Mannion Pat 48 More of Cloonbaunis
Mannion John 49 More of Cloonbaunis
Mannion Thomas 52 More of North West
Mannion Mich'l 54 More of North West
Mannion Mich'l 55 More of North West
McDonald Pat 43 Coomagh
Melody John 3 Corabane
Moran Laurence 65 Crossmacinna
Murry Pat 4 Corabane
Murry John 5 Corabane
Murry Pat 15 Corabane
Murry Mich'l 30 Ballinphll Rohally
Naughlin Thomas 62 Crossmacinna
Neil Thomas 58 More of North East
Neil Pat 71 Crossmacinna
Reynolds Pat 60 Clooncommon?
Roan James 13 Corabane
Rourke Pat 35 Brackcloon
Ruane Thomas 16 Cartron
Ruane Daniel 70 Crossmacinna
Ryan Thomas 7 Corabane
Ryan Gab 46 Cloughamit?
Ryan Gab 47 Cloughamit?
Shield Thomas 14 Corabane
Shinnane Will'm 31 Boulavore
Silk John 46 Cloughamit?
Silk John 47 Cloughamit?
Spellman Martin 38 Balleyfane
Spellman Martin 68 Crossmacinna
Treacy John 44 Coomagh
Ward Thomas 1 Corabane
Ward Pat 27 Cross
Ward Bryan 28 Cross


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